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Pixel 3a XL stuck on 1x with Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown

2020.08.21 00:58 wagonovsky Pixel 3a XL stuck on 1x with Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown

I see there are other threads on this, but I wanted to toss my hat in the ring with the hopes this issue will get visibility.
I had 2 sessions with google chat support and they tried but we were ultimately unsuccessful.
With the first support agent we tried:
At that point after a reboot, I got a message that SIM card was not found, so I powered down removed the SIM, did the ole Nintendo 8-bit cartridge blow (couldnt hurt, right?), and reinstalled the SIM. After reboot everything looked good, 4G connection, were all good, right? Wrong.
A few minutes after I closed the chat the phone dropped back to Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown
Ok so maybe the Pixel 3a XL is FUBAR? So now I dig out the trusty ole OG Pixel, slap in the SIM, fire it up, and 4G! Wait 3 minutes, and boom. Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown
Dang. But now I know the Pixel 3a XL is probably ok.
So now I initiate the "take off and nuke the entire site from orbit" approach and do a factory reset. "Its the only way to be sure."
So, deep breath and factory reset. Good bye settings! After all of that the phone still drops to Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown.
Next up, I take the SIM out of the Pixel 3a XL and get an eSIM from the Fi app. It must be the SIM after all, right?
Sim Operator: USCC and Network Operator: Unknown
Well, time for second google support chat. They tried. No luck. Then I found this thread.
Hopefully someone from Fi will see our issues and get it escalated. Neither support agent was able to escalate for me.
I found this great Fi dialer code site: https://arkienet.com/2018/01/google-fi-dialer-codes/
PS - I can force Tmobile connection which should last for 2 hours, but it only lasts for 5 minutes.
PSS - Bonus Aliens quote link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGOtZDk6wRc
EDIT: Save your self the hassle and don't factory reset your phone. It's not you, it's them.
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2020.08.19 08:58 throwaway00009809 I did something I shouldn’t have

I’ve posted here before but am now using a throwaway account to stay anonymous when I need to, because I suspect my husband knows my Reddit and reads my posts on this sub. Which- by the way- I am starting to feel it was a way of him abusing and manipulating my raw emotions and feelings and manipulating the advice people give. Anyways...
I’ve been dealing with his porn addition for years so please don’t judge my urge to snoop and my story.
My husband has several email accounts (2 or 3 yahoo, I think 1 gmail, an outlook account, an iCloud account, maybe another?) But there has always been one that has had my attention. One night probably a year or so ago, when my attention was on searching his emails for photos he would send himself to get around my boundaries, I saw he had sent an email with a couple of names. I honestly don’t remember why I didn’t look them up or take screenshots, I wasn’t used to all of the lies just yet at the time. I finally decided to try to log into this email account. I had told him in the past that if I found out he had sent anything to this email, it would prove he was a liar. I was able to log in but everything prior to mid March had been deleted. There were like 20 emails received since then. Inbox, outbox, spam, trash- all deleted and empty. I thought that was kinda weird. He did have like 15 folders of different porn sites and log ins that proved he had paid for porn during the start of our relationship. I feel he may have deleted anything else that would be more recent and left “old” things because he told me that he had used that email for porn before we started dating. So naturally I expected to find some stuff, but the missing emails are really what bugs me. I went one step further. One of the emails in his inbox was from a website called fubar. I recovered the password and logged into an account (he made on an online dating/game website 3 years before we met but I didn’t learn that until after I logged in). I couldnt find anything dated during our relationship so maybe that’s a win?
Ultimately I feel really guilty for what I did. Is that normal? I feel like I crossed a line tonight and I feel ashamed of the weakness that I’ve allowed to overcome me overtime. I really just needed to get this off my chest.
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2020.08.11 15:14 HeadOfSpectre I've Been To Hell, This Is What I Saw (Part 1)

I don’t know who found the temple. Farmers, maybe. People who didn’t know just what they’d stumbled upon. I’ll bet they just thought they’d found an interesting archeological ruin and that was it. Nothing more than ancient, crumbling stone and broken pottery. That’s what I would have expected to find in there, at least.

I was never one for digging in the dirt myself. I don’t have the patience for that kind of thing. There’s no rush of adrenaline to it. There’s nothing to make your heart race and keep you on the edge. Back before I left the military, my old CO called me self destructive and yeah, maybe he was right about that. I just like the rush. I dunno if that’s because I’ve got something to prove or if I genuinely just don’t care if I live or die. Maybe I’m just fucking crazy.

I’ve gone through FUBAR ops before and don’t get me wrong, it’s not a situation anyone wants to be in. People die. You do shit that by all rights, should leave you with nightmares. Just thinking about it makes my hands start to shake. But when the shit hits the fan, it gives you an opportunity to see what you’re really made of. Some people break. Some people take it in stride and a few of us thrive in it. I won’t say I’ve ever wanted to see an op go to shit, nobody does. I’ve seen things that have left me waking up in a cold sweat for years afterwards. But if you asked me to relive my past Ops, I’d say I’d rather relive the worst ones first because those are the ops that made me savor every beat of my racing heart.

I say all this to provide some context for everything I’m about to say. I want to make it clear that I’m not someone who scares easily. If that security gig in Italy had been your run of the mill firefight, it would have been nothing more than a happy memory. What it was, though was something I still have difficulty describing. It’s been a few months since I got back and I still can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes I’m back there and I can hear the inhuman screams of those creatures. There are some things in this world that are not meant to be fucked with. What we found down there. What we lived through… That was one of them.

I’m aware that I’m breaking my contract by sharing this information and that after this, I can kiss my career on the circuit goodbye but honestly, I don’t fucking care. Montu Defense Services can go fuck themselves for trying to bury what we saw. My name is Corporal Jasmine McKay, I’ve been to hell and this is what I saw down there.

The temple was located in Italy, a few kilometres off the coast. I’m not exactly an archaeologist so I can’t tell you much more than that. I don’t remember what towns were close by but there was nothing big. This was about as close to the middle of nowhere as we could get. Going in, all I knew was that we were dealing with an archaeological discovery. I figured it must have been something big for someone to have hired a PMC to guard it. I didn’t think about it too much though. Money is money after all, right?

I recall hearing some of the chatter around the dig site during the early days of our deployment. Some of the folks doing the digging seemed pretty interested in the supposed age of the temple, which seemed to date back about 7 or 8 thousand years. There was mention on how the architecture didn’t seem to match with anything native to the area either. All of that admittedly was a little over my head. I didn’t bother asking questions, I just focused on my own job. As a rule, I generally didn’t socialize with the clients. I mostly stuck with my own in Fireteam Whisky.

While you were on a job with Montu, your fireteam was your family. I respected that. Ops didn’t typically go tits up but when they did, when you were in the shit, it was hard to care about the job itself. When someone starts shooting at you, the clients and their interests stop mattering. All that matters is you and your team. It grounds you, gives you something to focus on. In a way it simplifies things. Whisky was a good group of people. I’d worked with most of them before.

Captain Fred Compton was our designated team leader. He was clean cut, late thirties and no nonsense. Like me, he’d done his time as a soldier and I don’t think he really had much else to do with his life. I’d heard a few rumors about bad calls made in hot spots but I made a point not to listen to those. Compton was in charge for better or worse and frankly I’d say I’ve had worse COs.

We had two Automatic Riflemen, PFCs Calvin Blake and Allen Hopper. Blake was blonde, baby faced and about as green as you could come. For a rookie, the kid had one hell of a mouth on him but he was alright. Hopper on the other hand was a bit more seasoned. He was just about as close to a Texas stereotype as one might get. A modern cowboy looking to buy a ranch and drop off the face of the earth. It was no secret that he only cared about the money and so long as his wallet got fatter, he’d do damn near anything.

Our grenadier was a man we simply called: ‘The Cook’. I knew his actual name. Most of us did, but it’s a little harder to be taken seriously with a name like Maximus Pancake. ‘Warrant Officer Pancake’ doesn’t sound much better either and he didn’t like Max. So ‘Cook’ it was. It suited him more anyways. Cook was one bulky motherfucker but he was a gentle giant. He was a good soldier, but he wore his heart on his sleeve. If nothing else I respected him for that.

Me? I was the team's rifleman. In a combat op, I’d keep my distance and pick off tangos while Blake and Hopper laid down suppressing fire and Cook lit them up with his MGL. All in all, I can’t say we made for a bad team. We just didn’t know we’d be going into a FUBAR op. The job was just to guard a dig. That was all we were hired to do. Guard a fucking dig.

We were about two weeks into the job when everything went to shit. I can’t say anything particularly interesting had happened prior to that. The most excitement we’d had as when one of the other fireteams chased off some teenagers trying to sneak into the dig. Other than that, all was quiet. The clients did their dig and we kept watch.

I was off duty along with most of Whisky and in the compound we’d set up a short distance from the dig itself when Compton told us we were being briefed in the command tent.
“Five minutes. Be ready to move out. We’ve got work to do, Whisky.”
“Something big, Captain?” Cook asked.
“We’re about to find out.” Compton replied, “Come on. Let’s not keep the brass waiting.”
We knew better than to drag our feet.

Together we filed out of our little home away from home. The command tent was just a brisk walk away and I could hear Blake bitching the whole way there.
“The fuck have they got that’s so urgent?” He murmured.
“Just cuz it ain’t urgent to you doesn’t mean that the folks paying for our little setup here don’t think it's urgent.” Hopper replied, “Cheer up, rook. This job’s basically a vacation.”
“If this were a vacation I’d be in fucking Rome. Sexy Italian bitches, everywhere you look!”
“They generally don’t like it when you call ‘em bitches.”
Blake just scoffed in response as if Hopper didn’t know a thing or two more about women then he did.

I made it to the tent behind Compton. The brass, a middle aged suit by the name of Samuels was waiting for us along with one of the archeologists. A man by the name of Neil Serrano. I can’t say I ever learned much about him. He was in his mid thirties with meticulously styled hair and big plastic rimmed glasses. His neatly trimmed beard gave him something of a hipster vibe.

The Brass waited until we were all inside before he started.
“At ease, Whisky. This here is Dr. Serrano. I’m sure you’ve seen him around before.”
Serrano just cracked a shy smile and raised his hand in a polite wave.
“The supervisors of this dig have decided to permit Dr. Serrano to start moving deeper into the ruins they’ve uncovered. This is where you come in. There’s a blockage in a chamber leading to the lower levels of the ruins. That needs to be cleared away. After that, you’ll be escorting Dr. Serrano through the lower levels. Any questions?”

I raised a hand.
“With all due respect sir, why is a full fireteam being sent in as an escort?”
“Dr. Serrano, you made the request.” The brass said, looking expectantly over at him.
“Yes, well… We don’t exactly know what’s down there past the blockage.” Serrano said a bit sheepishly. “While I’m not anticipating anything down there. I am concerned by the possibility that we may disturb some local wildlife. Bears, mountain lions. It’s possible they may have found another entrance and are down there.”

“Bears?” Blake asked, cracking a smile. A glare from Compton discouraged him from any further comment.
“We’re there as a safety precaution.” The Captain said, “Cook, stop by the armory. Get everything you need for a demolitions op. The rest of you, standard operating procedure.”
“Yes sir!” Came the replies. Blake sounded just a little less enthusiastic.

As we geared up, I could still hear Blake whining about the op.
“They’re outfitting a full fucking fireteam to go into a hole? The fuck do they need the full team for?”
“We work as a unit, rookie.” I said, “That’s just how it is.”
“Yeah but for this? I’m not the only one who thinks this is a waste of time, right?”
I just picked up my standard issue carbine and pushed past him. Cook looked over at me, shaking his head as he finished outfitting himself.

We moved out less than twenty minutes after the briefing, following Serrano to the ruins. Blake had the good sense not to run his mouth off in front of the doctor at least. The exterior of the temple was nothing particularly interesting. It was little more than a narrow cave. I had to duck my head to get inside as I followed Compton and Serrano inside. During the weeks I’d been there, I had yet to actually enter the temple yet. I wasn’t sure what to expect inside.

Time hadn’t been kind to the ruins. I’d expected something more ornate and impressive. Instead, I just saw broken remnants of stone architecture carved into broken walls. A few artificial lights had been installed but they were barely enough to see by.
“Cook, move on ahead.” Compton said and I had to push myself against one of the walls for Cook to get past me.
“The blockage is just down this hallway, at the end of the chamber.” Serrano said. He gestured for Cook to follow him. “You’ve got the charges, right?”
“Should we be inside when he blows those things?” Blake asked, “Seems kinda hazardous.”

Compton opened his mouth to reply before he paused. Blake had a point.
“Rookies got a point. Cook, you good on your own?”
“I’ve got it handled!” Cook called back. “Doc, I’ll rig the charges but when I’m done we should both get clear. I don’t think I’ve got enough to bring this place down but I don’t wanna chance getting trapped in a cave in.”
“Right, right. You’re the boss!” Serrano assured him. Compton gestured for us to file out and we did. I could hear Serrano speaking to Cook faintly in the distance but not the specifics of what was said.

It was a few minutes before both Cook and Serrano filed out of the cave and a few minutes later before we heard the blast. Dust flew out of the ruins and we waited quietly to see if the cavern would collapse. I can’t say I was particularly surprised when it didn’t. Compton stared into the darkness as the dust settled. He looked over at us, eyes focusing on Blake.
“Blake, Cook. Take point. Let’s see if the debris is cleared.”
“Wait, what? Why me?” Blake protested as Cook started inside without a word.
“Because, if something came out there, I don’t want Cook handling it alone. Move out.”

Blake swore under his breath before following Cook inside. For a few moments, I could hear his faint complaining before Cooks voice cut through the darkness.
“Blockage is clear! Looks like it’s safe to keep moving.”
I could see Serrano’s eyes light up. He was the first one back in that cave and he moved with all the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas. Compton followed him with Hopper and I behind him.

The dust hung heavy in the air as we moved through the ruins of the temple. I could see Cook up ahead, standing in front of a fresh hole where there used to be rubble. Now I could see stone stairs leading down into the darkened earth. They looked far better preserved than the rest of the ruins around us.
“This is it!” I heard Serrano say. “This is really it! We’re through!”
He stood over the stairs, almost quaking in excitement as he began his descent.
“Doctor, wait!” Compton called but Serrano didn’t listen. He made his way down the darkened stairs, turning on his flashlight as he went. Compton just sighed in frustration.
“McKay, Blake. Move up. Keep an eye on him. We’re right behind you.”
“Yes sir.” I said quietly. I felt a familiar surge of excitement as I started down the stone stairs with Blake behind me.

I didn’t expect there to be any light aside from our flashlights. I was wrong. I caught little glimmers of a blueish green glow on some of the walls. On inspection, I noticed little flowers that looked like nothing I’d seen before growing out of cracks in the rock. Their color seemed to shift from vibrant pinks to green and blue.
“Stinks down here…” I heard Blake murmur. I noticed the smell as well. Sickly sweet and musky.
Up ahead, I could see that Serrano had reached an ending in the stairwell and I moved down to catch up with him.

The chamber that the stairwell opened into was large and well preserved. It had a massive domed ceiling that loomed over us and I could hear my footsteps echoing inside. In the center of the room was a massive pedestal that Serrano stood over.
“This is amazing…” He said under his breath. His flashlight shone on the domed ceiling above us, “Can you believe we’re likely the first people to set foot here in… God… At least five thousand years, maybe even more!”

