Sumy partner

3 room apartment. In the very center on Soborna Street. Food supermarket, banks, ATMs nearby. 2nd floor, secure entrance. Facilities in the apartment: - air conditioners - big flat 42 inch TV with cable TV - DVD player with usb and karaoke - Wi-Fi and cable unlimited internet - microwave oven - telephone - clothes washing machine - iron and iron board - big and convenient wardrobe - 2 sofas ... Sumy. Find tandems. 43 language exchange partners in Sumy looking to learn languages. Faina, 23. Sumy. Speaks Russian, Ukrainian. ... My exchange partner is I have no peculiar preferences about Tandem partners, but above all, I definitely would love them to be polite and tolerant. Sumy is a city on the Psel River in Ukraine, and the capital of the Sumy Oblast. As of 2004, the city`s population is 283,700. It is served by Sumy Airport. Sumy was founded in 1652 at the bank of the Psel River (a left tributary of the Dnieper) as a Cossack fortress. Sumy. Find tandems. 43 English speakers in Sumy looking to learn English together. ... My exchange partner is Cute owsm jolly and should be little bit happy and funny and open minded. My learning goals Want to learn language for the survival in Ukraine. My favorite topics Life. Get the app. Sumy State University has launched two new joint projects with the Czech Republic aimed at strengthening the capacity and cooperation of young teachers, researchers, masters, and doctoral students in selected Ukrainian universities, as well as international credit mobility. Free online marriage agency for singles from Sumy, Ukraine Sumy dating. Sumy is the city that is located in the North Eastern part of the Ukraine, and that is very popular between the sites who visit it in order to find their soul mate, you can get very much amazed with is this small site has such a big variety of women, and we should underline the fact that the majority of those women are ... View Sumy Kim’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Sumy has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sumy’s connections ...

Motherson Sumi looking for global partners to Make in India

2020.09.19 07:08 itisverynice Motherson Sumi looking for global partners to Make in India

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2020.09.18 03:02 yeetThisHay Possible Ending? [Spoilers unless you're caught up on Manga]

MC has shown a lot of growth and it doesn't make sense for him to only take over his family's shop as it would definitely separate him and Chizu.
Does anyone think its possible for MC to be scouted and become a full-fledged producer after the independent film is viewed? If the film is successful, it would propel Chizu into the spot light (which would create distance between the two as she'd be too busy to go on rental dates). But if MC is noticed for his production efforts and becomes Chizu's partner in crime for her actual career, it would further intertwine their lives.
Assuming the above holds true, Umi may make a reappearance as the opposite lead to Chizu (assuming she is noticed due to the independent film) which would be another huge emotional/growth test for everyone.
Mami still lurking, just waiting to f*** s*** up. She'll probably go through MC's family. Likely this is the final straw for MC to cut her off. I see Mami's actions going one of two ways: (1) expedites a confession between MC/Chizu, (2) drives a wedge between MC/Chizu where Chizu chooses Umi for a second but reverses that decision by the end. Will poor MC grandma's heart be able to handle it though.
Ruka/Sumi will need to come to terms with the reality of their relationship to MC: not sure how either would play out (or if Mami would be involved) but both relationships are likely to end on somewhat good terms/decent terms.
Yaemori will have successfully helped her master achieve his goal
"and that kids, is how I met your mother"
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2020.09.03 03:42 jqncg A list of Hana Kimura's most notable matches and moments to remember her career on her birthday

In honor to Hana's birthday, I wanted to make a thread to celebrate her career by sharing her most notable matches for people that may not know much about her or people that want to revisit all the happy memories she left for us. I really want her to be remembered for what she did inside the ring. What happened can only be described as a tragedy but I don't want her to be remembered just because of that because she did so much more and only brought joy to this world. I believed Hana was going to be one of those wrestlers I'd enjoy seeing for many, many years and that she'd go as far as she wanted, and I think this list can work to show that she was as amazing as her fans say. I followed her career for 3 years and I'll never stop being grateful for all the time I've known her.
Here's the list. A lot of the matches need a subscription to Stardom World but some of them have the We Are Stardom version that's free on their youtube channel. Those are clipped versions but I think they're fine as a way to get to know the promotion and their wrestlers.
One of her very first matches vs Reika Saiki in Wrestle-1. (Free to watch)
Hana facing her mom, Kyoko, in a singles match in her self-produced event. (Free to watch)
Hana's first title as professional, the JWP Princess of Pro Wrestling title, vs Yako Fujigasaki, not even 6 months after her debut. Also her celebration promo. (Free to watch)
Her debut match in Stardom as Oedo Tai's mystery partner vs Mayu Iwatani, Jungle Kyona & Momo Watanabe
Hana's didn't take too long to win her first title in Stardom. She won the Artist of Stardom titles with Kyoko Kimura & Kagetsu vs Threedom(Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo/Sane & Mayu Iwatani in her first main event in Korakuen Hall.
Hana took part of her mom's retirement match teaming up with her and ISAO vs Aja Kong, Meiko Satomura and Minoru Suzuki and later on would have a surprise singles match with her to put an end to Kyoko's career. (Free to watch)
One of Hana's biggest rivalries, this was her first match vs Mika Iwata. They'd have several other matches, one more brutal than the previous one. (Free to watch)
Her first big title match was vs Kairi Hojo/Sane for the Wonder of Stardom title, one of the top belts in the company.
Her biggest match up until this point. This wasn't just for the World of Stardom title but also for Oedo Tai's existence. Her match vs Mayu Iwatani would kick off a truly amazing period for me as fan since this was when I started to follow the company and Oedo Tai would start their golden era. (Free to watch)
Hana's longest and most important title reign started when she won the Godesses of Stardom titles with Kagetsu vs Jungle Kyona & Hiroyo Matsumoto. To this day it's one of the most dominant reigns with the tag titles in the company.
This match was probably not really important in terms of story, but her match vs Yoko Bito was the first one in which I saw all her potential and it's overall one of her best singles matches. I remember saying that the sky was the limit for her after her first 5 Star Grand Prix.
My favourite Hana match is hands down the one she had vs Kagetsu. Last year I wrote a thread about it for the 31 matches in 31 days series and mentioned it as my happiest memory as wrestling fan. The whole story was flawless, you can go to read the post for full context. It's the moment in which Oedo Tai became my favourite faction ever and Hana had a lot to do with that.
Hana was awesome at comedy as it can be seen in this match vs Kris Wolf to close her participation in her first Grand Prix.
Hana's first match outside Japan was in Taiwan vs Io Shirai, Yoko Bito and Hiromi Mimura.
One of my favourite matches ever for the emotions and what was at stake. It was Oedo Tai vs Queen's Quest in a 10 woman elimination war in which the last wrestler eliminated would have to leave her faction.
One of the biggest what ifs in Stardom is this rivalry/alliance vs Hazuki. Now that I think of it, the post match was really a hint at the future in the next few months.
Her debut in the United States and in ROH vs Sumie Sakai
Hana spent a few months in Mexico but sadly there's not that much footage about her time there. Luckily there's at least this tag match, this promo and this interview
Truly a dark day for all Oedo Tai fans around the world but necessary to take Hana's career to the next level. It's the only non-Hana match here but it was a turning point in her career: Kagetsu vs Tam Nakano
Hana's most heated and hyped match up until her feud with Giulia was vs Kagetsu. Mexico really changes people and she came back as a beast.
Her debut in the UK and Pro Wrestling Eve vs Samii Jayne. (Free to watch)
Her post Oedo Tai run wasn't all that well received but this match vs Starlight Kid showed that she still had it in her.
Hana's last match before signing exclusively with Stardom was in Wrestle-1 with Asuka vs Reika Saiki and Yumiko Hotta, teaming up with one of her best friends against her very first rival and a living legend of the scene. (Free to watch)
A truly special moment in her career was her match in Madison Square Garden vs Kagetsu, Hazuki and Jenny Rose. You could tell she was a star and that it was impossible to ignore her presence.
This match would mean the birth of Tokyo Cyber Squad, her own faction. She had to fight Kagetsu, Momo Watanabe, Mayu Iwatani and Jungle Kyona, all the faction leaders, in an elimination match in which the last to get eliminated would lose her faction.
The debut of Tokyo Cyber Squad vs Oedo Tai
Hana built a strong unit and quickly found gold by winning the Artist of Stardom titles for the second time vs Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano and Saki Kashima
One of her best matches, just Hana at her best having a war vs Hazuki. It was in the Grand Prix last year that Hana would show her improvement and that she had what it takes to be a true top star in the company. (Free to watch)
Another incredible match and the debut of the Tiger Lily vs Momo Watanabe to advance to the finals of the tournament.
By far Hana's biggest victory of her career was vs Konami in the final of the 5 Star Grand Prix. She faced one of her stablemates and they didn't go easy on each other. Another of Hana's increasing list of really good matches by that point. (We Are Stardom version)
Her match vs Bea Priestley would be her second challenge for the red belt and another step towards fulfilling her potential. Hana was at her best in hard hitting wars and Bea is no stranger to that kind of matches, so this was very fun. (Free on youtube)
This feud and match vs Giulia was her last big rivalry. For many this may be her absolute best match, it's definitely in the top 3 for me. This was supposed to be Stardom's big money feud for years to come and I'll forever wonder how far they could've gone as rivals or even allies. (We Are Stardom version)
There's no footage of the match but here is her reaction to the announcement of her match at Wrestle Kingdom with Giulia vs Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki, by far the biggest crowd of her career.
Her last gift to Oedo Tai fans was her reunion with Kagetsu in this match vs Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima, the same team that ended their reign with the tag belts. This happened as part of Kagetsu's retirement tour and it was something I wanted to happen so badly ever since they split up. This will forever be one of my favourite teams and I'm so glad they could have one last match as partners. (We Are Stardom version)
Her last televised match was vs Mayu Iwatani in the first round of the Cinderella Tournament, one of the best in the tournament. Before writing this post I didn't realise how connected she was with Mayu. She won her first title in Stardom, had her first high stakes match, ended her biggest title reign and had the biggest match of career and sadly also the last on, all against Mayu. (Free version, starts at 1:39:00)
Bonus: Here is ROH's tribute episode with lots of backstage videos and friends talking about her, plus all her matches for the promotion.
Footage of Hana as a kid in an idol group. Translations in the thread.
Hana drafts 12 year old Rina to Tokyo Cyber Squad
Why Hana loved pro wrestling
I hope you enjoy the matches and please never forget Hana's message: Everybody's different, everybody's special.
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2020.09.01 06:38 yohanesavior Based or biased opinion?

As a new manga reader (I didnt get enough with the current anime pace) I stayed up late 2 nights in a row and have read around 60 chapters. Well I'm assuming you can comprehend Ruka's attitude, she is a teenager (just like we were once) so her selfish nature and miseunderstood feelings are not weird at her age, also she is carrying a deep depression due her condition (low heart rate=she can't be "normal"). Quick sum: Her relationship with kazuya is not normal and starts really bad she knows it (that's why she doesn't "force/demmand" him to do what she likes or stop his dates with chizuru), technically she wasn't blackmailing him cuz she only tried to speak out the TRUTH once iirc and finally didn't for his good but ofc she is immature about her feelings just like kazu, chizu, sumi and mami She is not annoying af just doesn't know how to show her love in a proper way to kazuya, the only one who really cares about him and treats him well(also sumi but she sees him as a hero/savior for her) That's my opinion I think it's both based and biased at the same time Ruka the kind of girl I like physically (nice and tiny body with big appeals, short hair but very feminine) and her personality (really devote to her partnecommitment)
Fun fact: If you watched Nisekoi you should know both Chitoge and Ruka have ribbons and share VA Also Ruka reminds me Marika and Tsugumi (my waifus in nisekoi)
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2020.07.26 11:39 Rixeldabest24 Why do people hate Ruka so much?

