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Scroll below to check who is Janice Dickinson dating now, Janice Dickinson's Boyfriend, previous dating records & relationship history.Learn details about who has she dated previously & Janice's Boyfriend name, marital status & Husband. Here are the details stats about her relationship, hookup, Marriage & Rumors. Janice Litman-Goralnik (née Hosenstein, previously Litman) is a recurring character of Friends. She was Chandler Bing's long-time on-off girlfriend. She is known for her obnoxious and nasally voice and her trademark cry of 'OH MY GOD!' She is portrayed by Maggie Wheeler. Janice is the girlfriend of Chandler Bing since before the start of season one. Chandler wants to break up with Janice but ... More about the Janice Dickinson and Jon Lovitz dating / relationship. More about the Janice Dickinson and Simon Fields dating / relationship. More about the Janice Dickinson and Tom Morello dating / relationship. More about the Janice Dickinson and Tommy Fry dating / relationship. More about the Janice Dickinson and Ron Levy dating / relationship. Janice Lee’s Boyfriend. Janice Lee is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Janice had at least 1 relationship in the past. Janice Lee has not been previously engaged. She got married in 2012. They have two sons named Shane Isaiah and Conner James. According to our records, she has no children. Who is Janice Lee dating? Janice Lee is currently single, according to our records.. The American YouTuber was born in Australia on September 9, 1986. One half of the music duo Jayesslee, she and her twin sister Sonia run a joint channel with over 2.1 million subscribers. Janice Dickinson is a member of the following lists: The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Actors from New York and Actors from Florida. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Janice Dickinson! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Welcome to Edating4Love.com (ED4L), your premier dating service online where you can find the perfect match without breaking the bank. We at ED4L strive to find you the perfect match and life time partner. No long questionnaires or high fees, we just get you to your match, quick and simple. Who is Janice Griffith dating? Janice Griffith is currently single, according to our records.. The American Person was born in New York on July 3, 1995. Adult film actress who first jumped into the industry after signing up on James Deen’s website. Janice Vidal’s Boyfriend. Janice Vidal is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Janice had at least 1 relationship in the past. Janice Vidal has not been previously engaged. She is originally from Hong Kong. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Janice keeps her personal and love life ... Janice Rule had encounters with Ralph Meeker (1956), Farley Granger (1955 - 1956) and Arthur M. Loew Jr. (1952).. About. American Actress Janice Rule was born Mary Janice Rule on 15th August, 1931 in Norwood, Ohio, USA and passed away on 17th Oct 2003 Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA aged 72. She is most remembered for 3 Women (1977).... Willie Hart. Her zodiac sign is L

I think my girlfriend has been trying to get my fired from all my jobs. I'm shaken. Please help me.

2020.09.20 10:39 GettingMeFired I think my girlfriend has been trying to get my fired from all my jobs. I'm shaken. Please help me.

I'm M24, and I've been with GF (F29), let's call her Janice, for 2 and a half years. I just finished my education when we started dating and I have been doing all sorts of jobs since. Sometimes two at a time. I did this to expand my resume and gather job experience.
I worked in cafés, bookstores, a library, a grocery store and as an English tutor. Most of those jobs lasted about 3 to 5 months. My shortest stay was 2 and a half weeks, my longest 8 months, but since I didn't have a hard time applying for new positions, I tried to block it out, though it was kind of eating me up internally.
People called to complain about me, people left bad reviews about me, people used my employee wifi access to look up sketchy things on the internet under my name, former 'employees' called to 'inform' them about me, right name and all, and much much more subtle stuff that I couldn't disprove. But I was too anxious to do anything about it. I just told my girlfriend, she comforted me, she supported me every time I got my life ruined by these people. But I kept going, though they kept finding me.
Fast forward to this week. I currently hold a part-time position at a bakery, I've been working there for two months and a half. It's going okay, but my manager approached me about something regarding our google reviews.
Someone was complaining about an employee, and their description of them could only really fit me. It was on a day where we're pretty short of staff, so I could've been the only person in the store on that day for all I know. Anyway, their review contained some pretty elaborate and nasty comments about me. This has happened on one or two of my jobs already.
I told my manager that it was all pretty bogus and that someone had a vendetta against me, as it has happened before. She believed me, and told me that she'll dismiss the comment. On my break, I checked out the review myself. Their username was kinda stupid, I'm not gonna type it out here since I still work there, but I'll just call them "Mick Myrtle" as it was in the same range of sounds-kinda-fake-but-not-really. Anyway, I come home but don't tell Janice about it. She has heard it all before, so I didn't see the point in complaining about another time I almost lost my position.
We chat, all is well, and she leaves the room. Her phone is on the table, and suddenly, she get's a notification or an email of some sort from google. I don't remember what it said exactly, but the popup read something along the lines of "Mick Myrtle: 'Manager' has responded to your Review!"
My heart dropped. I've been trying to ignore it since. this was two days ago. It just fit in the picture of bad reviews. It fit in the picture of the phoned complains my workplaces have received about me in the past. It fits in the picture of all the sketchy things I've been fired for.
Why would she do that, though? I'm looking for an explanation. This literally can't be. She's the only thing keeping me sane. I don't know what to do.
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2020.09.19 00:18 lonestarroad All these people need to be questioned, recruiters indicted, and those who knew charged

Les Wexner (Epstein's source of money)
Nicholas Davies (Robert Maxwell's Editor)
Ehud Barak(Former PM Israel)
Jean Luc Brenel (recruiter from France to Epstein and co owned Mc2 Modeling Agency)
Sergio Cordero (recruited prostitute/models from S. America and cocaine for Jean Luc)
Robert Meister (Introduced Epstein to Wexner)
Sara Junkerman (flew alone with JE to meet with US senators at Wexner's Foxcote estate in UK))
Celina Dubin (Original beneficiary of Epstein Trust)
Adam Koffler and Lisa Ann Heiden (share 2 addresses with GM)
Bella Klein (Accountant HBRK)
Michael Milken (Epstein assoc)
Shelly Lewis (Epstein girlfriend)
Sean Koo AKA Min Koo (Pilot)
Nadia Marcinko (recruiter and pilot)
Michelle Lynn Tatum and Sharon Healy (Shares 3 addresses w/Epstein)
Paula Heil Fisher (Epstein ex girlfriend)
Babi Christina Engelhardt (Epstein hired)
Lauren Kwitner (Legal Assist)
Karyna Shuliak (last GF)
Jennifer Kalin (JE forced her to marry Shuliak)
Mr Gita (real name Joseph Alvarez - Yoga guy friend of GM and recruiter)
Haley Robson (Recruiter)
Emmy Taylor (recruiter)
David Mullen (chef)
Florena Amored Rueda (worked for GM/Epstein)
Dana Lee Burns Perry (GM's right hand)
Sarah Lynelle Vickers AKA Sarah Kellen AKA Sara Bonk AKA Sara Kennsington (Recruiter)
Cimberly Ann Espinoza (RECRUITER)
Janusz J Banasiak(Property Manager)
Larry Vicoski (PILOT)
Larry E Morrison (PILOT)
Maren O and Lance Calloway(General Mgr and Chef of Island)
Lucianna Fontenella (71st. House Manager)
Oains Carla Oaida (Shows El Brillo address in FL)
David Richard Mullen (Chef)
Brent Timothy Tindall (Chef)
Deidre Stratton (HousekeepeRecruiter)
Mark C Tafoya(Chef)
Igor Zinoviev (Epstein bodyguard)
Juan Alessi (Houseman/GM driver)
Zenny (chef)
Adriana Ross, Leslie Groff (recruiters)
Babi Christina Englehardt (assistant?)
Ace Greenberg and James Cayne (hired him at Bear Stearns)
Steve Hoffenberg (business assoc)
Linda Wachner and David Rockefeller (supposed early clients)
Michael Stroll (Investor)
Bob Fitrakis (assisted with WexneEpstein finances)
Paula Heil Fisher (Previously dated Epstein)
Amanda Ellison (Co. secretary for Ghislaine Corp)
Cathy and Miles Alexander (Housekeepers)
Ivana Trump (in car w/GM when recruiting girls)
Donald and Melania Trump (Associate)
Bill Clinton (Associate)
Daniel Zwirn (Assoc. of JE/Dubin)
Janice Ahern (on Zorro inc docs)
Maritza Vasquez (bookkeeper for mC2)
Haley Robson (recruiter)
Mort Zuckerman (Owned Radar magazine w/JE)
David Grosot (consultant)
Jonathan Farkas (Business partner of JE in VI)
Roger Schank (possibly blackmailed by JE)
Erika Kellerhals (company secretary/treasurer)
Susan Hamblin (recruiter)
Svetlana Lana Pozhidaeva (recruiter)
R. Couri Hay (Epstein hired as publicist)
John and Jody Arnold (COUQ Foundation?)
Christina Galbraith (employee)
Cecile de Jongh (director)
Peter Mandleson (assoc)
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2020.09.18 13:00 JescoWhiteLightning XPWEW Friday Night Pyro (9-18-2020) results "Everybody Loves Janice"

Show: XPWEW Friday Night Pyro

Date: September 18th, 2020

Episode: 444

Channel: VICE TV @ 10PM EST

*Show Intro Theme Sequence*

Opening Segment < In ring: Death Machine Joe Gacy is standing in the dark with nothing but a spotlight on him and closely behind him you can make out that is his tag team partner Death Machine Audrey Carbine standing behind him with a mean stoic look on her face.

Gacy: "Leonard McGraw. You and I came to this company at the same time, on the same day. Since then, I watched you climb the ladder of success. 1776. Dragon Kid. to having two Lockdown victories over Garrett Thompson and Jacques Dudley. While I wasn't awarded those same opportunities.
Where do you get off? Unlimited opportunity. Where do you get off? Cutting me in the line, Well Leonard this world has always operated on a Food Chain ecosystem, And for far too long the chain in XPWEW ran through one man, and love it or hate it that man is now the Mid Card champion... (referencing Jake Awesome being the current International Champion)
and albeit Leonard, I don't like you. I actually hate you. But you aren't a phony like Golden Bryce and you aren't a tyrant like Jake Awesome.
You remind me of me..but we couldn't be any more different. You tap and I don't
- Gacy and Carbine go on to showcase multiple weapons for the Thumb Tack Match This Sunday at Anarchy Rules pay-per-view
- Thumb Tack 2x4 (Janice as known in TNA with Abyss)
- Thumb Tack board with glue
- Steel Chair with thumb tacks glued to front and back
- Metal Garbage Can filled with thumbtacks

- Leonard McGraw enters

- El Demonio enters and extends his hand for McGraw, McGraw just nods but rejects the offer

1 on 1
M1: Joe Gacy def. El Demonio (After the match Masato Tanaka comes down to enact revenge from last week's onslaught but Death Machine Audrey Carbine jumps on his back and Gacy gets the better of Tanaka, until McGraw comes out and helps Tanaka. McGraw attempts to pedigree Gacy on the commentary table, but Carbine whacks Leonard with a singapore cane, Gacy then hoists McGraw and backdrops him and McGraw lands haphazardly onto the floor flat on his back, a rough bump for the world champ it also looked like his leg caught the desk chair of Kaitlyn Khaos at the commentary desk along with a scampering Nick Simmonds and it's a rough scene for Gacy, Carbine, Tanaka and The World Heavyweight Champ (Leonard McGraw)
- Gacy and Carbine trudge up the ramp and Gacy shoves a handful of tacks in his mouth (Covid era...bro wilin' for that one)

- Doxy Deity and Tito Santana enters

M2: Doxy Deity w/ Tito Santana def. Ashley Vox <

- Garrett Thompson is on commentary
- Champagne Clausen enters doing boxing stances and practice strikes, looking very cocky, confident and extremely sure of himself
((Of course a contest like this is very much in the favor of Garrett))

1 on 1
M3: Champagne Clausen def. Ethan Bedlam in what becomes quite a shoot match, when Champagne makes Bedlam submit in under a minute with a rear naked choke, Garrett jumps in when Champagne doesn't release the hold, to which Garrett hits Champagne with a stiff elbow, walks off, but Champagne with a bloody nose, grabs the mic "Is that all you got?"
- Garrett storms back down the ring and nails Champagne with another stiff elbow to the face and that one Champagne doesn't answer but instead just crawls over to ringside for a towel over his busted nose and lip.
Has Champagne bit off more than he can chew when him and Garrett Thompson lock up This Sunday for a SHOOT MATCH, that is going to be a spectacle

Backstage: All Man gets cleared by his doctor to compete, then when he gets clearance he challenges Jordan Oliver for the juniorweight title. Jake Awesome, Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed, Chrissy Rivera & Kotto Brazil walk in to the office, All Woman stands up and stands ajacent from Jake Awesome
Jake: Oh doc, calm down I don't mean no trouble but The Set accepts your challenge, Jordan has been the XPWEW Juniorweight Champion 404 days.
You see Jordan isn't a "transitional" champion.
I mean hell I've been XPWEW International Champion for 118 days
- All Woman "Well how about Myron and Kotto? Did you even have the belts a month?
- Myron: "What you just say to me?"
- Kotto "You said what!"
- All Man: Nothing matters, what I say, nothing matters what the contract says, I'm gonna take your title on Sunday
- Jordan: "You should take 2 weeks off from the business and retire, You should be lucky you can walk - The Set exits the room

- 3M Ultra & M3 Quintillo enters
- Siaka Lexoni and Ruckus enter with Chrissy River and Kotto Brazil
(We see Simon Gotch, Aiden English and Mandy Leon watching the match from a monitor backstage)

M4: Siaka Lexoni & Ruckus def. 3M3

On the ramp: XPWEW Tag Team Champions Golden Bryce & Alveno La Flare enter and say they are stronger than ever as a team. Rock solid in fact!
Bryce looks over at Alveno who is unsure of himself

Bryce looks at Alveno "They are doing what they are good at! Manipulation! They are trying to get into your head! Alveno listen to me, we are family. I will never forget family
Alveno: I know Bryce, I know

- Kiera Hogan enters
- Tessa Blanchard enters

((before the contest can begin Lotus comes to the ramp and formally announces that she will cash in her Case Your Luck briefcase opportunity this Sunday at Anarchy Rules))
- Tessa gets in Lotus' face to which the match never begins but Tessa tries to exit from the locker room (Claiming she will not compete tonight on short notice of the challenge)
- Troy Clausen intervenes and warns Tessa that not competing will go against her win/loss record to which Tessa responds "I don't give a sh**"
Lotus now in the ring cuts a promo saying "Tessa has always been the center of attention her whole life and now look at her cutting a shine, acting like a privileged brat and this Sunday I'm gonna expose you for what everyone already knows you are. A brat.


- Myron Reed enters with Jake Awesome
- Romeo Roselli enters

Main Event
1 on 1
M5: Romeo Roselli defeats Myron Reed in an instant classic <>

Show ends with Nick Simmonds and Kaitlyn Khaos running down the card for this Sunday. Thank you for watching
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2020.09.17 15:46 NintendoSwitchMods 9.17.2020 Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September 2020

Please use this thread for all pre-event hype and speculation, as well as post-event thoughts reactions.

Watch & Discuss

This event has now ended.