Looking up at the ceiling, I saw images engraved into the stone. There was one of what looked to be a bipedal wolf. It wore a long robe and seemed to have a feather by its head.
“What the hell is this place?” I murmured.
“Judging by the diagrams, it seems to have been a way for the builders of this temple to contact their Gods.” Serrano said. “I’ve seen some of these markings before. These are ancient entities… Some even predating the earliest known Gods!”
“Wouldn’t that make them the earliest known Gods, then?” Blake asked. Serrano's flashlight shifted to illuminate a carving of a face near the top of the chamber. The face looked skeletal with sunken eyes and a wide, predatory grin. Eight horns surrounded the face. Two on the top, two on the bottom and two on each side.

“If that's their God, I’m happy they died out.” I murmured as Serrano looked down at the pedestal.
“This must have been how they summoned them.” He murmured and reached out to touch it.
“I don’t think I need to tell you to be careful with that, Dr. Serrano.” Compton said as he, Cook and Hopper descended the final steps of the temple.
“It’s fine, I know what I’m doing!” Serrano promised. He held his flashlight in his mouth as he fiddled with the pedestal and Cook drew nearer to him to watch what he was doing. I could hear the heavy shifting of ancient stone before the ground beneath me started to shake.
“The fuck is that?” Blake called. Old dust and cracked stone fell from the domed ceiling.
“Earthquake!” I replied, “From the explosives, maybe?”
In the beam from my flashlight, I saw Comptons eyes go wide.
“Move! We’re going back up!” He called. “Dr. Serrano, leave the pedestal!”

Serrano looked up at him, I couldn’t read the expression on his face and frankly, I didn’t linger on it for long. A massive stone ring moved along the domed ceiling and up towards the demonic face in the center. I could see a second ring on the other side of the room moving up to do the same. Its trajectory cut off Comptons retreat towards the stairs and he froze dead in his tracks. The rings rose up and intersected beneath the carving and I saw a pillar of blinding white light erupt from the rings to the pillar. Compton froze, just a few seconds as the ground shook again, more violently this time. I don’t think any of us had time to react.
The last thing I remember before the explosion was Cook's voice, shouting: “RUN!”
Then came the deafening roar as the light overtook us and after that… darkness.

I was sure that I was dead. All I could see was darkness and the air around me was freezing cold. I was sure that we’d triggered a collapse and now I was dead. What a sorry way to go, right? After all the stupid shit I’d done, the bad ops, the pointless thrill seeking. All of that. I died in a fucking cave in. It seemed funny at the time. Funny enough for me to laugh at and I did laugh.

That laughter echoed back at me, and hearing it, I started to second guess whether or not I really was dead. Maybe it was just my imagination, but… I heard shuffling beside me. A groan that sounded a lot like Hopper. I flexed my fingers, feeling my aching body and realizing that somehow, I’d survived whatever had happened.
“Status report…” I heard Compton rasp. “McKay? Cook? Dr. Serrano?”

“Compton?” I called back as I slowly started to pick myself up. The ground beneath me was as cold as ice. Looking around, I saw that I wasn’t in complete darkness. There was a pale blue glow around me. It was enough to make out five other dark figures.
“I’m here.” Hopper called.
“Me too.” Said Cook.
“Jesus Christ, what the fuck happened?” And there was Blake.

Hopper turned on his flashlight, offering a little more light to see by. I could see Serrano on the ground nearby, slowly picking himself up. Cook offered him a hand to help him up.
“Did the chamber collapse?” Hopper asked, “Where are we? Why’s it so fuckin’ cold?”
I heard the crackle of Comptons radio as he tried to turn it on.
“This is Fireteam Whisky, does anyone read me?”
No response. There was only static.

“This is Captain Fred Compton from Fireteam Whisky. Does anyone read me? Please respond.”
Still nothing.
“Anyone got a cell phone or something?” Hopper asked. “Could be the radio is down.”
“I’ve got mine.” I offered as I fished it out of a pocket. I still had power but no signal. I could see Blake checking his own phone and swearing under his breath. He turned on his phone's flashlight instead.

“I got nothing!” He called, “Christ, did we get buried alive down here? How the fuck are we going to get out?”
“I don’t think we’re buried…” Cook murmured. He’d knelt down and had a hand on the floor.
“This is ice… Why would there be ice if we were buried?”
“Ice?” Compton asked. He looked down at the floor and pressed a hand to it to confirm.
“Maybe we ended up in another cavern, beneath the earth?” Hopper asked, “I dunno. Serrano, you’re the scientist.”

Serrano remained silent, looking at the somber blue hue surrounding us.
“Well, if we’re in a cavern then it has to lead somewhere.” Compton said, “Maybe we can find a way out, or at least get a better idea as to where we are.”

I shone my phone's flashlight upwards, looking for a hole in the ceiling we could have fallen through. I saw nothing save for a few pieces of broken stone embedded in the ice. The shape of it reminded me of the temple we’d been in but I couldn’t say much else about it. I caught Serrano looking up at it too.
“Doc?” I asked. He looked over at me. “What do you make of this?”
“I don’t know.” He said softly, “This… This doesn’t make any sense it’s like… This area we’re in. The design is somewhat similar to the chamber we were in before. This doesn’t seem to be the same location though.”
“So what? Are you saying we teleported?” Hopper asked.
“I don’t know…” Serrano replied, trailing off as he stared back up at the ceiling.

“Well, we’ll have time to figure that out as we move.” Compton said, “If everyone’s good to go, we should get moving. The rest of the dig probably heard the collapse. They’ll be looking for us. We should move out. Maybe we can find a better place to contact them. Either way. Doesn’t seem like there’s anything for us here.”

It was hard to argue with that. I looked around at the others and saw no dissent on their faces. Compton looked ahead into the dark before he started to walk and slowly, the five of us followed him.

I don’t know just how long we walked. The frozen caverns seemed to wind and twist in on themselves. The ice was slippery and difficult to walk on and there were some inclines that needed to be scaled.

I’d say we must have walked for a good few hours, with only our flashlights and that pale blue glow to guide us. Every whisper and every footstep seemed to echo in the darkness and the sound of it sent shivers down my spine. Even less comforting were the footsteps and whispers that I wasn’t sure came from us…

I was sure that my mind had to be playing tricks on me. But from the corner of my eye, I was sure that the shadows seemed to move. I heard low whispers echo off the walls of the glacial caverns and I don’t think I was the only one to hear them.

Hopper seemed to slow down at one point and let me walk up beside him.
“You’re hearing it too, aren’t you?” He whispered. I just gave a grim nod.
“We’re not alone down here.” Hopper said, “I think they’re following us. Not sure if they’re just curious or if they mean any harm.”
“You get a good look at them?”
“No. Captain sees ‘em too though. So does Cook, I think. Nobody else is panicking so let’s just stay frosty… But this doesn’t sit right with me. Not one bit.”

I glanced backwards. In the darkness, it was hard to tell if anything was waiting for us. A heavy shadow seemed to pass through the blue haze which made me clutch my rifle just a little bit tighter… But if something was out there, it wasn’t ready to make its move just yet.

I don’t know how much time passed before we finally stopped. Compton slowed his pace and sighed. He looked back into the darkness before gesturing for us to stop.
“Let’s take a break, Whisky.” He said, “Check your devices. Let’s see if our luck has improved any.”

We’d made brief stops to try making calls or pinging someone on the radio before but we’d had luck so far. Our final stop made no difference at all. I could see a hollow unease in Comptons eyes as he debated pressing on even further or not. Finally he shook his head.
“Let’s set up camp. Try and get some rest.” He finally said, “We’ll sleep in shifts. McKay. Hopper. You two have first watch. Switch out in two hours. If you see anything you don’t like. Kill it dead.”
“Sir yes sir.” Hopper murmured. He watched as the others tried and failed to get comfortable. I don’t know if they got any rest but there was no fire and no food to be had.

I strayed over to the far end of one of the stretch of cavern we’d camped out in. The wall was solid ice and I took out my knife to chip some of it away. It was the only source of fresh water that we really had. Hopper stood closer to the rest of the camp, staring expectantly out into the darkness and I chipped some ice away for him as well.

Then from behind the wall, I saw a shadow moving. A long, creeping darkness on the other side, as if I were looking through a blurred window into a void. I shrank back a step, watching as the dark shape coiled and vanished. Glancing over at Hopper, I knew that he’d seen it too.

“Something is out there.” He said calmly.
“Out there?” I asked, “What the fuck do you mean by ‘out there?’”
“Well, I reckon that where we are right now is in some sort of iceberg or glacier. Would explain the ice. Ice needs water to form, right? So obviously there’s water nearby. Then of course there’s the movement on the other side of some of these walls… A fish of some sort would be my guess, judging by the way it moves.”

I stared at him, unsure whether or not I should believe a word that he said before I dismissed it. I offered him the ice I’d chipped away and watched as he popped it into his mouth.
“You think that’s what’s been following us?” I asked.
“No.” He replied plainly, “They’re about twenty feet behind us and watching us very closely.” He said. I looked over into the darkness but didn’t see anything. All the same I was sure I could feel the eyes watching me.

“I think they’re going to move soon,” He said. “This is just the calm before the storm.”
“Why not shoot them, then?” I asked.
“Cuz I don’t know for sure if they’re gonna move and I don’t know how many of them there are. You wanna pick a fight with some folks you can’t see and don’t know anything about, be my guest. But trust me, it’s not a good idea.”

I stared into the darkness, knowing that he had a point. All the same I was tempted to just start shooting. I didn’t. But I was tempted to.

It was less than an hour before they came and when they did, they came in force. We didn’t have much warning. One moment, all was quiet. The caverns were dark. Then came the light of torches in the shadows around us. I was with Hopper when I saw them and he clutched his rifle close, ready to fire when they made their move.

In the dim light I could see their pale masked faces with snarling fangs and ice blue eyes. There were more of them than I could count and they were inching closer to us, spears at the ready. Hopper raised his rifle but he didn’t fire. I held my own gun at the ready as I backed up towards Compton and nudged him with my boot.
“Captain, we’ve got trouble!”

I saw Compton sit up, groggy and uncomfortable before his eyes widened. He was on his feet immediately, going for his own rifle and taking aim at the advancing figures but like Hopper, he didn’t fire. There were far too many of them. If they rushed us, I don’t think we’d have survived.
“Hopper?” He called as I gave Blake a hard kick to wake him up. I was a little more gentle with Cook.
“Who the hell are these people?” Compton asked as he scrambled to his feet.
“Local population from the looks of it.” Hopper said, “Permission to engage, sir?”
“You needed to ask? Light ‘em u-”

The dissenting voice came from Serrano. He ran in front of Compton, putting a hand on his rifle and forcing it down. His glasses were askew from his nap and his hair was a mess.
“Don’t shoot! They just seem curious!”
“They’ve got spears pointed at us, Doctor. This doesn’t look like curiosity to me!”
“And archers near the back who haven’t fired yet.” Serrano added, “Captain, please. Hold your fire! I don’t think they’re here to hurt us.”

I could see Compton hesitating as Blake and Cook got up as well. He gritted his teeth and swore under his breath.
“Stand down.” He finally said. “Keep your guns up. But nobody fire a shot until they shoot first.”
“I don’t think they’re gonna give us the courtesy of shooting back…” Blake murmured but he was ignored.

The masked figures stopped a few feet away from us, spears at the ready. Serrano held his hands up in a gesture of surrender before looking over at Compton.
“Captain, please lower your weapons!”
“They can lower theirs first.” Compton replied harshly.

One of the masked figures in front of us spoke. I didn’t recognize the language. The words seemed to slur together into something unintelligible. In the pale light though, I saw Serrano’s eyes light up. He opened his mouth and said something. It sounded like Italian. My grasp on the language wasn’t the best but as far as I can tell, he said: ‘We are lost. Can you help?’

The figures before us murmured amongst themselves and I saw a look of unease on Comptons face.
“You can speak to them?”
“I-I think so!” Serrano stammered, “I recognized some words. It’s rough but it’s definitely Italian. I think I heard Latin too… I… Let me…”

He cleared his throat and said something in what I presume to be latin. I don’t know if the figures before us understood him but they at least tried to reply back.
“What’s he saying?” Compton asked.
“They can show us a way out but there is a cost to be paid.” Serrano said.
“Cost? What cost?”

Serrano tried speaking again, sounding out his words carefully. The figure before us replied again.
“I… I don’t understand the word he’s using.” Serrano said, “I just know that there’s a debt.”
“We can figure it out when we get out of here.” Blake said, “If they’ve got a way out let’s just take them up on the offer!”
Compton gritted his teeth, before he sighed.

“Tell them we’ll pay whatever toll we have to.” He said and Serrano relayed the information. Some of the masked figures finally lowered their spears. A few others kept them at the ready but I still felt a wave of relief wash over me. At least we seemed to have reached some sort of truce.

One of the masked figures spoke and gestured for us to follow. Serrano didn’t need to translate that. Compton moved forwards,tense and wary but he let the figures lead him into the darkness.
“Dr. Serrano. With me.” He said, “Whisky. Stay sharp. Let’s not piss our hosts off but keep your guard up.”
I stayed close to Serrano as we were led back the way we came from.

“Since we’re all friends now. Can you ask them where the hell we are?” I asked.
“I can try.” Serrano offered before attempting to relay my question. One of the masked figures looked back at him before giving their answer. I saw Serrano’s brow furrowed in confusion.
“What did he say?”
“Damnation…” Serrano said, “He says we’re on the edge of damnation.”
“Well that’s not terrifying at all.” Blake murmured. Compton shushed him. The masked figure continued to speak.

“We’ve arrived at the waystation for the Lost. The land of the…” He paused.
“The land of the what?” I asked.
“The Vast Serpent, I think? That doesn’t make sense though…”
“Well, in some early cultures the Vast Serpent was a powerful entity who was struck down from Godhood and given rule over the underworld.” Serrano said, “Sort of like a pre-christian Satanic archetype… Remember that carving on the roof of the chamber we were in before the explosion? That was a depiction of the Serpent.”
“So what? They think we’re in hell?” I asked.
“Well… At least in an underworld of some sort.” Serrano replied. “But that doesn’t make sense…”

As we walked, I saw more figures lining the walls of ice. They stood vigilant, their spears at their sides as we passed by them and up ahead I spotted a wooden platform with thick ropes rising up into the darkness above. We were herded onto the platform as some of the masked figures began to pull on the rope and made the old thing rise.
“Well, at least we’re going up…” I murmured. “Maybe we’ll at least get a signal and get this lost tribe shit over with.”
Serrano only gave a half nod and looked up apprehensively into the darkness.

A sliver of bright light appeared above us. I could feel its warmth on my face. Daylight! It had to be daylight, right? We all looked up as the doors above us opened and exposed us to deep blue sky with wispy purple clouds above us.

A cold wind blew against my face as the hand operated elevator raised us up to our final destination and my heart sank in my chest as I saw where we’d ended up. We were on the surface, that much I was sure of. But I was confident that we were not anywhere near Italy.

White snow covered the glacial ground. Wooden huts were built into the snowy landscape and large bonfires were built to provide warmth. Strange figures in masks moved about their business. Some glanced our way but they didn’t seem to pay us much mind overall. They looked human enough… yet those snarling masks made me feel uneasy.