She might be very cling or annoying, but i think that is normal when having a partner. She also works very hard to make Kazuya fall for her. She's even prepared to give her body even though she is just a minor (17 yrs old). Ruka is the one who is hurt the most because she knows that Kazuya likes Chizuru and she's really trying. I kinda feel bad for her getting hated. She deserves more love. Sumi is still must protect tho.
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2020.07.06 01:20 Omegaman2005 PCW Bash At The Beach, June 2020

The show opens with a fantastic video package accompanied by Paradise City by Guns and Roses, before fading into a shot of the jam packed TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. Mark Cuban comes out to announce a new commissioner, since Kurt Angle is returning to in-ring competition. Cuban says that there was only a select few people who deserved the honour of being named PCW commissioner. And without further ado, the new commissioner of PCW is: Chris Jericho!!! The crowd gives a massive reaction to “Le Commissioner” as The Painmaker makes his way out, talks with Cuban for a few minutes, and then says that he isn’t here for friendly talk, he is here to get down to business. Jericho announces a Tag Team gauntlet match for the PCW Tag Team Championships, and the continuation of the PCW Women’s #1 Contenders Tournament. And with a little intro to our commentary team, Ian Riccaboni and Stu Bennett, the show begins:
Priscilla Kelley vs Ivelisse (PCW Women’s 1 Contender Semifinals) 16:00 W: Priscilla Kelley
Sumie Sakai vs Io Shirai(#1 Contender Semis) 18:00 W: Io Shirai
Chris Jericho announces that Kelley and Shirai will battle later on tonight in the finals. And, that Strictly Business will face Gallows and Anderson, Jeff Cobb, and Jacob Fatu right now!
Strictly Business(w/ Maria Bennett) vs G and A, Cobb and Fatu 21:00 W: G and A, Cobb and Fatu
Afterwards, Wardlow cheap shots Cobb, sparking a brawl between the two teams. Chris Jericho runs down to break the two teams apart, and makes 4 matches for next months PPV, Warzone. And those matches will be Mike Bennett vs Jacob Fatu, Wardlow vs Jeff Cobb, EC3 vs Doc Gallows, and MJF vs Karl Anderson.
Jay Lethal cuts a promo on entering the tag team gauntlet with a surprise partner. And speaking of the tag title gauntlet, that’s next.
Dark Order (C) (Hammerstone and Young) vs Best Friends 5:00 W: Dark Order
Dark Order vs Beer Money Inc 8:00 W: Beer Money Inc
MCMG vs Beer Money Inc 6:00 W: Beer Money Inc
Beer Money Inc stands in the ring awaiting their next challengers, when suddenly Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed enter the ring and after a awesome match, Lethal Consequences finishes off Beer Money Inc.
Lethal Consequences vs Ringkampf Enterprises (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) 18:00 W: Kings Of Wrestling ( Hero and Castagnoli of Ringkampf Enterprises)
Chris Jericho hands the winners of the gauntlet, Ringkampf Enterprises, with the tag title belts, when suddenly Alexander Hammerstone and Eric Young attempt a sneak attack on the new champs, leading to a brawl between the two teams, which ends with Joey Janela helping his Ringkampf Enterprises teammates by hitting Hammerstone and Young with a double top rope brain buster. The three faces announce they will defend the tag titles under the Freebird Rules.
Io Shirai vs Priscilla Kelley ( Women’s #1 contender finals) 29:00 W: Priscilla Kelley. After the match, Kris Stratlander comes out and stares down the new number one contender to her championship. Jericho appears on the titantron and says that the title match will take place next month at Warzone.
Killer Kross vs Kurt Angle 17:00 W: Kurt Angle. Afterwards, Angle grabs a mic and says that this rivalry is far from over and he wants a hardcore rules match versus Kross next month at Warzone. Chris Jericho shows up on the ramp and makes the match official.
Joe Hendry vs El Phantasmo (Ladder Match) (PCW Television Championship Best of Three Series Finale) 36:00 W: Joe Hendry. Afterwards, the two men tease a brawl but then Phantasmo hands Hendry the belt, and the two shake hands respectfully before embracing to a standing ovation from the crowd.
MAIN EVENT: Marty Scurll (C) VS Keith Lee (Non-Title Match) The match goes for about 28 minutes before Keith Lee repeatedly hits Scurll in the back with the ring steps to bring a DQ end to a awesome match. As the ref, medical team memebers, and Chris Jericho try and stop Keith Lees assault, the point becomes clear: Keith is softening up Scurll for his match against The Exalted One Brodie Lee next month for the PCW World Heavyweight Championship. As Keith Lee finally stops the attack, Marty Scurll is carried out of the ring by medical staff as Brodie Lee casually walks to the ring and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship. The lights go out and when they come back up, Brodie Lee is surrounded by his Dark Order followers as he hold up a new Black and Purple World Heavyweight Championship to end the show.
Make sure to tune in on Tuesday for PCW Warzone, and as always, let me know your opinion in the comments!!
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2020.05.23 22:54 nsm1 A major appreciation to the Japanese wrestlers/leaders that facilitated Hana Kimura's growth to becoming a wrestler

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2020.05.19 02:46 BeatrixDavis123 Chapter 205 Character Analysis

I was just looking through the final chapter of Demon Slayer and i've compiled a list of all the characters that have descendants/reincarnations in modern day Tokyo. This list might not be spot on, but if you read the chapter for yourself, you'll see each character has a design that is similar if not identical to the originals.

So, above will be the characters and below are their (presumed) descendants/reincarnations, if the character doesn't have an obvious partner i'll just take an educated guess and put maybe in brackets, or put with ? (Meaning they're a reincarnation or have a completely unknown partner). Also, if there isn't an obvious reason for me putting this character in, i'll give an explanation in brackets.

Tanjiro Kamado with Kanao Tsuyuri
Kanata Kamado
Sumihiko Kamado
Mother of Kanata and Sumihiko

Nezuko Kamado with Zenitsu Agatsuma
Yoshiteru Agatsuma
Toko Agatsuma

Inosuke Hashibara with Aoi Kanzaki (Maybe, i'm only going off Inosuke blushing at her in Chap. 204)
Aoba Hashibara

Tengen Uzui with Makio/Suma/Hinatsuru (His 3 wives, most likely)
Tenma Uzui

Muichiro Tokito with ? (Most likely a reincarnation, unless there's unknown relatives)
Mother with Twin Sisters

Shinobu/Kanae with ?
Two girls from Sekirei Women's Academy

Sakonji Urokodaki with ? (Maybe)
Background character with swordsmith mask-like face, his eyebrows match Urokodaki's mask.
A man playing shogi who's robes match Urokodaki's

Kozo Kanamori with ?
Background character with hair and eyebrows identical to Kozo

Hotaru Haganezuka
A background sign reads "Haganezuka Maintenance"

Gyomei Himejima with ? (A background character looks very similar too him)
Background character working at daycare

Mitsuri Kanroji with ? (Although deceased, she has 5 unnamed siblings)
Diner worker heavily resembling Mitsuri

Obanai Iguro with ? (Although deceased, he has an unnamed cousin)
Diner worker heavily resembling Iguro

Jigoro Kuwajima with ? (Zenitsu's teacher)
Man playing Shogi heavily resembling Jigoro

Ubayashiki families descendant/Kiriya Ubayashiki
Man on TV referred to as Ubayashiki, it could be a descendant or Kiriya himself.

Sumi, Kiho, Naho with ? (The three small girls at Demon Slayer headquarters)
Three small schoolgirls heavlily resembling those three

Genya/Sanemi Shinazugawa with ? (Genya dies at 16, these are most likely Sanemi's descendants)
Two police officers heavily resembling Genya and Sanemi

Kyojuro/Senjuro Rengoku with ?
Tojuro Rengoku

Murata with ?
Man/Teacher? At school gate heavily resembling Murata

Giyu Tomioka with ?
Young Boy with characters resembling Sabito and Makomo, they all hold little toy figures of their 3 masks, further proving their connection

Sabito with ?
Young Boy with characters resembling Sabito and Makamo, they all hold little toy figures of their 3 masks, further proving their connection

Makomo with ?
Young Girl with characters resembling Sabito and Makamo, they all hold little toy figures of their 3 masks, further proving their connection

Kazumi (Villager) with Satoko (Maybe)
A background character getting referred to as Kazumi

Goto with ?
A character is referred to as Goto

P.S. Yushiro Yamamoto is still alive making paintings of Tamayo (since he's a demon)

P.P.S. A couple cool things to note, in the Kamado residence, Tanjiro's Hanafuda earrings can be seen hanging up, along with his sword (Rengoku's hilt included) and a picture of the surviving cast in chapter 204.
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2020.04.29 12:31 shreerana35 Global Website Design Services Market Report 2020 Forecast to 2025

Global Website Design Services Market Report 2020 Forecast to 2025
The latest trending report Global Website Design Services Market 2020 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 offered by is an informative study covering the market with detailed analysis. The report will assist reader with better understanding and decision making.
The global Website Design Services market size is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, with a CAGR of xx% in the forecast period of 2020 to 2025 and will expected to reach USD xx million by 2025, from USD xx million in 2019.
The Website Design Services market report provides a detailed analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size, segmentation market growth, market share, competitive Landscape, sales analysis, impact of domestic and global market players, value chain optimization, trade regulations, recent developments, opportunities analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, area marketplace expanding, and technological innovations.
Final Report will cover the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.
Browse the complete report and table of contents @
The major players covered in Website Design Services are:

  • Seller’s Bay
  • GoDaddy Operating Company
  • WebFX
  • Fiverr International
  • Appnovation
  • Sagentic Web Design
  • Sumy Designs
  • Blue Corona
  • Genetech Solutions
  • Netbiz Group
  • Eminent SEO
  • Appnovation
  • WISE Digital Partners
  • Glorywebs
  • Miromind
By Type, Website Design Services market has been segmented into:

  • Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Domain Sales
  • Other
By Application, Website Design Services has been segmented into:

  • Enterprise
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The report offers in-depth assessment of the growth and other aspects of the Website Design Services market in important countries (regions), including:

  • North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
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1 Website Design Services Market Overview
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13 Research Findings and Conclusion
14 Appendix
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2020.03.06 20:17 JackieRow Alucard's Arc is Phenomenal, and Here's Why