Recap of announcements

he Monster Hunter series is hitting new heights – literally! – with MONSTER HUNTER RISE, a new entry in the storied series, headed to the Nintendo Switch system on March 26, 2021. In this new game, players will possess the ability to rise above the world, using special creatures to scale cliffs and vault high above the magnificent terrain around them. Capcom’s MONSTER HUNTER RISE, as well as several other incredible games from Nintendo’s development and publishing partners, were featured in the latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase video presentation, which can be viewed by visiting https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/09-17-2020/.
Another Monster Hunter game announced during the presentation, MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin, tasks players to become a Monster Rider and embark on an RPG adventure filled with popular monsters from the series. Both Monster Hunter games were featured in a follow-up Monster Hunter Direct, which can also be viewed by visiting https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/09-17-2020/.
In addition to the Monster Hunter reveals, a wide array of other Nintendo Switch games from development and publishing partners was detailed in the video presentation, including Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny, a new entry in the fan-favorite tactical RPG series; Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, a new way to be active on Nintendo Switch; and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, a sequel to the action-packed platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, which launches today!
“No matter the genre, Nintendo Switch owners will find a game they are looking for from our creative development and publishing partners,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “We appreciate the innovative experiences our partners continue delivering for Nintendo Switch, and are happy to share their latest games in these Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase videos.”
Some of the highlights revealed in the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase and the Monster Hunter spotlight video include:
  • MONSTER HUNTER RISE: This latest entry in the action-RPG series finds players battling fearsome monsters and reaching new heights. Prepare to be transported to the colorful Kamura Village, a new serene mountain locale where players will experience unique culture and innovative hunting technologies. Using a special insect called a Wirebug, hunters will be able to grapple themselves in any direction, making it possible to scale towering cliffs and structures. All combat areas within each quest are seamlessly connected, allowing for exploration of the vast and vertical landscapes with no loading times. MONSTER HUNTER RISE launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Additionally, a Deluxe Edition will also be available, which offers the full game and bonus DLC. Pre-ordering the base or Deluxe version will unlock bonus in-game items like layered armor and more. Players will be able to get even more in-game extras with Monster Hunter amiibo accessories. The three standalone amiibo accessories will be available exclusively at GameStop locations in the U.S. and EB Games in Canada. Visit Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch today for details about how to pre-order the game.
  • MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin: Currently in development, MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: Wings of Ruin puts players in the role of a Monster Rider who befriends iconic monsters from the Monster Hunter series as they embark on epic adventures together. More information about this story-based role-playing game coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021 will be revealed in the future. Ori
  • and the Will of the Wisps: The little spirit Ori is no stranger to peril, but when a fateful flight puts the owlet Ku in harm’s way, it will take more than bravery to bring a family back together, heal a broken land and discover Ori’s true destiny. From Moon Studios, the creators of the acclaimed action-platformer Ori and the Blind Forest, comes a new adventure in a vast, vibrant world filled with new friends and foes that come to life in stunning, hand-painted artwork. Set to a fully orchestrated original score, Ori and the Will of the Wisps continues the Moon Studios tradition of tightly crafted platforming action and deeply emotional storytelling. Ori and the Will of the Wisps launches for Nintendo Switch … today! Plus, the “Ori Collector’s Edition” is available for pre-order from iam8bit.
  • Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise: The sequel to Fitness Boxing has entered the ring! Grab the Joy-Con controllers, select the music and courses, and get to a variety of boxing exercises! Players can pick any one of nine instructors, each with their own distinctive personality, with three making their debut in the game: Karen, Janice and Hiro. As players continue exercising, their bond with the instructors will grow. Players can even customize their outfits, providing more variety to their workouts. Several features are included in this installment, including a two-player mode, an alarm function and the ability to remove certain boxing actions. Save data can even be carried over from the first Fitness Boxing game! Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise launches on Nintendo Switch on Dec. 4.
  • Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny: As a result of Super Reincarnation, the boastful zombie Zed gets stronger the more he dies! By reincarnating their way through a variety of worlds, players will face off against the strongest God of Destruction. Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny marks the first time the series uses 3D models, with vibrant characters full of personality and the return of the series' over-the-top battle system. Get ready for an experience that defies common sense, genre and destiny when Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021. But the Disgaea news doesn’t stop there: Beginning Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. PT until Sept. 29 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Nintendo Switch Online members* will be able to download and play the full version of Disgaea 5 Complete.
  • Hades: Defy the god of the dead in this Greek mythology-inspired dungeon crawler. Thousands of story events and ability combinations ensure a unique experience each time players hack and slash their way out of the Underworld, wielding the powers and mythical weapons of Olympus to aid in their escape. Hades launches for Nintendo Switch … today!
  • Empire of Sin: In this new strategy game, players enter the criminal underworld of Prohibition-era Chicago in the 1920s. It’s up to players to hustle, charm and intimidate their way to the top of the pile and do whatever it takes to stay there. Empire of Sin launches for Nintendo Switch on Dec. 1 and is available for pre-order staring today.
  • Sniper Elite 4: Across the largest and most diverse world ever seen in a Sniper Elite game, players can look forward to the series-defining ballistics, tense stealth and third-person action. Sniper Elite 4 launches for Nintendo Switch this holiday season.
  • PGA TOUR 2K21: The fairway is open in PGA TOUR 2K21! Play against the in-game pros on visually stunning real-life courses, hit the links with friends locally and online*, or run full seasons and tournaments with Online Societies. Design and share the ultimate golf course using tons of custom options with the Course Designer. The digital version of PGA TOUR 2K21 is now available in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch, with the physical version of the game launching on Sept. 25.
  • The Long Dark: In this exploration-survival game, players are on their own as they journey through a frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. A chilling narrative awaits players in the WINTERMUTE Story Mode, or they can choose to enjoy hours of permadeath gameplay in Survival Mode. Experience true survival on Nintendo Switch when The Long Dark launches … today!
  • BALAN WONDERWORLD: As Leo and Emma, players will don costumes to wield a variety of abilities. A costume with a gear ability, for example, lets players rotate gears to open doors or access new paths. There are more than 80 costumes to find, with the ability to carry up to three at once. Change between costumes to collect crystals and Statues scattered throughout stages. A two-player mode is also available! By combining costume abilities with friends, players may be able to reach new locations. BALAN WONDERWORLD will make its grand entrance on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.
  • Rune Factory 5: Build a new life amidst a grand adventure in this heartwarming RPG. As a young man or woman with no memories, players will get a fresh start in the rural town of Rigbarth as a peacekeeping ranger. In addition to protecting the town, players’ day-to-day lives will include harvesting crops, fishing in the river and participating in local festivals. They may even find a special someone to start dating, fall in love with … and get married to! A new battle system allows players to perform combo attacks with allies to take down monsters. Begin life anew in a fantasy world when Rune Factory 5 launches on Nintendo Switch in 2021.
Details about the next Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase will be revealed in the future.


What is a Partner Showcase?
A Partner Showcase is a pre-recorded video presentation showcasing upcoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch.
What is the difference between a Partner Showcase and a standard Nintendo Direct?
This presentation will ONLY include information about third-party games, unlike a traditional Nintendo Direct that would focus on first-party games and topics.
What if I can't watch live due to work/school/etc.?
You can join us in the comments below or our Discord chat linked above. We will also be posting a text recap and link to watch the replay in this post once the event has concluded.
If you want a spoiler-free experience or to watch the event later, we will edit this post to include a direct link to the VOD at the very top (once it's available). This will take you directly to the video so you don't accidentally see any trailers or video thumbnails if you visit the Nintendo YouTube page or Nintendo website. Just don't scroll down!
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2020.09.17 08:34 help-reporters Seeking Matchmaker

Name: Janice Robinson-Celeste
Media Outlet: Successful Parenting
Deadline: 2020-09-17
Query: I'm looking for a matchmaker to comment on the best matchmaking apps for single parents and tell me why in your pitch. Please send your website, bio, and headshot link.
Requirements: You must not be affiliated with any dating site.

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2020.09.16 22:44 coronoid Letter to You Guys: 9/16/2020

Hey everyone.
When I started writing the Letter to Sam series on here, it was in essence a coping mechanism for stuff that was going on in my life. Writing is my passion, and Gone Home reinvigorated it. But that's not the whole reason I started writing these.
The night I downloaded this game onto my Nintendo Switch, I played it late at night, for longer than I should have. I kinda dozed off, but was still playing when I came to. In a weird way, it felt as though I really went through the house on Arbor Hill. I felt as though I was really there, and when I was realizing this, I felt a surreal sense of shock. I felt as though I was back in my childhood, in a 90s-esque home, and that I grew up with Sam and Katie, as though they were cousins, and Terrence and Janice my uncle and aunt, respectively. You know those stories about people who fall into comas and dream up a completely different life? It felt like that. It felt like it was my home as well.
So in this immersion, I felt myself worrying about Sam and Lonnie. Though they weren't real, I was hoping for their safety and they were on my mind a lot, as were the Greenbriar family. I think another reason I feel so connected to this game was the licensed Super Nintendo cartridges Nintendo allowed in the Switch port, that added to the realism. I know this all sounds really silly, but it is rare that a game affects me in this way. So I set out to continue the story, even if it isn't canon, even if it's a fanfiction, a genre I seldom ever dive into.
I even put a lot into these posts. I check back into the calendar dates for 1996 to make sure I'm accurate to the day, as well as looking up what was popular at the time. I may have stumbled here and there, but I felt as immersed into the story as I did when I played it. I even tried to make a distinct difference between Katie and Sam, enough to tell that Katie isn't as much of a writer as Sam was. I wanted to flesh out what I wanted so much more of, and I hope I did a good job. I hope this sticks with people like it sticks with me and like the game stuck with me.
I know not many people read these posts within this subreddit, but the responses I do get is super helpful. It keeps me coming back here like I come back to that house every time I come across it on my Switch.
This brings me to the ending of this letter. When September 21st arrives, I'll post something quite different from the letter format. Like an actual narrative, like an actual traditional short story that I hope you all enjoy. I'm not sure if I'll end the story there or not, but if it does end here, then I feel this is ending on the right closure for me. It's about time.
Thanks a lot for reading these,
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2020.09.16 08:24 _UmbreonUmbreoff_ My unpopular opinions

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to downvote me for my unpopular and maybe controversial opinions.
What are your unpopular opinions?
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2020.09.15 11:13 HoyaSaxons Is Love Something You Create or Something Spontaneous

Three years ago, I met a guy (lets call him Greg). I had always been a skeptic about love, but what I experienced with Greg redefined my understanding of life. When I met him, I finally understood stories of men meeting their future spouses and instantly knowing that they were the one they would one day marry. I tell you, I knew I would marry this man one day, and I knew this as certainly as the sun would rise again tomorrow. The connection I felt with this man was so intense. Unfortunately, I was wholly blindsided when only two months into dating he confessed that he just didn't love me. This made no sense to me and didn't jive with everything I experienced in the previous two months. I fell apart. I tried to cut Greg out of my life completely and didn't speak to him for years. But alas, I never could forget him. I tried very hard to date other guys, but it was futile. I didn't compare guys to him thinking "this guy isn't as funny, tall, smart, etc... as Greg." Rather, whenever I dated a guy I would think "My heart found its home once, I know what home feels like, and this is definitely not home."
After years of not speaking and being unable to get over him, I decided something had to change. I read that if you can't get over someone, you should try to really get to know them so as to demystify them. So, I reconnected with Greg. By being reconnecting, either romance could blossom, or I would finally get over him once and for all. Today, I'm fairly good friends with Greg. While he knows I still harbor some feelings for him, I keep everything platonic. I don't ask him out, I don't make a move on him. I respect his "no" from years ago. The way I see it, if there is any possibility for love to spark between us, I at least need to be in his vicinity. My nearness is only about creating the opportunity for something to happen, but it's totally up to him to make the move.
Meanwhile, I keep dating and looking to move on. More and more, I'm feeling comfortable with moving on. I'm tired of investing in people who don't invest in me. I want to invest in those who invest in me. It's strange. I both feel ready to give up on him, while still feeling an intense love for him. It's like I love him, yet I recognize that no matter how much I love him, he may not be for me. I'm learning that "moving on" doesn't necessarily mean I will stop loving him.
Now, as I date and search for love, I feel challenged. I don't want to "settle" for someone. I don't think anyone deserves to be "settled for." I think if I enter into a relationship with someone, it should be because I value them above all others. I don't want the reason I'm with someone to be that Greg didn't love me, and who I'm with was the next best thing. I only want to be with someone if indeed I love them more than I love Greg.
Recently I started talking to a guy (lets call him James), and he very obviously likes me. And I actually like him too. But when I ask myself "would you prefer to be with James of Greg?" The answer in my heart is very obviously that I would rather be with Greg. Ultimately, the only reason I'm even entertaining a romance with James is because Greg isn't really a choice I'm able to make. James is my second choice.
But then I think of the other relationships in my life. Particularly, those I consider best friends. My best friend (lets call her Janice) is not anyone I would have chosen to be my best friend. Objectively, we're very different temperamentally. From the vantage point of 2007 (when we first became friends) there are many people I would have preferred to be my friend over her. However, she invested in a friendship with me, and I chose to invest in friendship with her. This led to many vulnerable and intimate moments where we became closer and closer. This led to many inside jokes, shared experiences and memories. By choosing to mutually show up for each other we slowly became best friends. As a result of 13 years of continuously showing up, sharing experiences and memories we understand each other deeper than anyone else. We count on each other. We have a bond that is stronger than any other friends. Though I never would have chosen her to be my friend in 2007, I would never trader her for any other potential friend today. This makes me think that we create the value in our relationships. Janice isn't my best friend because she was the most compatible or ideal candidate among potential friends... but because we continued to invest in the friendship.
Now, I wonder if the same thing isn't true of romantic love. James very much likes me and is enthusiastic about investing in a potential relationship with me. I like him fine enough, but if given the choice between him and Greg, I'd still prefer Greg. But I wonder if that even matters. Perhaps, by continuing to make the choice to show up and invest in a relationship with James, we can create the value in our relationship, such that one day I wouldn't dream of being with Greg over James.
Yet I get mixed messages from the world around me. On the one hand I am told that love is a decision you make, and requires diligence. On the other hand, I'm told that love shouldn't be forced. So which is it?
If indeed love isn't something to be forced, then I have to admit that I really don't much care for James. That while I think he's a great guy and handsome, I don't really feel for him. However, if love is really a decision you make, and is created by continuously showing up, then I have to admit that James has all the qualities I'm looking for and I should continue investing in that relationship as a means of creating the love I'm looking for between me and Jason.
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2020.09.15 10:15 throwaz126 AITA for paying for my stepsons college, but refusing to pay for my stepdaughters?

Throwaway account, because my account has my name in it.
I (46M) have a wife “Janice” (44F) and two stepchildren “Jonas” (25M) and “Lucy” (25F). Their biological dad died in a car crash before they were born and Janice has raised them as a single mother. I met Janice about 5 years ago and we have been married for almost 2 years now. I love her very much and we have an amazing relationship.
When me and Janice started dating, we took things really slow. She said she had bad luck with men in the past and wanted to be sure. I of course respected that. After a year of dating she introduced me to her children. Jonas was really exited to meet me, but Lucy wasn’t. She was mean to me and overall distant. She made some inappropriate comments like “why do you even bother, when you will eventually leave my mom” or “my mom is better off without you”. I tried to bond with her, but I never forced her to do anything. She is an adult and when she said she doesn’t want to talk to me I respected that. On the other hand, me and Jonas really bonded. We got to know each other, we talk really often and we play tennis together when we meet.
About 2 years ago me and Janice got married and she moved into my place. Her kids live in a bigger city which is about 2 hours drive away and they both go to college there. Both of them were visiting Janice every other weekend, but when she moved into my place Lucy stopped visiting (there is no issue with my place, it’s a nice big house with a garden, swimming pool and tennis court). Jonas still comes every other weekend, but Lucy comes like once in 4 months.
Last month both Jonas and Lucy finished college and got their degrees. They came to us and we celebrated. Me and Jonas were talking and I offered to pay off his student debt. I never had my own children and I have some savings so it’s not that big of a deal for me. When I spoke to Lucy she asked if I could pay for her college as well but I said I won’t. She got upset and Janice got mad at me as well. She said that I can’t pay for one child and not for the other and that it’s either both or none. I get that, but Lucy was never interested in having any kind of relationship with me and now she wants to get money out of me. Jonas was more than nice to me and I want to help him out. Am I the asshole here?
Edit : Edited a mistake
Edit2 : I didn’t offer to pay for his debt in front of both of them. I talked with him about it in private, but he was exited and told Lucy.
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2020.09.10 19:44 OoguroRyuuya5 P5 Scramble/Strikers English cast speculation

Whilst we wait for an announced English release date for P5S, I'd like to bring up possible English VAs that may work for the new characters that will debut:
What are your choices for English VAs for P5 Scramble/Strikers? Comment below.
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2020.09.08 01:36 IsaacNunuton I rewatched Friends and HIMYM. Here's every similarity I found interesting.