The masked man who had led us topside gestured that we continue to follow him and said something to Serrano.
“What now?” Compton asked.
“H-he’s taking us to the Elder, I think. Then I suppose we’ll need to choose.”
“Choose?” I asked, “Choose what?”
It was Hopper who answered that. His gaze had been fixated on something in the distance.
“Isn’t it obvious?” He said, “Choose who we’re going to sacrifice.”

I followed his gaze out towards the edge of the village when I saw what he saw. At first, I thought it was a gallows but it was too large and it looked far too much like a crane that would have stretched over the water. From the rope on the end, I saw two things dangling in the wind. It took me a moment to realize that they were the frostbitten arms of the previous victim.

I remembered the massive shape I’d seen moving on the other side of the ice and felt an uneasy chill run down my spine.

The masked figure who had led us to the village stared at us in silence but his companions kept their spears trained on us. I could see figures that I knew to be archers at a distance, ready to end us if we made a move they didn’t like. Sure, they’d brought us into their home but we were anything but welcome. The masked man before us spoke and Serrano quietly offered his translation.
“They’d like us to relinquish our weapons.” He said.

I saw Compton staring at the distant archers, quietly running the odds in his head. Sure, we could try and fight our way out… But we’d burn through our ammo in no time and there’d still be countless more of the masked figures. There was no way to cover our retreat. We were on a giant iceberg after all and we had no resources.
“Whisky. Give them your rifles.” Compton finally said. He put a specific emphasis on the word ‘rifles.’

He handed his own over to the masked figure before us but he didn’t touch the sidearm in its holster on his hip. The masked figure didn’t seem to notice it. Hopper and I gave up our weapons next, followed by Cook and at last, Blake. The masked figure spoke again and turned away, coaxing us deeper into his village.

It was time to choose our sacrifice.
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2019.09.13 15:56 KronoriumExcerptB The Giant's radios speculation

The radios in the Giant are incredibly weird. A couple of them are simple and make sense while others would completely break the timeline unless they are referencing future events that we haven't heard about yet.
Also, if you have any other explanations for these that I can't think of, let me know because this is just really my first thoughts when looking at the radios.
Ludvig Maxis: "Whoever you are, wherever you are, I have one message. One message that must be remembered at all costs. The child must be protected."
Simple enough, nothing too crazy or timeline breaking yet.
Ludvig Maxis: "She may have been returned to me, but I fear she is not as she was... In recent months, she has barely said a word. When she did, it was only to cry out for him; to call his name. What have I done?"
This is the first weird one. Now, on first glance it would appear to be the time when Monty brings back Samantha uncorrupted (Monty returns Samantha to Maxis, her innocence restored.) , but there's quite a few problems with that.
1: Maxis is worried that she is not as she once was, as if she is still corrupted, but Monty supposedly restored her innocence.
2: Maxis says that she cries out 'his' name. Whose name? Presumably edward, but this was before she had met the child version of eddie. So why would she be crying out Edward's name?
3: Maxis seemingly takes some guilt for this, saying "What have I done?" when he isn't really at fault for any of this.
4: It's theoretically possible that this takes place before Monty takes Samantha away, but why would Maxis be so worried about her, when he is the D63 Maxis who didn't even have a daughter?
My best guess: This is post DLC4, after shit goes down and maybe Richtofen sacrifices himself or dies.
Ludvig Maxis: "In these dark days, I find myself clinging to the belief that there may still be a way to set things right. Though my understanding of the ethereal realm remains limited, I am convinced that the manipulation of the energy fields within all matter is vital to uncovering the dimensional gateway itself. It is my sincerest hope that somewhere in the realm beyond my beloved Samantha still lives. I can only pray that Edward will have the courage to fulfill the vow he made all those years ago."
This one is pretty simple, as the timeline says:
Alone in the House and missing his daughter, Maxis worries if Richtofen will have the courage to fulfill the vow he made all those years ago.
Ludvig Maxis: "Day 66. The children are gone and the house still feels empty. I miss their laughter, their games. The sirens have not sounded for several months. I do believe that we may have turned the tide on the battle, but at what cost? The radiation levels from the fallout remain dangerously high. I can only pray I live long enough to confirm that my plan was indeed successful and the dark presence that has haunted our dreams, that infected every facet of our existence, has finally been vanquished."
This is maybe the weirdest one. Maxis is talking about radiation, sirens, and vanquishing a dark force, nothing that we've ever really heard of before. Also, he specifically says "Children" rather than Child, which dates this to Post-SoE at the very earliest.
Ludvig Maxis: "Though our matter transference tests at the new site have been largely unsuccessful, the teleporters malfunction has nonetheless yielded some interesting data. The fact that the test subjects depart from their original point of origin is undeniable; what is uncertain is what became of them. Richtofen is insistent in his belief that they have been transported not through space, but through time. In the absence of empirical evidence, I myself cannot entertain such... madness. I fear Richtofen's irrationality may soon prove a liability to our endeavors."
This one is pretty weird as well. The "Test Subjects" are probably Ultimis, given that they were test subjects and were referred to as that many times. Maxis is also talking about teleporter tests and malfunctions at 'the new site'. My first thought would be The Empty Earth, which timeline says Maxis finds doing teleporter experiments. But the rest of this is quite weird. They're also trying to track down the test subjects and figure out where they went? This just seems like BO4 stuff.
Ludvig Maxis: "Look around you Edward, the giant sleeps. This facility was once alive with activity, now it is a graveyard. Group 935 are no more. What remains of their work has been scattered to the four winds, only echoes and shadows remain. The test subjects can never be allowed to awaken, the havoc that could be wrecked upon the future by such simple-minded individuals would be catastrophic. Heed my warning."
The main thing of interest in this one is "the test subjects must not be allowed to awaken" which once again doesn't really fit with BO3. We're never hunting Ultimis in BO3 making sure they don't awaken.
Ludvig Maxis: "Remember what I told you Edward, the scars left by Samantha's past actions allow us to communicate across the rift. Follow my words: I will find you. When you release the beacon, I will secure your extraction and destroy the site. Remember, the burden is yours to carry Edward. The others must never know the truth."
Okay, so Maxis is talking about the Fly Trap EE where he says:
I see it! The beacon is lit! I know where and when you are. (deep breath) Sooner or later, I will find you. And together, we will ensure a better future for the children. (deep breath)
So, Maxis is talking about the beacon being lit and him securing their extraction. However, if we look at Der Eisendrache, this never happens- there are no lines referencing the beacon or maxis finding them (afaik) and Maxis does not teleport them, they travel in the giant robot. The timeline entry for The Giant also does not mention the Fly Trap EE or the Beacon at all. So what exactly is the purpose of this? (unless it's not before DE)
Ludvig Maxis: "I thank you for your sacrifice Edward. Your courageous actions have opened new avenues of opportunity. It is my dearest hope that we may some day set things right and prevent these terrible events from ever unfolding."
Nothing too crazy here.
Nikolai Belinski: "It's not all bad news, Nikolai. We may have failed in our mission, but at least there is one less Richtofen to deal with. If it is any consolation, tell him that the first one was the hardest. I should know, I've killed at least three Richtofen's. There was the one in the fire, the one with the boat hook, and the one - what? No one told me. Sorry, forget what I just said. Everything will be fine."
So, Nikolai is talking about a failed mission but having three dead Richtofens. The interesting thing about this is he talks about three. The one in the fire, (BotD?) the one with the boat hook (big maybe DLC4?) and then realizes he's making a mistake and stops.
"Tank" Dempsey: "Hey other me, if you're hearing this, then it means something's gone fubar. We're going to Plan B. Stick to that kraut bastard like glue. We need to find out what the hell he has been doing, what he's going to do. We may be able to get a fix on your location if you can trigger one of the paradox visualizations. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Oh, wait, what ever you do, don't get too close to the radioactive beacon. Makes your hair fall out."
This one seems like it could be post DLC4 with talking about things going fubar and sticking to that kraut bastard, though I don't have a great explanation for what Dempsey means by triggering a "Paradox Visualization". Though this is further evidence that weird shit is going on in the Giant.
Takeo Masaki: "Takeo... Takeo... Brave upholder of the dying samurai spirit. It feels almost as though I am speaking to my ancestors; instead, I speak to a reflection of myself. The man in the mirror, in another place, another time, our allies are filled with confidence and bravado. But I am troubled. My dreams are haunted by a man in shadow. I fear this vision may be a portent of our destruction."
Out of all of them, this is the most clear reference to BO4. "Our allies are filled with confidence and bravado", now that sounds just like Ultimis. And if this is BO4 then it's foreshadowing that the Shadowman will still be relevant.
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2019.09.08 19:33 STLhistoryBuff Weekly Events Thread 9/9/19 - 9/15/19

Please, feel free to add any events below! Check out the Events Calendar and Visitor's Guide for more info!

Looking to meet up with people? Check out Meetup St. Louis.

Sporting Events This Week
Recurring Outdoor Activities
Recurring Events on the Mississippi River
Live Music This Week
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2019.02.13 08:36 bisouspourtoi NFather is trying to manipulate me into having a relationship with him

This is so long, and I'm so sorry! But there is a lot to unpack and I’m a more than a little lost with how I should proceed proceed so advice would be much appreciated! TL:DR at the end!
Before we begin a bit of background: NFather is British-American whose entire family (excluding him, his three daughters, and my step family) live in America. NMom, GC (my younger sister), and I are all Australian. Now as children of a US citizen GC and I automatically qualify for dual citizenship but due to a series of traumatic events (that I’ll save for a different post) we’ve waited until our twenties to make it official. GC has also been NC with NFather for over a decade for reasons she’s never shared with me, but she’s spent her entire life in a FOG as NMom’s GC so I’m sure that’s played a part.
So last year I headed to the US for a few weeks with the intention of meeting NFather’s family for the first time and catching up with some friends who lived over there. The original plan was for NFather to buy my return ticket and I would meet him over there and together we would meet up with his family. But as I was researching my travel requirements I discovered that it’s illegal for any US citizen (dual or otherwise) to leave or enter the country without using a US passport. Immediately I went into panic mode because according to the consulate representative I spoke to I essentially had a month to get through the entire citizenship/passport process or risk breaking the law. Which is definitely doable if you have the right documents, they can technically process it all in 14 days if you have the right files. But because NFather dragged his feet on providing me with a completed affidavit (essentially swearing that he was the biological father to myself and my sisters, giving a log of his past residential history, and providing evidence to prove that he was in fact a US citizen) I had to go back to the consulate and find another way.
It’s also important to note that there was an incident that occurred around this time that left me truly shaken up and thoroughly disgusted. Again, a story for another time, but it was because of this perceived slight that he refused to give me the documents I needed.
Thankfully the lady at the consulate took pity on this girl standing in her office moments away from having an anxiety attack, crying about her bastard of a father. She was like “look TECHNICALLY without a social security number or having never set foot in the US we don’t know you exist. So you could make the trip this time, if anyone questions you plead ignorance and just make sure you get this sorted out before you try to visit again.” That was the moment my faith was almost restored in humanity.
Fast forward almost a year later, I’ve been going between VLC and NC with NFather ever since. This was for a variety of reasons the biggest being that the family aspect of the trip truly was so FUBAR. But now I’m in a situation where I need to go the states once again and I STILL DON'T HAVE THE AFFIDAVIT.
I want to make it clear, this affidavit is literally the ONLY THING I need to get my US Passport and the bastard is refusing to fill it out. Never mind that I’ve already done the hard part of not only sending this through to him, but also getting approval from both the Australian and British US consulates for him to be able to complete the affidavit with a notary in London. Normally he would be required to fill this out with me there and all of the other documents there but because we’re on opposite sides of the world for the foreseeable future that’s not going to happen. Again, I’ve done all the hard work, he just has to make an appointment and fill out three sheets of paper. It’s something so quick and simple he could get it done on his lunch break. But of course we’re dealing with a narcissist so of why would anything be simple.
So I send a few messages to my father asking if he’s made any headway with the affidavit and when I could expect to have it by, as I needed to organise my own trip to the consulate and didn’t want to pay for airfares twice. The first response I get from him (two days after I sent my first message) reads:
“No I never filled in that form because your mom didn’t want to get your passport sorted before you and ____ (GC name) turned 18 as I repeatedly asked her to do.”
???? Okay??? But that has nothing to do with this particular form because I sent this to you at the start of last year? I know that he’s up to no good and I’m not going to play into his hand so instead of sending back the snarky response I wanted to send I instead sent:
“Right, but I’m talking about the form that I sent you last year, the one that expires at the end of the month.”
No response. He opens it, he reads it, he doesn’t respond. Three hours go by with no acknowledgement so I decide to send a follow up:
“Would you please be able to fill it out and get it back to me as soon as possible?”
Three days go by and still I have no response. This time I didn’t even get a read receipt. I’m mad as hell and I don’t want to let him know he has me in a bind here because I literally cannot do anything without this god forsaken affidavit, but at the same time I LITERALLY CANNOT DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THIS GOD FORSAKEN AFFIDAVIT. On the third night I decide enough is enough and call him because at least if I have to go to the consulate and beg them to find another way I want to be able to have proof that I tried everything to get in contact with NFather and have him sign the affidavit. He answers and immediately things are off to a bad start because he makes a comment about how it’s nice to know I’m alive and I just??? I’m not the one who hasn’t been reading and replying to messages?? But I’m trying to not give him the reaction he wants and I instead ask when he thinks he’ll be able to send the completed affidavit through to me. Oh he did not like that. He did not like it at all.
In fact he disliked it so much that I had to immediately grab my iPad and begin recording the conversation because within two sentences I KNEW that no one would believe the shit he spewed as an excuse to not complete it. NFather is a lawyer by the way. He’s been a criminal defence, a barrister, a prosecutor, and now he does contract law. He is also SUPER PARANOID and HELLA SHADY. Whenever he has to make any sort of account online he always uses fake names (but the same email address he uses for personal stuff??) which isn’t really all that unusual, like it’s weird and dumb as hell but not illegal. BUT BUT he hasn’t filed a US tax return in YEARS. Even on his UK tax returns he has found so many loopholes to essentially get out of paying as much tax as possible while still earning the most. This is something I’ve known for years because the idiot actually explained exactly HOW he was getting away with it so that I could eventually take over “his real-estate empire” (he legitimately used those words, I promise I could not make this up if I tried).
But his unethical but sadly legal UK tax plans aren’t what made me start recording. It was when he actually said the words “I don’t want the US government to know where I am because I don’t want the IRS hassling me for not paying my taxes or filing my tax returns for the last 10 years”. And the little mini lawyer deep within me who NFather has been trying to mould into a mini version of himself, the one that I had been actively suppressing and fighting back against for the last idk how many years was like I'M TAKING THE REIGNS. And honestly I don’t even know what happened because it was like I was a completely different person. While making sure i was recording I pretended that my phone had cut out and asked him to repeat what he said because I had missed it, and within 10 minutes this is what I managed to record:
15 minutes after the call I received the following and so begins our final back and forth:
At this point I had to pause for a moment because I was so confused about how easy he was making it for me to poke holes in his arguments. But then once I’d decided to just enjoy it I took a screenshot of the page and highlighted the section that said “affidavit of parentage” and sent back:
I didn’t respond to his last one because I was so floored that he honestly believed that after all the shit he’d put me through over the last year and how he was currently acting that I would still be following through on my plan to move to the UK and live with him and my StBXSMom for two years. I honestly didn’t realise how far removed from reality he was until that moment. And I knew that if I responded I would be giving him exactly what he wanted so I left it. And then I received:
To which I had a laugh at because for a guy whose actual job consists of making sure to read things throughly he doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of it because once again it lists the affidavit. I send back:
It’s now been three days and I still have not heard anything back. I’m not really sure what to do in this situation. I’ve emailed the consulate here asking if there is an alternative path to affidavit considering the circumstances and I’m still waiting on a reply. But I’m worried they’ll just say “too bad so sad”. I know I could probably attempt to threaten him with the recording but that would also require him actually communicating with me and honestly I hate that I’m the one chasing him. In an ideal world I would be NC but unfortunately I’m in a position where I need to at least be VLC. I don’t know
TL:DR: NFather is refusing to provide legal documents that are required for citizenship in an attempt to force me to have a relationship with him. My hands are tied and the only chance I have at potentially getting the documents requires me sinking to his level.
Edited: Formatting! I posted this on mobile so I'm so sorry if there are more I missed!
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2019.01.30 19:44 RowenLaan Atomic Heart: Possible Development Problems

This is the official translation (with minor additions) of the original article.