Right off the bat I'm going to let y'all know, I was devastated by this arc, but good god do I adore it and it's storytelling aspects. I have seen quite a few people argue that there wasn't a lot of set up for the events which transpire, but honestly I think it reads quite well when told from a psychological perspective. It's not about the sex, like at all. It's about the emotional connection and power it gives others around Alucard. To fully illustrate my point in this regard, I will take a look at each scene leading up to the climax (no pun intended) of the season and discuss how these scenes influence and progress Alucard's relationship with Sumi and Taka to its conclusion.
To further clarify, I am not an avid fan of the franchise, but rather someone who enjoys the animated series for what it has to offer as a stand alone. Therefore, as I speak of this arc, I'm going to discuss it purely for how it is presented in the animated series itself and how it affects Alucard solely in this rendition of his character (not how it compares to his other incarnations).
At the end of season two, when the trio split up and left Alucard in the ruins, I was admittedly worried that we would not be seeing as much of him as we had in the past because it felt as though his arc had largely come to a conclusion with the destruction of Dracula's plans and his father's death.
So when season three starts off with Alucard, it felt reassuring that he would continue to be in the series as a prominent character. Of course, we find that while Alucard is still a part of the series, he is succumbing to loneliness and isolation in the castle. He has created two dolls resembling Sypha and Trevor which sit on a shelf across from his kitchen table. Alucard even has voices for them and talks with them while he eats (he's an extraordinary cook). After 'conversing' with the dolls he remarks, "Oh my god, I am loosing my mind. It's only been a month. I think..."
They're pretty cute though, right?
This opening scene is wonderfully mundane, and yet powerful as it sets up the premise of Alucard's predicament. We hear a haunting melody as we leave Alucard with his dinner, emphasizing how empty and desolate his existence has become without human companionship in his life. He has spent countless days alone in the castle with only his routine and his memories to keep him company. As inhuman as he may be, he is as subject to human emotion as any other.
Alucard's loneliness is immediately followed by our reunion with Sypha and Trevor who have taken up a romantic partnership with each other post the end of season two. They are happy traveling together and are deeply contented by their connection which has grown stronger than ever. Their happiness provides direct juxtaposition to Alucard's current existence.
Days are passing much the same for Alucard, and we revisit him as he is busying himself once again foraging for his nightly dinner. This time however, he finds himself stalked by a pair of humans, a woman named Sumi and a man called Taka. As we come to find out, this pair have sought out Alucard for help them successfully hunt vampires such as their master and long time captor, Cho, the Japanese vampiress shown in earlier seasons. Alucard assures them she is dead, but they still wish to learn from him in order to protect others in their homeland from vampires and to keep themselves free of such oppression in the future.
Sumi and Taka seem to strike a cord with Alucard when they mention they are alone, and in need of him. He beckons them to follow him back home and tells them that he is willing to teach them all he knows, even eager to tell them all of that which he has access to. For Alucard, this is his first opportunity to rekindle that human connection with others that he so desperately craves. So much so that he is perhaps careless with himself and his guardianship of his knowledge. He ends his thoughts in this scene by saying, "Now we are not alone."
With this sentiment, Alucard binds himself with Sumi and Taka, seeing them as an answer to his loneliness and isolation. He can trade his knowledge in exchange for their companionship, which he has so clearly been starved of since Sypha and Trevor left. It is a highly emotional and hopeful response to his distress, and this eagerness to rekindle such a connection blinds him to the potential dangers inviting strangers into his home may bring.
Sumi (left) and Taka (right)
Alucard is so excited by this prospect of companionship in fact, that in the next scene we find him in, he has immediately sought out wine for his guests. I found this quite sweet and enjoyed Sumi and Taka's examination of Alucard's creations on the shelf. It shows us from an audience perspective how, although Sumi and Taka are much different from Alucard's old companions, he is subconsciously seeking to fill their loss with this new human duo. They're certainly not the same people, but from Alucard's perspective, they have the potential to fulfill the same purpose. This isn't a sinister thing, but an incredibly human need for social interaction and affection.
Note how Sumi stands in front of Sypha and Taka in front of Trevor's doll.
As the trio sits down discuss their new arrangement, we learn that Alucard's sense of time has continued to slip from him as the days of monotonous isolation have dredged on. He even repeats Sumi and Taka's names as he so delights in having people around him once more.
We get to see Sumi and Taka's backstory in Japan and how they managed to free themselves once Cho, their master, had left to join Dracula's army. Much like how Alucard describes his battle with his father, we are given the sense that much of Sumi and Taka's life has been quite desperate and sad. They have been subjected to vampiric rule nearly all their life and even now that they are free, they are still fighting to maintain that said freedom.
"We need a friend." Sumi tells Alucard. He instead suggests that what they need is instruction, some weapons, and some training in magic however, it would seem that the comment touches him. He wants so earnestly to help these two, particularly as he learns of their past and comes to view them for their needs which are not so unlike those of his own and his friends. After all, Sypha and Trevor once came to him for a very similar request.
During their time in Cho's court
This scene also sets up two important things that will become relevant in the latter part of Alucard's arc:
  1. Sumi mentions that during their time at court she and Taka would carefully study Cho, learning she weaknesses as she put on shows for her human guard fighting those who would attempt to slay her. They had, from the start, intended to kill Cho even before she left for her appointment in Dracula's court. The battle at Braila just happened to kill her first.
  2. Taka asks Alucard if his castle will still fly. Alucard mentions that it has been melted by Sypha, but doesn't seem to think much of it.
Alucard has begun training Sumi and Taka and he is gauging what they know about fighting with swords. Although they are training, it is a lighthearted affair which ends with the trio on the ground laughing together and Sumi insisting Alucard prepare them some lunch.
Alucard caves to this demand without much convincing, pleased that Taka and Sumi have "[...] remembered how to still be human". It is an innocent enough statement, but it provides the audience with foreshadowing that perhaps all is not truly right with these humans as has been presented thus far. To further this foreshadowing, as the trio heads back to the castle for lunch, Sumi and Taka share an especially long look with one and other, as if having a silent conversation.
Alcucard, oblivious to this, seems to be alight with life, finally having people to share his time with once more. The training is fun, but it is the human connection that truly has him thriving. He seems quite willing to cook for the pair as it is his way to provide for them and make them happy, thus bringing himself his own kind of happiness. Its been a long time since he's had any kind of connection like this and he's been truly starved for it.
He once again promises them he will impart all that he knows to them in due time. And for Alucard, he means to do right by this promise.
I call this, the calm before the storm. Quaint right?
Alucard takes Sumi and Taka to the Belmont Hold to show them about magic and all the wealth of history imparted to him (and by exstention now Sumi and Taka) by Trevor. As they make their way, there is discussion of the duo wandering the castle late at night with Sumi explaining that they were merely looking for the room that moved the castle (out of supposed curiosity). Sumi and Taka ask him once more if the castle can ever be fixed to move again, and Alucard tells them perhaps it may, but that he has no present intention of doing so. It would take far too long and he has many things to take care of before then.
Sumi and Taka present themselves as deeply worried, and ask many questions about how one might commit murder or harness magic for homicide. Alucard is sympathetic to their emotional state, but also wants to pass on not just violent knowledge, but a wide range of things. He is interested in investing a full education into them with time. It also seems that perhaps if he can continue to teach them, then they can continue to stay with him and enjoy in their much needed company.
Taka and Sumi exit the Belmont Hold by themselves, docking the rustic elevator at the top of the opening. This is a small thing, but it does demonstrate how Alucard trusts the two of them and their intentions in the Hold. Alone down there, they could easily steal priceless tomes and other collected treasures, but Alucard has placed faith in them to stay around and to be earnest. Which, given the theme of the show and Alucard's past, is quite a generous display of trust in someone.
At this point, the conversation that follows between the two vampire hunters is perhaps one of the most pivotal to the climax of the arc. And its a wordy one, so please bare with my as I provide the rough transcript of said scene:
T: "He's holding things back from us, you know."
S: "He's lonely. He wants us to stay."
T: "Well, he did kill his father. And the people who helped him left."
S: "It's just him in a dead castle, guarding a ruined house."
T: "It doesn't seem fair does it? He rid the world of Dracula, and this was his reward."
S: "I think that he thinks he deserves it."
T: "The loneliness?"
S: "He killed his own father. He wants to be punished for it."
T: "Even though he had no choice. It seems that he probably killed Cho, too. At the very least, Cho died as a result of his attack on Dracula."
S: "Now home is more unprotected than ever. But he has so many wonderful things. He can do so much for us. Give us a future."
T: "But he stays here because its as close to death as he can manage without killing himself."
S: "We should do something for him. Give him a reward."[...]
T: "Maybe Alucard can make lunch again."
S: "And dinner."
T: "One more dinner?"
S: "Well, sooner or later, I'll have to start preparing my own food again."
T: "And meals taste better when someone else makes them."
S: "It always feels that way."
T: "I know."
S: "All right, then. Lunch and dinner, and we'll see what the night brings."
This scene provides a significant amount of exposition to the audience. We get to see how Sumi and Taka view their relationship with Alucard and how they perceive his actions toward them. In many ways, the audience is led to believe that they are sympathetic and grateful to Alucard as they seem intent on giving him a "reward". To this end, comments about his loneliness, his self inflicted penance, and the opportunities he has offered them lead us on that they may care for Alucard and his emotions, wanting to do something nice for him.
However, looking back on this conversation there are some darker undertones that set the stage for Sumi and Taka's betrayal and the climax of the arc:- Taka still feels that, despite all Alucard has shared with them, he is still holding things back from them.- It is mentioned that Alucard has killed his father and been abandoned by the people who helped him. This implying that perhaps he is not as honest about his explanation of the past or that perhaps he instead drove off Sypha and Trevor through his actions (perhaps killed them).- And they climb the steps to the castle, they make distinct reference to enjoying one more lunch, and one more dinner before seeing "what the night brings". On first watch, I joked that perhaps they would seduce him, but didn't really think it would happen. Now, I believe that was likely the intended purpose here. The audience has been set up to believe in the idea of this "reward" (which is typically seen as a god thing) and that the hunters care for Alucard, but their language presents the future events as a finite occurrence. We observe what we wish it to be in this scene, but the context clues provide us the evidence that Sumi and Taka may have other plans in the works.
The thing that truly ties this scene together however, is the wildflower that Taka picks during their walk back to the castle. As the audience listens to their dialogue, there are clues left in favor of benevolent and sinister conspiracies simultaneously. So why does the flower matter?
As a child, most us were likely exposed to the game of effeuiller la marguerite or "He loves Me, He loves me Not". In this game, you pick a petaled flower and you begin the chant of "he loves me, he loves me not", plucking off a petal after each potential answer until the petals are all gone. Whichever phrase you land on with the last petal you pluck with give you your answer.
Taka is seen plucking petals off of his flower during this conversation, signifying that the discussion he and Sumi are sharing correlates to the essence of this game. They believe Alucard deserves a reward for his actions, but what exactly is that reward to be?
Is it to be the anticipated just reward of affection and friendship which Alucard has been desperately hoping for? Or will they choose to provide Alucard an unjust reward for seemingly keeping things from them and attempting to manipulate them?
This episode is by far the most controversial I have seen for the season. And it is also the climax to Alucard's arc.
We find Alucard restless for sleep this night, when his door is opened by Taka and Sumi, dressed in their nightgowns. Alucard's first thought it to inquire what is wrong as he is still in the mindset of helping these two and providing for them as best he can.
Taka assures him nothing is wrong as they approach his bed, but you'll note both of the hunters enter with their hands behind their backs. A sly shot of Taka as he sits down on the bed shows the audience him sliding something to the floor (which we now know is the dagger).
T: "You've been so alone."
S: "It's time for your reward."
These two lines evoke strong emotions for both the audience and for Alucard. You can see the surprise and the unabashed swirl of unexpected hopefulness that this brings to him on his face and how his eyes tremble. This is, for Alucard, something of a dream. Its not about them seducing him, its not about the idea of the reward itself. Its about the fact that finally it seems like he's being gifted an incredibly human connection so fully and freely. Sumi and Taka seem to want him, they want to be with Alucard, and they want him to be happy.
Alucard is not more vulnerable in this series, then in this moment. He is willing and so eager to accept this love into himself (I am speaking purely metaphorically), that he is utterly blinded to even the idea of danger. These humans are coming to him and presenting him with the thing he craves most in this world, love.
And as the audience, we're rooting for Alucard to have that. He deserves it right? After everything he's been through?
It's not a matter of what gender the people are for Alucard, and perhaps this is one of the best reasons for both Sumi and Taka to present this offer to him, its the fact that they see his pain, and they seemingly want to replace it with their affections. There is no greater cure for loneliness than the love of others.
With all of these emotions being pumped into the scene, we grow ever more anxious however because of an intense melodic cue that tells the audience not all is well. Its a tense tempo and leads us directly into the next scene of fire and souls being burnt from their homes. Once again, the writers chose to tie two scenes together to tell the story of one. By this, I mean that as we progress through this sex scene, we see that the physical intercourse between Alucard and the hunters is the least important thing happening. By cutting between Alucard's story, the Township story, Isaac's story, and Hector's story we have this overarching theme come into play of vulnerability, power, and trust and how these things can be corrupted and used for malicious purposes. Its not about what's actually happening on the screen, it's about what it represents. Control.
- We have Sypha and Trevor fighting for control of the town, the vulnerability of townsfolk there, the corruption of the priory, and the Judge's fight to control the town.- Hector giving of himself to his captor as he allows himself to be vulnerable and see himself as an equal with her whilst she is duplicitous and secretly binds him to her with the ring, ensuring her control over him.- Isaac's fight with the Magician's slaves who are vulnerable and helpless in their predicament, Isaac's ultimate triumph as he both breaks the control the magician attempts to place on him and the ending as he thrusts his dagger into the old man.
These are grievously cliffnoted examinations of these other plots simultaneously occurring in this episode, but I wanted to give you an idea of how them all represent very similar ideas, though they are happening in much different circumstances. This season has been called slow pacing wise, because it has not physically progressed the plot along, but that is because it has spent its time emotionally and psychologically progressing these themes and stories to their full conclusions.
Back to Alucard and the hunters however. We see that Alucard has not pushed them away, but is instead laid bare before them, symbolizing his emotional state with them. He is utterly exposed and is allowing them complete control. He is of course, an amazingly strong creature who could cut them down in a moment, but here we see him almost feeble in his complete transference of control.
And that's when we see the hunters give each other another one of their infamous looks. We've seen it shown a few times throughout this season, and we know how close their bond to one and other is. Its another one of those silent conversations, and with their expressions, its not a good one.
This is when they enact their true purpose for coming to Alucard's bedchambers, slapping a pair of enchanted cuffs upon Alucard which immobilize him. This simultaneously coincides with Hector's betrayal as Lenoir slips her slave ring on his finger, binding them together. By interlacing these scenes together, we see that idea of utmost betrayal brought to the forefront. Alucard and Hector have made themselves completely vulnerable to their partners, giving them complete trust. If ever these scenes were about the actual sex taking place, this moment is why. Giving yourself to someone else in such a manner, it truly lays you bare to them emotionally as you present yourself to them, entrusting them with your care. Having the hunters betray Alucard without this interaction would be utterly hollow and void compared to violation inflicted upon his psyche by this turn of events. His dream of love and acceptance has instantly been transformed into an absolute nightmare. And it only gets worse for him.
As he is bound, his body assumes the stance of Christ crucified, signaling his innocence and unjust persecution.
The season finale is aptly titled, "Abandon all Hope", and by golly if that doesn't just fit right in with our running story arc. The arc thus far has lead the audience to yearn like Alucard has been for a pardon from his loneliness and isolation, it has presented Alucard with the opportunity and has brought him to the brink of fulfilling this wish, only to dash it harshly from him. In this episode we see the height of his betrayal and its devastating aftermath.
A: "What's happening?"
T: "You've been lying to us."
A: "I have not."
T: "You have. Because everybody lies to us. Everybody hides things from us."
S: "You won't help us. Because nobody helps us. We will work out how to move this castle."
T: "We will find all your secrets. We will use them to build our own empire."
A: "I gave you everything."
S: "No, you didn't. Nobody does. We have been lied to and cheated across half the world. [looks to Taka] Do you expect us to believe you're different?"
A: "I tried to be."
T: "You haven't taught us magic. You won't move the castle. You're just like all the others."
A: "Please. I know your lives have been hard. But the world is not against you. I am not against you."
T: "Of course you're not."
S: "You're already dead."
Rewatching this scene brings me the same gut-wrenching, teeth-clenching feeling I had the first time viewing it. Its so completely devastating to see not only our main character's betrayal, but to see how Taka and Sumi truly view the world. For them, it is and always will be an "us against the world" mentality. You can see how, even though Alucard has given them so much (which they acknowledge earlier on), they still cannot accept that he truly is interested in their well-being. Instead, they are positioned by their own thoughts and memories of the past, leading them to conclude that all they will ever have, and can ever have is each other despite the direct evidence in front of them. Its truly about the story we tell ourselves that matters to how we see the world in front of us. For Taka and Sumi, they can only see the "bad" that Alucard has done, and insist that he must be hiding things from them despite the fact that he has been overly honest with them about the movement of the castle. In their "us against the world" mentality, they see the only way to be safe and to be free is to shut every one out, and to build and empire so that no one can ever enslave them again.
They have so little trust left in the world, and no confidence in the good in people anymore. Alucard desperately attempts to reason with them, can even see where their coming from. Ultimately though, he cannot change their minds and it comes down to a choice between his life and theirs. And he chooses his own. Its heartbreaking, because truly they were as lost and alone as he, but they just couldn't see it. And what's worse, Alucard couldn't make them see it either. It was something that they had to do for themselves, and tragically failed to.
If circumstances had been different, if they'd had more time, perhaps if Sumi and Taka had had more time, they could have come around and seen the reality of things. This idea, their potential, and their betrayal are the things that will haunt Alucard.
Blinded by themselves to the truth
When faced without a choice, Alucard's calls his sword to save him, slitting both the hunters throats. (His sword is placed in the shot to once again signify the cross and Alucard's righteousness in his actions and the scene) What follows is an earnest and broken final thought to Sumi and Taka:
A: "I told you my father didn't like magical weapons. I did not say I didn't use them. I never lied to you."
Alucard, despite doing what he had to in the situation, is left feeling as though he's failed the hunters. We see he was willing to use his sword on them, but not until the last minute. And we see his last words to them, "I never lied to you". He cannot, not matter how much he might wish to, make this better or easier. He didn't do anything wrong, but that didn't stop things from going horribly wrong. And that's what hurts him so.
This arc leaves Alucard broken in a way we have never seen him before. He has lost a lot over the course of the show: his home, his parents, but we see he's now hurt far worse. Its not however, something that we've never seen in the show before. One person in particular comes to mind, Dracula.
The seasons have shifted as well, from summer to fall/winter, signifying a change in life. Both the weather and Alucard are now colder.
As the series comes to its concluding scenes, we find Alucard's life has returned to its mundane routine of foraging for his meals, but Alucard himself is now profoundly different. Instead of the lonely and earnest expressions we saw from him earlier, we now see Alucard carries a harsh and closed of grimace on his face. He still bares the marks from the magical cuffs, and he has experienced a drastic shift in his mental state. Such a change is directly reflected in his concluding monologue:
A: "Well. I suppose I could've put up big signs all over the place. 'Do not enter. Danger of death. Abandon all hope.' [scoffs] That sort of thing. But this seemed to work well enough for dead old dad."
Like father, like son.
And with it, we conclude Alucard's arc and the season finale. It makes quite the punch, and it leaves us with a lot of questions for the following season.
What's the point of it all though?
Well, it's largely psychological. There is a reason that Alucard does move from his physical surroundings the entire season. Its about what is going on in his head, not what is going on around him. Alucard has suffered a great loss at the ending of season two, but he is still open and willing to experience the world for a chance at finding some goodness in it. After the events that transpire however, we are left with a very different Alucard. He now finds himself wanting to close himself off from the world and appears to want nothing to do with others. He has even begun to act in a similar manner to his father. Leaving us, the audience, to wonder if perhaps we are going to see history repeating itself.
Will Alucard be transformed into his father? When Sypha and Trevor reunite with him, will it be as friends? Or will they be forced to kill him? Can Alucard be saved from himself?
We have been left on the precipice and we must wait to see how far we are going to fall.
Thank you to anyone who's made it through this wall of text. I really appreciate you taking the time to shift through my many thoughts. I'd love to hear what you guys think of the arc, and perhaps what might happen next season. And if I've missed something please let me know! Its been an interesting last to days writing this.
P.S. I fixed the formatting on this post for the dialogues. Sorry they were in a clump, I didn't realize it! everything else is the same.
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2020.02.14 04:08 BienBo123 Sacrifice throws are amazing