NGL, some of these might be stretches but I had a fun time coming up with this list.
Friends HIMYM
Ross and friends meet Rachel, who Ross falls for Ted and friends meet Robin, who Ted falls for
Ross cheats on Julie with Rachel, ends up losing both, but dates Rachel shortly after Ted cheats on Victoria with Robin, ends up losing both, but dates Robin shortly after
Ross rushes his relationship with Emily by proposing Ted rushes his relationship with Stella by proposing
Ross would’ve married Emily if it weren’t for Rachel ("take thee Rachel") Ted would’ve married Stella if it weren’t for Robin (bringing exes to a wedding)
Joey (womanizer) dates Rachel, Ross’s ex Barney (womanizer) dates Robin, Ted’s ex
Ross leaves the museum to become a professor Ted quits his career as an architect to become a professor
Ross dates his student, Elizabeth Ted dates his student, Cindy
Ross's ex, Carol, becomes a lesbian Ted's ex, Cindy, becomes a lesbian
No one knows what Chandler's job is No one knows what Barney's job is
Phoebe believes her dad is a random model in a picture frame but later finds out the truth and eventually meets her real dad Barney believes his dad is Bob Barker but accepts his mom is lying to him and eventually meets his real dad
Emily gives Ross an ultimatum between Rachel and the marriage Victoria gives Ted an ultimatum between Robin and the marriage
Phoebe is mistaken for a pornstar Ted is mistaken for a pornstar
Chandler and Monica love doubledating: Joey and Janice, who lived next door (didn't work out), Greg and Jenny (Scheduling problems) Marshall and Lily love doubledating: The couple next door (didn't work out), Robin and Barney (Marshall's "Are you free" scheduling song)
Ross meets Mona at a wedding, and they ultimately break up because of Rachel (though it's Ross's fault) Ted meets Victoria at a wedding, and they break up because of Robin (though it's Ted's fault)
Phoebe dates Roger, a psychiatrist who at one point explodes and points out the flaws of the group Robin dates Kevin, a therapist, who also explodes and points out the flaws of the group
Monica, a chef, makes most of the food while Chandler convinces the gang to try his cranberry sauce Lily, a great cook, makes most of the food while Marshall insists the gang "don't sleep on the gouda", the one thing he made
Phoebe has a fallout with her singing partner, but they reconcile Robin has a fallout with her co-star, but they reconcile
Chandler doesn't quit his job to do what he really wants Marshall doesn't quit GNB to become an environmental lawyer
Joey pulls the naked man on Monica HIMYM creates the "naked man"
Joey hates the date who takes his fries Barney hates the guy who took his curly fries
Chandler cannot take good pictures Marshall cannot take good pictures
Monica and Chandler hide their relationship from friends Robin and Barney hide their relationship from friends
Chandler kicks people out of their couch at Central Perk Ted kicks people out of their booth at MacLaren's
Joey officiates Chandler and Monica's wedding Barney officiates Marshall and Lily's wedding
Mike dumps Precious on her birthday Ted dumps Natalie (the same actress) on her birthday
Ross gets back with Rachel in the finale Ted gets back with Robin in the finale
Ross: "actually it's whom" Ted always correcting people
Chandler finds out he shares a toothbrush with Joey/the toilet Ted, Marshall, and Lily find out they share a toothbrush
"My best friend and my sister": Ross to Chandler and Monica, Joey to Chandler, Phoebe to Joey and Ursula, Rachel to Ross and Jill Ted to Barney,Barney to Ted
Ross's awful nickname for himself (Ross-a-tron) Ted's awful nickname for himself (Teddy Westside)
Chandler's on/off relationship with Janice, who his friends can't stand Ted's on/off relationship with Karen, who his friends can't stand
Eloping in Vegas Eloping in Atlantic City
Ross and Chandler are college roommates Ted and Marshall are college roommates
College flashback where Ross finds out Chandler kissed Rachel and mistook his own kiss with Rachel because it was with Monica College flashback where Ted mistook his kiss with Lily
Chandler kisses Kathy and feels guilty so he buys Joey all the furniture they lost > Joey finds out and eventually forgives him > Chandler and Kathy date Barney sleeps with Robin and feels guilty so he plans and pays for a Vegas trip > Ted already knows and eventually forgives him > Barney and Robin date
Would love to hear in the comments of more similarities.
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2020.09.06 02:57 BlackCatScribbles Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has been around for centuries, dating back to medieval China. It has become a common household item, sold in many different varieties to suit anyone’s fancy. Toilet paper is as harmless as any bath rug, or Kleenex, or any other ordinary household item.
That is, except for the toilet paper residing in Janice Mider’s apartment.
Janice knew the roll of toilet paper was out to get her, even when she pulled off a piece for use two weeks ago and found it glaring at her with unseen eyes. Ever since that encounter, that fleeting glance of hate, she had not used her bathroom, relying on her neighbor below her for help. While the neighbor didn’t understand her behavior, he did harbor a crush on her and relished the chance for any interaction at all.
Janice tried to maintain most of her toilet needs at her work, the local paper stocking company down the street. There they had nicely kept large bathrooms, able to occupy four people at a time for the girl’s and three persons in the guy’s. Sure, some of her coworkers thought she was somewhat excessive when Janice made sure to use to be the last one to use the facilities at the end of the day, but she was a hard worker and most people respected that.
Matt Rowding had other ideas. “Is your apartment working out for you?” he asked one Tuesday.
Janice was busy cataloguing the printer paper but flashed a smile anyway. “Yep. Everything is right as rain.”
He leaned against a ream of papers. “I just noticed you use the bathroom a lot at the end of the day, and was wondering if you were having a problem with your septic system.”
This time her smile was a little forced. “No, nothing like that. Did it ever occur to you I might have a small bladder?”
“No; then you’d be using the restroom all day.”
Janice motioned to her clipboard. “Well, I have to get back to work; thanks for the chat.”
Matt shrugged and ambled off.
She made a mental note to not use the restroom before she left work today.
An hour later she was regretting that decision. She really had to go. Unfortunately, her neighbor wouldn’t be home for another twenty minutes. Janice considered driving down the street to the nearest gas station but didn’t think her bladder would last that long. She really really had to go.
Her bathroom looked pristine, inviting. It had been four weeks now, and surely she had imagined the whole toilet paper vendetta. Just to be safe, she grabbed a new role of toilet paper from under the sink and hurried to the bathroom. Once she was safe and secure on the pot, Janice kicked the old roll toward the door and put the new one on the rack.
Her bladder emptied in a timely manner. She grabbed for the toilet paper, and marveled at the fact she hadn’t thought of this solution before. She flushed and pulled up her pants. Janice strode across the bathroom rug while attempting to put her hair in a ponytail.
Janice’s right foot stepped on the roll of toilet paper sitting in the doorway. She lost her balance and the back of her head slammed into the bathtub. She slumped to the floor, brain hemorrhaging.
And that was the end of the toilet paper war.
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2020.08.27 00:51 Sloth_World DISCOVERING HUMAN SEXUALITY

If anyone has a PDF of the textbook Discovering Human Sexuality
Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, and John Baldwin
Publication Date - March 2018
ISBN: 9781605356693
Please DM me! I need it for my class this fall.
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2020.08.24 15:53 maisiejoely1303 Unpopular opinion: Monica was the best friend.

I feel like Monica is not many people’s favorite, probably because she’s not as funny as the rest of them and some might find her annoying but when you think about it, she was technically the best one out of the friends. When you consider the bad things each one of them have done, she comes out looking the best. Like we all know Ross is whiny, kinda jealous and possessive, Rachel is kinda selfish, a bit spoiled and gossips a lot, Joey is kinda a jerk for not calling women back all the time, Phoebe can be a bit rude or harsh sometimes and even Chandler isn’t amazing when it comes to the things he’s done, like the way he treated Monica when she was overweight, or how he judged every women he went out with and dated Janice despite not liking her. But Monica hasn’t really done anything that terrible, not only when it comes to the 6 of them but also generally. Plus she was always a loyal friend, supportive, she let Rachel move in with her and helped her like SO much, she always cooked for her friends and didn’t mind them eating her food. She was organized, strong, honest and she never really did anything that bad to anyone. I understand why she’s not most people’s favorite, she isn’t my number 1 favorite either but I think when it comes to being a good person, she was the best one out of them.
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2020.08.23 22:29 50AlphaCygni Reforged in Fire: A Rimworld Drama. Chapter 1: Seriously Isolated Signals. (A story based on a random seed w/permadeath.)

Hey all. I just fired Rimworld up for the first time in ages. As I was reading up on the changes to the game since I last played, I discovered this subreddit. I was feeling creative, so I thought I'd use it as a sort of dynamic, procedurally generated writing prompt, and post the story here as I play/write it.
Game details: I'm a glutton for rogue-like punishment, so I set it to a random seed, with the difficulty on Randy Random, Strive to Survive. Permadeath is also on. I had 10 colonists but only six slots. I flipped a coin as to whether I got what I was given, or if I chose my own. I got to choose my own. The landing site, of course, was also random.
I'm presently on in-game day 4. I figure if I let the game stay 3-5 days ahead of the story, it'll be a bit easier to create reason behind the random madness.
So far it's been a dramatic, and at times hilarious, journey. I've never put much thought behind the whys of in-game events, or tried to tie them in together or make sense of them until this playthrough. It's really given Rimworld a whole new life of its own.
It's probably going to suck all the harder when someone (everyone) dies. I'm already attached to a few characters.

Chapter 1: Seriously Isolated Signals

From: Karine Hagstaff
To: Jackson Carbeck
Jackson, you need to check this out. The scan-net picked this databurst up about a week ago, from the Rho Hintarri cluster. Janice makes it around 200 light years away, depending on the exact star. She’s working on pinpointing the signal’s exact origin.
It seems to be a log from a ship’s crew that crash-landed on some backwoods planet. We’re talking serious isolation. These guys were screwed the second they made planetfall.
I couldn’t find any record of any of the crewmembers’ names, where they’re from, or of the freighter "Kilroy." The company that owned the ship might not even exist any more. A lot can happen in 200 years, you know?
This has got to be some sort of archive stream. No sig-id packets or anything. Just raw data. And the year has been encoded. We’re guessing someone is, or was, doing a data dump for transfer purposes. We just happen to be in the RXer’s shadow.
We’re keeping our ears on the target so we don’t miss anything. If it’s a full server dump, there might be some valuable data to follow. Or maybe some juicy coords mixed into the journal entries, themselves.
For now it’s just a soap opera. Nothing the bigheads would want to see so far, but it’s a fun read, like a pulp romance novel or something. The beginning is a bit jumbled, as it took a bit for the scan-net to squelch out all the stellar radio signature coming in with it. But the stream stabilizes just when things get interesting, about the time the crew ejects planetside.
I’ll send more after we’ve accumulated another big chunk of data. The TX frequency is super-low, so the data is just trickling in. This bit is almost a weeks’ worth. A week of our time, I mean.
Tell me if you see anything of use to us that I missed.
- Karine
Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail and any attachments are intended for the specific delivery to and use by HTI. Review and retransmission to any person or persons outside of HTI is strictly prohibited. If you received this message unofficially or in error, a reward may be offered for information on this message’s origin. Please visit the Hidden Treasures Industries datapod public access point for more information.
Attachment: rho-hintarri-databurst.xt4
Attachment Preview:

Salvage Item: #33682.001
Item Name: Rho Hintarri Datastream 120314
Date: Captured 3/12/3014 to 3/18/3014, with data still being received; please refer to main case file for more information
Recovery Location: The Rho Hintarri cluster; the exact whereabouts are being traced
Classification: pending
Item Notes: This transmission is still ongoing as of 3/20/3014. Right now we’re keeping an antenna on target to see if anything valuable comes out of it. Salvage coords, genealogical records, historical data. Anything anybody would pay for.
We’re letting DocuChive do its thing with the raw data, but we might want to do a manual scrub on it every now and then to see if there’s anything hidden between the lines.
Let’s intern this out. No need spending extra monetary resources combing data that will probably lead to nothing. - A. Barton


uldn’t be having problems if it weren’t for the slipshod electronics Martin insists on using for repairs. He’s got a quarter-billion-credit starship, but he won’t spend a thousand pips to get a proper disposal lock to vent the trash. What a joke.
He’ll care once the fruit flies start getting into his quarters.


John Whitehouse
DATE ID: 8922
God, why’d I let Minia convince me to get outta the LDE? I shoulda know better than to quit and jump aboard this cargo can. “Freighters need soldiers, too,” she said. She seemed to know what she was doing.
Now look at us. We haven’t seen a shot fired in six months. Six years, if you count the age-lag. Not even one barfight. Zil. Just a lot of watching and talking.
I think Minia loves it here. She can pretend to have a home, but not have one at the same time.
I can’t stand it. It’s boring. It’s stale. The people are stale. And it gets worse with time. It’s like being on duty for an unending war that’s never going to actually start. It’s like being on leave at Dee-Bar Prime. Permanently.
Hopefully she’ll tire of it soon. I dropped a few hints, but she pretended not to notice. I’ll give her two more planetfalls. Then I’m out of here, with or without her. I’ll join a flippin’ raider ship if I have to.
I stopped by the port-mall at Arkus spacestation yesterday during our refuel. I wanted to see if Jeston was still calling that place home, but there wasn’t even time to w


e sort of new stardrive system. The specs were total redline. I might h


ve Conway
DATE ID: 8950
Minia has been talking to me a lot lately. John Whitehouse’s Minia. She keeps having me come in and check out her toilet unit.
It keeps plugging. The water is clean every time. Is she doing it in purpose?
If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she’s flirting with me. Like in the vids. Waiting for me to make a move.
Does John know? I thought I saw him scowl at me once or twice in the corridor, so he might. God, I hope not.
Or maybe they want a threesome?
There’s no way. Not with me.
Lucas said he might need me to help in the medical bay on Thursdays. He’s going to talk to Captain Martin about having me supp


r an apple. That’s it.
Minia Sachy
Companion Passenger to Whitehouse, John
DATE ID: 9184
What was I thinking? This is horrible. It’s only been seven months, but it feels like five years. Like we haven’t been in cry-sleep this whole trip.
I can’t believe John likes this. He loves it. He hasn’t complained once. He’s gone soft, and I think it’s my fault. I dreamed up this adventure-domestic life, and talked him into it. I thought it’s what I wanted, but…
I’m about to stir something up just to wake him up. Pick a fight for him in the mess cabin. Or maybe with him, if I have to. If he gets mad and starts swinging at someone, maybe he’ll wake up and get us both out of this nightmare, and get us off scrapheap.
Would the Lucky Ladies take us back? I know it’s not right, but I sort of liked shooting at people for money. I mean, they were bad guys. Pirates, usually. I was actually good at it. Not as good as John, but I could hold my own.
And John looked so handsome in that uniform. Beautiful and powerful, like a lion. Like a king.
What if he doesn’t want to leave the Kilroy. What if I say something, and he gets mad, and he…
No. I’ll figure something out. Anything but that. Not on his terms, anyhow.
The damned bin-bot lost my laundry again. It was parked in a corner on F-deck. Steve said he ca


on, or the other end of it. Either way is fine by me. As long as I get my pay.
The newsfeed yesterday mentioned that Subaxis is devel


y the captain is going to allow her to stay. She’s dead weight. Eating food, drinking water, breathing air.
She will be here a while. Until she gets tired of living on the move. That’s how it is when the only single woman boards up on a freighter.
They either sleep with the whole crew over time, then disappear because they got no options, or they sleep with nobody, and disappear because they are weary of getting hit on.
This one’s already sleeping with someone, though. It’s why she’s here. She’ll likely get off at the first port after they break up.
Everybody breaks up on these things. Intersteller freight life is a life lived alone.
I wonder how much trouble I’d get in if I “accidentally” jettisoned Skippy and Boy out the airlock? I can’t serve either one of them a thing on Friday nights without them complaining about something. God, I hate kids.
The potato stores came in rotten. They weren’t flashed properly because the bloody food cryo system is on the fritz again. Martin won’t spend the proper money to get it fixed. Steve’s fixes only last a few months.
It’s gonna be a rough leg. It’s one thing to lose al


ation isn’t outlawed, last I checked.
Yuuma Conway
Paying Passenger
DATE ID: 9313
Steve’s going on about that girl again. He won’t shut up about her. I told him he’s delusional, that there’s no way a girl that attractive is interested in him.
He got raging mad. But it’s his own fault. I told him so. I said maybe he shouldn’t tell his father personal information if he didn’t want the feedback.
I had to remind him that I got to see it this go down before, a thousand times. Every romantic fantasy crash of his adolescence. And now, thirty years later, it’s just more of the same. He just doesn’t learn.
How did I raise such an idiot? He can be so bright, except when he’s not.
Jason Martin was harang


eding crazy! The likes of him! I’ve half a mind to whip his ass!
I was planning on hopping off this crate here in Lim-Trutana. Pick up some contract work. But not like this. Not with Minia moved in with him and everything.
She don’t even like the guy. She told me so herself, ages ago. And I wouldn’t even have t


open end had a mouse caught in it. A dead one.
Stijn needs to clean his mess hall more often.
Minia said John stopped by again. I swear, if I find out. I mean, why would she tell me that? We’ve been married six months now, and the guy is still hanging around like a bad smell. I told Minia I was going to get Captain Martin involved, but she didn’t want me to. She asked why I don’t just kick his ass?
John’s ass. Yeah. Has she seen him? The guy would squeeze my head off.
Minia Conway
Crew Status Pending Review
DATE ID: 9705
I think John is finally getting it. He hasn’t come back for nearly two weeks after this last fight. He thinks I married Steve just to spite him. I didn’t. I did it because he’s a nice guy.
Of course, I didn’t tell him that I originally dated Steve just to spite him. Or at least flirted with him. I just wanted John to remember what it’s like to burn again. He used to be a soldier. Now he’s hardly a man.
But John never responded. He just drew away when I started flirting with Steve. Knowing him, he was looking for a port to jump ship. And, well, life kinda happened. I never would have guessed it back then. Steve Conway. Of all people.
Turns out Steve’s a nice guy. I mean, he’s not thrilling like John. He doesn’t have that dangerous edge. But he can figure anything out, if the problem is complex enough. The simple stuff? I don’t know. I doubt Steve can even figure out which end of a pistol is which. He’d never be a memer of the LDE, even in the rear with the gear.
But he’s all about building a home. John never was.
Still, if I could meet a guy that had the best of both of them.
No way. He doesn’t exist.
Lucas Wakefield
Medical Crew
DATE ID: 9707
I swear, if Yuuma wakes me up in the middle of the night with his hypochondriatic bull again, I’m going to inject him with the plague the next time he’s in. Dead-serious.
I asked Steve to talk to him, and at least get him to wait until normal operating hours for anything short of a heart attack.
“I’m not my father’s keeper,” he cracked back. Then he had to tell me it was a reference to the bible, and that he didn’t believe the bible.
But I think he’ll have a chat with him.
Steve’s a strange one, but he’s a decent guy. I’m trying to get the company to sponsor him a proper education in the medical field. How the hell he wound up the janitor aboard the Kilroy is beyond me. He won’t tell me a thing about it, though.
All I know is that he knows his way around the human body better than I do. He doesn’t have the experience, but he’s a walking encyclopedia of anatomy.
The guy deserves a ship of his own to doctor.
The samples from Gezink popped out of the analyzer this morning. He’s clean on all marks. He told me that the sy


t off.
Engines are out, we’re suffering uncontrolled cabin depressurization, and we don’t have the faintest clue where we are. We can’t hail anybody on the radio, and local ship comms are down as well. I’m submitting this final entry before we launch the drop pods.
There’s no word from the other side of the ship, even after I initiated emergency oxygen preservation protocols. We have four of their lifeboats on this side. They’re likely drawing straws while we’re all loading, preparing for planetfall.
I’m ejecting the black box to the planet. Otherwise, in a few years, it will just burn up during re-entry with the rest of the craft.
I’m not a holy man, but I’m praying for the rest of the crew. Hopefully they figure out how to make it out of there.
Hell, I need to pray for us as well. We don’t have a clue what’s down there.