First things first:

I am the creator of an independent gamedev-themed Telegram channel. Yesterday I published an open letter to Atomic Heart developers asking them to comment on the recent rumors surrounding the game and provide updates. Since then, 11 people have contacted me, 10 of which are confirmed former and current Mundfish developers (the last one being ‘partly confirmed’). Everything that is about to follow comes from them. As per the devs’ kind but firm request, their names, posts and work periods will not be revealed. There are multiple reasons for this. First, they don’t want to face prosecution by Mundfish for breaching the NDA. Second, game development in Russia is in a rather poor state compared to its neighbour Ukraine and developers are afraid of being put on a multi-nation blacklist, the sharing of which is common practice in the CIS, and thus losing access to jobs in the industry. Part of the reason why those exist is the fact that people are reluctant to talk about infringement of worker rights in the workplace, delays in payments and unlawful terminations.
You are welcome to copy, share and cite this text on your platform, as long as you provide the source link. Don’t ask me to share the names though, I will decline. If you want to get a comment, feel free to write on Telegram (@RowenLaan) and to my Reddit's PM. Telegram is the best way to get a quick response from me.


A few days ago, shortly after Atomic Heart gameplay premiere, a Discord screenshot emerged, which was followed by mushrooming rumours. Sources claimed that the gameplay shown was in fact an edited pre-render.
Messages translation:
- It’s about Mundfish and Atomic Heart. I don’t know if I should blacklist (they are referring to a gamedev companies blacklist made by developers) the guys.
[ - So, the VR department is closed, everyone’s fired. Can’t say I’m surprised. The organization is utter shit. It’s just impossible to work there.
- The [Mundfish] CEO is a guy from Mail.ru (A major search engine, media outlet and online game distributor in Russia), who sold some stocks and started his own company. He’s got funding.
- He used to be a Marketing Art Director or something. Fucking egomaniac. Doesn’t even know how gamedev works. Acts on impulse a lot. He’s fired a lot of devs.
- The visuals [from the trailer] are fake. The game looks like absolute crap.
- I don’t recommend you to ever work for him. Only if you need money and have patience.
- 3 coders got the ax this Thursday. Now he’s got a coding team of 0. Impulsive prick. Someone from NVIDIA told him that the coders were morons and he just kicked them out.
- I don’t know about the Saint Petersburg team, but the Moscow one is something you should avoid like plague. Not that it still exists though, lol. They fired everyone yesterday. ]
[ - They’re now looking for new slaves. If the inside is correct, the management said ‘We don’t need you, we’ll hire some students.’]
- The vacancies are still on their website.
- So much for the glorious Epic Games grant:
[ - Ah, no big deal. It only includes 20k dollars and help with the engine]
Here are the main points:
  1. The latest video is not a pre-render, but a staged gameplay recording. It is a trick used by many video game companies (e.g. Ubisoft).
  2. According to several contacts, the VR department was shut down last summer. Therefore, all messages from the screenshot date back to summer 2018. I should note that no actual ‘VR department’ has ever existed. The company had only one team, which switched its focus between the two projects. It is remarkable that the insider mentions «someone from NVIDIA» saying the coders were «morons». That very summer, NVIDIA suggested Mundfish to work with them and provided the team with hardware and a unique engine build. NVIDIA is also a consultant for the Moscow office – the one my contacts were dismissed from. Confirmed by contacts: After that massive reduction, the staff was down to 3 people. They had to start the project from scratch (more on that later).
  3. One contact claims that 3 programmers quit their jobs due to some inner bickering. One other employee confirmed that later. Unfortunately, I got no word from the former programmers themselves. One of them refused to comment, and I never managed to reach the other two.
  4. Nine contacts confirm incompetent management.
  5. Ten contacts confirm recurrent impulsive terminations.

Who is behind Atomic Heart?

The top management of Mundfish counts three people: Oleg Gorodishenin, Artyom Galeev and Robert Bagratuni. Employees’ opinion on them varies only slightly. In addition they have Evgeniya Serova.
Robert Bagratuni (Maksim Zatsepin) – company’s CEO/Investor. A good marketing expert, who takes credit for the game’s current popularity. Bad rumours turned out true: he believes that only graphics sell games, while gameplay and story are negligible. His marketing skills receive no criticism, and all complaints against him are based on his knowledge gap in game development. When Zatsepin’s friend, Anton Logvinov (A well-known Russian Youtuber and game reviewer) visited the Moscow office, he was surprised to hear that everyone called the CEO Robert.
Oleg Gorodishenin – game producer. He seems to have earned a very poor reputation among colleagues. None of the contacts described him in a positive light. After some research, I found his previous project. Heroes of Scene was developed by another team and released on Steam in 2015. Oleg goes along with everything the CEO says or does. Contacts believe that he is trying to gain more ground within the company and pursues financial profit. Despite having some experience in gamedev, Oleg has never provided advice on development or questioned CEO’s decisions. Developers claim that it is Oleg’s friendship with Robert, which lets him keep his post. Oleg joined Mundfish when he was 19 (he is 20 or 21 now). According to my contacts, Oleg is behind the death of Soviet Lunapark VR and one of Atomic Heart versions (it is unclear which one, though).
Artyom Galeev – the key figure in Atomic Heart’s development. Artyom takes credit for everything the audience likes about the game. He has single-handedly created the setting and the visual design of the game. Almost all employees claim that he’s the biggest contributor to the game. As it seems now, Atomic Heart is his passion project, which savvy Oleg Gorodishenin got his hands on. Artyom is an enthusiastic visionary who has been brooding over the concept for many years.
Evgeniya Serova – the company’s registered owner. She is reported to be Mindfish’s legal expert and CFO (but only on paper). Evgeniya used to own a modeling agency, and is a former model herself. After finishing her model career, she employed at Newmedia Stars as a head of the CGI department. She hardly knows anything about game development, but often impinges upon the team’s work. Allegedly, she manages all of the company accounts. Those are registered abroad, as contacts says, although the specific countries are not yet identified. Any help with that is welcome. Cyprus has no trace of Mundfish.
Here are their descriptions from the official website.
This is the root of all problems – the project is lead by a team of marketing and design experts. The game looks spectacular and appealing but fails to deliver from the gameplay perspective. The developers suggest that the game is simply boring to play.

There is no stable concept

As I said, the game shines when it comes to animation, graphics and visual FX. The team is trying to follow the design document, but the development cycle often becomes hectic. At the beginning, the team implemented gameplay mechanics almost randomly. Someone from the management would come to the office and suggest borrowing mechanics from a game he recently played. That is how graphic executions made it into Atomic Heart – one of the executives played Doom 2016.
This inevitably lead to the never ending cycle of adding, changing and adjusting the game’s mechanics. Game designers came and went. Even after a year of development, the managers remain undecided on what game they are trying to make. One day they want Doom, then Dark Souls, and after that – Prey.
Project management is nonexistent. No backlog is kept and no roadmap is outlined – not even for several weeks. No kind of planned dev cycle can be found there.
Due to the management’s apparent incompetence in game design, other employees (artists, programmers and animators) had to do it for them. It was common for Robert to slam people for their ideas, even though the workers were clearly out of their field. As of December 2018, the project was reported to lack several key figures in development – game/sound/narrative/motion designers and writers.
One contact presumes that a game designer is unlikely to appear at all – Robert doesn’t seem to like them. The team has repeatedly pointed out to the executives that such policy cripples the development and therefore should be dropped. However, no response followed.
What proves the team members’ words (although indirectly), is the way the community managers tackle concept-related questions. Neither their interviews, nor the website mention what kind of game Atomic Heart is going to be. The only confirmed mechanics is crafting weapons from scrap and sort of PvP.
The contacts also claim that the game is absolutely linear and features a lot of invisible walls and closed doors. If the gameplay seemed linear to you – the staging is not to blame. Currently, the game is designed like that. Robert, however, mentioned big open maps the players could explore.
“The map that appears at the end of the trailer certainly implies an open-world setting and, while not a true confirmation, Bagratuni does explain that “the map is huge”. It’s converted from a real-world USSR chart and encompasses the Arctic Circle, plains, forests, and mountain passes and is connected by a usable railroad system. He also points out that it’s layered, with “a surface level and abandoned underground departments of ‘3826’” He also mentions Bunkers, “very detailed locations with a special Soviet atmosphere”.
"Atomic Heart was conceived as an open-world game," said Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni. "We want to enable players to choose the sequence of actions themselves instead of limiting them to a linear path. The world of the game is in fact the entire Soviet Union—a vast circle, the borders of which reach the Arctic in the north, Altai mountain in the south, and with plains, lakes and much more in the middle.”
Today’s build only lets you navigate the map and have rare fights with enemies. No narrative design is currently present.

Critical lack of quality programmers

Each year impulsive terminations and poor management cost the team valuable employees. It is extremely hard to find good coders, as in Russia there are very few developers with experience in C++ and UE4.
This entails a huge number of bugs and serious technical problems for Atomic Heart.
Some reports suggest that the game runs at 20-40 FPS even on, and I quote, “high-end rigs”.
Their VR Project, Soviet Lunapark VR, which is out on Steam, shows how bad the situation is.

Junior developers and quick discharges

As I said, almost all contacts confirm that quick discharges are a common practice at Mundfish.
This is how it plays out: Mundfish hires several greenies (recent graduates and juniors, who have little to no experience) and hands them all sorts of work.
Then someone from the management says they’re not doing something right (My contacts shared several FUBAR incidents, which I must keep to myself in order to preserve their anonymity) and sacks them in the blink of an eye. You could get fired for a small screw-up, or just because the management didn’t like you.
You could also employ as a Junior Level Designer and end up manually renaming a hundred gigabytes of assets simply because the project was a mess. As I was told, these assets accumulated during 2017 as a result of poor management, and were left by juniors with no developer experience.
Programmers, 3D artists and lever designers were the primary candidates for dismissal. These frequent dismissals and changes in staff are bringing the game quality down.
According to one of my contacts, as of January 28, 2019 the game is only 20% complete.
May 2018 saw the IGN interview with Robert, where he claimed that Mundfish had had a team of 20 people and had been planning to expand it to 40 in the next six months. According to my contacts, the team is still not larger than 20 people.
There are reports that most workers are employed unofficially and receive under-the-table salaries. This is what lets the managers dismiss workers at their will so frequently.
Few employees were registered as self-employed individuals, which is a violation of the Russian Federation Labor Code. Some people never received their due pay after getting fired. Only few people managed to get vacations, and if they did, they never received their leave allowance.
In 2018 only, 12 people were fired (keep in mind the fact that the team only counts less than 20 members).

Crunches and neverending release delays

Several employees confirmed that the team had to crunch from the onset of development, putting in weekends in 2017 and early 2018. However, severe lack of project management and qualified developers undermined this work. The development began to stagger, as it took programmers several weeks to sort out the their weekend work. The crunches were eventually dropped. No one got paid for all the extra hours.
It the beginning, executives aimed to release the game soon, but each month the release date would be put off further and further. Lack of experience and human resources for such an ambitious project resulted in game release being postponed until 2020, with beta coming in Q4 2019.

Soviet Lunapark VR was released without the team's consent

Initially, the executives planned Atomic Heart as a VR title. This is backed up by early job openings from January 2017. Oleg Gorodishenin sought developers for an "UE4 VR project". My contacts claim that after some time the project became a first-person shooter, only to convert back to a VR-game, with PSVR release set on December 2017. As my contacts claim, Robert wanted the project to generate profit, but the quality was severely lacking. Late in 2017, development was reportedly put on hold for the first time.
Sometime later, it was decided to make a VR project with assets which were already available, in order to generate profit. That's how Soviet Lunapark was born. Sources also stated that the game's main problem was not the fact that it was shut down, but the Early Access release and the promise of many features. One of those features was a story campaign. Promises, which obviously weren’t fulfilled. Development was stopped during early access, because the project wasn’t generating much profit. On the SteamDB page, you can check that the game had an “Early Access” tag, which was removed on July 23 2018.
Two other contacts also provided their story. At the moment of Soviet Lunapark’s launch, the game was supposed to be polished for two more months: adding features, fixing bugs and getting it ready to release on Steam. Robert and Oleg released the game without telling anything to the team. Developers accidentally found out about the game being released — when they saw that the project was already published.
Contacts insisted on pointing out their most important message: the game was sold as a beta with lots of promises, but they couldn't leave beta so the game was closed early. After that, the project was sold to a third party — District Zero. Selling the project wasn't part of the plan.
In the summer of 2018, the VR-department of Mundfish was closed. Later the same year, in September, the District Zero website went online, with the offices of both companies being 15 minutes of walking apart from each other. RBC has this interesting quote to share:
Mundfish was able to sell their side-project — a VR game called Soviet Lunapark, which they tested their VR technology on, using assets from Atomic Heart. In 2017, the project was sold for several tens of millions of rubles to the Russian company District Zero, a VR amusement park.
And now for the interesting part: Mundfish worked on Soviet Lunapark until the summer of 2018, as sources claim, and it definitely wasn't ready to be sold in 2017. Was Robert just showing off? Perhaps. District Zero was registered on September 29, 2017 and opened in September 2018.
The domain District Zero is registered on the Dutch company Minerva VR Group BV. The company was registered just on May 28, 2018, for someone named Nikolay Valerievich Volkov. You can also buy tickets to a VR-arena on their website.
You can also find that on Soviet Lunapark's Steam page, along with Mundfish studio, there is a link to District Zero.
You can still visit the free move VR Arcade version of the Soviet Luna Park in Moscow. See details here: (District Zero site link). In 2019 free move VR Arcade version will be available in all major cities around the world, that is London, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and others.
In conclusion, on May 1, 2019, Soviet Lunapark’s servers are going to be shut down and people who bought the game won’t be able to play it any longer.
Mundfish's VR-project was only supported for 221 days.
[Steam players reaction]
Soviet Luna Park VR servers will be shut down starting with March 1, 2019, so the game will not be available for playing.