So we have a competitive class and a technique class (separate senseis, separate class schedule). Competitive is self-explanatory, lots of randori, lots of drilling. Techniques class we get to experiment and learn new techniques, slow everything down and analyze common situations, learn what to do when you want to arm bar someone but they’re holding really tight on their gi etc.
Up until 3 months ago, I was never introduced to sacrifice throws, however, I got the chance to learn them, experiment with them in the technique class. It started off weird, rough, and horrible for my uke (cherish your partners), but just recently for the past week or two, I busted out my sutemi wazas in the competitive class and surprised many of my mates. Some of them never go to the techniques class so all they drill are koshi waza and ashi waza.
It was so fun guys. So fun. I can barely describe the feeling when you constantly get ‘em with a perfect sutemi waza and go right on top for the osaekomi. Yank ‘em down, yoko wakare, hikkikomi gaeshi, sumi gaeshi, uki waza, tomoe nage, kata guruma you name it, oooooh such beautiful throws.
TLDR: I just wanted to share my experience with sutemi wazas this week after being extremely successful with them in randori.
EDIT: removed kata guruma because I was overexcited when I made this post and did not realize that A. I did not train or use it B. Kata guruma is not even sutemi waza, it’s te waza.
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2019.11.30 01:55 steakandwater What are the best throw counters to a single leg/tips on my throw counters for a single leg

I know leg grabs aren’t allowed in judo but regardless, entertain my question for a moment. Keep in mind this is a no gi scenario
Anyway, my partner grabs my leg, holds it between his legs in what, in wrestling, is known as a single leg. Attempting what, in wrestling, is known as a crackdown.
My counters are as follows:
  1. to wrench down a whizzer and attempt an uchi mata, and sometimes I end up in a position where I almost get the throw but he’s still standing just off balanced. How do I transition from there?
  2. To sit to my butt with a straight leg and attempt sort of a sumi gaeshi of sort? I use my shin and it rests right at the groin. I literally just sit and throw over, usually this works on guys I’ve never gone with that day but guys that frequently wrestle with me expect it and immediately jump up and to the side when they feel themself elevating. How can I improve maybe the speed that they get thrown or really just anything to improve my ability to throw someone
  3. I grapevine the leg, this is the counter I use the least, I then sit down and roll them to their back, in a top half guard situation. It’s a bit like a lateral drop This is scary for me because I don’t always feel the right kind of momentum to where I can put them on their back
Any tips? Or are their other throws that you would suggest doing instead
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2019.11.26 18:28 JannisT No one likes to get baited

Especially not when the thumbnail for the fourth chapter of Volume 7 showed us Ruby and Weiss at the same time which lead to many people getting hyped up.
After all the three thumbnails we got before were pretty significant to the plot of each episode.
The first thumbnail showed us the kingdom of Atlas and this one was pretty significant because we got to see a big part of the Atlas kingdom, Mantle.
The second thumbnail showed us James Ironwood who was pretty much the MVP of chapter 2.
And the third thumbnail showed us the Ace Operatives who were pretty significant to this episode because we got to see how competitive huntsmen would act in a battle against the Grimm.
So its only fair to say that a lot of people thought that this episode would focus on Ruby and Weiss. That something significant will happen between them or that they have an important moment with each other, but sadly neither happened.
Instead we got a moment between Blake and Weiss and a Team RWBY moment which was completely fine because they are family after all and family protects each other.
However it still leaves a bitter taste. Everything would have been cool if they had given us an thumbnail where we could have seen the main cast in the Amity Arena which would have been more in tune with the title of this episode or without spoiling anything just Winter, but they gave us a White Rose thumbnail and I don’t think that this is a coincidence considering for what this fandom is notorious for and that Rooster Teeth is pretty much aware of that.
They probably expected these big reactions considering that White Rose is a very popular ship in this fandom.
Why did they do this?
Maybe as kind of an marketing strategy
Or just for shit and giggles.
Who knows, but it's still a shitty move and made a a lot of people salty as soon the episode dropped and it’s only fair if their partnership gets also some development even if it just platonic.
After all Ruby is Weiss‘ BFF, partner, teammate and leader and it would be pretty sad if Ruby doesn’t play an important role in her arc and if they won‘t have any significant moments together during their time in Atlas.
But that’s just mine opinion.
Sorry if this came off as petty, but I had to get this off my mind.
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2019.11.19 12:45 fragmanlife Mesti Ask Filmi Oyunculari ve Vizyon Tarihi