Chapter 2: Hot, Dark, and Barren All Over
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2020.08.23 19:20 SubjectSigma77 Greta took me to a haunted house

So this is an update on the Greta situation. You can find the first part of this here. I really gotta thank you guys that pushed me to go through with this. Last night was an amazing time! Freaky as hell, but also cool as hell. I have a good couple of hours before work to get this all down so hopefully I can do that before I go in. And sorry if any of this is poorly written or rushed, it’s cause I have a lot to say and it is rushed lol. I wanna update you guys as quick as possible and don’t wanna wait until after shift.
Anyway onto the good shit. I texted Greta back and forth before the trip, trying to get details. She wanted to keep it a secret until we actually went, but I think she could tell I was still nervous so she spilled the beans early. Let me start off by saying I’ve lived in a rural area in Wisconsin for about 4 years now. I knew there was a bunch of farmland around, but I never knew just how much until driving around a lot last year with my girlfriend at the time. I live right on the border to Illinois and not even an hour away from both Chicago and Milwaukee, so I always figured it was more of an urban area. The downtown part of my city suggests that too, but wow there really is a lot more fields and forests around than I thought.
Greta says she knows this abandoned farmhouse a little ways out. That’s not that uncommon. There was this old ass barn in the middle of a field right outside of my work that’d been sitting there for so long that one day it collapsed in on itself. I figure this could be a similar deal. I’d always wanted to scope out that barn before they finally cleared it out and I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the chance, but this was my shot to do something similar!
She said that she hadn’t been there in a few years, but the place is haunted by a poltergeist. Like things being thrown around, doors opening and slamming out of nowhere, stuff like that. She said it’s one of those places that’s filled with belongings of the family that lived there like they suddenly left one day abandoning everything. She looked through the place thoroughly before but didn’t wanna say much about it so I could explore it myself.
She told me that she was sure the entity itself wasn’t harmful. That it fed off of attention and fear, but it wasn’t the kind of thing that could follow us outside of the house. She said it isn’t very strong. I’m gonna be honest, even with what happened in July, I was still kind of skeptical. Like when she talks about stuff like that it still feels almost… I’m not trying to sound mean but it sounds dumb. But she’s always so sure of herself and I’m way more open minded since I’ve seen that door in the woods. And now after last night, the things she says are sounding less and less weird to me.
Yesterday she came and picked me up at around 4pm so we still had a lot of daytime and a chance to grab dinner and snacks for later. We didn’t wanna go too early cause yeah it’s spooky, but there really is only so much to do in an abandoned house and we didn’t want to spend both all day and night there. The ride was almost an hour so I spent it interrogating her about things. Now I wanted to know more about her and what she did. I’ve always ignored her whenever she’d bring up the supernatural, and now I wish I paid more attention or encouraged her to talk more.
I asked her things like what’s the craziest or scariest thing she’d seen? But she said she didn’t want to scare me off this early. She’d tell me more after this trip and let me decide if I wanted to go any further with this. I figured that was fair, so I asked how long she’s been doing this. She told me she’s always stumbled on weird shit due to her abnormally strong 6th sense ever since she was incredibly small. She said the earliest thing she could remember was being around 4 or 5 and staying at a hotel in Virginia for some reason. She and her parents stayed there for a weekend, and she’d talk to the spirit of a nice old man at night. Looking back, she’s not sure if it really was a ghost, because most spirits aren’t actually human, but she liked to think it was just a kind old man and nothing more.
But she never started actively seeking paranormal activity until she was around 13. Her parents divorced around that time. Her dad moved to Colorado and she had a lot of tension with her mom. She has always been aware of different energies, but until then she was always afraid to follow them. She was so lost during that time and figured maybe she could find purpose among the stranger parts of the world. In a way she did, and she’s been following her senses ever since. She’s been studying mythologies and reading other people’s experiences trying to find explanations for some of the shit she’s seen and felt. She thinks that there's a lot of truth in many cultures, but none have the full picture and many have different perspectives on the same things. Like how so many cultures have so many different versions of what we’d call a vampire.
I jokingly asked her if vampires were real and she gave me the most serious look. She wouldn’t elaborate further. She’s been really secretive about the specifics, still worried that I’d wanna back out before this first night. I figured my questions should probably stray from the dangers of all this for now and decided to focus on something else.
Somebody on my last post suggested I ask her about my aura since Greta could read energies, so I did just that and questioned her if anything about mine drew her to me. She told me one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard from somebody and I think it’s the kind of thing that’ll stick with me forever. She said that the night we met was a hard one for her, and I radiated with so much warmth and healing energy that just standing by me helped calm her. That’s why she’s been so adamant about wanting me to tag along with her and why she was being so paranoid about me wanting to back out. She’s been doing this kind of thing alone for a long time, and she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity of having somebody like me by her side for it.
When she told me that, any idea of backing down, even after our trip, was dashed away. I was in it no matter how this went. And thankfully, it went well anyway.
We spent the rest of the drive talking about more mundane and personal stuff, nothing that’d be as interesting to you guys as the psychic and spooky shit, but it was a very pleasant drive.
It was getting close to 6 by the time we got there so we had 2ish hours of daylight to kill. The road we took was nearly barren almost the entire trip, only like two other cars passed by us and all I fuckin saw were fields the whole time. Greta turned down a small gravel road that cut through the fields and we ended up at the farmhouse. It was nearly exactly what I pictured in my head. A decently sized two story abode, with a fenced off area in front of it where animals would’ve roamed and a barn nearby. The place didn’t even look all that run down. Definitely not like the barn that was outside my work. I almost thought we pulled into somebody’s house if it weren’t for the lack of animals, part of the fence being missing, no lights being on, and two of the windows being busted out.
Once we were actually there, I felt a pit in my gut grow. I was fine on the ride, more excited than anything. But seeing the building itself, knowing something was inside and seeing just how far in the middle of nowhere we were grounded me for a moment. I checked my phone and realized I had absolutely zero signal either. Greta must’ve noticed me freeze up, because I felt her hand on my shoulder and she promised if it was too much, we could sleep in the car. I pointed out how small her car was and just just said we’d make it work.
We grabbed the stuff we brought for the night out of the back seat and went to step inside. I don’t wanna say I got cold feet or anything, because I wasn’t gonna back down from this, but I did stop on the porch as she swung the door open and stepped inside. I just stared at the entrance, my heart racing. It seemed so dark and gloomy inside, but Greta’s face peeked back out, brightening the view.
She wanted to know if I was okay, and I thought about one of the comments I got in my last post, suggesting I bring stuff like salt and holy water. Things that’d protect us from spirits and the like. I asked if she’d brought anything like that, and she said her trunk is filled with all sorts of protective materials along with survival supplies, but she didn’t think we’d be needing it. She said we could bring some of it in if it made me feel better, but I shook my head. I trusted her now. If she says it’s safe, I believe her. I knew I was just fretting and anxious. But it does make me more comfortable about taking these trips with her knowing she has gear for it.
The inside of this place was wild. It was like a time capsule. The furniture and decorations around made me think of my great grandma’s house. I expected there to be signs of squatting or urban exploration. I thought it’d be a mess in there. But it wasn’t that bad. It was dusty and moldy, sure, like you could see the dust floating in the air when we turned on our flashlights later, and I could spot patches of black mold in some of the corners. I’m sure breathing the air in there was horrible for us, but for the most part, it was pretty tidy.
The front door led straight into the living room, which was attached right to the kitchen. The only thing that separated the two was a counter, which was filled with old appliances, untouched for years. There was even a line of bowls and a pot of something. I couldn’t tell really what it once was, but the inside practically had its own ecosystem. In the living room, there was a tiny ass TV with antennas that made it look like it was ripped out of the 70s. Though it was knocked screen first on the floor and looked broken. The walls were lined with art and photographs. I paid particular attention to the photos. They were all small, with faded color. So I knew the place wasn’t “black and white” old. But the pictures were clearly from a different era. From them I got an idea of who used to live here. It was a family of four, a mom, a dad and two daughters. The latest I could find, the eldest daughter looked like she was in her late teens while the younger one looked maybe 11 or 12. The parents looked like they had an age gap too, the man looked to be maybe in his 50s while the woman looked mid 30s at most. But they were farmers too, and I know working outside all day wasn’t the best on the skin, so maybe the guy looked older than he was.
We set all our stuff in the living room and Greta encouraged me to explore. She promised she’d be right next to me the whole time. So I did. The back of the living room led to a hallway that split to a set of stairs. I followed the hallway first, seeing it led to three rooms. One was a bathroom that didn’t have much special going on. One was a bedroom with a queen sized bed and looked to belong to the parents. And the last was actually a baby’s room complete with a crib and toys scattered around. That struck me as odd because I didn’t see any pictures with the whole family and a baby.
I scoped out the baby room first because it seemed the most interesting to me. It looked like a little boys room mainly because there were wooden cars lined up across the floor and a tipped over box of wooden building blocks. I’d think a girls room back in the day would be filled with more dolls and pink. There were a few stuffed animals around though that looked kinda moldy. There was a shelf attached to the wall by the crib that was decorated with models and a dinosaur, but what unsettled me was this toy clown that sat on the end. It was so faded, you could barely make out the painted on grin, and that made it even more creepy.
The freakiest detail about the house was that there was a baby doll in the crib. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw it because I thought it was an actual baby for a second. Greta said it was weird cause it wasn’t there last time she was here. When she saw my reaction she laughed and said she was just fucking with me. It’s been there since she found this place. It was still creepy af though.
The parents’ room was much less interesting, aside from a few small items that gave me a little insight to the people that used to live here. What made the room worth mentioning though was a picture that was knocked off the wall and the frame that held it into place was shattered. I picked it up, seeing it was a family picture with the mother, father, and two daughters again. Still missing a baby boy. The picture was halfway out of the frame so I could see part of the back. When I flipped it over, I saw the family’s last name along with the date December 31st 1978. I won’t say the family’s name just cause I think at least the daughters would probably still be around and I’ll be name dropping first names later.
The second thing was the biggest discovery of the whole house. A box under the bed that was filled with dozens of envelopes all to and from the same place. An address in Illinois. Greta was grinning when I found it. Obviously she’d known about it, and she was waiting for me to discover it. We talked for a minute and agreed that once I was done looking through the place, we’d sit outside in the remaining daylight and read the letters.
Next was the upstairs, which only had two rooms. The stairs on the way up felt unstable as hell and some of them creaked so loud I thought they’d break under my weight. It made me really uneasy but we still went upstairs. There was another hallway that split into only two rooms, which must’ve been the two daughter’s rooms. One was painted a dull pink and filled to the brim with dolls and scattered clothes. The dolls freaked me out and I didn’t spend too much time there. I swear one of them moved ever so slightly when I tried to look away from it, but I couldn’t tell if it was just my paranoia. The second daughter’s room was slightly more spartan. The wallpaper was this loud ass pink flowery deal and there were faded posters of stuff I couldn’t recognize. Except for one. There was a Pink Floyd poster that I thought was pretty cool. There was a desk with a mirror and a dusty old record player with a record still in it and a nightstand next to the bed with an old radio. I joked that if either of those randomly turned on and started playing some creepy shit I’m going home.
The whole time I was searching the house, I felt almost bad. Like I was trespassing and invading someone's privacy. I think because the house was so well preserved, it really felt like I was just rummaging through somebody’s things even though nobody had lived there for decades.
I also felt like I was being watched. Like I was being intensely judged. I thought I could see things in the corner of my vision. Not shapes as much as movement, but again it could’ve just been paranoia. I kept hearing light footsteps outside whichever room I happened to be in too. Like somebody was pacing just outside in the hallway. I asked Greta if she noticed it too and she said yeah, but it wasn’t anything to worry about. It was just curious about us. That phrasing really didn’t help me feel less afraid.
We were walking out with the box of envelopes when I noticed an opened one and an unfolded piece of paper set on the kitchen table. Greta grabbed it for me and we went out on the porch.
It was getting to be late evening at this point, the sky was lit up bright red and I’d hoped we’d have enough time to read the letters before it got dark. Especially once I saw how faded the writing had become over the years.
I started by reading the opened one on the counter and it gave me a taste of what to expect. I don’t remember what it said exactly, but it was addressed to somebody named Becky from a woman named Sarah. As I read through the letters I figured out Becky was the mother in all the pictures and Sarah was her sister.
The opened note was from Sarah to Becky, and was consoling her saying that if Tom became too much, she and the kids would be able to stay at her place for a while. My guess of what happened is that Becky saw the note and took Sarah up on that offer, never coming back.
The rest of the letters painted a better picture for me. Most were mundane and were just average letters between sisters. And seemed pretty spaced out time wise. They mentioned calls they’d make with each other so I knew they talked on the phone along with the letters, so I think there’s details I’m missing because of that. Greta hinted to where in the letters to start looking.
This is our theory on what happened between the details we could gather from the old, worn writing. I’m not sure if this is even that accurate, but Greta and I discussed and theorized a lot and this is what I think happened. Tom and Becky were a couple that’d been together for around 23 years and had two daughters, Janice and Sandra. Sometime in 79 Tom had gotten terminally ill and was bed ridden for the better part of a year. Becky vented to Sarah in the letters, talking about how difficult it was to deal with both him and the kids.
I dunno when exactly or how she met him, but Becky ended up involved with another man named Richard. She seemed pretty conflicted about it and Sarah seemed to support the idea of Richard, claiming that Becky was “just preparing for the reality of Tom’s death,” which to me sounds shitty as hell.
I think the eldest daughter, Janice, started getting suspicious of her mother, but wasn’t giving Becky much hassle yet. There seemed to be some tension though from what Becky said. Right before Tom finally kicked the bucket, Becky ended up pregnant with Richard’s kid, which turns out was gonna be a boy. Tom died around the time she started showing signs, thankfully he never realized what was going on. Janice noticed though, and her mother’s pregnancy proved Becky’s affair to her, and Janice flew off the handlebars. Causing a lot of stress to Becky before finally running away.
Again, I’m not sure the circumstances or what the hell changed, but suddenly in the letters Janice was back, but was still furious at her mom. The entire time Sandra, the younger sister, still wasn’t sure what was going on but was very distressed by the death of her father and sudden conflict in her family.
All the while there’s this growing thing in the background. It starts off by mentioning weird things here and there going on around the house and is hardly mentioned in the earlier letters. But by the end, the incidents were almost the entirety of the messages. Like hardcore poltergeist shenanigans and vivid, fucked up nightmares.
It was really sad because the whole time, Becky talks about how the biggest light in her life is the hope of this child she had on the way. The thought of her son is the only thing really holding her together. Through several of the letters, she talks about how she was buying toys and decorating his room and it sounded like a therapeutic experience for her. I have no idea what happened to Richard, he’s not even mentioned past the point where Janice came back, which makes me think even more that there’s a huge chunk of story we’re missing there.
There’s this growing sense of despair and paranoia through the entire read that finally explodes with the worst news ever. Becky had a miscarriage. It was honestly hard to tell what happened at first. I think Becky dropped the news to Sarah either in a call or in person, because she never straight up says it in the messages. All the letters from this point really go off the deep end, becoming the ramblings of a deeply distraught mother.
She became convinced that whatever was haunting her was actually Tom and he killed her baby out of revenge for the affair. Dude, those final few letters really broke my heart. They were so hard to read. I’m not sure what was going on with the daughters because they’re never brought up after that point either.
That’s where the letters ended off and I still feel so much like I’m left hanging. I really want to know what happened to that broken family. I’m pretty sure they ended up moving in with Sarah and left everything of their old life behind. But did they find peace after that? I know this all happened decades ago, but man I want closure. I know the family’s name so maybe I’ll look them up later. Hopefully I can get something, but that’ll have to wait until after shift.
By the time we were done, it was dark, and thankfully the flashlights were sufficient enough to finish off our reading. We went back inside and spent a good amount of the night theorizing and trying to piece everything together. Of course, Greta had already read the letters a long time ago and had her own ideas of what happened, but she really wanted to hear what I thought of it. My interpretation of it was nearly spot on with her initial thoughts and we talked about it more, growing our own theory on it.
One thing we’re not positive of is the identity of the entity that haunts the place. Greta isn’t completely convinced that it’s Tom like Becky thought. She says she thinks it’s something that was drawn by all the negativity that festered in the place during that time. But at the same time, whatever it is is tied to this house, which only happens if a spirit was attached to something there. It doesn’t even need to be something physical like an object, but to memories. So it could also be Tom or else it would’ve left by now. But there could be so much negative emotion still lingering after decades for it to feed on. The fact that the place is like a shrine or a reminder to that family and all the trauma they’d gone through could suggest that.
The entity itself though, I could tell was pissed that we were talking about all this. The thing went into haunting overdrive. The entire time the house was alive with sounds and crashes, and it made it really hard to focus on our conversation. Anytime something would happen though, Greta told me to ignore it and that it can’t actually hurt us.
There were loud stomps that came from upstairs, like somebody was sprinting up and down the hallway up there. Doors to other rooms opened and slammed. We heard a loud ass crash in the kitchen that we went to check out and we found a single fucking boot sitting dead center of the floor. It definitely wasn’t there before and we never found its twin. At one point the stomping sound came from the downstairs hallway right towards the living room where we were staying and I thought for sure something would come rushing in, but it stopped just outside the doorway.
I forgot to mention there was a door that led to a basement in the kitchen, which I refused to go down the entire time. And there kept being a knocking that came from it. We both had to pee a few times through the night and I really didn’t want to be left alone so we would always come with each other. We used the bathroom there even though it didn’t have running water. We just didn’t look when we went and I think Greta just hovered over the toilet when she went cause there’s no way she was letting her ass touch that seat. One of the times we were in there though, the door slammed shut and scared the shit outta me and even made Greta jump.
While we chilled in the living room, I kept looking into the hallway behind us, cause I thought I could maaaybe see a figure peeking out of the darkness watching us, but you know when it’s so dark things are like staticy? That might’ve been a mixture of me seeing shapes in the static and my own panicking brain trying to see things. So I’m not as sure about that one.
She’d brought a laptop with some movies downloaded for us to watch, but not even 20 minutes into Ratatouille, it died. We had no way to charge it and Greta was annoyed. Mostly at herself because she says spirits drain electronics and she didn’t know why she didn’t expect that to happen.
While we were watching that, I felt something breathing on my neck and was too scared to look behind me, so I told her and looked back and told me it was okay, there was nothing there. I know I’ve been really emphasizing how utterly terrified I’ve been with everything, but honestly Greta really has a way with calming me down. She makes me feel protected and cared for, and she seems so knowledgeable and sure of herself that I can’t help but trust her.
When we actually went to bed, she kept close. Her sleeping bag was pressed against mine, letting me know she was there. Between all the sounds and crashes, I didn’t think there’d be any hope of getting any sleep, but I think she felt me shaking and she put her arm around me and suddenly everything felt okay. Like she could handle whatever was there with us and if she says I was safe, then I was safe.
I did fall asleep, and I expected to have nightmares, but instead I had no dreams. Which in itself is really weird because I have vivid, long dreams every single night. But not last night. Not that I’m complaining. I’d rather have nothing instead of ghost fueled nightmares.
We did get woken up very early by the sound of the bowls on the counter crashing against the kitchen floor and shattering. My phone was dead, but Greta’s was barely holding on thanks to a mobile charger that was also almost drained, and she saw it was almost 5am. We decided to wrap it up and leave at that point. We were both groggy and more grumpy than scared at that point. Greta mentioned that something similar happened one time she was here, and the broken TV woke her up by nearly falling on her head. She put everything we moved back where we found it, including the letters and the one on the table, saying it was bad luck to disturb haunted ground unless you put everything back where it was meant to be. Which is a bummer because I wanted to keep the letters and maybe the record player, but she was very very adamant that you absolutely do not take anything from a haunted place. That’s inviting something to follow you home, and even though this thing isn’t strong enough to follow us on it’s own, it could still attach itself to something we remove from its space.
Leaving that horrible place was a massive relief. The joy of being on the road again and seeing that house in the rear-view almost overshadowed my exhaustion, but I gotta admit that I relished the experience. It was heartbreaking and absolutely terrifying, but I’m glad I did it. I’m happy I got to experience it with Greta. She confessed on the ride back that the reason she chose that place as our first adventure together was because, unlike a lot of places, there’s evidence of a story there. There were pieces of a mystery we could put together, and she knew it was pretty safe for the two of us.
She asked me what I thought and I told her what I said in that last paragraph. She asked if I wanted to do more with her and I told her that I had already decided I would before we even arrived at that house. She was so overjoyed, gushing about how there’s so many places she wants me to see and how excited she was to have somebody join her. It put a smile on my face seeing her so happy. I’m glad I could do that for her.
I got home a little after 6 and I’ve been typing ever since. I’m cutting it super close to when I have to go to work actually, but I really wanted to share this while it’s still so fresh on my mind. Not only just for anybody reading this, but for myself as well. I wanna keep this written down so I can always remember how this was and how I feel. I haven’t even had a chance to shower, which actually kinda sucks cause I know I need to after spending the night in a place like that, but I’m too tired and excited to really care. Again, I’m sorry if any of this has sounded off, I spent the past what like 6...ish hours non stop typing after barely sleeping last night lol. Thanks to anyone that made it this far. I hope you found my experience as enjoyable as I have <3
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2020.08.14 22:50 Sal_Bonpensiero Am I the only one who likes Season 2 least of all?