Atomic Heart’s reveal trailer is mostly fake and was initially created for Electronic Arts

According to sources, an unnamed animator and Artyom Galeev were working on a completely pre-rendered trailer utilizing the mechanics of the canceled project simultaneously with the development of Soviet Lunapark. It includes renders of Maya projects mixed in with UE4 based renders (it’s implied that UE4 Sequencer was used). The following shots were chosen according to the developer’s descriptions. They also mention that all of the sound was added during editing.
According to them, this trailer was created for Electronic Arts. EA’s delegation visited Mundfish, but after examining the actual game they were bewildered and left.
The trailer was then showcased to the general public. It made waves and Robert restarted the development process (September 2018).
Developers also elaborated on the latest gameplay trailer.
The latest gameplay trailer is real in-engine footage, however:
  1. Sounds were most likely added during editing, just like before.
  2. For the last few months development was focused solely on creating the trailer. Many gameplay moments from that video aren’t finished and were prototyped just so there was something to show.
  3. Most of the robots walk along predetermined paths. Walking up to them doesn’t cause any reaction.
  4. It is speculated that all overlay text in the game (e.g. “ find a key”) is just text. It’s present in the engine and UI but doesn’t have any programming or quest logic behind it.

Atomic Heart’s development was restarted 5 months ago

According to my contacts, the entire programming staff left the development team. In addition, 4 more people were let go and the company was left with just 3 employees. In essence, that meant that 5 months ago the development process was back at square one. Employees indicate that the management is to blame for this. The project changed numerous times since 2017 but the codebase was left the same (Blueprint is what was being used). Because of that, the developers insisted that the project had to be rebooted using C++. They were trying to convince the higher-ups for months.
In the summer of 2018, the game was in a more complete state than it is now. The restart resulted in a rollback on the gameplay front. Developers say that the magnitude of the rollback can’t be understated.
An earlier version of Atomic Heart was a corridor shooter where you just walk around and kill enemies. The entire game could be finished in 15 minutes.

Is Atomic Heart a scam?

After all that information you could conclude that Atomic Heart is an attempt to cash in solely on its outstanding visual design. But it’s not that simple.
All of those listed problems, as contacts said, are a consequence of non-existent management and lack of direction, fueled by colossal ambitions. A lot of developers sincerely praise Artyom’s efforts and his wish to create the game of his dreams. He is the only management member to receive any praise from the devs.
Almost every contact is sure that the game will be finished eventually - Mundfish has liabilities to investors. Some contacts noted that Mundfish failed to find a publisher. This lead to Robert (CEO) contacting a venture fund and taking the obligation to return invested money after an eventual release in 2019. Mundfish was obliged to do a soft-launch in 2019 - this is the reason behind the 2019 beta for pre-purchasing the game. In fact, no one wants to release an unfinished game. But the end will be sad: the game in its current state will be extremely buggy, unoptimized, boring and will simply fall victim to its ambitions. One of the contacts says:
“It's more likely stupidity than the planned trick”
The other question I can’t get an answer is that pre-order thing. If the Atomic Heart is finished by only 20%, is that a right thing to do to open pre-orders? This is the most strange thing to me. Contacts are saying that the company accounts located somewhere abroad (possibly Cyprus or Maldivas, popular offshore regions). Pre-orders are not refundable.
Mundfish gets a good money from the pre-orders.
Interesting citation from the RBC article:
“The English version of the site [they are referring to an official Mundfish site] has a reference to a Mundfish Media, located in Rockville, Maryland. There are no such company in the official register of Montgomery County. Surprisingly, the full address that Mundfish indicated on the website is exactly the same as the address of ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s owner. After asking questions about what does that mean, Mundfish wiped all data concerning Mundfish Media from Rockville (RBC has screenshots of an old version of the site). Some people from the game industry told RBC that this is a common practice among indie-developers to use big companies documents as a template. Bagratuni did not comment on the situation. ZeniMax did not respond to a RBC request”.
Currently, there are 4 people working in the Mundfish’s office (Moscow). Other employees are on outsource. In the total amount, according to the other, more recent, contacts, no more than 8-12 people are working on the project (development team without the management).


I like Atomic Heart. When the summer trailer came out I called this game the most stylish project of the next few years. It was so cool that I immediately wanted to look for a catch. But at that time there seemed to be none. But, as we all know, miracles do not happen. And the Atomic Heart summer trailer is a miracle that could not but have a false bottom.
In order to get the full picture, I would like to hear an official comment from Mundfish on everything said above. Of course, I suspect that the answer will be along the lines of “these are rumors”. But anyway. Additionally, I would like to have the following questions answered:
  1. Why did you sell the VR project to another company and why was it even being created? How could it have been sold off in 2017, considering that you released it in 2018?
  2. How will Atomic Heart look like at release? If it’s single player, what about the genre, gameplay features? Why, after all this time and a finished gameplay trailer, do we still know nothing about the game? If, on the other hand, the game will feature multiplayer elements, what will those be? How does the team see a possible multiplayer implementation in Atomic Heart?
  3. What system requirements is this game being developed for? Are you certain that you will be able to create the announced open world while retaining acceptable performance, if even the recent gameplay shows frame drops indoors?
  4. How many people are currently working on Atomic Heart?
  5. Why don’t you have any written information about the game’s episodic system? You mentioned it in this DTF interview.
Evgeniya Serova: In fact, what is coming out now is the first episode of the first season. It will have around five hours of gameplay. In total, four episodes are planned for the first season.

Official Response from Mundfish:

The channel’s author is anonymous and has a goal — accumulating subscribers in his groups, to which end he works not by the rules of professional journalism, where one needs to fact-check the information received and contact both sides before publishing anything, but rather by utilizing the biggest clickbait possible. We also weren’t contacted by him through any of our official channels [It is not true. They reached out to me (on VK) and got fast response]. Everything described above is conjecture and rumor-mongering in order to capitalize on the growing popularity of Atomic Heart.
The legitimacy of this “investigation” will be studied by Mundfish lawyers, and after the text, its contents and sources are analyzed, appropriate measures will be utilized.
Concerning the project: Soviet Lunapark. Several junior UE4 programmers, who didn’t know C++ and didn’t write any code, took part in its development. All of it was developed using the visual programming language UE4 Blueprints.
Response from former developers (rewrite on their request):
That’s false, the developers fired weren’t juniors and were the only tech experts in the company. The contacts note that the company had no other experts who could objectively measure the programmers’ competence.
Mundfish's answer continues:
It’s also important to note that the company has a strict internal confidentiality policy, and that junior developers never see the full picture of what’s happening.
At a certain stage it was decided that the project should be prepared to operate on the District Zero platform. In order to successfully launch the game in the Free move Vr Arcade mode it was necessary to make certain major changes to the project, as well as implement support for the Antilatency tracking technology.
Unfortunately, the technical team of the project couldn’t make significant advances in this regard, because they were required to work on a different level, which required C++ programming, algorithmic and mathematical skills. The team has significantly delayed the implementation timeframe and also started to lose subordination along the way, which led to aggressive behavior and several destructive situations. As such, a decision was made to part ways with this team and ask more experienced colleagues for support.
Here used to be the developers’ response, but I deleted it on their request. In this paragraph, the developers did not confirm what was said by Mundfish. Developers also noted that the goal of the investigation wasn’t them in particular, but Mundfish ignored most statements and questions in the investigation, concentrating rather on the rumors of allegedly fired (while in actuality they left of their own accord) employees back in the middle of last year.
As a result, a complicated technical task was concluded in a short time. Currently, the project is complete, stable and launched commercially on the District Zero platform on the Arma factory in the Free move Vr Arcade mode on the basis of Antilatency tracking. By the way, it’s the first commercial implementation of this technology, and anyone can see this project for themselves.
On Atomic Heart: the core of our team consists of experienced developers, who took part in AAA projects of companies abroad. Their experience is the main driving force, and the locomotive of the company. Soon we’ll launch a series of English-language streams with the developers.
We will be ready to show and tell more about the internal kitchen of the project. About the different technological solutions, implementation of the RTX & DLSS technology and many other complicated aspects of game development in general and the Atomic Heart project in particular. This information will also be disclosed during the planned UE4 meetups in our offices. But we will most certainly not go against our plans and do this earlier just because someone is blackmailing us and spreading libel as a publicity stunt.

Comment from Robert Bagratuni (Maksim Zatsepin):

Here at Mundfish, we are always glad to see real journalists from specialized publications in order to to give interviews and unveil project details as part of a friendly conversation. Our game industry deserves better, and we hope that the efforts of Mundfish will be appropriately recognized not just in the West, but also among our compatriots.


Whether to trust the ex-devs or not, is up to you. Still, after speaking with the developers I would strongly advise you not to pre-order the game and wait for its official release. If you’re affiliated with professional media platform and can check how the development is going, do consider visiting their office, which is now open for journalists.
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2018.11.02 17:01 bagelman63 Mission is FUBAR!

Video recording of Alpha Team sent in to investigate an abandoned research facility in \redacted**, Arizona.\Redacted** Organization has been sent a lead from a field agent that an unknown entity is in the area. The team has been ordered to find any paranormal anomalies and to report back. A quick response team awaits further orders in case the operation goes FUBAR.

Mission objective, find any paranormal or anomaly entities, in the area.

The names of the members of Alpha Team have been redacted and replaced with city names to keep their identities safe.

Mission Date, October \redacted*, 2018.*

This is their story...

"You really think this lead is the real deal, we've taken so many of them and a bunch of them have been nothing.", said Chicago

"Yea, I say we just call it day TL and we just grab a bite to eat . I know this one good Chinese place in downtown, hole in the wall, but great food.", added Detroit.

"As much as that sounds good, we have a job to do, and a lead is a lead. The faster we check this place out the faster we can get out and go home." , replied Oakland.

As alpha team approached the facility Oakland radioed the other personnel in his unit.

"Team lead to Alpha squadron, we are arriving to our destination. Check your gear and weapons, assume anything here is hostile. I want this one by the books gentlemen."

The research facility was built on the side of mountain in the middle of nowhere. The place looked like it hadn't been touched in ages. The security fences had rust on the edges as well as some sentry posts torn down. In the main front of the facility there was a giant metallic door, and written on it was two words, "GET OUT."

"Huh, guess no one wants us to be here ay Madison.", remarked Detroit.

"Think you can get us in Chicago?", asked Oakland.

"Well TL, judging by how big this hunk of metal is, I say its about four inches of reinforced steel.", replied Chicago

"Can you get us in son, just answer the question.", asked Oakland.

"That's a negative ghost rider, I don't have enough explosives to blow that thing. My guess is, whoever made this facility didn't want anything leaving anytime soon." said Chicago.

"There's gotta be a back way somewhere then, Seattle, Eugene, check around the area for another way in. There has to be some sort of emergency exit on this rock.", Ordered Oakland.

"Yes sir!" replied the both of them.

"In the mean time, the rest of us will create a perimeter and wait till they comeback." , said Oakland.

The two soldiers circled the mountain and eventually found what seemed to be a blocked off mine entrance. Seattle pried open the barricade and both soldiers entered the mine.

"Jesus, it's fucking dark in here.", complained Eugene.

"No shit Sherlock, were in a cave mine, what did you expect.", remarked Seattle.

"Hold up, look what we have here, looks like a door. This has to be the emergency exit.", exclaimed Seattle.

"I'll radio team lead. Eugene to team lead, we've found an entrance way that may lead into the facility. It's in a cave around the small mountain, Seattle and I will standing in front of it to act as markers.", said Eugene.

"That was Eugene, looks like we're back in business gentlemen. Alpha two, stay here and guard the vehicles, Alpha one you're all with me. Let's go.", Ordered the team leader.

Alpha one re-linked with Eugene and Seattle and went inside the cave mine.

"Chicago, how about this door can you break blow this one open?" , asked Oakland.

"This one can be arranged TL, give me a five minutes." , replied Chicago.

Chicago grabbed some C4 explosives from his bag and rigged the door for detonation. He then ordered everyone to exit the cave and wait for the door to blow.

"Fire in the hole!", yelled Chicago

The explosion echoed throughout the cave and Alpha one proceeded to check the door.

"Bingo, gentlemen, let's get this done. Eugene, Seattle, guard the outside perimeter and await further orders." said Oakland.

The inside of the research facility was completely run downed. There were doors blown open and glass scattered everywhere, it seemed like the facility went out in panic.

"Bullet casings? What the hell? TL this place is giving me a weird vibe." exclaimed Madison.

"Nothing we haven't seen before son. Detroit, Madison, go try and find the head scientist's office. There's got to be some information we can use to see what's waiting for us in this hell hole. Chicago, with me, let's see if we can find the god damn power generators.", ordered Oakland.

Alpha one spit up and went on to carry out the plan. Madison and Detroit eventually found the head scientists office on the second floor, while Oakland and Chicago found the generators in the basement floor.

"Team lead, this is Madison, Detroit and I have found the Head scientists room.", said Madison

"Roger that Madison, Chicago and I found the generators and are just about to turn the power on, right, now. See if you can find anything important.", replied Oakland.

"Understood, Madison, Out." said Madison

"The emergency lights are on, shit must of went down here, that or maybe a glitch in the system." , said Detroit.

"Damn look at this computer Madison. Must be a \redacted\** Mac computer. Think you can get anything out of it?", asked Detroit.

"Come one, you're talking to a *redacted* alumni, I can get through everything.", replied Madison.

After about ten minutes of trying to get into the computer, Madison finally gets in. He is immediately brought to window with a pop up video. The video then plays.

"I'm going to double check the perimeter, just radio me when you've found something.", said Detroit.

"Hello, my name is professor *redacted*, and if you are seeing this then my facility must have been overrun by the experiment." "Emergency precautions have already been made and I have either successfully escaped or have been deceased by my own creation." "If you are watching this video, then you must have turned on the power, that is a huge mistake. With the power on, the creature can now make an escape, please do not let that thing out in the real world." "I highly recommend to turn the power back off, but by this time, the creature is already out from wherever it may have been trapped in." "A little personal advice, the thing is an excellent hunter, and small arms fire will only slow it down, and aggravate it even more." "God speed to whoever has uncovered this demonic being, and run." The video ends...

"Madison! Come in Madison! Jesus Christ respond! Look, there's something following me, I can't really pinpoint it's location, anyways I'm coming to you right now!", yelled Detroit.

"Detroit! Detroit! I'm read you! I'm going to radio in Oakland and Chicago the sit-rep! Detroit?", replied Madison.

Madison heard shrieks coming from down the hall, followed up with gun shots. He then received a transmission from Detroit.

"*Coughing*, Madison, it got me. Run.", said the dying soldier.

"Detroit? Detroit! Shit!", yelled Madison.

Madison ran straight for the exit stairs and began to radio the rest of the Alpha one.

"Oakland! Chicago! Detroit is dead! Situation is FUBAR! I repeat, FUBAR! Turn the fucking power off, we have to leave now! The scientist's experiment is a fucking monster! We need to keep it in here and call the response team now!", yelled Madison.

"Roger that Madison, just stay calm and meet us at the facility's emergency exit, I already have an idea to slow the thing down.", replied Oakland.

"Was that Madison? Is he ok? Jesus Christ what the hell is going on chief?", asked Chicago.

"Never mind that son, look, you still have some let over C4 charges?", asked Oakland.

"Yea why? What about Madison?", replied Chicago.

"Madison will be fine, he's already headed to the extract point. Listen, I want you to head back to the cave and rig the explosives on the support beams of the mine shaft. Wait for my command to blow it, we're going to collapse the mine! Now go!", yelled the TL

"Yes sir!", replied Chicago.

"Oakland to command to you read?"

"We read you loud and clear soldier, what's your sit-rep?"

"Situation is Fubar, I repeat Fubar. Request immediate backup over."

"Roger that Alpha one, sending in response team right now."

The TL went back downstairs to go turn the power generators off. As he was doing that, Chicago had made it back to the cave mine.