Mesti Ask Filmi Oyunculari ve Vizyon Tarihi Yönetmenliğini Hasan Fethi’nin üstleneceği Mevlana’nın hayat hikayesinin anlatılacağı Mesti Aşk filmi için hazırlıklar sürüyor. Başrollerini İbrahim Çelikkol, Hande Erçel ve Bensu Soral’ın paylaştığı Mesti Aşk filmi 2020’nin şimdiden en çok merak edilen vizyon projelerinden biri oldu. Daha önce bir çok dizi de başrol oynayan ve şimdilerde Azize dizisi ile ekranlara gelmeye hazırlanan Hande Erçel’in ilk film projesi olacak.
Mesti Aşk Filmi Konusu Mesti Aşk filminde Mevlana’nın hikayesi çok farklı bir bakış açısı ise İranlı bir yönetmen tarafından anlatılacak. Mesti Aşk filminde bilinenden çok farklı bir Mevlana profili olacağı konuşuluyor.
Mesti Aşk Filmi Vizyon Tarihi Mesti Aşk Filmi 2020 de vizyonda olacak. Okuma provaları başlayan filmin çekimlerine ise kısa zaman içinde başlanacak ve 2019 kasım ayında tahmini olarak çekimler tamamlanmış olacak ve montaj çalışmalarına başlanacak.
Mesti Aşk Oyuncuları Bensu Soral Son olarak Organize İşler 2: Sazan Sarmalı filminde Yılmaz Erdoğan ile birlikte rol alan ve özellikle İçerde dizisinde hayat verdiği Melek karakterinden sonra büyük çıkış yakalayan Bensu Soral şimdide Mesti Aşk filminde baş rolde yer alacak. İlk olarak 2015 yılında yer aldığı Tatlı Küçük Yalancılar dizisi ile tanınan ve dizi de hayat verdiği Aslı karakteri ile çok sevilen Bensu Soral oyunculuğa ise 2012 de Yol Ayrımı dizisi ile başlamıştı. 2 Şubat 1991 de Yeşil Bursa’da doğan Bensu Soral 2019 yılı itibari ile 28 yaşının içindedir. r. Marmara Üniversitesi Grafik Bölümü mezunu olan Bensu Soral oyuncu Hande Soral’ın da kardeşidir. 1.63 boyu ve 55 kilo olan Bensu Soral güzelliği ile bir çok izleyiciyi kendine hayran bırakmaktadır.
Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar
Hande Erçel 24 Kasım 1993 doğumlu olan güzel oyuncu Hande Erçel 26 yaşındadır ve aslen Balıkesirlidir. 2019 da kasım ayında yayınlanacak Azize dizisinde Azize karakterine hayat vermek için hazırlanan Hande Erçel daha son dönemlerin en ünlü kadın başrol oyuncularından biri olmuştur. 2018 de Halka dizisi ile büyük çıkış yakalayan Erçel her ne kadar ününe ün katsa da yer aldığı projelerin hiç biri sezonu tamamlayamamıştır.
Mimar Sinan Üniversitesinde Güzel Sanatlar eğitimi alan Hande Erçel bir çok eleştirmen tarafından oyunculuğunun eleştirilmesi sonrası yurt dışında oyunculuk dersleri bile almıştır. Güzelliği ile lise döneminden itibaren dikkat çeken Hande Erçel Çılgın Dershane Üniversitede filmi ile kendini göstermiş ve yapımcıların radarına girmiştir. Hande Erçel’in en büyük çıkışı ise Güneşin Kızları dizisinde hayat verdiği Selin karakteri olmuştur. 2017 de Aşk Laftan Anlamaz isimli dizi de Burak Deniz ile partner olan Hande Erçel daha sonra Siyah İnci dizisinde Talgahan Sayışman ile yer almıştır. Murat Dalkılıç ile ilişkisi olduğu bilenen güzel oyucu Azize ve Mesti Aşk dizisi çekimlerini aynı zamanda gerçekleştirecektir.
İbrahim Çelikkol (İskender) 2019 da Evim dizisi ile izleyicisi karşısına çıkmaya hazırlanan İbrahim Çelikkol Mesti Aşk dizisinden gelen teklifi de reddetmedi ve iki projenin çekimlerini de aynı anda yürütmeye karar verdi. 1982 de Kocaeli doğan 37 yaşında ki İbrahim Çelikkol zamanın hızlı basketbolcularındandır. Basketbolda milli seviyeye ulaştıktan sonra mankenlik teklifi alan İbrahim Çelikkol bir dönem modellik yapmış ve bu dönemde yapımcıların dikkatinden kaçmamıştır. Uzun boyu ve kaslı fiziği ile aksiyon filmlerinin aranan ismi olan İbrahim Çelikkol Osman Sınav’ın kendisini keşfetmesi ile ünlü olmuştur. İlk olarak Pars Narkoterör isimli polisiye filmde yer alan ve çok beğenilen oyuncu daha sonra Merhamet dizisinde erkek başrol de yer alarak artık herkes tarafından tanınan bir oyuncu olmuştur. 2017 de Seddülbahir 32 Saat’te ve 2018 de Siyah Beyaz Aşk dizisinde yer alan İbrahim ÇELİKKOL son olarak Muhteşem İkili dizisinde yer almış ama dizisi tutmamıştır. Mihre Mutlu ile evlidir.
İskender devletine milletine ve geleneklerine bağlı bir komutandır. Hz. Mevlana ile tanıştıktan sonra İrfani aşk yolunda büyük çelişkiler yaşayan İskender, aslında en büyük savaşı kendi ile vermektedir.
Boran Kuzum (Alaeddin) 1 Ekim 1992 de Ankara doğumlu olan Boran Kuzum 27 yaşındadır. Vatanım Sensin’in dizisinin yıldızı Leon karakteri ile büyük çıkış yakalayan Boran Kuzum 0İstanbul Üniversitesi Devlet Konservatuvarı tiyatro bölümü mezunudur. ilk olarak 2015 de Analar ve Anneler dizisi ile ekranlara çıkan Boran Kuzum 2016’da ise Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem dizisinde yer almıştır. 2017 de ise Cingöz Recai filminde yer almıştır. Boran Kuzum son olarak Şahin Tepesi dizisinde Efe karakteri ile yer almıştır.
Alaeddin Mevlana ve Şems’in kaderini belirleyen genç bir adamdır.
Burak Tozkoparan
1992’de İstanbul doğumlu olan yakışıklı oyuncu Burak Tozkoparan şuanda 27 yaşının içindedir. Vodafone Liseler Arası Müzik Yarışması ile dikkatleri üzerine çeken Burak Tozkoparan anınmıştır. Okan Üniversitesinde Sinema ve Televizyon eğitimi almıştır. Oyunculuğa başlamadan önce baterist olarak sanat icra etmiştir; ilk ekran deneyimini ise Paramparça dizi olmuş dizinin deneme çekimlerinde dizinin yönetmen ve yapımcısını kendisine hayran bırakmıştır. 2016 da Hesapta Aşk filmi ile ekranlara çıkan Burak Tozkoparan 2017 de Kırgın Çiçekler dizisinde hayat verdiği Ali karakteri ile tanındı. Son olarak Sesinde Aşk Var dizisinde Rüzgar karakteri ile yer almıştır.
Selma Ergeç
1 Kasım 1978 Almanya doğumlu olan Selma Ergeç 41 yaşının içindedir. Çok zeki bir kız olan Selma Ergeç Tıp okurken model olmak için eğitime ara vermiş ve manken ve dizi oyuncusu olmaya karar vermiştir. Asi dizisinde Defne karakterine hayat vermiştir. Son olarak Muhteşem Yüzyıl dizisinde Hatice Sultan’a ve Gönül İşleri Saadet karakterine hayat vermiştir. Selma Ergeç son olarak Yaşamayanlar isimli internet dizisinde Karmen karakteri ile yer almıştır.
Parsa Pirouzfar
Parsa Pirouzfar 13 Eylül 1972 İran Tahran doğumludur. 47 yaşında olan Parsa Pirouzfar Türk İran yapımı Aşk Sarhoşu filminde yer almıştır. Parsa Pirouzfar Aşk sarhoşu filminde Hande Erçel ile başrolde yer almıştır. Oyunculuk dersler vermekte ve tiyatro ile ilgilenmektedir. Aynı zamanda da ressamdır.
Shahab Hosseini
Shahab Hosseini İranlı bir aktördür. 1974 doğumludur ve 45 yaşındadır. İlk olarak radyolarda Dj olarak çalışan Shahab Hosseini psikoloji, eğitimini bırakmakmış ve oyunculuğa baş koymuştur.
Benzer Konular Trt 1 Kore Dizisi Hapishanedeki Çiçek Oyuncu Kadrosu ve Karakterleri Trt 1 Kore Dizisi Hapishanedeki Çiçek Oyuncu Kadrosu ve Karakterleri 18 Kasım 2019 Azize Asya Kimdir? Duygu Sarışın Kimdir? Kaç Yaşında? Azize Asya Kimdir? Duygu Sarışın Kimdir? Kaç Yaşında? 17 Kasım 2019 Kurşun Kerim Paşa Kimdir? (Ünal Silver) Kurşun Kerim Paşa Kimdir? (Ünal Silver) 15 Kasım 2019 İkimizin Yerine Yeni Ganga (Aasiya Kazi) Kimdir? Aasiya Kazi Nereli Kaç Yaşında İkimizin Yerine Yeni Ganga (Aasiya Kazi) Kimdir? Aasiya Kazi Nereli Kaç Yaşında 13 Kasım 2019 Can Borcum Dizisi Oyuncuları Kadrosu ve Karakterleri Can Borcum Dizisi Oyuncuları Kadrosu ve Karakterleri 9 Kasım 2019 Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Kadrosu Azadlık Saka Oyuncuları Kadrosu 9 Kasım 2019 Yorum yaz Adınız Yorumunuzu buraya yazabilirsiniz. Bıçak Sırtı Dizisi Oyuncuları Karakterleri Kadrosu (Kanal 7 Swaragini)
Kanal 7 sonunda 2019 2020 yeni sezonunda yayınlayacağı yeni Hint dizisinin detaylarını paylaştı. Sev Yeter dizisinden sonra eski dizilerin tekrarı ile devam eden Kanal 7 yeni dizisi Bıçak Sırtı ile ekim ayında izleyicisi karşısına çıkacak. Hindistan’da Swaragini ismi ile Hindistan’da 2 Mart 2015 – 14 Aralık 2016 tarihleri arasında 30 dakikadan 469 bölüm yayınlanan Swaragini dizisi Türkiye’de 90 dakikadan toplamda 156 bölüm yayında olacak.
Bıçak Sırtı Dizisi Konusu
Bıçak Sırtı dizisinde Swara ve Ragini isimli iki kızın hikayesi anlatılacak. Swara ve Ragini bir birlerinden çok farklı iki kızdır. Swara modern ve hayat dolu bir kızdır şarkı söylemeyi çok sever; Ragini ise Swara’nın tam tersi oldukça içine kapanık ve geleneklerine aşırı bağlı bir kızdır. Swara ve Ragini çok iyi anlaşan iki iyi arkadaş olsalar da aileleri bir birlerini hiç sevmezler ve her fırsatta kavga ederler. İlerleyen bölümlerde bu kavganın nedeni de anlaşılır Swara’nın annesi ile Ragini’nin babası gençliklerinde bir birlerine deliler gibi aşıklarmış ama kavuşamamışlar. Diğer taraftan iki kız olur da bir erkek olmaz mı? Lakşiya bu iki kızın sevdiği yakışıklı adam. Lakşiya Swara ve Ragini arasında kalacak ve seçim yapmakta zorlanacak. İşte bu üçlü arasında ki aşk Bıçak Sırtı dizisinin konusu oluşturacak. Hint dizisi olur da aşk, ihtiras entrika olmaz mı? Hepsi fazla fazla var.
Bıçak Sırtı Oyuncuları Helly Shah (Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari) Helly Shah 7 ocak 1996 Hindistan doğumludur. 14 yaşında ekranlara çıkmaya başlayan Helly Shah Alaxmi ve Gulaal gibi Hint dizilerinde çocuk oyuncu olarak yer alsa da asıl tanındığı dizi ilk defa baş rolü paylaştığı Swaragini dizisi oldu. Üç yıldır Devanshi isimli Hint dizisinde kadın başrol oyuncusu olarak yer almaya devam etmektedir.
Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar Kuruluş Osman Nerede Çekiliyor? Dizi Seti Nerede? İşte Detaylar
Swara Lakşiya’ya aşık hayat dolu cıvıl cıvıl bir kızdır. Rahat bir ailede yetişen Swara geleneklerini çok takmaz. O daha çok şarkı söylemeyi eğlenmeyi ve aşık olmayı sever. Açık fikirli bir kız olan Swara aynı zamanda çok da duygusaldır.
Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar (Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari) Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar 10 haziran 1992 Arabistan doğumludur. Eğitimini müzik üzerine almasına rağmen güzelliği ile dizi yapımcılarının dikkatini çekince dizi oyuncusu olmaya karar verdi. 163 cm boyu olan güzel oyuncu 55 kg’dır. En çok tanındığı dizi ise ilk kez başrol olarak yer aldığı Swaragini dizisi olmuştur.
Ragini geleneklerine çok bağlı içine çık kapanık bir kızdır. İçine kapanık olduğu için aklında çok fazla aşk yoktur ama mahallede Lakşiya isimli genci görmesi ile onunda kalbine aşk ateşi düşer. Marwar’lı bir kız olan Ragini maruz kaldığı entrikalara rağmen iyi niyetini korumayı başaracak kadar da saftır.
Ragini zengin bir velet olan Lakşiya’ya aşkını itiraf eder ama Lakşiya onu rezil eder. Lakşiya da Ragini’nin kız kardeşim dediği Swara’ya aşıktır.
Namish Taneja (Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari) Namish Taneja 11 Eylül 1994 Hindistan doğumludur ve 25 yaşındadır. Şans eseri Delihi’den Mumbai’ye geldiğinde bir film seti ile karşılaşan Namish Taneja seçmelere katılınca ünlü olmayı başarmıştır. Ekk Nayi Pehchaan isimli ünlü Hint dizisi ile oyunculuğa başlayan Namish Taneja Swaragini dizisi ile hem Hindistan’da hemde Dünyada tanınan bir yetenek haline gelmiştir. 175 cm ve 70 Kg’dır.
Laksiya yakışıklı ve hayat dolu bir gençtir. Zengin bir şımarık çocuğudur ama ailesinde her şeyin bir kuralı vardır. İki farklı yüzü vardır biri ailesinin yanında biri de dışarıda. Aslında ne evini ne de dikdatör babasını seviyor. Sonunda babasına karşı gelir. Swara’yı seviyor ama Lakşiya’yı da Ragini seviyor.
Varun Kapoor (Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari) Varun Kapoor 1987 28 Ağustos doğumludur. 32 yaşında olan yakışıklı oyuncu Hindistan’ın Türkiye’de en çok tanınan başrol oyuncularından biridir. Türkiye’de en çok İki Yabancı isimli dizii ile tanınmıştır. Aslında mühendis kafasına sahip olmasına rağmen oyunculuk yetenekleri ile de çok dikkat çekmiş ve oyuncu olmaya karar vermiştir. Evli olan Varun Kapoor 2018 de Savitri Devi College and Hospital dizisinde de başrol oynamış ve dizisi Hindistan da çok izlenen bir doktor dizisi olmuştur.
Sanskar yakışıklı bir adamdır. Diziye sonradan dahil olacak ama entrikaların merkezinde yer alacaktır. Aslında çok kötü bir geçmişi var. Dini başka bir kız sevdi ailesi ya biz ya o kız dedi. Sasnkar kız arkadaşını seçti ve ailesinden atıldı. Sonra da eşi yani sevdiği kız kollarında öldü.
Nagesh Salwan (Durgaprasad Maheshwari) Lakşiya’nın babası marwari topluluğu başkanı. Kuralları olan sıkı bir adam. Gerçekleri öğrendiğinde evi terk edecek ama geri de dönecek.
Akanksha Chamola (Parineeta Maheshwari) Adarsh’nın karısı
Alka Kaushal (Parvati Gadodia) Alla Kaushal 2 Eylül 1969 Hindistan doğumludur. 50 yaşındaki tecrübeli oyuncu çok sayıda dizi ve filmde rol almıştır. Biz onu Kanal 7 de yayınlanan Zor Sevda dizisinden tanıyoruz. Oyunculuğun yanı sıra yapımcı olarak da görev almıştır. Alka Kaushal tv yapımcısı ve yönetmeni Ravi Kaushal ile evlidir.
Şhekar’ın annesi. Dini duyguları güçlü bir kadın. Shekhar ve Sharmishta’nın düğüne karşı çıktı ve onu durdurmak için her şeyi yaptı ama başarısız oldu. Her dizide bir fitne olur ya! İşte fitnenin başı bu kadın. Ragini ondan çok korkmaktadır. Dadima olarak da atlandırılmaktadır.
Sachin Tyagi (Shekhar Gadodia) Oyuncu ve aynı zamanda şarkıcıdır. Orta sınıf bir ailenin çocuğu olarak Hindistan’ın Merut kentinde dünyaya gelmiştir. Onu ünlü yapan dizi 2015 yılında yayınlanan Swaragini dizisi olmuştur. Sachin burada Şekar rolünü oynamıştır. Sachin evlidir.
Swara ve Ragini’nin babası. sakin bir adam. gençken Sharmishta’yı sevdi, ancak farklı dinlerde olduğu için Sharmishta ailesi tarafından kabul edilmedi. Cesaret edemedi ve sevgisinden vazgeçerek Ragini’nin gençken öldüğü annesinin annesi ile evlendi. Swara’nın gerçek kızı olduğundan habersiz. Ancak Sumi gerçeği söylediğinde Swara babasının Şekar olduğunu öğrenecek. Swara Şekar ile Sumi’yi bir araya getirmek isteyecek ancak Dadima buna engel olacak. Söylediği yalanlara Ragini inanacak.
Tanima Sen (Shobha Bose) Sharmishtha’nın annesi. Shekhar-Sharmishta’nın evliliğini tam bir yürekle kabul etti ve Swini gibi Ragini’yi seviyor. Parvati’yi genelde o kontrol eder. Gerçekçi bir insan, Swara’nın büyükannesi.
Parineeta Borthakur (Sharmishtha Gadodia) Swara’nın annesi ve Ragini’nin üvey annesi. Annesi ve kızının etrafında hayatı geçen bir kadın. Gençken Shekhar i aşıktı ve onunla yattı ve Swara’ya hamile kaldı.Shekhar’ın ailesi karşı çıkınca ilişkileri yarım kaldı Hala Shekhar’a karşı hisleri var. Dizide Sumi olarak biliniyor.
Shalini Kapoor Sagar (Annapurna Maheshwari) Durgaprasad ve Lakshya’nın annesi. Çok tatlı bir kadın. Kocasına karşı gelemediği için çok acı çekmeye mahkum bir anne. Oğulları ve kocası arasında kalır.
Abhijit Lahiri(Deendayal Gadodia) Şekar’ın babası
Amar Sharma (Ram Prasad Maheshwari) Amar Sharma 1980 doğumludur ve 39 yaşındadır. İkimizin Yerine dizisinde de oynamıştır.
Durgaprasad’ın küçük kardeşi.
Tarun Singh (Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari) Durga Prasad’ın büyük oğlu
Soni Singh (Urvashi Maasi) 1984 Mumbai doğumludur 35 yaşının içindedir. Ünlü bir Hint televizyon oyuncusudur.
Swara’dan ve annesi Sharmishta’dan nefret eder Ragini’nin annesinin hayatını mahvettiğini düşünüyor. Her fırsatta Swara’ya karşı planlar ve planlar yapar.
Roop Durgapal(Kavya Malhotra) Roop Durgapal İkimizin Yerine dizisinde de oyuncu olarak yer almıştır. Hindistan Mumbai doğumludur. 15 Ekim 1988 de doğmuştur ve 31 yaşındadır 160 cm boyundadır.
Lakshya’nın eski sevgilisidir. Kavya ile Ragini’den intikam almak için evlendi.
Nikita Sharma (Kavita) Kavita, Sanskaar’ın uzun süredir komada olan eski sevgilisidir. İyileştiğinde Sanskaar’ın Swara’yı sevmeye başladığını gördüğünde geri çekilir.
Bıçak Sırtı Tanıtım Fragmanı Yasak Elma Fragman Kadın Fragman Bir Zamanlar Çukurova Fragman Elimi Bırakma Fragman Kuruluş Osman Fragman Hercai Fragman Mucize Doktor Fragman Çukur Fragman Kuzey Yıldızı Fragman Dizi Fragmanlar Yeni Fragmanlar Sesli Chat Zalim İstanbul Fragman Benim Adım Melek Fragman Arka Sokaklar Fragman
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2019.11.04 00:30 detroitlibertype Live RoH On Tour -11/3/19 - ROH Unauthorized - C*lumbus, Oh*o - Official Discussion Thread