I know to most this is blasphemy but hear me out.
Season 1 outside of the Pilot was a really cerebral, well written show. It was groundbreaking for 1999, almost as much as Twin Peaks was for 89-90. It was very deeply layered Television that wasn’t really like anything else.
Season 2 comes along and while it expands on the universe of Season 1 and has some great episodes, I feel like the only original element in Season 2 is the Pussy storyline.
The main arc of the Season is basically a repeat of Season 1, with Janice and Richie taking the place of Junior and Livia.
The Davey storyline is probably the best of the Season. And you do have a lot of great moments and scenes. But I feel like it works best as a collection of great episodes and scenes rather than as a Season. There’s some real clunker episodes, too.
Livia herself is criminally underused since the actress was sickly. Junior hasn’t yet quite become the voice of reason and second Consigliere that he becomes later. Bobby Bacala is a figure of fun.
I just feel like Season 2 is the most dated of all the Seasons and plays it safe in some ways, while throwing curveballs in others. But it’s nowhere near the “everything but the kitchen sink” maturity of S3 or the tight, snappy writing of Season 1.
submitted by Sal_Bonpensiero to SopranosImmemorial [link] [comments]

2020.08.12 22:06 takeitordont Ending my rewatch

(I’m gonna say things that might literally upset you)
I’ve just finished my 2nd rewatch and I must say that the ending (for me) presented no tension about Tony’s death at all. My reading is widely different than what I ever read online. To give an example of how much it is different, in my reading Silvio is a traitor. He killed Burt Gervasi at the beginning of The Blue Comet because Gervasi was approached by Silvio about switching sides and refused. That’s why Silvio only mentions it to Tony after it’s done.
Same thing with ... Bobby Baccala. You thought Janice was gonna let slide the fight the two guys had? No way, it was life and death, dog eat dog. Just like Uncle Pat says in the Finale about her being after Junior’s money, that’s a proof that she just can’t be trusted. She had 2 lovers that she tried to use against Tony, and the third too. Bobby’s whole thing about "not hearing it before it happens", it wasn’t about the gun shot, it was about the plotting.
Starting already in Chasing it, Tony decides to test all his most trusted men. He starts with Paulie for reasons, and Paulie passes the test. He does it with Hesh, and Hesh doesn’t. Hesh panics and fears Tony. As he himself says, "once cornered, they turn into animals"... but truth is, Paulie was ready to die and Hesh wasn’t.
This theme is echoed later through AJ’s English class in the Second Coming, where he reads that the "best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity." But I’ll come back to the second coming proper.
So what Tony does is that he sets up his men. He already has been warn that NY is moving on him, and he knows some of his guys are traitors. So he arranges to have "two zips" come from Italy, and with the help of Paulie he line them up, just like in a train, with Paulie at the middle to know if the problem came earlier or after. He lets Silvio with Bobby (despite Bobby being supposed to take the lead) so he can verify about him too.
The result came inconclusive: the hit is a big failure and actually Phil was hiding from even earlier, confirming Tony’s suspicions.
The way Silvio mentions it matters a lot, because he chooses to use Paulie as the scapegoat: "he messed up but he says he did nothing"... Now Tony knows the truth, and Silvio was in.
To be honest, there’s actually a long history of Silvio undermining and threatening Tony’s power. As early as season 3 Silvio and Tony are at odds and joust on multiple levels. In the season 4 first episode, Silvio openly proclaim his status by boosting materials from the construction site against Tony’s order, and then disrespecting him at his house (bringing a light envelope he presents like he knew that Tony couldn’t refuse). Tony says to him that "he knows he’s gonna pay", and indeed in the season 6 first episode (iirc) Tony reiterates his policy. He says that he doesn’t care if people don’t like him, but that it "will be dealt with in time".
Even Christopher was feeding informations to New York. The accident, coming back from A meeting? He has a hat but also he anxiously up the volume of his radio at a moment where Phil is discussed personally. Chris was anxious that Tony remembers his own words that would put him at odds against NY. And let’s be honest, Chris was a long time rat for New York. He already concerted with Johnny Sac in the episode where Baccala Senior is discussed (I won’t beak in...).
So, yeah... That theme of Tony being all along, circled by shark is not something new for Tony either. The pep talk he gives his capos, "where’s the fucking money", was filmed in that very bleak chromatography because Tony realized back then in what snakepit he truly was.
The ending scene itself, I give it a much more familial theme that people usually do. For me Tony is not at odds for his life (but maybe jail). There is indeed a rat, and in my opinion it’s Carmela. Mink pretends he doesn’t know but he actually does, which is why he stares at a CCTV of two strippers (Adriana also had her issues because of CCTV), and Carmela finally open her eyes. She saw in particular Tony being beyond despicable in his son’s therapy and she decided to act. Tony and Mink eating, and Tony taking the ketchup bottle to slap it himself is also telling, in my opinion. She’s the source of the indictments.
It also resonates with an old theory of mine from season 1, where Livia was a rat in order to save Tony. She conspired with Junior officially, but she otherwise dated Green Grove’s director and fed through him infos to the feds. And let’s face it, no one could wire her room without her knowledge.
So there you go, you have a summary of my understanding of the show, which is (I didn’t lie) widely different from what people focus about. I let out AJ and the "second coming" thing, it will be better in a post on its own.
I didn’t go into much detail on anything but I can. I ponder each of those subjects individually and I know I could make a very strong case for each. I don’t exactly plan to do that though, because I doubt my theories will be welcomed by many people as is already... I hope you keep it somewhere in your mind for your next rewatch though!
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2020.08.11 20:42 Alpha_E_69 Still game season 7 episode 1 script