"Eugene, Seattle, do you copy?", asked Chicago.

"Affirmative, what's your status.", replied the two soldiers.

"Operation is Fubar, Detroit is dead. Ask questions later, get inside and help me rig the support beams with C4.", ordered Chicago.

The two soldiers linked up with Chicago and grabbed what little C4 he had remaining in his pack. Each support beam was rigged to blow, all that was needed was the command from the TL to send the thing to kingdom come.
The power had been successfully turned back off, Team lead Oakland then radios Madison on his current status.

"Madison what's your eta to extraction?", asked the TL.

"Three minutes sir, but this damn thing is lurking right behind me.", replied the soldier.

"Don't worry about it son, just keep running, I'll rendezvous with you at the exit point.", ordered Oakland.

Madison finally reached the rendezvous point, however, Oakland was nowhere to be seen. He then radios in to see if Oakland was running behind, but not until he heard a blood curdling scream coming from right behind him. Right behind him was a hunched back tall creature that stood to be seven feet tall on its hind legs. The thing had gigantic black eyes as well long razor like claws. Its body seemed to be covered in a weird like armored like skin. Whatever it was, it wasn't human, and this thing was out for blood. The creature lunged at Madison...

"AHHH!", yelled the soldier

The afraid soldier's scream was cut off from a couple of gun shots from the rear. The creature was stunned.

"Oakland!", screamed Madison.

"Run son! Run! I'll hold this bastard off!", ordered the TL.

"What about you?", asked Madison.

Oakland gave the soldier a smile and a wink, "Don't worry, I'll be right behind you my boy. Now run!"
Madison ran for the exit and as he kept running he could hear gunshots and the inaudible screams and yelling come from both parties. He could finally see the exit and the others.

"This is Madison to all corresponding units in the AO, don't shoot! Don't shoot!", yelled the soldier.

"It's Madison! Where's the TL? Did he make it?", asked Seattle.
Right before Madison was about to answer the question, Chicago received a transmission from Oakland.

"Oakland! Blow the mine now before the damn thing gets out!", ordered the officer.

The transmission was cut off by a loud shriek. So without any hesitation the soldier detonated the charges and the whole mine collapsed. The remainder of Alpha one just stood in silence as they had just realized they lost two of their closest comrades. Their moment of silence was short lived when they heard friendly choppers coming in. An officer from the chopper steps out.

"Who's in command here?", asked the officer.

Madison replied, "I am sir."

"You are now officially relieved from this operation, Omega and Zeta teams will now take over this area from here on out. Great job gentlemen, head back to site \redacted\** for R and R and further orders from command.", replied the officer.

Madison radioed the rest of Alpha team to prep the vehicles and prepare to return to base, but before he left he told the officer, "Careful officer, this one's tough one."

"Don't worry soldier, our job is to secure, contain, and protect these types of things so that people won't find out what really hinds within the dark world we live in."

Video Log Ends....

Alpha team had declared the Snafu operation a success despite sustaining two casualties.

Alpha team is currently awaiting further orders at site \redacted*.*
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2018.07.16 12:27 NamSualk [ARMA 3] - Operation Starlight Mk.II, Saturday, 21/Jul/2018, 19:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2018-07-21 19:00ARMA 3Operation Starlight


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


Re-make (from scratch) of Operation Starlight, hopefully without crash this time.


General overview map (Only minor changes from first mission attempt)
About an hour ago, a Canadian helicopter (Callsign Silver 6-1) has crashed somewhere east of Oreokastro, in enemy territory. Onboard was a Canadian Recon team (Copper 2-1). They were likely shot down by a Russian patrol. The recon team has vital intelligence about the Russian presence on Altis, including the location of their main base of operations.


Our mission is to rescue the recon patrol and helicopter crew. Secondary objectives are targets of opportunity, but we are not to overextend our forces.


The two MH6Ms will insert Alpha and Bravo north of the front line. Be advised that flying too deep into enemy territory will endanger the helicopters, so LZs at the southern edge of the hills (roughly on a line between Agios Konstantinos and Syrta) are recommended. Alpha and Bravo will then move North to the crash site to find the survivors and bring them to Fornax.
In the meantime, the engineering team and Lima will use the trucks and M-ATV to get to Syrta. Once there, they will secure a location for the field hospital, and set up the static weaponry. Syrta itself is assumed to be be abandoned, but depending on how the situation develops, Russian forces may enter the area.
Once the force re-converge at Fornax, wounded personnel can be treated. Further steps depend on intel found by recon team and general situation.


We except no civilians in the area. While everyone is a combatant, be careful with PI, since the Canadians obviously wear a different camo pattern and use different equipment.


Beyond the normal loadouts, there are extra equipment crates. Specifically:
  1. Medical equipment to be used with the field hospital (orange pallet)
  2. Static MGs, both conventional and autonomous (1x wood box) and ammunition for them (3x vehicle ammo box)
  3. Extra 556 ammo (small box next to the M-ATV)
  4. Flat olive box with extra 556 and AA near Condor (Alpha's heli)
  5. Flat olive box with extra 556 and AT near Crow (Bravo's heli)
  6. Flat olive box with extra 556 and AA near Kestrel (Charlie's heli)
1-3 are to be transported by the engineers/Lima, using the trucks and M-ATV. 4, 5 and 6 are to be loaded into the MH-6s and brought to the AO or, at the CO's discretion, Alpha/Bravo/Charlie can increase loadouts at base and leave the boxes behind.

DLC notes

The marksmen of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie have rifles that require the Apex DLC. Copper 2-1's DM does not need Apex.


  • 3x MH-6M Littlebird (unarmed) Callsigns: CONDOR, CROW and KESTREL


  • 1x M1085A1P2B Mobile Field Hospital (counts as medical facility, increasing everyone's healing performance and capabilities)
  • 1x M1083A1P2B Cargo truck w/M2 HMG
  • 1x M-ATV w/HMG (CROWS)

Gameplay Notes

I (klausman), as the mission maker will be Zeus and the Battalion Commander (Callsign CROSSROADS). Depending on how the mission goes, there might be extra fire support (artillery, CAS) available.
Important note about the engineering team: You will have Fortify tools, which means you can build medium-sized fortifications at Syrta. If you've never used the ACE Fortify functionality, I can run a quick tutorial before the mission. Poke me on Discord if interested.
If you find yourself with a Thermal Imaging device, please refrain from using it, as it makes matter too simple. The exceptions are the static MGs the engineers will deploy at Syrta and the kit on the helicopters.
Since the Canadians are set up as Independents, they should not be able to see map markers or communicate with BLUFOR via radio. Their briefing will be separate from the main group. Please do not spoil the fun by coordinating Independents and BLUFOR on TS/the map screen.
Respawn location for BLUFOR is the starting poimt, for Independents the crash site. With the usual "teleport to group" functionality. The crash site might be hot after a few minutes, so if you're Canadian, don't die.
The Canadian pilot and copilot do not have to fly at the start of the mission, so no piloting skill is needed there. The CO should take this into account when (re)tasking Silver 6-1 after the rescue.
  • Find and rescue Silver 6-1 and Copper 2-1
  • Set up field hospital and defenses at Fornax
  • (Optional) Use intel from Copper 2-1 to strike at the Russian base


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
Commanding Officer HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
2IC/FAC ATAG Aaron HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
Battalion Commander klausman A soft cushion
Alpha SL Wreckless HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
Alpha Marksman Oriskana HK 417A2 20" (APEX)
Alpha Autorifleman TheBro Mk.46 Mod.1
Alpha Missile Specialist AA Nep M4 CQB-R, FIM-92 Stinger
Alpha Asst. Missile Specialist AA Deputy M4 CQB-R
Alpha Combat Life Saver M4 CQB-R
Bravo SL Pizza man HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
Bravo Marksman Invictus HK 417A2 20" (APEX)
Bravo Autorifleman Frost61 Mk.46 Mod.1
Bravo Missile Specialist AT Coryn Hoole M4 CQB-R, MAAWS
Bravo Asst. Missile Specialist AT Excelsior M4 CQB-R
Bravo Combat Life Saver JohnYourSauce M4 CQB-R
Charlie SL AxemanMaddux HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
Charlie Marksman Zayev HK 417A2 20" (APEX)
Charlie Autorifleman ThunderBoy Mk.46 Mod.1
Charlie Missile Specialist AA Fubar M4 CQB-R, FIM-92 Stinger
Charlie Asst. Missile Specialist AA M4 CQB-R
Charlie Combat Life Saver Omegauser9 M4 CQB-R
CONDOR Pilot LenzPrime M4 CQB-R
CROW Pilot Berntsen M4 CQB-R
KESTREL Pilot Headhunter M4 CQB-R
KILO (Engineers)
Kilo Leader (Demo) Deadmeat M4 CQB-R
Engineer (Demo) Jonathan Casteel M4 CQB-R
Engineer (Demo) Phoenix (US) M4 CQB-R
Lima SL Howe HK 416D14.5 w/ M320
Lima Rifleman AT Bombus M4 CQB-R, AT-4/M136
Lima Autorifleman Night Mk.46 Mod.1
Lima Asst. Autorifleman Chickenchief HK 416D14.5
Lima Medic Libation M4 CQB-R
Pilot Hubix M4 CQB-R
Copilot Martyr(Fajardo) M4 CQB-R
Crew Chief Slammin Sammy50 M4 CQB-R
Team Leader KJ Trey Mk 18 Mod 1
Autorifleman TPM Mk 46 Mod 1
Asst. Autorifleman Embrodak Mk 18 Mod 1
Medic Osme Mk 18 Mod 1
Marksman Nyte Mk 11 Mod 0


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2018.05.01 15:31 NamSualk [ARMA 3] - Operation Potato, Saturday - 05/05/2018, 19:00UTC

Calendar Details:2018-05-05 19:00ARMA 3Operation Potato


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.



General overview map
The recent death of Molatia's president has left behind a power vacuum into which various groups and individuals have rushed, trying for a power grab. After years of a slow-burning war between Afrene and Molatia, things will likely get worse before they get better. The NATO/US presence in Afrene is currently small, with only a little logistics, infantry and small amounts of IFVs present. Most of the areas north of the river are controlled by insurgents, while the southern part is either unclaimed or under NATO/US influence. However, it is likely that the insurgents have already crossed the river and are claiming territory south of the demarcation line.
At the moment B company of the 2nd Battalion Mechanized Infantry (B/2-4) is holding the crossing north of Numbo. The crossing is heavily mined and blocked for all vehicles. B/2-4 are currently not being engaged, but there is a lot of movement north of the border.
Furthermore, a large airdrop of supplies has overshot its designated drop zone and landed somewhere in the area marked YUKON. B/2-4 has sent a group of logistics personnel and an armed escort to investigate. Contact was lost with said group about an hour ago.
Armaments of the insurgents are limited. Expect infantry weapons including AT and MANPADs. We don't expect heavy armor, but definitely technicals and similar. Near Aeroporto Molatia Int'l (in the large red area marked on the map), there may be armored AA, since we believe the insurgents captured Molatia's military depots to its north, containing ZU-23/ZSU-23 AA units. It is very unlikely the enemy has artillery or air support at this time.


Map of the AO
Until more troops can be landed, we need to make sure the area around Kinsella and on the western half of the island is clear of insurgent presence. Kinsella, the city east of our base of operations (Camp Peeler), has already been evacuated, but the towns of Djolan (Objective ATLANTIC) and Simbala (Objective BACCARA) have likely been claimed by insurgents. Your mission is to clear the towns of enemy presence.
Since B/2-4 is stretched thin as it is and an attack on their position may be imminent, we have also been tasked to investigate the last known position of their logistics detachment (objective YUKON) and recover any materiel and supplies we can. Note that there are only a few fordings through the river and at least some of them have been blocked physically and/or mined.
There is currently no additional support beyond what can be found at Camp Peeler.
Aerial Footage of objective ATLANTIC Aerial Footage of objective BACCARA Camp Peeler overview map


Anyone who is not BLUFOR and carrying a weapon can be engaged. We expect little to no civilian activity in the AO. IDAP runs a refugee camp in the western part of the island, east of Kwako. It is highly recommended to stay away from the insurgent-controlled area marked in the northeast on the map.


Note: While there are DLC assets in the mission, you do not need those DLCs to play (all the slots get vanilla or mod gear).


  • 1x UH-60M with dual M134D miniguns, callsign CONDOR


  • 1x M1025A2 unarmed (Command Vehicle)
  • 2x M1025A2 armed with M2 HMG
  • 2x M1220 armed with M2/CROWS system
  • 1x M1220 armed with M2 HMG
  • 1x M1220 unarmed
  • 1x M1083A1P2-B Logistics truck, armed with M2 HMG
  • 1x M1084A1P2-B Logistics truck, armed with M2 HMG

Gameplay Notes

I (klausman), as the mission maker will be remain at the base and be the Battalion Commander (Callsign CROSSROADS). While I may spy around the map as Zeus to see if my mission works in principle, I will not interfere in the mission unless everything goes to hell and back. Our normal Admin/Zeus will make sure everything runs smoothly.
Map of the AO
  • Clear Djolan (ATLANTIC) of enemies
  • Clear Simbala (BACCARA) of enemies
  • Investigate YUKON drop site and determine fate of B/2-4's troops and NATO supplies


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.
The UH60-M will have pilot/copilot plus two crew members (if enough people sign up).
There are RRR facilities at Camp Peeler for both the helo and the vehicles, if needed.
Delta (Engineers) will most likely be tasked with recovering the supply drop and dealing with mines etc.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
Battalion Commander klausman A large wooden spoon
Commanding Officer phumkie HK 416D10 (M320)
2IC/FAC K4mpfie HK 416D10 (M320)
Platoon Medic Greywolf HK 416D10
Alpha SL P.Howe HK 416D10 (M320)
Alpha FT1 Medic Pizza man HK 416D10
Alpha FT1 Autorifleman Mr.Potato M249 PIP (Long/RIS)
Alpha FT1 Asst. Autorifleman HK 416D14.5
Alpha FT2 FTL Headhunter HK 416D14.5
Alpha FT2 Rifleman AT CorynHoole HK 416D10, M136/AT-4
Alpha FT2 Grenadier Sidorovich HK 416D10 (M320)
Alpha FT2 Rifleman Eyal3012 HK 416D14.5
Bravo SL HK 416D10 (M320)
Bravo FT1 Medic Ganzza HK 416D10
Bravo FT1 Autorifleman GreyMoose M249 PIP (Long/RIS)
Bravo FT1 Asst. Autorifleman PFC A. Simmons HK 416D14.5
Bravo FT2 FTL AxemanMaddux HK 416D14.5
Bravo FT2 Rifleman AT Eternal HK 416D10, M136/AT-4
Bravo FT2 Grenadier Mizzath HK 416D10 (M320)
Bravo FT2 Rifleman Piza305 HK 416D14.5
Charlie SL HK 416D10 (M320)
Charlie FT1 Medic HK 416D10
Charlie FT1 Autorifleman M249 PIP (Long/RIS)
Charlie FT1 Asst. Autorifleman HK 416D14.5
Charlie FT2 FTL HK 416D14.5
Charlie FT2 Rifleman AT HK 416D10, M136/AT-4
Charlie FT2 Grenadier HK 416D10 (M320)
Charlie FT2 Rifleman HK 416D14.5
DELTA (Engineers)
Delta Leader (Demo) clayton.e HK 416D10
Engineer (Demo) Oriskana HK 416D10
Engineer (Mines) Fubar HK 416D10
Engineer (Mines) Libation HK 416D10
Pilot j0nas MP7A2
Copilot Berntsen MP7A2
Crew Chief Cryopanic MP7A2
Gunner MP7A2
  • All Engineers have mine detectors, defusal kits, demo charges and toolkits. The Mine Engineers additionally carry APERS and AT mines. The logistics vehicles contain additional equipment if needed.
Reserve: Gunsalot
submitted by NamSualk to ProjectMilSim [link] [comments]

2018.04.03 11:32 jonas232 [ARMA 3] - Operation Brick & Mortar - Saturday 7th April - 19:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2018-04-07 19:00ARMA 3Operation Brick & Mortar

Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC It's also on Slick updater upper left.
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.
Please take the time to watch our Orientation Video

June-24-2018 04:15 AM

Insurgents have taken control of an industrial area located in Larche. Most of the workers and civilians have evacuated the area, but some might still be in the AO, as hostages.
The industrial site is key for the country's economy to survive.
The insurgents have barricaded the AO, and are prepared for any force they deem hostile.
The mission at hand will be to clear out any insurgents, remove ordnance/equipment/weapons and stabilize the area.
Map of AO
Primary Objectives:
  • Neutralize or capture any insurgent forces
  • Dispose of any ordnance, weapons, IEDs, supplies and military equipment
  • Clear the road going through the AO
This OP will be part regular, part Zeus, with High Command, so orders and objectives can change during gameplay.
Vehicle Assets:
  • 5x M1097A2 (HUMVEE)
  • 1x M1025A2 M2 (HUMVEE)
  • 1x M1084A1P2-B M2 (Fuel) (Logistics Truck)
  • 3x Supply Boxes
  • Most if not all vehicles have 4x fuel cans in cargo
  • I'm using a fuel script which makes the fuel run out faster
  • Use the Logistics truck to move anything blocking roads (ACE Interact)
  • The Logistics truck is key for the OP's success
  • Refrain from damaging buildings and infrastructure on purpose
All roles in bold letters must show up for planning on Teamspeak 30 minutes before the OP.
Everybody else show up in Lobby on Teamspeak 15 before.
This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.