Ring of Honor presents ROH Unauthorized on November 3rd at Express Live! in Clumbus, OH! Unauthorized is the wildest and weirdest show of the year in ROH. Anyone can show up and anything can happen when ROH flips the script for one night only. This year's booker is *Colt Cabana** who promises us an early Hanukkah with eight crazy nights worth of matches crammed into one crazy night.
ROH World Tag Team Champion Mark Briscoe squares off with Josh Woods in the main event shots will be at stake -- and we’re not talking about title shots. We’re talking about a drinking game, which will take place live as the match is going on.
Jay Briscoe and Silas Young will be on commentary for the bout, and whenever Mark Briscoe or Woods kicks out of a pin attempt, their respective tag partners will take a drink. The concept was conceived by Colt Cabana.
If this match turns into Steamboat-Savage at WrestleMania III in terms of number of pin attempts, the commentary is going to get real interesting.
“I’m hoping that the match goes a half hour and these guys just get hammered,” Cabana said.
An inebriated Jay Briscoe and Silas Young with live microphones? We’ll drink to that!
Bell Time: 7:00 p.m. EST (TV Taping) 8:00 p.m. for #HonorClub show  
Arena: Express LIVE!, C*lumbus, Oh*o
Capacity: 2,200
Ways to Watch
Free for Honor Club Members
$9.99 on Fite.TV HonorClub is only $9.99/month so only use FITE if you have credits burning a hole in your pocket or for some reason the ROH website is blocked for your platform/location
Through the help of friendly pirates
Spoiler Alert Due to recent changes in the weekly syndicated TV show, there is a good chance what you see tonight will make up segments of the regular "Ring of Honor Wrestling" show.
Announced Card (Subject to Change)
Official Poster  
Offical Links and Social Media
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2019.11.03 21:59 Tweakedenigma Live ROH UNAUTHORIZED discussion thread

Ways To Watch
How to Watch ROH's weekly show
Official Links and Social Media:
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2019.10.19 07:43 Eman326 Is training only for scores hurting me?

I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible (probably won’t be). I’m 19 and started judo roughly half a year ago. The club I train at is very competition oriented. All the senseis have international or top-level national experience, and many of the students are competing at those levels currently. Typically there is a separate class for the adult white belts, but for whatever reason I progressed within a few months to training with the competitive group (mostly blue belt +). I train 4-5 days a week. I’ve been competing in tournaments at in the novice division at my weight class and the weight class above, and also the brown belt division in my weight class. For the little that it’s worth my training partners say I will probably be promoted to blue belt or sankyu. In training I tend to stick with the throws that I find successful in randori/shiai (morote seoi, ouchi/kouchi gari, kosoto gari, sumi gaeshi, opposite side sode tsurikomi goshi, and a handful of others). When doing uchikomi or nagekomi I almost exclusively practice these throws, and I rarely branch out into other throws (uchi mata, harai goshi, tai otoshi, etc.) unless I’m working with an “easier” opponent (kid/teen or fellow low grade belt). Is focusing heavily on these techniques going to hurt my long-term judo development? Also, my main forward throw is drop seoi nage. Should I train standing seoi in randori even though I use drop in competition?
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2019.10.07 12:57 lisasingleton Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Profitable Strategic Report on 2019 -ADASENS Automotive GmbH,Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.,Autoliv Inc.,Continental Automotive GmbH,Delphi Automotive PLC,Denso Corporation,Magna International lnc

The Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems market report provides an unbiased and detailed analysis of the on-going trends, openings/high development zones, market drivers, which would push partners to gadget and adjust advertise systems as indicated by the flow and future market elements. The Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems market report thoroughly covers the market by product device, deployment, verticals and countries.
Major Key Players of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market:
ADASENS Automotive GmbH Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Autoliv Inc. Continental Automotive GmbH Delphi Automotive PLC Denso Corporation Magna International lnc Motherson Sumi Systems Limited Samvardhana Motherson Reflectec Bosch Harman Siemens
Get sample Copy of this Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Report at:
The report firstly introduced the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems basics: definitions, classifications, applications and advertise diagram; item determinations; fabricating forms; cost structures, crude materials, etc. At that point it investigated the world's fundamental area economic situations, including the product price, advantage, limit, creation, supply, solicitation and market improvement rate and estimate, etc. At last, the report presented new task SWOT investigation, speculation practicality examination, and venture return investigation.
This report incorporates the estimation of market size for worth (million US$) and volume (K Units). Both top-down and base up methodologies have been utilized to evaluate and approve the market size of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Consumption market, to estimate the size of various other dependent submarkets in the overall market.The detail information about In-Depth Analysis, Business opportunities, Market growth rate analysis Available in Full research report.
Inquire for further detailed information of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Report at:
Maket Segmentation By Types:
Luxury Midmarket Entry level LCV HCV
Maket Segmentation By Applications:
OEM Aftermarket HCV
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Overview
1.2513 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Definition
1.2 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Size Status and Outlook (2013-2024)
1.3 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Size Comparison by Region, Type, Application, Sales Channel (2013-2024)
Chapter 2 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Segment Analysis by Player
2.1 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Sales, Revenue, Average Price and Market Share by Player (2016-2018)
2.2 Players Competition Situation & Trends
2.3 Conclusion of Segment by Player
Chapter 3 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Segment Analysis by Type
3.1 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Sales, Revenue, Average Price and Market Share by Type (2013-2018)
3.2 Leading Players of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems by Type in 2018
Chapter 4 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Segment Analysis by Application
4.1 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Sales and Market Share by Application (2013-2018)
4.2 Leading Consumers of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems by Application in 2018
4.3 Conclusion of Segment by Application
Chapter 5 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Segment Analysis by Sales Channel
5.1 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market by Sales Channel
5.2 Direct Channel
5.3 Distribution Channel
5.4 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Sales and Market Share by Sales Channel (2015-2019)
5.4 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems by Sales Channel in 2018
5.5 Conclusion of Segment by Sales Channel
Chapter 6 Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Segment Analysis by Region
6.1 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Market Size and CAGR by Region (2013-2024)
6.2 Global Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Region (2013-2018)
6.3 North America,
6.3.1 United States, Canada, Mexico
6.4 Europe,
6.4.1 Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Spain
6.5 Asia-Pacific
6.5.1 China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Australia
6.6 South America
6.6.1 Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile
6.7 Middle East & Africa
6.7.1 Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
6.7.2 South Africa, Nigeria
6.7.3 Conclusion of Segment by Region
Chapter 7 Profile of Leading Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems Players
7.1 Agrium
7.1.1 Company Snapshot
7.1.2 Product/Business Offered
7.1.3 Business Performance (Sales, Price, Revenue, Gross Margin and Market Share)
7.1.4 Strategy and SWOT Analysis
7.2 Stoller USA
Chapter 8 Upstream and Downstream Analysis of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
8.1 Industrial Chain of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
8.2 Upstream of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
8.2.1 Raw Materials
8.2.2 Labor Cost
8.2.3 Manufacturing Expenses
8.2.4 Manufacturing Cost Structure
8.2.5 Manufacturing Process
8.3 Downstream of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
8.3.1 Leading Distributors/Dealers of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
8.3.2 Leading Consumers of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems
Chapter 9 Development Trend of Blind Spot Detection (BSD) Systems (2019-2024)
9.1 Market Size (Sales and Revenue) Forecast (2019-2024)
9.2 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Region (2019-2024)
9.3 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Type (2019-2024)
9.4 Market Size and CAGR Forecast by Application (2019-2024)
9.5 Market Size Forecast by Sales Channel (2019-2024)
Chapter 10 Appendix
Look into Table of Content of Vacuum Capacitor Market Report at :
Customization of this Report:
This report is bespoken to satisfy up with the customers necessities. Please contact our sales team ([email protected]), Which can assist you in getting that works for your desires.
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2019.09.02 23:37 InsertUsernameHere02 [Diplomacy] Encircle