SHOOTING SCRIPT DATED 27/06/16 BBC SCOTLAND STILL GAME EPISODE 1 - "GADGETS" Written by FORD KIERNAN AND GREG HEMPHILL THE SENDING OF THIS SCRIPT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER THIS SCRIPT REMAINS CONFIDENTIAL AND THE PROPERTY OF THE BBC 1 INT JACK’S FLAT. LIVING ROOM. MORNING 1 (0930) 1 (JACK, VICTOR) Jack is putting down a couple of rolls and sausage. Jack looks at his watch. There is a knock at the door. JACK: Clock work. Victor enters. VICTOR: Top of the morning, Jack boy. Wee bit nippy out there. JACK: Morning Victor. Victor observes the spread. Rolls, Teas, Penguins. He sits and opens the paper. Jack looks at Victor expectantly. JACK: (CONT’D) Eh...What’s happenin’? Victor munches on his roll and sausage. VICTOR: Gies a chance, Jack, I’ve no read it yet. JACK: No, the other paper. Ma paper to read. VICTOR: I just got the one. JACK: No, that’s no how it works. One of us does the rolls, the teas and the Penguins and the other one jumps down and gets the two papers. We read them then we swap. VICTOR: Ach aye. I just got the one. The headlines were the same. Plus the price is went up. So one’ll dae us. I’ll read this, then gie it to you. CONTINUED: Victor begins to read the paper. VICTOR: (CONT’D) Jeez-o. That’s a surprise. Ooft. Didnae see that comin’. “More on pages 6 and 7. He’s no deid, is he? Jeez that’s young! JACK: So let me get this right. You sit there and get all the news first hand I’ve to sit here with nae news. In the dark. Like a daftie. Out the loop. A caveman. A cromagnon! VICTOR: Put the telly on! Aah, of course, they didnae have tv back in Cromagnon times. Make a fire or whatever it is you people dae. Jack sighs. Victor gives in. VICTOR: (CONT’D) Are ye wanting the paper? JACK: Naw. Just Gimme that wee magazine that they always stick in the middle. Victor pulls out the “Futuroo” catalogue. VICTOR: (Affecting Caveman voice) MAGAZINE. GIFT. LOOK PICTURES. JACK: I will fashion a spear and stick it up your arse. (Same caveman voice) EYES MAKE WATER. Victor throws it to Jack. JACK: (CONT’D) I love these. Full of clever, handy stuff ye cannae get in the shops. There’s yer key ring calculator. VICTOR: What de ye need that for? (CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: JACK: That would dae a janitor. “How many daft keys have I got here? Oh haud on I’ve got a wee calculator here.” (Reading) Thermal cup. “Keep yer cuppa piping hot!” VICTOR: I don’t see the benefit of that. JACK: Well, Ye make a cup of tea, you go for a biscuit, slip, faw, snap yer leg, up the hospital, 4 hours on a gurney, ignored! Up the road a again, greeting wi’ the pain, gasping for a cup of tea, Oh hello! Roasting hot cup of tea just the way you left it! Perfect! VICTOR: That is a handy thing. Bad fracture. Nice cup of tea. JACK: Look at this! It’s a big magnifying glass ye clip onto the newspaper, turns awe the print big. VICTOR: That would be good. If ye had a newspaper tae read. Jack looks up from his catalogue. Victor raises his paper up and returns to reading. JACK: Hmph. (Jack chuckles) Look at this. VICTOR: What is it? JACK: It’s the shite you get as well. The Eggmaster 3000. This is aimed at wankers. What it does is, you stick two eggs in it the night before.. VICTOR: Uh-huh. CONTINUED: JACK: ...and it boils them for you before you wake up! VICTOR: Haha! JACK: And if you order it before the end of the month you get the Toastie soldier companion! VICTOR: (Laughing) Eggmaster 3000!!! Gies a look at it. JACK: You can read it when I’m done wi’ it. JACK: (CONT’D) Eggmaster 3000 What kind of windae licker would part with his money for that? HARD CUT TO: 2 INT. WINSTON’S FLAT. LIVING ROOM/FRONT DOOR DAY 1 (1000) 2 (WINSTON, CHRIS THE POSTIE) Winston is on the phone. He is holding a Futuroo catalogue open. WINSTON: Yes. The Eggmaster 3000 please. Winston licks his thumb and rubs a mark off his window. WINSTON: (CONT’D) And am I still eligible for the Toastie soldier companion? You dancing bear. That’s great, thanking you. Would I like expedited delivery? What does Expedited mean? Quicker. Aye gies that, Hen. Cheerio now. Winston’s doorbell goes. WINSTON: (CONT’D) What a service! He goes to the front door and opens it. Chris the Postie stands before him. CHRIS: Registered letter. Winston signs the electric box. Chris looks at it disparagingly. CHRIS: (CONT’D) Is that yer signature, aye? WINSTON: Yes. Exactly the same as it always is. (Points to his signature) Yingimnyingyem. Winston slams the door in his face and opens his letter. He returns to his living room and lays it out on the table.
2 CONTINUED: 2 WINSTON: (CONT’D) Oh dear. Well that’s a surprise. Better run round the place with the hoover. 3 INT NAVID’S DAY 1 (1030) 3 (NAVID, ISA, WINSTON) Isa dusting cans. Navid emerges from the beads. He watches Isa from behind. Her bum is wiggling away while she is dusting. NAVID: You know, Isa, I never give you anything. Beat. Isa turns and looks at Navid. A hint of romance on her face. ISA: How de ye mean? Navid pulls a mop from behind the counter. ISA: (CONT’D) A mop? NAVID: No just any mop, Isa. He turns the mop to reveal the legend emblazoned on it: NAVID: (CONT’D) Got you something out the Futuroo catalogue. The Floor Hear-o! ISA: Ooh, Navid, I’m no needing that, I like ma string mop. Navid lifts the mop. It has three measly strings left. NAVID: C’mon. That mop looks like it’s had chemo. And anyway. The Floor Hear-o has Bluetooth. ISA: Bluetooth? It’s normally Detol I use. Navid pulls out headphones. 3 CONTINUED: 3 NAVID: Dear oh dear. (Patronizing) Bluetooth gives you wireless music, Isa. ISA: Wireless? NAVID: Nae Wires. Wire free! Do you no know nothing? ISA: But if I want music, Navid, there’s a perfectly good transistor there! NAVID: That’s for me to listen to my quality music. This is for you to listen to your shite. It makes your mopping a whole lot simpler cause the music makes the chore pass much quicker. Winston enters and begins shopping. Navid puts the headphones on Isa. Her face lights up. Isa sidles off, mopping and shaking her behind to the music. ISA: It’s got a lovely fast action! HELLO WINSTON! NAVID GOT ME THESE! AS A PRESENT! Winston recoils in fright. He heads to the counter. Navid smiles at Winston and leans in. NAVID: It’s actually a present for all of us. WINSTON: Eh? Winston’s face lights up. He turns to Isa. WINSTON: (CONT’D) Aah, earmuffs for a nosy cow! Isa just smiles. (CONTINUED) 3 CONTINUED: 3 WINSTON: (CONT’D) JACK AND VICTOR HAVE WENT AFF THEIR HEIDS AND THEY’VE JUMPED OFF THE HIGH FLATS. Isa smiles, not hearing a thing. WINSTON/NAVID: He he he. Navid and Winston share a knowing laugh. Navid has played a blinder. ISA: When’s your house guest coming? WINSTON: What? Isa ghosts over. She takes her headphones off. She cooly scans Winston’s basket. ISA: Well, big tin of soup instead of small tin, Full loaf, when you normally take a wee one, a dozen eggs, not six. And the quilted toilet roll. You usually buy the cheap stuff that yer fingers go through... You’ve got a house guest visiting. I’m asking when? NAVID: Scary. Winston is raging. WINSTON: See you, Isa? You should grow a moustache, well, a thicker moustache. Get it waxed up at the ends and get a job mopping on the Orient Express ya nosy bastard ye! Winston heads to the door, beaten again. Isa goes back to her mopping. Winston exits. ISA: Right, that’s me away! NAVID: Okey dokey. 3 CONTINUED: 3 Navid quickly inspects the floor. NAVID: (CONT’D) Haud on! You’ve missed a big bit there! ISA: Aye. I tried moppin there but the music wouldnae go on my Wi-Fi. It’s a cold spot they call that. Cheeryby! 4 INT CLANSMAN DAY 1 (1115) 4 (TAM, BOABBY, ERIC, JACK, VICTOR, WALTER, WINSTON) Tam is thumbing through the Futuroo catalogue. TAM: Spider Catcher. 19.99? Not a chance. Batter it with a slipper. 20 quid saved. What’s this noo? An Ionic Shoe Freshener. 49.99! Bollocks. Shoes aff, stinking. Lidl’s “Ssst. Ssst.” Thruppence worth of a squirt, Cotton fresh. Boabby takes Tam’s magazine. He looks at it with disgust. BOABBY: Aimed at pensioners! “That’ll make my meaningless life easier. This might keep me out the grave for another 15 minutes!” Look at this. An Electric Bunnet. “Outsmart Jack Frost this winter with the Hot Cap. Shite. ERIC: No shite, Boabby. It’s Toasty. It came the day. Magic. Eric takes his hat off and demonstrates. ERIC: (CONT’D) Yer wee PP3 battery goes in there. Awe the lining in there is like a mini electric blanket. Eric switches it on. Everybody stares at him. ERIC: (CONT’D) Wait! There ye go. It’s kickin in noo! BOABBY: Very good. You wanting a pint or what? ERIC: Aye. I’ll a take a pint of cider. Lots of ice!, Boabby.
Eric takes his jacket off. ERIC: (CONT’D) I’m roasting! I’m sweatin’ like Pavarotti’s pallbearers. Jack and Victor enter. BOABBY: Look who it is! Chas and Dave! JACK: That’s right and you put the Cock in Cockney. Two pints, prick! A man comes in at the back of them. He looks similar to Winston in shape, face and same coloured clothes. VICTOR: And get a pint for Winston. BOABBY: That’s no Winston. Jack and Victor turn round. BOTH: Walter! WALTER: Hey, long time to see! TAM: Must be what, WALTER: Lemme think noo...15 year! JACK: Have you seen Winston yet? WALTER: No. Thought I’d jump in for a quick pint first before I go over to see WINSTON! Winston walks in. WINSTON: What are you like? In here entertaining the troops before you visit yer brother! (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: Winston limps over. WALTER: A drink for ma brother! In fact get one fur everybody! WALTER: (CONT’D) What happened to your leg? WINSTON: Lost it. Fags. WALTER: Oh dear. Winston grabs Walter’s right hand. WINSTON: Anyway, how ye doin’? Winston shakes his arm. It extends by about a foot and a half. Something is badly wrong. WINSTON: (CONT’D) What happened to your arm? WALTER: Lost it. Rigs. Winston looks round. Everyone is stifling a laugh. WALTER: (CONT’D) Got a big payday oot it! WINSTON: That’s good. So where have you been? WALTER: Where have I no been? I was on the Heimdal gas field. Transferred and got moved to Oselvar. Oil. That awe travels via the Northpipe tae- The boys are enthralled. Walter hears snoring. We cut to see Eric is asleep. WALTER: (CONT’D) Stop me if I’m boring ye! TAM: No, no, you’re no boring him it’s the battery bunnet. Tam taps Eric on the head. TAM: (CONT’D) Eric, wake up ya auld tit! Tam lifts the hat off Eric’s head. He reacts to the hat being scorching! Eric’s head is bright red. TAM: (CONT’D) Bloody hell! It’s roasting! Tam juggles the hat like a hot potato. Smoke comes off it. He throws it on the bar counter. It bursts into flames. Everyone reacts! ALL: Haaawwwwww! Eric wakes up. Boabby lifts the soda gun and douses it. It hisses out. The danger is over. ERIC: No ma good bunnet! That cost me an arm and a leg! Everyone reacts to Eric’s faux pas. ALL: Haaaaaaaaw! Winston and Walter laugh.
5 INT JACK AND VICTOR’S LANDING. MORNING 2 (1000) 5 (JACK, VICTOR, ISA, CHRIS THE POSTIE) Jack emerges from his flat. Isa stands before him, at her door. ISA: Morning, Jack. JACK: (Taken aback) Morning, Isa. After a few beats, Victor emerges from his flat. VICTOR: Jack. Isa. JACK: Victor. ISA: Victor. Morning. VICTOR: Morning to you too. A few more dry beats. We cut back and forth between their smiling, waiting expressions. Eventually, the lift pings open. Chris the Postie emerges. He gets a fright at the three of them standing there. CHRIS: What’s this? Have I got off the lift at a zombie movie? Dawn of the Decrepit? JACK: Very funny. You got something for us? CHRIS: I do as it happens. I’ve got something for all of ye. Chris hands out three parcels, one to each. Victor’s is small, Isa’s is medium sized, Jack’s is large. 5 5 All three recognise the Futuroo wrapping paper on each parcel and nod knowingly to one another. ALL: Aaaaahhhh. ISA: All different sizes. A wee innovation fur each of us. Tae make life that wee bit easier. Whose gonnie kick things aff. VICTOR: Allow me. He opens his box and presents a stone. JACK: A stone. VICTOR: At first glance. Observe! Victor takes out his house keys and puts them inside the stone. ISA: What’s the good of that? VICTOR: If I come in one night, after an evening in the Clansman and discover I’ve lost my keys because I’m pished or what have you, then I’ve got a set right here. Disguised as a common or garden pebble. JACK: Which wouldnae look oot a place in the garden but this is a landing. VICTOR: Eh? Oh aye. JACK: A robber would see that and say “Oooh, there’s one of they plastic Futuroo hide yer key pebbles.” That’ll save me kicking the door in. (CONTINUED) 5 CONTINUED: 5 Victor puts it down by his front door. VICTOR: Shut up. It looks good there. Like a rockery. JACK: Like yer starting a rockery. A one rock rockery. A shitey rockery. ISA: Ye should get doon the garden centre and get mair rocks roon aboot it. Isa opens her parcel. It is a wee brown plastic dog. She switches it on and puts it down on the door mat. She flashes a wee handset device. She goes into her house and shuts the door. ISA: (CONT’D) Watch. Jack and Victor look at each other. ISA: (OOV) (CONT’D) CHAP MA DOOR! Jack and Victor knock. The dog speaks, we hear Isa’s voice: DOG: Who is it, please? JACK: You know who it is. DOG: For the purposes of demonstration please state your name. VICTOR: Victor McDade and Jack Jarvis. JACK: Esquire. ISA: I’m sorry I can’t come to the door right now as I’m making Cock-ALeekie soup. So bugger off.
5 CONTINUED: 5 BOTH: Good/That’s a handy thing, that. DOG: Right. Come in and show me what you got, Jack. Jack. Jack? Victor? Jack and Victor are gone. HARD CUT TO: 6 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM. DAY 2 (1030) 6 (JACK, VICTOR) Jack and Victor stand in front of a fancy, white electronic “Bath Tidy” which sits across the bath full of gadgets. Radio, reading stand, soap dispenser etc. Two plastic white lights Packed with shite. VICTOR: Woaf. That is the bollocks. The business. The daddy of them all. What the hell is it? JACK: What’s your bath time routine? VICTOR: I don’t take a bath. Routinely. Too much hassle. I dae my ablutions with ma shower head. JACK: Ablutions? VICTOR: Aye, Ye know, Roon the houses. Oxters, arsehole, clacker bag. JACK: Thank you, Victor. I’ve now got that in Panavision. But I know what you’re saying. I’m the same. I just use the shower. To men of oor age, a bath is a pain in the arse. But with the Techno Tub. No-sir-ee. Soap dispenser, dish there, thermometer there, beer holder, book stand, lights and the piece to resistance, Jack switches on a dial. We hear an old tune. JACK: (CONT’D) Bath time’s a pleasure. And I’ll be having one tonight. VICTOR: Nice. Much was it? 6 CONTINUED: 6 JACK: 34.99. VICTOR: Aye. That’s better than a dummy stone right enough. Once ye’ve used that tonight, I’ll take a shot of it and have a good steep masel.. JACK: Naw. The Techno Tub’s a personal thing. That’s like taking a lain of a man’s sponge. Away and fondle yer stone. Victor leaves. 7 EXT STREET DAY 2 (1400) 7 (TAM, ERIC, WALTER, WINSTON, JACK) Tam and Eric stand with Walter and Winston. Walter is finishing a funny story. WALTER: (Jerks a thumb to Winston) Two of us are steaming and he turns roon and says “Naw, you haud it’s heid! I’ll put the wellies on it!” Tam and Eric lose it. They are all laughing. Jack approaches. He carries Soap and a new sponge. JACK: What huv I missed, what’s awe the laughing aboot? ERIC: Ma ribs are sore. TAM: It’s Walter here, you could be a stand-up comedian, son! Or youse could be a double act. But you’d huv to go the straight man, Winston. Everyone laughs. ERIC: Or the clown that comes oot before the main event! JACK: Aye cause he’s it and you’re shit! That could be yer double act name! “Ladies and Gentlemen, a big hand,” nae offence, Walter, “for IT AND SHIT!” WINSTON: Thanks, fur that, Jack. JACK: Sorry. 7 CONTINUED: 7 WALTER: Right, where are we gaun, the bookies? Let’s flash some cash! WINSTON: Naw, naw. Stevie the bookie’s a wrong ‘un. WALTER: How? WINSTON: Long story. Everyone smiles and looks at their shoes. WINSTON: (CONT’D) Right. I had an accumulator come up. 35 grand. Stevie does a runner. Then he comes back, Shaves his heid baldy and claims to be his brother. I stay in his toilet awe night and bust him, so he pays me, but I cannae stay oot the place and I start losing it. I’m down to my last few quid then bingo I get it awe back. Stick it in ma leg which flew out the windae and a ned ran away with all ma lolly. (To Jack) Ye remember awe that? JACK: Vaguely. WINSTON: How about the Greyhounds? Where’s Victor? JACK: Up the garden centre buying bloody pebbles. WINSTON: What fur? JACK: He’s a crackpot. WINSTON: You want tae come wi’ us? Jack waves his new sponge and bar of soap. (CONTINUED)
7 CONTINUED: 7 JACK: Naw. I’m going up the road tae have a bath. I’ve no had a bath for two year! Everybody steps back from Jack. JACK: (CONT’D) I’ve had showers and that. Naw, youse enjoy yourselves. 8 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM. NIGHT 2 (1800) 8 (JACK) Jack has got his big tartan robe on. He is watching his bath fill up. He presses on the lights then turns the overhead light off to see the water sparkling. He turns on the radio and hums along with the tune. JACK: Ooh, look at you, filling up lovely. Jack decants a tin of beer into a pint tumbler and places it in the glass holder on the bath tidy. He checks the temp on the bath tidy. JACK: (CONT’D) Temperature’s just tickety-boo. Book stand. Jack pulls from his robe a giant grave stone slab of Dairy Milk and puts it on the book stand. JACK: (CONT’D) I’ll be getting intae you, shortly and I don’t know when I’ll be getting out! We see the robe falling to the floor to Jack’s feet and the sound of him entering the bath. 9 INT JACK AND VICTOR’S LANDING. NEXT MORNING 3 (0930) 9 (JACK V/O, VICTOR, ISA) Victor emerges with a pack of Digestives. The floor space outside his door is now covered with pebbles. He steps over them stumbling and trying to get his balance. VICTOR: 16 quid for this pile of shit. He eventually navigates them and arrives and knocks Jack’s door. Nothing. He knocks it again. JACK: (OOV) (Muffled) Victor! Victor cocks his ear. What was that? JACK: (CONT’D) Victor! Victor opens the letter box. VICTOR: Jack? JACK: Help! VICTOR: Huv ye fell!? JACK: Naw I’m stuck in the bath I’ve been in it all night? VICTOR: Oh Jesus! Haud on! Isa’s dog’s eye’s light up. DOG: What’s all the commotion? Victor runs and raps Isa’s door. VICTOR: Isa! Isa! Jack’s stuck in the bath! (CONTINUED) 9 CONTINUED: 9 DOG: Who’s calling? VICTOR: It’s me, Victor. Open the door! DOG: I’m sorry, I cannot receive guests, at the moment for I am in my dressing gown eating toast and reading my Bella magazine. Victor snatches up the dog and begins shouting in its face. VICTOR: LISTEN TO ME YOU HALFWIT! OPEN THIS BLOODY DOOR, JACK’S STUCK IN THE BATH! GET IT OPENED OR I’LL RIP THIS DUG’S LEGS AFF! Isa opens the door. Victor has run back across the landing. VICTOR: (CONT’D) (trying the door.) It’s locked! ISA: Put yer shoulder tae it! VICTOR: Oot the road. Victor takes a feeble run and hits it like snowball hitting a gas fire. He hits it again. Same result. He kicks it feebly. ISA: MOVE! Victor gets out the way. Isa runs full steam at the door. She knocks it clean off its hinges. 10 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM. DAY 3 (0930) 10 (JACK, VICTOR, ISA) Victor and Isa enter frantically. VICTOR: Jack, ye awright? What’s happened here? JACK: What de ye thinks happened? I’ve thought this bath is that good I’ve decided to live in it! I’m stuck! I cannae get oot! ISA: Jack, yer wullie! Victor grabs a small face cloth. VICTOR: Here, I’ll cover that up! JACK: Wi’ a bigger towel!!! ISA: Who takes a bloody bath first thing in the morning? JACK: I took it last night! VICTOR: And ye’ve took another one this morning? JACK: I’VE BEEN IN HERE SINCE LAST NIGHT! BOTH: Bloody hell/Oh my! JACK: Look at the state of ma skin I’m like Judy Finnegan! VICTOR: And ye cannae lift yersel oot? (CONTINUED)
10 CONTINUED: 10 JACK: I’m awe stuck to the sides, like suction! ISA: Just pull the plug oot! JACK: I cannae, it’s directly under ma ringer I’ve tried that! VICTOR: Don’t panic! JACK: Panic? I’m no panicking! I’m past the panicking bit! I was panicking for about ten hours, but that’s past noo! ISA: Call 911! JACK: What, for American Police? VICTOR: Away ye go, ya hofwit! “Is that CSI Miami, ma pals stuck in the bath. Where? Glesga!” Idiot. It’s 999! JACK: Haud on, Victor, you cannae dae that! VICTOR: How? JACK: That’s for emergencies, I’m no dyin! I’m just wanting out the bath. There’s a number ye phone when yer having trouble wi’ a bath? ISA: BnQ. VICTOR! Naw! I know what it is, it’s 101. 10 10 JACK: That’s crime! I’ve no been robbed. The only thing that’s getting robbed is ma bastardin’ dignity! ISA: Aaaaagh! I know what it is! VICTOR: What? ISA: This happened to Big Janice Mcafferty her wi’ the eating disorder you know who I’m talking aboot she’s barred from Gregg’s fur grazing she got stuck and her man called.... Everyone waits. VICTOR: Her man called.... JACK: Man called..... ISA: Kenny. JACK: THE NUMBER HE CALLED YA DAFT COW! ISA: NHS Ambulance services department. Isa runs out the bathroom ISA: (CONT’D) THAT’S WHO YOU CALL! 11 INT NAVID’S. LATE MORNING 3 (1100) 11 (NAVID, WINSTON, WALTER, MEENA) Winston and Walter arrive in the shop. They sidle up to the counter. WINSTON: Navid. Meet my brother. Walter. NAVID: Walter. Nice to see you. What can I do you for? WALTER: Cigars? What huv ye got? Navid turns round and selects a single panatella. NAVID: Cigars! I have classy ones for the man about town and not so classy ones for the man about scheme. WALTER: Classy. Always classy. NAVID: Claaassy. I used to be a half Corona man myself. That was when we lived in Gujarat. WALTER: I know Gujarat. NAVID: You know Gujarat? WALTER: Oh aye. I worked in LaHore for long enough. The guy I worked wi’ was from Gujurat. Aftab Jarwar. He was a good laugh. Tiny wee fella. He was only about 4 foot six. Walter switches into Punjabi WALTER: (CONT’D) (Translation:) But he had a cock like an elephant. 11 11 Navid and Walter piss themselves laughing. NAVID: (In Punjabi) A cock like an elephant! That’s a cracker. Meena shouts from behind the beads. MEENA: Aftab Jarwar? I think I might have met him! Navid, Walter and Meena are howling with laughter. Winston is trying to join in the laughter. It fades. Navid sticks the cigar in Walter’s shirt pocket. NAVID: Here. Take that. That’s a better laugh than he’s ever gied me! Winston laughs again weakly. There is an awkwardly silence. NAVID: (CONT’D) Have YOU ever been anywhere good, Winston? WINSTON: Eh. Aye. RawalPindi. NAVID: Oh! In the Punjab region? WINSTON: No, in the Sauchiehall Street region. Next to the dry cleaners. Nice Pakora. Winston smiles expecting a laugh. He gets nothing. Tough shop. 12 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM DAY 3 (1130) 12 (JACK, VICTOR, BIG JOHN, ISA) Jack is asleep. Eventually, he stirs. When he wakes, he looks confused. How was he sleeping? He sniffs. Something’s not right. Jack freaks out, splashing water everywhere. We cut wide to see that Victor is taking a shit. JACK: What the hell are ye daein? VICTOR: Sorry Jack I was putting if off for ages, I’ve hud tae park a loaf in yer lavvy! JACK: Ye animal! Who does that? You only live next door! VICTOR: I couldnae leave ye yersel in the bath, ye’ve been asleep! You could huv done a Whitney Houston! JACK: Where are these people that are supposed to be getting me out the bath? VICTOR: That’s nearly two hours since we found ye, they’re surely due noo! JACK: And if they come right noo, they’re gonnie be confused! “Dearie me, This is a dilemma, who do we save first? The poor auld fella stuck in the bath or the silly auld duffer, superglued to the shiter! Finish yer manky business and get aff ma pan! VICTOR: Right look away. 12 12 Jack looks away. Victor does up his trousers. An irate, very large man enters. VICTOR: (CONT’D) Hello! You must be from the services. JACK: Naw! This is big John fae doon stairs! How are you, John? JOHN: What’s gaun on here? VICTOR: He’s stuck in the bath, son. JOHN: Are ye? Well I’ve got water coming doon into ma bathroom. Which I’ve been daein up for the last three months and I’ve just finished. Only to look up and see drip drip drip drip! The man bundles past Victor. JOHN: (CONT’D) Oot the way! The man removes the front panel of the bath. JOHN: (CONT’D) Look at that. Soakin. Rotten. That needs sorted! I told you about that, two year ago! VICTOR: Look, keep the heid. There’s an ambulance on it’s way! JOHN: If I get any mair water doon on me it’ll be a hearse yer needin’! The man stomps out. JACK: Charmin’. VICTOR: Where are these toerags? (CONTINUED) 12 CONTINUED: 12 Isa comes in dressed. ISA: Are they still not here? JACK: Absolutely typical, intit? Leaving an old man stuck in the bath. VICTOR: It’s disgusting. It’s because the pensioner isnae a priority! ISA: Aye, dirty lazy pigs, we’re the bottom of the pile and no mistake! VICTOR: How long did they say they’d be? ISA: Who? VICTOR: The emergency services? ISA: What did they say to me? JACK: When you called them! ISA: I didnae call them! I thought Victor’d called them, I was away getting ready! JACK: You couple of stupid arseholes! Victor and Isa run out the bathroom. JACK: (OOV) (CONT’D) VICTOR! Victor pokes his head back in the toilet. VICTOR: Yes, Jack! JACK: Flush!
12 CONTINUED: 12 VICTOR: Oh aye! Victor flushes the toilet. 13 INT STEVIE THE BOOKIE’S DAY 3 (1145) 13 (WINSTON, WALTER, STEVIE) Walter and Winston are watching a horse race. Stevie the Bookie looks on from his counter. He smiles at Winston, who looks away in disgust. WALTER: C’mon then. C’mon then. Bingo! WINSTON: Beat by a bawhair! Winston scrumples up his bookie slip in the old school style. He accompanies Walter to the counter. Walter heads to the window first, offering his slip. STEVIE: Excuse me, a minute sir, if I could just tend to this customer first. Stevie signals to Winston. WALTER: Oh aye. Of course. Walter steps out the way, leaving Stevie to do a victory gloat dance right in Winston’s face. Winston takes it in silence. It lasts for however long the episode is short. Stevie’s dance comes to an abrupt end. He turns to Walter. Walter looks to Winston quizzically. “What was that about?” WINSTON: Just ignore him, Walter. STEVIE: How can I help you? WALTER: Wee accumulator came up there. STEVIE: (affable) Nice! Lemme see. Now you don’t see that very often. You’ve started with a pound. Ye’ve predicted McPherson in round three last night. Score draw, next, they’re very tricky. (MORE) 13 13 STEVIE: (CONT'D) The winner at Hamilton. And you never took the odds. That was clever. Stevie casts an eye at Winston. STEVIE: (CONT’D) £210. Well done. Stevie grins at Winston. Winston shakes his head. But he’s not annoyed. He smiles to himself at the irony of his arch enemy cosying up to his brother. Walter takes the money with his plastic hand. STEVIE: (CONT’D) Smart accumulator. Clever. That’s took a bit of nouse. I wouldn’t mind buying you a pint and picking yer brains about your process! WALTER: Anytime! WINSTON: Aye, anytime. STEVIE: Naw, I was referring to the winners’ enclosure. Winston and Walter make to leave. STEVIE: (CONT’D) Winston! Winston turns. Stevie reprises his “Victory” dance to annoy him. 14 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM DAY 3 (1200) 14 (JACK, VICTOR, ISA) Victor enters. Isa is sitting on the loo. VICTOR: You’re no taking a dump an awe are ye? ISA: Indeed I am not ya filthy pig! JACK: What did they say? VICTOR: Yer no gonnie like this. They said it could be up to six hours. JACK: I’ll no last another six hours. This water’s gaun cold. ISA: We can fix that, wi’ a wee top up. Isa turns on the hot water tap but it’s tight. ISA: (CONT’D) It’s no comin’. Victor rolls up his sleeves. VICTOR: Please. He moves past her to the tap. He applies a serious amount of pressure to turn it. It comes away in his hand. Water gushes out the tap. JACK: That’s quite nice. That’s gettin hot. That’s getting too hot, Victor! It’s ROASTING IT’S SCORCHING! SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY THAT’S TOO MUCH! You’d be as well throwing totties in here! 14 14 ISA: Ye need the cauld tae coonter it! Isa turns on the cold tap. VICTOR: Right! It’s now or never! Grab my hands Jack! Jack grabs Victor’s hands. VICTOR: (CONT’D) Ye ready? One! Two Three! Victor has no leverage. He topples into the bath on top of Jack. Water pishes everywhere. Isa lifts a bucket. She begins to bail water from the bath to the toilet sink. It’s going everywhere. Victor crawls out. His soaking clothes are dripping everywhere. He slips on the floor. 15 INT CLANSMAN AFTERNOON 3 (1400) 15 (BOABBY, WINSTON, WALTER) Winston and Walter are draining a pint. Boabby stands cleaning tumblers. WALTER: (Awkward) Well, I better be hitting the road. That’s a good gang of pals you’ve got here, Winston. WINSTON: Aye, I’m very lucky. Jack, Victor, Tam, Eric, Isa, Navid. Boabby waits patiently for his mention. WINSTON: (CONT’D) Oh aye. I nearly forgot. Stevie the bookie. Boabby gives up and heads into the stock room. WALTER: Aye the bookie. I liked him. Great guy. WINSTON: Oh aye. Great guy. Salt of the earth. (Under his breath) Which I wish he was under. Beat. WALTER: It’s a shame about poor old Auntie Lily, dying, intit? WINSTON: And there it is. WALTER: There what is? WINSTON: The reason for your visit, Walter. Yer bus is in an hour, but there was one wee last bit of business you had to take care of. The bite. 15 15 WALTER: I don’t know what yer talking aboot! Winston pulls out a letter. The one he received at the beginning of the episode. WINSTON: This is the letter telling me Lily had passed. As soon as it arrived, I knew you wouldn’t be long at the back of it. Cause that’s how you operate. Four times I’ve seen you in the last forty years. Each time to borrow money. From me. Money you never paid back. You never even showed at oor Ma’s or our Dad’s funerals. That’s because they had nothing. Walter nods, knowing. He’s been busted. WALTER: So was there any... WINSTON: Money? Yes. Lily left four thousand. WALTER: So that’s two thousand each? WINSTON: No. Winston takes out an envelope. He pushes it across the table. WINSTON: (CONT’D) Take the lot. Walter leaves. 16 INT JACK’S FLAT - BATHROOM DAY 3 (1430) 16 (JACK, VICTOR, ISA, BIG JOHN) Big John from down the stairs stomps in. JOHN: I warned you! My ceiling is soaking noo! How can you still be stuck? ISA: I know, it’s a helluva carry on right enough they’re sayin’ on the phone it could be up tae six- JOHN: Shut up! I’m no wanting yer life story ya daft auld trout! Huv ye any Fairy Liquid? JACK: Aye! Under ma sink in the kitchen! John runs out. ISA: What’s he gonnie dae wi’ Fairy Liquid, Jack? JACK: Maybe he just wants to get his temper doon, dae a few dishes. ISA: I, it’s like therapy, that, intit? Anger management. John comes back in JOHN: Oot the road! John squirts fairy liquid all down Jack’s back and yanks him out the bath like a bear. Victor puts the robe on him. JACK: Listen son. I’m really sorry I let water doon on yer new bathroom. (MORE) 16 16 JACK: (CONT'D) But I was stuck in that bath aboot sixteen hours! JOHN: What ye doin taking a bath at your age? Victor drags the Techno tub bath tidy out the bath. VICTOR: He normally takes a shower but he bought this! JOHN: What is it? JACK: Techno tub! It’s does everything. Radio, lights, temperature. VICTOR: It’s a great thing. JOHN: What do you do with it? Victor sits it on the bath. VICTOR: It just sits there. Voila. The bath disappears under its own weight through the floor. VICTOR: (CONT’D) Techno Tub. JACK: Bath tidy. Isa stares down the hole. ISA: Yer bathroom really is lovely. Was that a new shower cubicle? Post Sig 17 INT CLANSMAN NIGHT 3 (2215) 17 (JACK, VICTOR, WINSTON, TAM, BOABBY, ISA, ERIC) Everybody is gathered. They are all quite bevvied. JACK: It’s no just what Walter says, it’s the way he says it. It’s a gift, that. TAM: You just have to look at him and he creases ye up. VICTOR: That must be a bit weird for you Winston. WINSTON: How so? VICTOR: Just, having the older brother who’s the life and soul and eh... WINSTON: Funnier than me? ALL: Noo! Didnae say that. Deserving of a watch etc WINSTON: Ye cannae be jealous of family. Anyway, he’s away noo so you’ll just have to put up with the support act. Everyone chuckles. Boabby picks up a notepad awkwardly. BOABBY: Away? Em, Winston, so over the last couple of days? Walter’s ran up a tab here. 40 quid. Winston blanches, before going into his pocket without missing a beat. 17 17 WINSTON: Calm doon. He telt me aboot that. He gave me this to square ye up. Did ye think he’d done a runner? BOABBY: No! That’s great. Right. Sorry. Winston hands Boabby 40 quid. JACK: To Walter. ALL: To Walter. WINSTON: Aye, to Walter. We see the wistful look on Winston’s face. Once again he bails out his brother. Hard cut:
18 INT. JACK AND VICTOR’S LANDING. NIGHT 3 (2230) 18 (JACK, VICTOR, ISA? VOICE FROM DOG) Jack leans against Victor’s front door. He is in full gloat. JACK: Still nae joy? Victor is on his knees looking through his “rockery”, chucking stones over his shoulder. VICTOR: Which one was it?! Isa’s electronic door dog’s eyes glow white as it comes to life DOG: Want me to make up the couch? Jack and Victor stare at the dog. They begin to throw rocks at it. END OF EPISODE
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2020.08.06 05:40 FunPeach0 Part 2: Amazing In Depth Essay About Sopranos Symbolism and Subtext (credit: FlyOnMelfisWall source: thechaselounge.net)