Callsign/ Role IGN Equipment
High Command j0nas Divine Powers
Platoon Commander johnnyhotsauce1 M4 M320
Medic (Bodyguard) Benedikt MK18 + Medical
Alpha Squad Leader Embrodak M4 M320
Fireteam Leader Clayton.E M4 M320
Grenadier zaekor M4 M320
Rifleman theemightymoose RRA LAR-15
Rifleman Penguin RRA LAR-15
Medic MK18 + Medical
Automatic Rifleman Gunsalot M27 IAR
EOD Technician MK18 + EOD Kit
Bravo Squad Leader Exigo M4 M320
Fireteam Leader Headhunter M4 M320
Grenadier Libation M4 M320
Rifleman Mr.potato RRA LAR-15
Rifleman Omega RRA LAR-15
Medic Alex (greywolf) smith MK18 + Medical
Automatic Rifleman Fubar M27 IAR
EOD Technician klausman MK18 + EOD Kit
Charlie Squad Leader M4 M320
Fireteam Leader M4 M320
Grenadier M4 M320
Rifleman RRA LAR-15
Rifleman RRA LAR-15
Medic TrixTec MK18 + Medical
Automatic Rifleman Jens M27 IAR
EOD Technician paul MK18 + EOD Kit
Delta Squad Leader M4 M320
Fireteam Leader M4 M320
Grenadier M4 M320
Rifleman RRA LAR-15
Rifleman RRA LAR-15
Medic MK18 + Medical
Automatic Rifleman M27 IAR
EOD Technician MK18 + EOD Kit
Logistics Chief Teddy RRA LAR-15 + Tools
Logistics Assistant Berntsen RRA LAR-15 + Tools
submitted by jonas232 to ProjectMilSim [link] [comments]

2018.03.13 10:12 NyteMyre [ARMA 3] - Operation Meerkat - Saturday 17th 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2018-3-17 20:00Arma 3 Operation Meerkat PA_CO32_Operation_Meerkat_v6a_Blaffer-edit.chernarus_summer.pbo
Last time was a bit of disaster with the scripts not properly running to simulate the HALO jump in the beginning. Captainblaffer rewrote it and guarantees it works this time. I tested it with 10 players and it was a success. Anyway, heavily based on the Arma 1 mission "Operation Mongoose" which i hold a special place in my heart as my first ever milsim mission. I always wanted to recreate it (loosely) and here's the result.
Special thanks for Captainblaffer who helped A LOT with scripting, testing and mission design.
IF the mission still fails, i have a backup mission available i once made for my previous milsim group.
Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
If you have any problems, please contact a helper on Discord.
Please take time to watch the Orientation Video
Chernarus, 19XX To prepare for an assault on the enemy-held land of Chernarus, several squads of airborne troops are being dropped at night in an attempt to find and destroy hidden Artillery sites, and locate intelligence info. Set in a fictional late-1900's scenario, soldier have no NVGs and no radios.
Map of the AO
  • Destroy 2S3M1 Akatsiya artillery stationed at the Repair Depot at Balota airstrip
  • Find and destroy any additional artillery positions in the AO. Number of positions is unknown
  • <Optional> Contact CIA agent in Bor for intel on artillery positions
4 infantry squads will be airdropped at 5000m above the AO at 2300 hours. Clear skies are expected. Open chutes at ~800m. Alpha & Bravo squad will be dropped in the north-west of Pavlovo, while Charlie and Delta will be dropped north-west of Chernogorsk. Once squadleaders feel they have completed the mission to the best of their abilities, they can ex-filtrate with Assault boats that have been placed between Kamenka and Komarovo. Move south to rendezvous with the USS Texas.

Mission Specific Rules:

This mission will be a bit of an experiment and will divert from the usual PA mission. There are a few rules in place for this mission. Because it's set in a fictional timeline, NVGs and Radios do not exist. But also no magic Map that displays markers placed by people who aren't near you.
  • Players are not allowed to place markers on the map in GLOBAL or SIDE channels. Only squadleaders are allowed to do this, and only during the planning phase of the mission.
  • When the paradrop is initialized, all players will be disbanded from their current group. Placing markers in GROUP channel is allowed
  • The following items are forbidden during the mission. They shouldn't exist in the mission, but if i missed one.. don't use it.
    • LR radio
    • SR radio
    • GPS (except squadleaders, or if you find a dead SL)
    • Nightvision
  • Medical: Everyone can use EPI
  • No respawn
This mission doesn't have a specific commander. I would say the Alpha squadleader is the main planner.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed. You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN Weapon
ALPHA Leader / CO Howe M16/M203 + Acog
Medic K4mpfie M16
Automatic Rifleman Headhunter M249 Para
Designated Marksman Berntsen M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT Gunsalot M16 + AT4
Grenadier Sidorovich M16/M203
Rifleman klausman M16
Explosive Specialist Fubar M16
BRAVO Leader Exigo M16/M203 + Acog
Medic Rick M16
Automatic Rifleman SGTjerry M249 Para
Designated Marksman Oriskana M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT Paul M16 + AT4
Grenadier Embrodak M16/M203
Rifleman NyteMyre M16
Explosive Specialist Hubix M16
CHARLIE Leader M16/M203 + Acog
Medic The Omega M16
Automatic Rifleman Arstricos M249 Para
Designated Marksman Libation M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT pbcrazy M16 + AT4
Grenadier Teddy M16/M203
Rifleman Hakase M16
Explosive Specialist Reapers Scythe M16
DELTA Leader M16/M203 + Acog
Medic theonelegion M16
Automatic Rifleman Jonathan Casteel M249 Para
Designated Marksman piza305 M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT Reaper M16 + AT4
Grenadier M16/M203
Rifleman M16
Explosive Specialist Kaiser Chillhelm M16


Afterparty playlist:
submitted by NyteMyre to ProjectMilSim [link] [comments]

2018.02.27 19:53 NyteMyre [ARMA 3] - Operation Meerkat - Saturday 3th 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2018-3-3 20:00Arma 3 Operation Meerkat PA_CO32_Operation_Meerkat_v2_Final.chernarus_summer.pbo
Here it is guys, my first PA mission that i've been working on since mid-december. Heavily based on the Arma 1 mission "Operation Mongoose" which i hold a special place in my heart as my first ever milsim mission. I always wanted to recreate it (loosely) and here's the result. Special thanks for Captainblaffer who helped A LOT with scripting, testing and mission design.
Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
If you have any problems, please contact a helper on Discord.
Please take time to watch the Orientation Video
Chernarus, 19XX To prepare for an assault on the enemy-held land of Chernarus, several squads of airborne troops are being dropped at night in an attempt to find and destroy hidden Artillery sites, and locate intelligence info. Set in a fictional late-1900's scenario, soldier have no NVGs and no radios.
Map of the AO
  • Destroy 2S3M1 Akatsiya artillery stationed at the Repair Depot at Balota airstrip
  • Find and destroy any additional artillery positions in the AO. Number of positions is unknown
  • <Optional> Contact CIA agent in Bor for intel on artillery positions
4 infantry squads will be airdropped at 5000m above the AO at 2300 hours. Clear skies are expected. Open chutes at ~800m. Alpha & Bravo squad will be dropped in the north-west of Pavlovo, while Charlie and Delta will be dropped north-west of Chernogorsk. Once squadleaders feel they have completed the mission to the best of their abilities, they can ex-filtrate with Assault boats that have been placed between Kamenka and Komarovo. Move south to rendezvous with the USS Texas.

Mission Specific Rules:

This mission will be a bit of an experiment and will divert from the usual PA mission. There are a few rules in place for this mission. Because it's set in a fictional timeline, NVGs and Radios do not exist. But also no magic Map that displays markers placed by people who aren't near you.
  • Players are not allowed to place markers on the map in GLOBAL or SIDE channels. Only squadleaders are allowed to do this, and only during the planning phase of the mission.
  • When the paradrop is initialized, all players will be disbanded from their current group. Placing markers in GROUP channel is allowed
  • The following items are forbidden during the mission. They shouldn't exist in the mission, but if i missed one.. don't use it.
    • LR radio
    • SR radio
    • GPS (except squadleaders, or if you find a dead SL)
    • Nightvision
  • Medical: Everyone can use EPI
  • No respawn
Also, this mission doesn't have a specific Command-unit. Most squads will be spread out without communication. Alpha Squadleader is also the CO/Mission Planner in this mission.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed. You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN Weapon
ALPHA Leader / CO Howe M16/M203 + Acog
Medic Sidorovich M16
Automatic Rifleman Exigo M249 Para
Designated Marksman Revert M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT Arstricos M16 + AT4
Grenadier Gplayer M16/M203
Rifleman zaekor M16
Explosive Specialist Hubix M16
BRAVO Leader Lt. Oriskana M16/M203 + Acog
Medic vertigo M16
Automatic Rifleman Fubar M249 Para
Designated Marksman Eyal3012 M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT The Omega M16 + AT4
Grenadier Omega M16/M203
Rifleman NyteMyre M16
Explosive Specialist klausman M16
CHARLIE Leader Haraldson M16/M203 + Acog
Medic M16
Automatic Rifleman Kaiser Chillhelm M249 Para
Designated Marksman Libation M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT BongoMarauder M16 + AT4
Grenadier M16/M203
Rifleman Reapers scythe M16
Explosive Specialist M16
DELTA Leader M16/M203 + Acog
Medic M16
Automatic Rifleman M249 Para
Designated Marksman piza305 M14 EBR + Leupold mk4
Rifleman AT M16 + AT4
Grenadier M16/M203
Rifleman Yunix M16
Explosive Specialist M16


Afterparty playlist:
submitted by NyteMyre to ProjectMilSim [link] [comments]

2018.02.19 07:49 Tinbum89 [ARMA 3] - Operation "Root Canal" - Saturday 24th @ 20:00UTC

Calendar Details:2018-24-02 20:00ARMA 3Operation Root Canal[Zeus OP]


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on Teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


The Takistan military has lost control of everything north of the mountains. The area is overrun with local militia tribes and now more recently, ISIS. They have control of several towns to the north and are slowly making their way south.
While conducting Recon Ops North of the Mountains over Daryache, a "state of the art" stealth helo encountered problems during flight and went down in the area.
We have had no contact with the crew, and so it is unknown how many if any, survived the crash. Satellite recon of the area has shown an increase in activity in and around the town of Anar. Local sources have said this has something to do with a " flying American"... Intel is sketchy at the best of times. This gives us reason to believe any survivors are being held in or around Anar. The location of the crash site is still unknown.
The Takistan army has allowed us to set up a FOB south of the mountains just outside Chak Chak, while we conduct a search and rescue op. We are sending a small Taskforce to locate any survivors of the crash and to destroy hardware on that helo. We will insert units via air and ground ASAP. This will be a night OP into enemy territory. We do have some friends though, we just can't tell you who. These Militia tribes change their minds on a daily basis. So remember not every man with a gun will be hostile. We have it on good authority that the lights in the town will be "cut" once you begin your raid, when and exactly how we cant say.
Crash Site
  • Locate any Surviving crew and exfil them back to the FOB
  • Return the bodies of any crew KIA
  • Locate Crash site and destroy stealth helo


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.
Mission Specifics
As stated previously, not all locals will be hostile. Shoot only if fired upon. Each town in this part of the country is currently doing its own thing, unless ISIS has control then you can expect 100% hostility. We have reason to believe ISIS has control of armoured vehicles in the area, this may or may not include a couple Tanks (Takistani army have yet to confirm if they are missing any)
Crash Site will be within 3km of Anar.
Friendly Vehical Assets Include:
  • 3x M1230 Mrap
  • 2x Humvee (M2)
  • 2x Armed AH6 Little BirdEagle
  • 2x Un-armed AH6 Little Bird
Bleed out timer in use, so if someone goes down a medic can revive with epi.
This will be a Zeus OP. This means the Mission can be manipulated and changed at any time to create a more dynamic Mission. Objectives can bee added/changed at any point by the Zeus.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN
High Command (Zeus) Tinbum
CO Embrodak
UAV Operator Kaiser Chillhelm
Eagle 1 Pilot Hubix
Eagle 1 Co-Pilot Fubar
Eagle 2 Pilot j0nas
Eagle 2 Co-Pilot TPM
Alpha Leader VC_Wolffe
Alpha Fireteam Leader Libation
Alpha Demo-Man klausman
Alpha Rifleman (AT) Headhunter
Alpha Auto Rifleman Greyhound
Alpha Medic Sidorovich
Alpha Rifleman
Bravo Leader Slammin Sammy50
Bravo Fireteam Leader Haraldson
Bravo Demo-Man Liam Hobson
Bravo Rifleman (AT) Sergei
Bravo Auto Rifleman Exigo
Bravo Medic pbcrazy
Bravo Rifleman
Charlie Leader Straw
Charlie Fireteam Leader
Charlie Demo-Man
Charlie Rifleman (AT) Mr.Potato
Charlie Auto Rifleman Koji
Charlie Medic Dash
Charlie Rifleman
submitted by Tinbum89 to ProjectMilSim [link] [comments]

2018.01.01 12:56 NyteMyre [ARMA 3] - WOLFPACK: DAY 7: U12: REDUX - Wed. 3rd Jan. @ 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2018-01-03 20:00Arma 3 Wolfpack: Day 7 - U12


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


Happy new year! Let's continue with day 7 of Wolfpack next wednesday! This time it involves AI escort (oh god).
Important stuff if you play Wolfpack for the first time:
  • This campaign has NO RESPAWN. Dead is dead and you will enter spectator mode. (if we fail early, we might restart)
  • I edited the mission to use ACE Basic medical, same as PA.
  • Except for main objectives, every patrol and unit placement is completely randomized.
  • Most missions have time sensitive objectives.
  • There are 14 slots MAX!
  • There is no JIP, so please be on time on Teamspeak.
If you are curious, here is a Youtube playlist of other communities playing this campaign.