As the next step of our program to engage in trade agreements with as many European nations as possible, China will be opening dialogue with Ukraine on a combined infrastructure and trade agreement. China hopes that, by bringing economic prosperity to a country with a GDP per capita lower than that of Guatemala, we will be able to help solve much of the civil unrest that plagues Ukraine and transform it into a genuinely prosperous trading partner.
Firstly, infrastructural development. China will offer a 2% interest loan that will cover all of the following projects, which the Ukrainian government can use to contract Chinese or other companies to upgrade its rail. As collateral (for a situation we do not envision needing) China proposes a lease on Port Yuzhne facilities similar to the terms of other deals China has made. We recommend that Ukraine undertakes the following upgrades.
Firstly, upgrading the Kiev-Krarnators’k line to increase freight transit capabilities. Secondly, upgrading the Konotop-Odessa line, which intersects with the first line. Thirdly, construction of a rail line connecting Konotop to Kharkiv, through the city of Sumy. These increases in freight and passenger transit capabilities will allow a more underdeveloped area of Ukraine to sell its products on international markets, bringing prosperity and bounty to an area that the current government needs to improve its image in.
Trade deal
As for the actual deal, we propose the following exchange
China will lower the following tariffs on Ukrainian goods
Agricultural - already making up thirty percent of Ukrainian exports, China will eliminate all agricultural tariffs, allowing Ukrainian farmers to sell even more goods to an increasingly ravenous Chinese market.
Iron ore and other unrefined metal products - China is always interested in new sources of raw materials, and Ukraine would benefit significantly from feeding the furnaces of Chinese industry with a level of access other international providers do not have.
Semi-finished iron, feroalloys, and wire - all these are products that have a level of production in China, but are also seeing far more use by Chinese industry. Allowing Ukrainian sellers to market to Chinese businesses would bring a significant amount of prosperity to Ukraine, and the industrial jobs created by this would be helpful in revitalising the Ukrainian economy.
Ukraine will lower the following tariffs on Chinese goods
Broadcasting equipment - with no domestic manufacturing of machines like this, Ukraine would benefit significantly from allowing Chinese devices to be used by Ukrainian businesses more cheaply
Computers and integrated circuits - reducing dependency on the West without having to turn to Russia in an area as critical as this would be highly beneficial to the Ukrainian economy, and would aid Ukrainian businesses looking to acquire these items significantly
Industrial manufacturing equipment - alongside the infrastructural investment and the increased markets for Ukrainian manufacturing, China will be able to provide manufacturing equipment unparalleled in the rest of the world, and eliminating tariffs on it would only help bring Ukrainian manufacturing fully into its potential
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2019.07.18 09:03 lukaszkp czyli była sobie giełda. Moja opinia, analiza, research. czyli była sobie giełda. Moja opinia, analiza, research.
Nie pierwsza i nie ostatnia, w sumie z założenia ryzyko na giełdzie jest wkalkulowane, choć może nie na zasadzie - miej się na baczności, bo możemy się w każdej chwili zawinąć.
Szczerze powiem, to nie znam giełdy, nie korzystałem, może raz albo dwa obiła mi się nazwa o uszy ale po komentarzach pod artykułami widzę, że niektórzy mieli sporo kryptowalut.. 100+ BTC.. grubo ;_) a ile z tego co miała giełda, zostało? Litecoin: 940.28278426 XRP: 496975.574454 BTC: 6.08327017
Najlepsze jest to, że tyle się wałkuje o bezpieczeństwie (i niebezpieczeństwie) przechowywania kryptowalut na giełdzie.. no ale.. Szkoda, że na giełdę nie trafiłem wcześniej, bo pisanie "po fakcie" to jak tworzenie legendy, dlatego wnioski o tym do czego doszedłem, pozostawiam Tobie.
Czyli co mamy? No mamy giełdę, której właścicielem jest: BitMarket Ltd. z siedzibą w Seszelach, adres: Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, zarejestrowaną pod numerem rejestru 161029. Mamy firmę tworzącą system zabezpieczenia kapitałowego dla BitMarket Ltd.: Kvadratco Services Ltd., z siedzibą w Wielkiej Brytanii, adres: 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, W1W 7LT, zarejestrowaną pod numerem rejestru 9388251 oraz firmę i właściciela domen Gyptrade OU z siedzibą w Estonii, adres: Pärnu mnt 158/2-88 Tallinn Harjumaa 11317, zarejestrowaną pod numerem rejestru 14415207.
Żeby zobrazować ten kogiel mogiel wrzucam mapę, a kto chce jechać na Seszele to informuję, że tydzień wakacji ze śniadaniem kosztuje 5000zł/osobę :D
Oczywiście nie trzeba być osobiście w którymś z tych miejsc żeby zarejestrować działalność, ponieważ firmę można założyć sobie zdalnie przez internet (tzw. korespondencyjnie/dokumenty można dosłać) a całą procedurką zajmą się osoby, które tylko do tego zostały powołane. Wysokość kapitału spółki można założyć ale nie trzeba go opłacać. Pisałem już to na przykładzie założenia spółki Futurocoin OU. Sam zastanawiałem się od czego zacząć i najlepiej jest od kłębka do nitki. Czyli od tego co mamy teraz – cofamy się do początku. Teraz mamy to:
Jakby nie patrzeć, to nie ma na co patrzeć :_) Jak na giełdę posiadającą ponad 100mln zł to płytki komunikat.. ale przyjrzyjmy się domenie a właściwie ciekawostką jest ten aktualny certyfikat z dnia 08.07.2019r. od godziny 02:00. Oficjalnie wiadomo, że giełdę zamknięto w nocy z 08 na 09.07.2019r.
Certyfikat wystawiony jest przez firmę CloudFlare. Cloudflare, to amerykańska firma, która świadczy usługi sieciowe w zakresie dostarczania treści, ograniczania ataków DDoS, bezpieczeństwa w Internecie i usług serwerów rozproszonych nazw domen. Usługi znajdują się pomiędzy gościem a dostawcą hostingu użytkownika Cloudflare, działając jako odwrotne proxy dla stron internetowych. Co to znaczy? Jak Ty korzystasz z proxy, to serwer nie wie skąd się logujesz, odwrotne proxy (czyli z czym mamy teraz do czynienia) – Ty nie wiesz na jaki serwer się logujesz. Z założenia ma to utrudnić zaatakowanie serwerów ale działa to i w drugą stronę bo w przypadku oszustw, taki serwer jest trudny do zlokalizowania. Na szczęście mam kilka sposobów, które doprowadziły mnie do poniższych ustaleń:
Nazwa strony: IP IP
nameservers: 2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3a68 2400:cb00:2049:1::adf5:3b8c
Ten skrót „ssl” to prawdopodobnie opłacone konta cloudflare, gdyby było „sni” świadczyło by to o kontach darmowych.
Następnie mamy:
który zwraca adresy z kolei one kierują na hosting docelowy tj.: nazwa: / / IP nazwa: / / IP
type covered: NS (2) signature expiration: 2019-07-11 13:12:44Z signature inception: 2019-07-09 11:12:44Z signer’s name: role: Cytanet Administration Staff address: P.O.Box 24929, CY-1396 Nicosia address: Cyprus address: see
Czyli tutaj może znajdować się źródło strony – na Cyprze, oczywiście, że się nie znam na tym aż tak dobrze, bo często zdarza się, że serwer docelowy jest w miejscu prowadzonej działalności, no ale póki co zatrzymałem się na Cyprze.
Serwery cloudflare zawsze występują w parze i zamiast cyfr mają nazwy by można było je łątwiej zlokalizować usługodawcy., był na serwerach coco i rob co po niedługim „riserczu”, dało wynik podobnej domeny o tych samych serwerach cloudflare: Updated Date: 2019-06-04 T 09:21:16.0Z Creation Date: 2014-02-16 T 18:06:14.0Z Registrant Organization: GYPTRADE OÜ Registrant Street: Registrant City: Registrant State/Province: Registrant Postal Code: Registrant Country: PL
DNS: (\który również odsyła do serwerów na Cyprze)*
Oczywiście zastanowiłem się, czy z kont cloudflare giełda zaczęła korzystać teraz ale nie. Tak było chyba od początku. posiada 3 subdomeny:
które zlokalizowane są tu:
Subdomena z IP obsługiwana jest przez polską firmę, a zarejestrowana jest na firmę Marcina Waligórskiego Green. No a co z DNS ? Również prowadzi na serwer cloudflare o nazwie coco i pewnie dalej na Cypr. \Update – serwery bitmarket były zamaskowane kontami cloudflare ale fizycznie znajdują się w Warszawie (ATMAN.PL). Czyli ślad prowadził dobrze* 📷 Firma Marcin Waligórski Greener, ma swoją siedzibę w Warszawie, ul.Adama Mickiewicza 37/58, gdzie mieści się wirtualne biuro ( Strona www? Proszę 📷, na stronie znajduje się też kontaktowy e-mail, który prowadzi na stronę
Nie wiem czy to przypadek, czy przejście (kupno) domeny pod inną osobę, bo strona należy do firmy Marcin Waligórski Greener a strona do firmy Marcin Zieliński GREENER. Nie mniej jednak obie działalności zakładano w Warszawie.
Ok wracając.. firma Marcin Waligórski Greener, posiada inne zarejastrowane domeny, które sprzedawane są na stronie należącej do firmy: (link) Michau Enterprises Limited Chytron 3, Office 301 1075 Nikozja, nr rejestru HE 245422 Data przyłączenia: 2 lutego 2009 r. Typ spółki: Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Jurysdykcja: Cypr Zarejestrowany adres
  • Χυτρών, 3, Mieszkanie 301 1075, Λευκωσία, Κύπρος
  • Cypr
Dyrektorzy / urzędnicy:
  • ΑΜΕΛΙΑ ΒΑΗ, secretary
  • ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΠΕΤΡΟΥ, director
Sama firma Michau Enterprises jest ciekawa, ponieważ w informacjach o kontakcie na stronie, można doszukać się tego, że firma Waligórskiego jest ściślej związana z Zresztą na początku powstania giełdy sam bitmarket chwalił się na forach, że giełda powstała przy współpracy Dlatego te 3 podmioty są ze sobą związane, co jest niezaprzeczalne.
person: Technical Contact
address: ul. Adama Mickiewicza 37/58
address: 01-625
address: Warszawa
address: POLAND
phone: +48222428662
fax-no: +48222428672
nic-hdl: GTC23-RIPE
created: 2019-04-18T10:40:07Z
last-modified: 2019-04-18T10:40:07Z