Where’s Johnny?

The title of this early season 5 episode owes to Junior aimlessly wandering around town in his pajamas asking for his younger brother while suffering severe, acute dementia from a series of ministrokes. As is virtually always the case with episode titles, however, this one has a subtler and more significant meaning.
Signs of Junior’s dementia emerge when he keeps repeating that Tony “doesn’t have the makings of a varsity athlete”. He originally issued this insult in Tony’s adolescent years, and it was hurtful enough to Tony that he mentions it in the pilot episode. “Frankly it severely damaged my self esteem,” he tells Melfi.
Tony’s reaction to Junior’s repeated revival of the insult 30 years later is extreme. He swears he is through with Junior for all time, that Junior is “dead” to him, a reaction not even Junior’s botched hit attempt had managed to provoke. Janice openly wonders how Tony can be so fragile. Only when he realizes that a genuine medical problem was causing the behavior does Tony relent.
After medication has improved Junior’s condition, Tony visits him but still wonders ruefully why the thing Junior repeated over and over couldn’t have been something nice, why it had to be something “mean”. On the verge of tears he asks, “I mean, don’t you love me?”
The whole affair suggests that Tony feels a special attachment and sensitivity to Junior beyond that typical of most nephew/uncle relationships. That his self esteem could be so wrapped up in an unflattering remark about his athleticism says something not only about what athletics meant to Tony as a teenager (which the Test Dream and All Due Respect explore) but that he was enormously dependent upon Junior for his self esteem, period.
It’s fair to ask why Junior should hold such extreme power with Tony. Was Johnny so unavailable as a source of paternal support or encouragement that Tony actually came to depend upon Junior more for those things? There’s an interesting side note in this episode when Junior is elaborating on Tony’s athletic shortcomings. “Small hands. That was his problem.” Janice laughs derisively, “Yeah, that’s what daddy always said.” Tony looks at her a beat, clearly absorbing the subtext and what it conveyed about Johnny’s appraisal of his son’s masculinity.
I’m also reminded of a superficially casual detail from Down Neck in season 1. When Melfi asks Tony to talk about his father, he instead smiles and immediately flashes back to Junior throwing him a ball when he was a youngster, a subtle identity confusion that Melfi notices. Tony paints Johnny as ever the tough hero in that episode but also admits he “wasn’t around much”, underscoring why Junior might have been as significant a father figure to Tony as Johnny ever was.
The question of “where Johnny” was during Tony’s childhood is reflected most vividly in the vitriolic exchange between Janice and Tony near the episode’s end, which exposes the real basis for Tony’s intense resentment of his sister: she “shirked her duties” by running away to California at 18, leaving Tony at 16 “to cope with [their] head case of a mother.” While he was “mired in [Livia’s] bullshit”, Janice was out “dropping acid and blowing roadies” (an all-time great line, btw.) A physical altercation ensues with Tony screaming at her, “You’re just like your mother, huh? Now you can do to him [Bobby] what she did to daddy.”
This is Tony’s subconscious defense mechanism at its most vigorous: keep Johnny’s hands clean at all costs; blame his defects or problems on Livia so as not to disturb Tony’s heroic image of him, an image that helps Tony avoid personal responsibility for his life’s direction.
However that defense can’t hide what’s going on in the first part of his diatribe. It clearly shows that Tony felt abandoned to Livia’s “bullshit”, that he feels someone “shirked their duties” by not doing their part to intervene. He makes Janice the culprit, even though that’s a completely unfair and irrational position. She was only two years older, was herself an equal victim of Livia’s abuse, and she was his sister, not his parent. Clearly this is Tony venting onto Janice, Livia’s modern-day surrogate, his unconscious anger at Johnny for abandoning him to Livia’s mistreatment.