--> Complete mission briefing in PDF format <--

Summary A few hours ago we received news of Nikkos' capture by CSAT Intelligence Services. CSAT's interrogation reputation is legendary, and not in a good way. Nikkos knows too much about the upcoming campaign. We need to break him out before they fly him back to the CSAT capital where CSAT will break him and Nikkos will spill his guts about our involvement on Altis. Nikkos is currently being held in a secret prison codenamed 'U-12'. It is located in Thelos Bay on the east coast of Altis.
INTEL ON ENEMY FORCES We are under the impression that CSAT does not yet know that they have captured the leader of the resistance else they surely would have send a larger protection detail. That said, U-12 is very well protected with double walls, guard towers and patrols. The immediate region is predominantly civilian. We are not aware of other CSAT presence in the area.
Please note that due to bad weather, we haven't been able to secure up to date SatNav intel. All we have is a photo that was taken about a week ago.
NATO FORCES Three troops:
  • One command troop
  • Two assault troops (AT)
Secure and retrieve Nikkos Fotopoulos.
CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS You'll RV with Nikkos' men just east of Aktinarki. From there you'll head north towards U-12 where you'll retrieve Nikkos and escort him back to the RV safely.
TACTICAL MOVEMENT Movement plan, control points, BP's and routes will be briefed on-site by SSC.
WEAPONS/FIRE SUPPORT No support available. No visual monitoring possible.
TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS Insertion by Assault Boat ex Mike, approx 3 mikes east of RV Billy. You'll be using the same assault boats for exfil.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN
Wolf 1
Squadron commander ThePianoMeister
Recon Marksman (DLC) Wolfy
Squadron Paramedic SIDOROVICH
Special Reconnaissance (UAV) Oriskany
Wolf 2
Recon Troop Leader Mike Voyager
Assault Specialist NyteMyre
Assault Specialist Stacco
Assault Specialist Headhunter
Explosives Specialist BearDown
Wolf 3
Recon Troop Leader theonlelegion
Assault Specialist Kaiser Chillhelm
Assault Specialist Oriskana
Assault Specialist Nomad
AT Specialist Fubar
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2017.12.25 16:27 poudjik [ARMA 3] - Palmyra Offensive - THURSDAY 28th @ 20:00 UTC

Calendar Details:2017-12-28 20:00 Arma 3 Palmyra Offensive


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 20:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


Mission inspired by real events: wiki link
March 2017, Palmyra, Syria
The Insurgent State terrorists are dug in in the ancient ruins of Palmyra, an open museum located alongside a critical highway which would lead us to the Eastern Syrian Front.
Our unit of Russian Special Forces will spearhead the offensive to secure the historical ruins.
Air support and artillery is denied by our local allies in order to prevent further damage to the Palmyra structures, a UNESCO world heritage site.
AO Map
IS militants have fortified themselves in the area, and posess heavy equipment captured from our allies. Do expect armor, IED traps, suicide bombers...
Secure each of the Sites in Palmyra:
  • Hippodrome
  • Baths
  • Colliseum
  • Court
  • Palmyra Museum
  • AmphiTheatre


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha MG 
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN Gear
CO AK-105
ANYA Leader Wolfy AK-105
FT1 Leader Sidorovich AK-105
FT1 Grenadier AK-105 w GL
FT1 Rifleman AT Klausman AK-105 & RPG-26
FT1 Demo/EOD TannerDelta AK-105
FT2 Leader Headhunter AK-105
FT2 Grenadier Blackmane AK-105 w GL
FT2 Light MachineGunner Kaiser Chillhelm RPK
FT2 Anti-Tank Fubar AK-105 & RPG-7
FT2 Medic TPM AK-105
BORIS Leader AK-105
FT1 Leader Tinbum AK-105
FT1 Grenadier Pragmatist AK-105 w GL
FT1 Rifleman AT Poudjik AK-105 & RPG-26
FT1 Demo/EOD Paint AK-105
FT2 Leader j0nas AK-105
FT2 Grenadier BearDown AK-105 w GL
FT2 Light MachineGunner Patrik RPK
FT2 Anti-Tank Oriskany AK-105 & RPG-7
FT2 Medic Eyal3012 AK-105
CAPLYA Leader AK-105
FT1 Leader AK-105
FT1 Grenadier AK-105 w GL
FT1 Rifleman AT AK-105 & RPG-26
FT1 Demo/EOD AK-105
FT2 Leader AK-105
FT2 Grenadier AK-105 w GL
FT2 Light MachineGunner RPK
FT2 Anti-Tank AK-105 & RPG-7
FT2 Medic Stacco AK-105
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2017.12.21 15:59 JosephHumbertHumbert 2017 Year in Review: A look back at TSCC's year that was. Jan - Apr

It’s time again to pause, look back, reflect on TSCC's year that was, and remind ourselves how grateful we are as exmos that we don’t have to justify any of this behavior, let alone understand it. Like Mormonism itself, the following is a mix of fact, fiction, “speaking as a man” personal opinion, and creative liberties with the truth. And just like Mormonism, I don’t bother to tell you which is which.


In what has become an annual tradition, Pres. and Sis. Nelson kick off the new year with yet another controversial devotional. Calling herself "your Aunt Wendy”, Sis. Nelson delivered a sex talk that could not have been more cringeworthy had it been delivered by your actual Aunt Wendy. In your bedroom. On your honeymoon. In her talk, Aunt Wendy compared sex to tooting a flute, encouraged members to participate in threesomes with the Holy Ghost (“for true marital intimacy, the Holy Ghost needs to be involved”), threw celibate LGBT and never-married single members under the bus by linking sex with spiritual progression, and — in what many observers perceived as a subtle dig to Pres. Nelson's endowment — recommended the Holy Ghost as a marital aid for its "ability to increase, expand, enlarge . . . the natural passions". Though presumably a virgin for 56 years, with all this talk of voyeurism, threesomes, male enhancement, and flute tooting, it’s clear Dirty Wendy has abandoned the “Not Even Once Club” for the “All at Once Club”. But Wendy — a word of friendly advice. We get that you’re an eager neophyte to the world of sex but please take a lesson from the legion of exmos who suddenly discover the world of alcohol: you might want to ease up a bit, girl, especially when sucking down the longnecks. Or, in your case, the turtlenecks.
MormonLeaks posts a pay stub from Elder Eyring, proving once and for all that general authorities are paid positions. Despite multiple written and oral church statements saying there is “no paid ministry”, TBM apologists claim they’ve always known church leaders are paid, presumably because they’ve learned by now you can't take statements from prophets and apostles at face value. Online wars rage for days over the definition of “paid” and “clergy.” Once the dust settles it becomes clear the real winners here are Potterheads: while you still can't attend Hogwarts, it turns out you can land a good-paying job by professing your belief in magical objects, healing spells, disembodied forces of evil, and old men with mystical powers who dress in strange robes and hats.
Despite an online petition and at least one choir member resigning in protest, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at Donald Trump's inauguration. While Pres. Newsroom acknowledged there was some risk in having the choir perform, he said they were assured Trump's hands would remain on the inaugural Bible at all times to minimize the threat to the choir. For his part, Trump took to Twitter that evening to thank the choir for performing but noted his disappointment that the choir gals looked chunkier in their robes in person than they do on TV.
An exmo trademark dispute erupts when Mormonleaks.io trademarks the term “MormonLeaks” over the objection of the web site Mormonleaks.com. The dispute grows so heated that the godfather of leaks, Julian Assange, emerges from his secret bunker inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London offering to mediate the dispute in exchange for a “tabernacle-sized order" of funeral potatoes. When reached for comment on the dispute, Pres. Newsroom said that while he was no intellectual property expert, he had long assumed “Mormon leaks” was a generic term referring to the customary ward gossip following a member’s “confidential” confession to a bishop.
FairMormon apologists engage in a vicious round of self-loathing over their inexplicable failure to coin the phrase “alternative facts.”
The first presidency issues a letter stating the church will not be commemorating any of the upcoming anniversary dates from early church history. When asked for an explanation, Pres. Newsroom surprisingly blamed the IT department, saying that a glitch in the filtering software on Uchtdorf's computer unexpectedly allowed him brief access to the church essays on the first vision accounts and the Book of Abraham, after which the dismayed German immediately canceled all upcoming commemorations, muttering “We don’t commemorate Hansel and Gretel’s victory over the witch, either, now do we?"


Speaking of glitches, after years of warning members to watch for lies about the church on the internet, TSCC launches a faith-based online curriculum that is guaranteed to perpetuate lies about Joseph Smith, the first vision, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, polygamy, Brigham Young, and the church ban on priesthood and temple ordinances for black members. But to the church’s credit, it’s not like they didn’t warn us in advance that this was coming.
MormonLeaksTM reveals that Hitler has had his Mormon temple work performed for him and thanks to those saving ordinances could be hanging out in the celestial kingdom right now with other repentant murderers, such as Nephi. A combative Pres. Newsroom chastised exmos for making light of the situation, explaining that with Armageddon fast approaching the church couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recruit an experienced wartime general who takes entire countries the way Joseph Smith takes wives: quickly, coercively, and illegally, while threatening violent fiery destruction if rebuffed.
In a scorched-earth BYU devotional Elder Cook blasts alcohol, abortion, premarital sex, couples who don’t have enough children — which he strongly implied is three or more — and couples who wait too long to have children, by which he probably meant any longer than nine months after your wedding day. Cook also issued dire warnings of the coming demographic winter, where birth rates drop below the population replacement rate. Critics quickly pointed out Cook’s mixed message in denouncing alcohol and premarital sex while wringing his hands about underpopulation, noting that far more people owe their existence to booze and backseat sex than owe their existence to their parents kneeling together in knee-length droopy underwear petitioning God for fertile loins.
February ends as MormonLeaksTM once again shows the COB is leakier than a Jaredite barge when it leaks an internal powerpoint presented to the Q12 one month after the Nov. 2015 LGBT policy was itself leaked. A slide in the powerpoint identifies the top issues leading people away from the church, including disagreement with current policies, incredulity over church history, and false prophets. No word on the reaction to the slide from the twelve false prophets in the room who participated in the whitewashing of church history and unanimously approved the short-sighted policies causing members to leave.


A day after the Q12 powerpoint leak, TSCC files a DMCA takedown notice claiming copyright violation, while puzzlingly refusing to acknowledge the document originated from them. Pres. Newsroom downplayed the significance of the legal action, noting that the church routinely takes action against those who appropriate its intellectual property, adding that just last week the church filed a plagiarism lawsuit against the producers of I F%cked My Best Friend's Wife because the movie's plot was simply too similar to the Joseph Smith story to be coincidental.
Eyring and Holland host a worldwide Face2Face broadcast from the Smith family farmhouse in Palmyra, near the Sacred Grove, in an attempt to persuade church youth the first vision was real. Or maybe it was just Holland who hosted the broadcast. No, I think it was probably Holland and Eyring backed up by the full Mormon Tabernacle Choir. An angry John Dehlin might have been spotted protesting outside and some claimed he got into a physical altercation with one of the youth attendees but others said he wasn’t there at all. But regardless, none of the youth invited to attend the broadcast at the farmhouse went home and told their parents what it was like to participate in the live broadcast with an apostle (or maybe two!) because, hey, teens are busy and it’s easy for things like this to slip their mind.
Two weeks after receiving a DMCA takedown notice, MormonLeaksTM fires a letter off to the COB schooling the church on how they ought to handle the situation and then reposts the Q12 powerpoint in its entirety. In related news, MormonLeaksTM announces they have trademarked the term "Brass Balls".TM
The young men general presidency issues a statement urging young men to "consecrate" their electronic devices against viewing porn, thus changing the long-standing practice of young men viewing porn and then anointing their devices.
A missionary in Brazil becomes internet-famous when a security camera captures footage of him as he Chuck Norrises a would-be armed robber. The video quickly goes viral as millions of viewers are stunned to see a Mormon missionary for once providing a legitimate service to society.
In the midst of boycotting Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, TBMs express outrage when yet another media production company releases a family-oriented movie portraying a gay character. In March, the Mormon Channel showcases a Mormon family who behave in a surprisingly compassionate manner toward their gay apostate son. You know you've completely fubared your message when a family not doing shitty things to their son is noteworthy, yet simultaneously causes confusion in the ranks over the mixed message from Church HQ.
MormonLeaksTM posts details of the church's involvement in California's Prop 8, including an org chart listing General Authorities who directed the top-down effort, and a document of misleading talking points for members to use in their mandated self-organized, totally spontaneous street contacting. Stunned political observers were left with the daunting task of trying to determine whether the church told more lies during its Prop 8 campaign or told more lies afterward trying to distance itself from its Prop 8 campaign.


Speaking of confusing mixed messages, in the April Ensign Larry Lawrence — a man who is paid to preach the gospel — rails against Satan’s counterfeits such as priestcraft, which the Book of Mormon defines as preaching the gospel for money. Lawrence also denounces same-sex marriage as counterfeit, a term which he defines as meaning “worthless”, because obvs the church can’t make a buck off same-sex couples after kicking them out for getting married. Ironically, after denouncing Satan as the father of lies, Lawrence himself lies through omission by referring to "the Prophet's account” of the first vision in the singular rather than using the more honest plural "the Prophet's accounts" as a non-counterfeit author would have done. Not yet finished dispensing his counterfeit wisdom, Lawrence calls non-correlated historical information counterfeit because "almost all anti-Mormon literature is based on lies about the character of Joseph Smith." When reached for comment on the toxic article, Pres. Newsroom once again blamed the IT department, saying that yet another glitch in the filtering software allowed Lawrence access to the church essays, which he vehemently denounced as counterfeit essays based on lies about the character of Joseph Smith and then angrily penned his Ensign article in response.
In a bid to capture the Academy Award that inexplicably eluded Meet the Mormons, TSCC subtitles Monson’s talks at Conference hoping to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Though the Academy rejected the submission on the grounds that the Mormon penchant for liberally redefining common English words does not technically qualify as a foreign language, in TSCC-speak that means they are the odds-on favorite to win so TBMs remain hopeful for next year's awards ceremony.
The Salt Lake Tribune receives a coveted Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the BYU rape scandal and heavy-handed honor code enforcement for rape victims. In an angry rebuttal, Larry Lawrence denounced the Pulitzer as a counterfeit award to a counterfeit newspaper and announced the Deseret News had won the first-ever, non-counterfeit Lawritzer award for its hard-hitting coverage on how the Rome temple will immeasurably bless the lives of all twenty-six faithful members in Rome.
Part 2 coming tomorrow: May - Aug
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Linda Roberts - YouTube Pattaya After Midnight - Bars, Girls & Trouble!!! - YouTube YouTube Laphin - YouTube

Fubar.com Reviews - Legit or Scam?

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