Ok, to powiedzmy, że domenę trochę przeszperaliśmy, to teraz jeszcze taka anegdotka. Na stronie archiwalnej bitmarket w dziale kontakt, znajduje się numer telefonu:
Ten numer, należy do firmy Limtel Sp.z o.o. z Olsztyna, która zajmuje się tworzeniem chmur telekomunikacyjnych, można np. zaprogramować własny skrypt na automatyczną sekretarkę i takie tam.
Dobra to trochę o właścicielu giełdy tj. BitMarket Ltd. na Seszelach, a dlaczego tam jest firma? Bo to raj podatkowy :) Władza nie ingeruje w prowadzenia biznesu, można założyć konto w banku drogą korespondencyjną, nie trzeba składać rozliczeń rocznych, nie ma rejestru osób zarządzających spółką, brak podatku od zysków uzyskanych poza Seszelami, brak podatku od dywident, odsetek, dochodów z czynszów i tantiem.. Raj..
Pod tym samym adresem znajduje się pewnie i tysiące firm ale czy w ogóle BitMarket był kiedykolwiek zarejestrowany w Seszelach? Nie wiem. Nie mniej jednak już kiedyś pojawił się podobny komunikat, co do tego samego adresu prowadzenia działalności na stronie Ministerstwa Sprawiedliwości.
Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości uprzejmie informuje, iż nie współpracuje i nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za informacje przekazywane przez firmę Impessa Sp. z o.o. Nowogrodzka 31, 00-511 Warszawa NIP: 693-211-56-50, która jest administratorem strony oraz firmę Data Masters Limited Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Province Mahe, Seychelles, która jest administratorem strony
Najlepiej o charakterze samego miejsca mówi zdjęcie z satelity google. Oczywiście to taka dziura, że nie jeździł nawet tamtędy busik googla ale jednak znalazły się jakieś 2 osoby, które oznaczyły wykonanie zdjęcia w tym rejonie. Jest szał..
Oczywiście nie znalazłem Bitmarketa na Seszelach, próbowałem ale nawet strona „rządowa” seszeli jest tak aktualna, że aż z 2015r. W internecie istnieją jednak samodzielne bazy takich offshearowych spółek, prowadzone przez grupy osób przeciwdziałaniu oszustwom i praniu pieniędzy.
Pod adresem firmy, też nic nie znalazłem. Za bardzo grzebać się nie chciałem, bo tam każdy podmiot jest powiązany adresami, osobami, podmiotami, adresami, itd.
No to jeszcze przeszukałem coś o tym capitalDIGI, (bo w zakładce kontakt na stronie, była mowa o holdingu BitMarket/capitalDIGI). Projektu capitalDIGI (teraz to już bitSecurities) jak lew broni Mariusz Sperczyński, czyli były dyrektor operacyjny Bitmarketu, który oddzielna się całkowicie od giełdy twierdząc, że był w niej do 2017r. a obecnie ma własny samodzielny projekt.
Ludzie mają prawo wymieniać mnie do początku grudnia 2017. Ale wówczas odszedłem z powodów, które też publicznie zakomunikowałem u Sławka Cieślińskiego na konferencji w grudniu 2017 – czyli zraziłem się do handlu krypto – na tamtej konferencji mówiłem o przykładzie spółki izraelskiej, która chciała przerobić BitMarket na wielkie pieniądze, a ja to wykryłem i i pogoniłem tę izraelską kancelarię prawniczą w diabły. To było pod koniec listopada. Ale po tym fakcie (pod koniec listopada) jednego dnia odechciało mi się totalnie uczestniczyć w handlu krypto (u Sławka na konferencji o tym mówiłem). Zawodowo wróciłem do pomysłu capitalDIGI, który przerobiłem na bitSecurities, czyli security tokens. Od tamtego czasu bardzo ciężko realizuję samodzielnie bardzo trudny projekt – bitSecurities i to widać na licznych wydarzeniach na rynku. Nie mam styku z handlem krypto, a tym bardziej BitMarket. Tylko zajmuje się tokenizacją od tamtego czasu.
No to nie wiem.. a ten wywiad tutaj to odgrzany kotlet? Niby opublikowany w maju 2019r. Z kolei już tutaj (też w maju) była mowa o bitSecurities.
Swoją drogą, ciekawe co wie takiego Sławek Cieśliński – czym tak zraził się Sperczyński? No nic.. Kolejnym krokiem było takie szybkie sprawdzenie jak ma się jego projekt – No domena jest zarejetrowana już jakiś czas, nawet jest nowiutki certyfikat z dnia 10.07.2019r., też taka ciekawostka, też cloudflare ale tutaj już prawdopodobnie darmowe konto cloudflare – „sni”.
Próby dalszego przeszukiwania po nazwie domeny, doprowadziły mnie do jakiegoś wydania gazety na stronie Busines Center Club Gdzie ktoś z e-mailem [email protected], oferował działkę pod Olsztynem. Znalazł się też bezpośredni nr telefonu 600 459 699 do Aszkiełowicza, czyli ostatniego prezesa firmy Kvadratco Services Ltd.
Numer po kilku kombinacjach w wyszukiwarce, zwraca coś takiego ( btw. widzisz ile danych możesz pozostawić po sobie?)
No właśnie, to skoro już ruszyłem trochę firmę Kvadratco, to znalazłem coś w publicznych rejestrach UK.
Wyniki finansowe Kvadratco, są imponujące:
Poprzednia nazwa firmy Kvadratco Ltd.:
Prezes obecny:
  • ROBERT BOCHENEK (ur.XX.02.1973r.), funkcja od 2 maja 2019 (LINK)
Byli prezesi:
  • PRZEMYSLAW JAN ZBUTOWICZ, director, 1 Sep 2018–12 Jun 2019
  • MARCIN ASZKIELOWICZ, director, 6 Mar 2015– 2 May 2019
  • TOBIASZ TOMASZ NIEMIRO, director, 6 Mar 2015–31 Jul 2017
  • DAMIAN KOBRYNSKI, director, 17 Mar 2015 – 1 Oct 2016
  • PAWEL MAREK KROK, director, 28 Jan 2015– 6 Mar 2015
  • MAGDALENA AGNIESZKA KRYSZTOFIAK, director, 14 Jan 2015–28 Jan 2015
No tak ale najbardziej to każdego interesuje obecny prezes a o nim maaaaaaało jest w internetach, napewno będzie więcej o nim wiedział pan Zbutowicz, bo się zazębili. (jeden był do 12 czerwca, drugi obejmował funkcję 6 maja). No chyba, że to postać kreskówkowa albo słup.
Co tam dalej było ? AAA no tak, firma która była właścicielem domen tj. Gyptrade OU, powołana w dniu 25.01.2018. Gyptrade OU jest właścicielem znaku towarowego Bitmarket, domen i oraz systemów informatycznych umożliwiających prowadzenie giełdy kryptowalut. Właścicielem firmy jest pan Aszkiełowicz:
Estoński rejestr jest publiczny, dlatego widać w nim datę urodzenia właściciela. Po kłębku do nitki, znalazłem kolejną firmę bo w rejestrze znajdują się dwa nazwiska, jedno przez L, drugie Ł.
Ozzy Pride OU została założona, po utworzeniu Gyptrade w dniu 05.03.2018r. Obie firmy z kapitałem 2500 Euro, który pewnie nie jest nawet opłacony.
No i w którym miejscu jesteśmy? Giełda się zamknęła, Bochenek nie daje znaku życia, Sperczyński kręci lody na własnym projekcie, a po kilku dniach oświadczenie wydaje Aszkiełowicz, że ubolewa i jest zaszczuty przez policję i pokrzywdzonych. (treść na No jako człowiekowi mu współczuję – serio, ale jako „przedsiębiorcy” nie jest mi go szkoda.. Teraz takie tłumaczenie nie ma sensu, gdyby oświadczenie wydane zostało kilka m/cy wcześniej, że jest ciężko i kto może niech zostaje na własne ryzyko – wtedy OK, a teraz? Heh..
Jak dla mnie, dziwny cień na całą sprawę, rzuca firma IQ Partners S.A., no chyba, że jestem debilem i czegoś nie rozumiem. No bo tak: jest firma Kvadratco od depozytów (prezes Aszkiełowicz), jest firma Gyptrade OU od odmeny (właściciel Aszkiełowicz) i jest firma Ozzy Pride OU *od pomysłu na blockchaina (właściciel Aszkiełowicz). Wszystkie 3 firmy razem wzięte (w rękach jednego właściciela) w publicznych rejestrach miały zerowe wyniki finansowe a w komunikacie spółki IQ Parners (tutaj) jest mowa o planach przejęcia Gyptrade OU wartej 2500 Euro w zamian za 2500 Euro + 7500000 (miliona) warrantów uprawniających do akcji o wartości nominalnej 1zł każda. Czyli kupujemy coś za 2500zł oferując w zamian 7,5mln zł. No to nic, bo za firmę Ozzy Prime OU Aszkiełowicz mógł dostać dodatkowe 10mln zł. Warunkiem jaki miałbyć spełniony, to prowadzenie giełdy na przełomie 2018/2019 z zyskiem brutto 15 mln zł. Skąd takie założenie, skoro aktywa np. takiego Kvadratco to.. 20 funtów?
Może właśnie tyle była warta giełda? – 20 funtów, a wynagrodzenia przez okres prowadzenia działalności za prowadzenie giełdy, potrącane były z depozytów? Nie mnie oceniać ale jak to przy np. spółkach z o.o. bywa. Firma nie zarabia ale prezes wypłatę co miesiąc brać musi.. Jak biznes nie wyjdzie to nie ma kogo pociągnąć do odpowiedzialności. No co.. nie wypaliło.. NIe znam się na giełdach i spółkach akcyjnych ale wydawało mi się, że Spółka Akcyjna powinna wypłacać dywidendy swoim akcjonariuszom (LINK) Zresztą jak ktoś chce to można tam przeklikać te dane finansowe… jak dla mnie to sytuacja spółki pogarsza się z roku na rok. (skąd miało by być ponad 7 mln akcji po 1zł?)
Nie rozumiem też tłumaczenia Wojciecha Przyłęckiego IQ Parners:
Do tego czasu, tj. do czasu przejęcia platformy Gyptrade miał fakturować Kvadratco zależnie od zysku Kvadratco (upraszczam, ale taki mechanizm zaszyty był w umowach). Zatem Gyptrade do czasu przejęcia platformy w pełni i tak miał generować zysk na Bitmarkecie. Nie było zatem ciśnienia bo Gyptrade w każdym wypadku zarabiałby na Bitmarkecie bez względu na to czy przejął go w całości czy też nie.
Czyli na chłopski rozum, Aszkiełowicz z firmy Kvadratco miał wystawiać faktury sam sobie na firmę Gyptrade, do czasu aż wskaże zysk netto 15 mln zł. Przy czym takiego zysku z pewnością by nie wykazał jako dochód. Zysk widniałby tylko w dokumentach. Co to oznacza? W Estonii moment powstania opodatkowania dochodów osób prawnych (spółek), powstaje dopiero z momentem faktycznej dystrybucji tego zysku w postaci dywidendy. Powyższe oznacza efektywną stawkę 0 % podatku CIT, do momentu wypłacenia wygenerowanego dochodu przez spółkę.
Jak to podsumować.. To tylko suche dane z internetu, które każdy może już znalazł. Jednak w zestawieniu ich z zeznaniami, które najprawdopodobniej będą niedługo – mogą rzucić nowe światło i skierować uwagę służb na tematy, których nie znamy lub zostały przez nas pominięte.
Pozostaje jeszcze śledzenie blockchain każdej kryptowaluty ale co jeśli to poszło już w takim Monero, w którym anonimowy jest nadawca, odbiorca i kwota transakcji?
Chyba czas na zdecentralizowane giełdy..
submitted by lukaszkp to u/lukaszkp [link] [comments]

2019.07.17 13:23 fleischlaberl Creating a new Kata Part XII: The "Kata of Hand Techniques" (Te waza no Kata)

Kata (form) is a prearranged set of techniques to teach, learn and practice the techniques and principles of Judo and to blend/harmonize (ri ai) them by practicing.
Hand techniques (Te waza) have in common to use one or both hands as the main action of the throw.
There is a wide range of throwing principles using Hand techniques like "Seoi" (loading on your back), "Otoshi" (dropping your Center of Mass), "Kuruma" (wheeling), "Gari" (reaping), "Sukui" (scooping) or even "Taoshi" (tipping over).
For this Kata I am going with the Throwing Circle (happo no kuzushi, unbalancing your partneopponent to eight/all directions). Good Judo is done to all directions of unbalancing.
The Kata can be taught from green belt on (there are some difficult throws to practice). Nethertheless main throws of the Kata can also be taught to yellow and orange belts. In general you never are obligated to practice a Kata as a whole, you always can focus on single parts/throws/sets of the Kata.


First Set (right handed grip)

Kata guruma (to the front of Uke)

Seoi nage (right front quarter)

Tai otoshi (right front quarter)

Sumi otoshi (right back quarter)

Kuchiki taoshi (back)

Second set (left handed grip)

Morote gari (back)

Sumi otoshi (left back quarter)

Sukui nage - Te guruma (left front quarter)

Ippon Seoi nage (left front quarter)

Uki otoshi (to the front)

Videos for specific Hand Techniques

Didn't go with Uchi mata sukashi (already have one counter) and Yama arashi (too rare) but had to double right and left front quater because those throws are important. Could have also used Seoi otoshi and for a more contest focused version of "Te waza no Kata" you can replace Te guruma with Seoi otoshi or change Tai otoshi to the left and doing Seoi otoshi to the right. The Kata is more about showing the principles and possibilities of Hand techniques.
submitted by fleischlaberl to judo [link] [comments]

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