In Camelot: Origins of the "Kennedy" in Kennedy and Heidi

The false mythology Tony erected around his father is explored in the mid season 5 episode In Camelot. The title refers to another false mythology, the one developed around the John F. Kennedy presidency and epitomized by the widespread metaphorical reference to the Kennedy White House as “Camelot” in further evocation of the nobility, chivalry, and idealism of medieval Arthurian legend.
JFK as an elevated parallel to a Soprano mobster had seeds in the very first episode of the series. Recall that Tony was proud owner of a captain’s hat allegedly once-owned by Kennedy and that he chased his naked goomar down on the deck of the Stugots to make sure she was handling it with proper care. In season 3, Junior displays a true case of JFK hero worship by viewing his arrogant, negligent oncologist as an infallible miracle-worker largely because he shared the president’s name.
In Camelot introduces Tony to his father’s old goomar, Fran, who first impresses Tony as a classy woman that must have provided his father with love and support sorely lacking in his marital relationship. Tony gradually realizes, however, that she is a vacuous, glorified whore, unalterably intoxicated by money and material things and by the whiff of powerful men; unable, even with the ravages of age, to quell her vanity. Her selfishness manifests in several ways throughout the episode, none more telling than the fact that she had continued to smoke around Johnny even when emphysema was starving his lungs for oxygen. She glories in reliving past sexual conquests, the greatest of which was JFK, who bedded her and countless other women while president and while simultaneously enjoying the carefully cultivated public image of a devoted husband and family man.
If her status as a shared mistress weren’t enough, Fran puts the finishing touches on the Johnny Boy/JFK parallel by sharing her big-game trolling secrets (“when you’re with a powerful man, you better damn well make him feel like a powerful man”) and by donning Tony’s JFK captain’s hat and singing “Happy Birthday” in Tony’s face in a creepy re-enactment of Marilyn Monroe’s famously lascivious rendition to JFK (which seemed even more tawdry after it became known that Monroe was one of his many mistresses.)
While much of In Camelot spoke to Fran’s character, much of it also spoke very poorly of Johnny’s. First, he had given Fran’s son a beautiful Golden Retriever that belonged to the Soprano kids, ostensibly because Livia bitched incessantly about the dog’s fleas. He told Tony that the dog had retired to a farm but neglected also to mention that, when Fran’s son left home a few years later, Fran had the dog “put to sleep” (obviously with no intervention from Johnny) because she simply didn’t want to be bothered caring for it.
By the end of the episode, Tony was clearly disturbed that his father’s idea of a goomar was considerably different from his own, noting that Johnny even left a pair of slippers at Fran’s apartment (symbolic of the idea that this was really his father’s second home and a place where he gave much of his divided loyalties.) Feeling for the first time a tiny fraction of the betrayal that his mother must have felt, Tony recalled a particularly ugly instance of that betrayal, the time Livia was hospitalized for a miscarriage with heavy bleeding that could have taken her life. When Johnny finally made contact in response to urgent efforts to reach him, he sounded more put upon than concerned and didn’t go to the hospital until the next day, preferring to finish his dinner and roll in the sack with Fran and to get a good night’s rest. What’s more, when Livia accused him of having been with his goomar the night before, he said he’d spent the night at a cousin’s house and pressured Tony into repeating that lie to Livia.
Nearing tears and for the first time exhibiting not only some compassion for his mother but some fledgling appreciation for his father’s many faults, Melfi made her most direct effort yet to get him to confront and articulate those feelings. “Was there any blame for this man you emulate? The lies, the betrayals with other women? . . . Your mother had her faults, but, after all this time, what should we do with the old woman? Burn her at the stake? You need to forgive her and move on.”
It didn’t take long for him to recoil into a familiar pattern. “Fuck her. My dad gave my dog away. Big deal. If it was up to her, she would have had it killed.” Of course Tony conveniently forgets here that it was his father’s “classy” goomar -- and, by extension, his father -- who actually killed the dog.

Tony’s Depression as “Rage Turned Inward”

Three episodes later (Cold Cuts), and while discussing the recent return of Tony’s panic attacks and depression, Melfi seizes the opportunity to discuss rage. Tony wonders why. “Because depression is rage turned inward,” she replies. There’s a pregnant pause and a closeup of each of them for emphasis (and Melfi even recites the line a second time at the end of the scene.)
She asks where the Soprano temper comes from. He assumes she’s going right back to Livia again, but she stops him cold. “What about your father? You never saw [your mother] chop off someone’s finger.”
The regret of having shared that anecdote is all over Tony’s face and in his words:
Tony: I told you about that, didn’t I?
Melfi: Yes.
Tony: Jesus, I wish I hadn’t.
Melfi: Why?
Tony: I mean I dress up nice and everything when I come here . . .
Unfortunately she cuts him off there to stay on the topic of rage, but this scene is an important clue to his deepest feelings about that finger-chopping incident.
First recall that season 5 began with Tony separated from Carmela, the person who, by virtue of her “respectable” background and persona, came closest to providing him with some semblance of mainstream moral acceptability, not just in terms of public image but in terms of self image. The loss of that support certainly factored into his romantic pursuit of Melfi, a pursuit almost as relentless as it was futile. When Melfi points out that there are plenty of other women available to him, the crux of his fixation on her at that particular time of crisis emerges: she’s “different from what’s out there,” at least from what would be available to a man like Tony. A personal relationship with her could validate, in a measure extending well beyond that ever obtained through marriage to Carmela, his sense that he possesses innate goodness or respectability.
However even in the early stage of his courting efforts, he intuitively understands the real barrier to any relationship when he volunteers, “Forget about how Tony Soprano makes his way in the world. That’s just to feed his children.” He eventually forces Melfi to articulate why she won’t even consider dating him, and she euphemistically tells him that she couldn’t date a man who steals from, kills, and maims others and treats women like whores. In other words, she couldn’t date a gangster.
Though Livia indirectly contributed to that destiny for Tony, his father was clearly the driving influence, at least in Tony’s unconscious mind, which is why the two most important pure dream sequences in the series (Calling All Cars and Test Dream) have Tony riding in his father's 1959 black Cadillac, accompanied by copious symbols of the doom and detritus of gangster life.
So this is the context of rejection in which Tony is reminded of having once willingly shared with Melfi the cleaver story. His regret for that prior openness betrays how personally soiled he now feels by the incident in her eyes, soiled in a way that nice clothes and a respectable appearance can’t cover.
Why the change? Why in the world would he only now feel so ashamed of something he didn’t do himself, something he only witnessed? Why would he only now fear that this very bright, compassionate, fair-minded doctor -- who makes her living exploring the troubled backgrounds of patients – might impute to an 11 year-old bystander all the malice of another adult’s brutal actions?
The answer, it seems to me, is that Tony must subconsciously recognize the chopped finger epoch as the turning point in his evolution into the kind of man his father would respect as opposed to the kind that Melfi would respect. He himself feels inexorably stained by the experience and, having forced Melfi to burst the cocoon of complete non-judgment in the therapist’s office, is now projecting that perception of stain onto her.
Recall further that in this very same discussion, Melfi invokes the lines, “The center cannot hold. The falcon cannot hear the falconer.” I think it entirely not coincidental that the revival of the cleaver incident occurs (after laying dormant for two and a half seasons) in an episode soon after the first cracks in Tony’s idolatry of his father have been exposed (In Camelot); where Melfi describes depression as “rage turned inward,” suggesting an unconscious, unacknowledged source of rage in Tony’s psyche; and where she further introduces the Yeats poem “The Second Coming” that resonates so symbolically with Christopher’s murder and for which the episode following Kennedy and Heidi is named.

The Test Dream: Tony Is Unprepared . . . to “Kill” his Father

Test Dream was certainly prompted in large measure by Tony’s anxiety at the emerging prospect of having to kill his cousin. But the dream has many fascinating layers or subplots, and, as far as I can tell, they all suggest a subconscious lust on Tony’s part for respectability, both in terms of his occupation, his marriage, and his upbringing. I hope to get away without thoroughly arguing these points here, as I’ve offered lengthy treatments of Test Dream before.
I do want to hilight the Johnny Boy/JFK connection that arises again briefly in the dream. It’s prefaced by the voice of “God”/David Chase telling Tony over the phone that “our friend” has to go. In Mafia circles, “our friend” is widely understood code for “made guy”, which indicates Tony’s real dream mission is not the obvious one of killing Tony Blundetto (who, as the audience was pointedly reminded that season, was not made.) Rather the “two Tonys” theme of season 5 plays out on the street when the black man asks if Tony B was actually “the” Tony that he (Tony Soprano) was supposed to cap. “I guess not,” an unarmed-Tony replies, clearly realizing in that moment that his mission from “God” is to kill that other Tony, the made Tony. In other words, he is to kill himself, or at least the gangster part of himself.
That mission resonates perfectly with the imagery ending the season’s first episode, Two Tonys, when Tony literally takes up arms against the bear in his own back yard – his inner thug – shortly after provoking his therapist into admitting that his inner thug is precisely the reason he’s unfit for a personal relationship with her. Additionally, the three people in the dream that seem to be offering Tony advice or guidance on what he is to do – Artie, Gloria, and Vin Makazian – are all people who either tried or succeeded in committing suicide.
Once the Tony of the Test Dream grasps his true mission, he literally flees “the mob” of people around him. During that flight, a man resembling Johnny Boy shoots at Tony with a scoped rifle from a school book depository-looking building in evocation of the JFK assassination. Tony follows a gesturing Artie to safety in his father’s car, driven for the first time in the dream not by Johnny Boy but by Artie. Inside the car, the necktie around Tony’s neck that had been full length just moments before is now cut very short.
To me, this part of the dream indicates that Tony subconsciously wishes to leave or “cut ties” with the mob and wishes that he’d had a father like Artie. That in itself virtually guarantees that Tony also unconsciously harbors some degree of resentment, blame, disaffection, or even rage towards his father.
The allusion to the JFK assassination is susceptible to several interpretations, including an obvious one: a certain hit on him if he left the mob, especially by flipping (a strategy suggested in the dream by The Valachi Papers reference and by an image that is suddenly “flipped” 180 degrees). Inhabiting a JFK role in the dream could also indicate an inflated self-concept on Tony’s part. But in the full context of longing to “go straight”, and especially considering the explicit parallel between JFK and Johnny Boy made just a few episodes before this, the more compelling interpretation to me is that Tony is repressing a murderous rage towards his own father with the roles being reversed and disguised by his subconscious: a vague Johnny look-alike as Oswald and Tony as JFK.
First articulated by Freud, “reversal into the opposite” is a concept with obvious relevance to this thesis. From answers.com:
The expression ‘reversal into the opposite’ refers to the transformation of an idea, a representation, a logical figure, a dream image, a symptom, an affect, or the like into its opposite. It is a process that affects the fate of the instincts, notably in the transformation of love into hate . . .
Freud first described this type of transformation with regard to dream images. Such reversals are used to create the disguises that enable the translation of latent thoughts into acceptable thoughts (which are thus able to cross the barrier of censorship). He gave numerous examples of this in The Interpretation of Dreams (1900). This process can affect characteristics of objects or people; thus, a small object can appear to be very large in a dream; someone whose intelligence is envied appears stupid in the dream, and so forth. Often a reversal of actions into their opposite is involved: Climbing a staircase expresses the idea of descending or falling; . . .
Reversals of the dream protagonists' roles may occur, such as the hare chasing the hunter, or the dreamer punishing his father.(emphasis added)
The idea of this kind of disguise explains very well another aspect of the dream that never made complete sense to me before. Coach Molinaro was unquestionably a “good” role model in Tony’s life and apparently the one who did the most to build his self esteem and guide him toward a legitimate vocation. Yet he had a disturbing duality in the dream. He was in a nasty, damp, dark, color-less locker room that looked something like a dungeon. The monochrome environment was starkly broken by his bright red jacket and hat and by the red jerseys he was putting into lockers, making for devilish overtones.
He said some things that actually or superficially comported with his real identity and with things Tony revealed about him in waking conversations. For example, he tells Tony, “You had brains, leadership skills, all the prerequisites to lead young men onto the field of sport.” Other things he said are the very opposite of what he would have presumably thought or said.
At one point in the dream the coach scolds, “How many times did I tell you to cleave yourself away from those bums you hung with?” (“Cleave” is certainly an interesting word choice for the idea of “separation” here, given the significance of a meat cleaver in Tony’s psyche.) Yet when Tony throws back at him that Artie is a great success as owner of a restaurant, his reply is puzzling. “Bucco? He was the worst of the bunch.”
Why in the world would a guy like Coach Molinaro, who was trying to steer Tony away from the bad influences around him, have felt Artie was the “worst of the bunch”? That bunch presumably included the likes of Dickie Moltisanti, Tony Blundetto, and “Uncle” Paulie. Artie was a 3rd generation chef and, by all indications, from a good family. He would have been the very kind of kid that the coach would have been glad to see Tony hang with in high school. Johnny, on the other hand, would likely have thought of Artie as – forgive me – a “pussy” or as something affirmatively less manly than the likes of Paulie and Dickie.
There are other examples of these puzzling dichotomies. When Tony first approaches, the coach laughingly gestures to Tony’s pistol and asks, “What you got there? A bigger dingus than the one God gave you?” Tony responds by warning that he’s “not some kid anymore” and deserves respect. Now is the coach here sarcastically decrying the notion that true manhood derives from wielding a deadly weapon, or is it Johnny Boy making another “small hands”/inadequate manhood joke at Tony’s expense? In other words, is this Tony projecting his doubt that he ever lived up to Coach Molinaro’s idea of manhood or doubt that he ever lived up to his father’s?
Shortly afterward, the coach says it’s a “damn shame” that Tony is in therapy, not something you’d associate with a man that had Tony’s best interests at heart but which would very accurately reflect Johnny’s opinion had he lived to see the day. The coach disapprovingly offers, “I bet you blame everything on your father.” When Tony corrects him, “No, more my mother,” the coach smiles an ambiguous smile. “Even better,” he replies. In context, you’re not sure whether this is derisive reproach for Tony failing to take personal responsibility for his life choices (presumably consistent with the coach’s identity) or actual approval that Tony is shifting blame away from Johnny onto Livia (presumably consistent with Johnny’s identity).
The reversal concept again seems relevant in deciphering the coach’s dual identity, per the following excerpt from the previously cited treatise:
Certain logical relationships can also be expressed in this way. Contradiction, for example, may lead in a dream to a condensation in which opposites are blended together in a depiction marked by a sense of absurdity.
By this mechanism, people who the dreamer perceives as polar opposites can form one composite individual in the dream, or the patent identity of one can conceal the latent identity of the other.
It’s vital, of course, to remember what Tony is doing in the Molinaro part of the dream. He is hunting the coach down with the aim of killing, or at least silencing, him. He aims a handgun, conspicuously fitted with a big silencer, and pulls the trigger, but his bullets literally disintegrate into shit. At that moment, the coach says, “You’re unprepared. You’ll never shut me up.”
I read this as Tony acknowledging the deeply buried part of himself that knows he chose the wrong path in life, that regrets he didn’t model himself on the football coach who tried to intervene in his life instead of on the gangsters that lived in and around his home. I also read it as indicating a latent, murderous rage by Tony against his father that his subconscious censored and fashioned into acceptable dream imagery by giving Johnny the guise of Tony’s “anti” Johnny, his old football coach.
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
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2020.08.05 17:50 TimAllenAMA So obviously dating Janice is bad for your health. What fictional character would have actually been a good match for her?

I’m gonna go with Tim Heidecker’s character from On Cinema at the Cinema. The perfect amount of sleaze and narcissism to compliment Parvati’s. I could see her feeling right at home working on Tim’s horrible money schemes and enabling his vape addiction.
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