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Official subreddit for all Croatian Catholics

2013.06.24 19:32 Blueplastic1 Official subreddit for all Croatian Catholics

Nacisticka Katolicka Stranka(or Catholicism for short in English) was founded by Dominik Wien Hitler, African American German Nazi and Hitler's son.

2020.10.28 02:49 pearpressure12 Highly Suspect: Booking Rey Mysterio's Retirement (Part 3)

Part 1 & Part 2
5th March 2021 (Smackdown) Rey sits atop a ladder with a black briefcase hung above him. He cuts a passionate promo about what Dominik means to him. “Summerslam 2005. I fought Eddie Guerrero for your custody, Dominik. The hostility between us was undeniable and he wanted you in his life. It broke me to see you in that position. My son. My flesh and blood being lied to by an evil person. Trying to be taken away from me. I fought for you. Because my passion for your safety and wellbeing was more important than the pain I went through for you. So many times, I thought I’d lost you. I thought he had you in his custody. But my love for you brought me to the mountain top. Got me to this briefcase and allowed me to call myself your father. From that day on, I swear to protect you as best as possible. When you decided to become a professional wrestler, I was worried for your safety but knew if I stayed by your side, you’d make it. However, I didn’t want you in a position you weren’t ready for. At the Royal Rumble, you weren’t ready. So, I eliminated you so you’d be safe. But clearly proving yourself is more important than your health. That’s why at WrestleMania, I’m putting you in your place. I’m letting you know the hard way you’ve still got a long way to go before you’re truly ready to hang by yourself. I’m leading this horse to water and making it drink. I’m letting you know the truth and making you accept it”. Rey grabs the briefcase, lowers himself off the ladder and makes his way back up the ramp. His message was Dominik still needs protection. His family still needs protection and he’s stuck in the mentality that he must provide because he’s head of the Mysterio family.
12th March 2021 (Smackdown) Dominik Mysterio competes on Smackdown facing Chad Gable. Highly competitive throughout, both men wanting to prove themselves going into WrestleMania. Dominik holds his ground but Gable clearly has more skill and experience. But Dominik adapts, making some unorthodox moves getting things back in his favour. The closing stages of the match are as followed. Gable delivers a release German Suplex onto Mysterio but Dominik flips out and lands on his feet. While Chad is on his back, Dominik lunges forward, grabs Gables legs and rolls back into a cover. 1, 2, 3. Dominik wins over the Olympic level wrestler. Chad doesn’t take kindly to being beaten by Dominik and attacks him from behind. He lays in a few punches before getting Dominik in an Ankle Lock and grapevining it to ensure Dominik can’t escape. Dominik is in agony, trying to get out of this move. Out runs Rey and chases off Gable before anymore damage can be had on Dominik’s ankle. Rey checks on his son, putting the WrestleMania match out of thought for a moment. This isn’t his opponent at Mania, it’s his family. Dominik is conflicted as to what he feels about this. He doesn’t know if this is his father caring or trying to prove a point. Dominik rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp before falling in pain. Rey follows and helps Dominik to the back. This is family. They may be opponents for WrestleMania but they’re father and son for life.
19th March 2021 (Smackdown) Rey and Dominik team up against Chad Gable and Aleister Black. It’s a high energy match if ever one had been seen. No one knows their partner like a father and son duo and despite facing each other in a few weeks time, the Mysterios work well to take out the opponents. The closing sequence shows Aleister Black thrown to the outside and taken out of the equation. Then, Rey dropkicks Gable into the ropes. Both men run up and deliver a double 619 and double splash onto Gable. However, both men go for the cover. The referee is telling Dominik to exit the ring because he’s not the legal man. Dominik is confused because he had tagged in. Rey and Dominik argue over who’s the legal man which allows Aleister Black to hit both men with Black Masses and throws Gable on top of Rey to pick up the win for his team. After the match, Dominik and Rey look at each other. Dominik asks “what are we doing?” to which Rey replies “what needs to be done” before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp. Alone.
26th March 2021 (Smackdown) Rey’s seen backstage talking to a few other wrestler when out of frame, someone taps him on the shoulder. He turns around to see Dominik behind him. “Dad, whatever happens at WrestleMania, always remember that I love you”. Rey starts whiling up. “I love you too”. The two men embrace. This was never a goodguy/bad guy story. It wasn’t about hatred. It was about misunderstanding and reasoning. At WrestleMania, we find out if Dominik can handle the pressure or if he still needs protection.
That’ll be it for part 3. Part 4 will come out soon. But for now, how’s everyone enjoying the story?
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2020.10.25 02:11 UnicornDick31 Highly Suspect: Dia De Los Muertos

Welcome one and all to this very special event, tonight we have a great card filled with some fantastic matches, all in celebration of Dia De Los Muertos. As we come live from Arena Mexico in the heart of Mexico City, let’s see what we have on tap for the night, who will come out on top, who will walk away from tonight as Champion, and most importantly, which match will steal the show? (Highly Suspect PPV Theme)

FBE Junior Heavyweight Championship Match
Brendan Burke Butler III (c) vs Lukas Paragon vs Jaeger Karpov

u/kirphioc2004 vs u/hhhfan92297 vs u/MVDE_15

At BTE II, we saw Brendan capture the Junior Heavyweight Championship in a fantastically close match, and with his victory he would paint a target on his back. Upon FBE’s return to regular programming, a Triple Threat match was set up between the competitors who came so close yet just missed out at BTE, and in that match we would see Lukas Paragon leave victorious to secure his spot as the No.1 Contender. However things would prove to get more interesting as Jaeger Karpov would get a win over the Champion, leading to him requesting a spot in the Title match at BTE, however to secure his spot in the match he would have to beat the current No.1 Contender, and he did in fact do that, so now we have a Triple Threat between 3 of the best Juniors in FBE, but who will come away as the Champion, will it be Brendan keeping a hold of his Championship, or will Lukas or Jaeger capitalise on this opportunity and become the Champion themselves?

Prompt: What if Ricochet never left NXT in 2019(Max 3 Parts)

FBE Television Championship Match
Isankahlu (c) vs Conor Cassidy

u/thatsmyace vs u/ConorCulture

Two of FBE’s most reliable hands, whenever you need a good performance you turn to these two, at BTE both were involved in Ultimate X, unfortunately coming up short when Nate Matthews would walk out victorious. But then when Nate Matthews defended the title against Isankahlu, in a shocking result, Matthews was dominated and lost the title. Isankahlu has defended the title against RoD, and now as we head into the PPV, Isakahlu’s next challenger is an accomplished member of the FBE roster, Conor Cassidy. Conor is one to always give his all, so now we just need to see if he can walk out as the champion this time around or will he come up short once again as Isankahlu continues his run?

Prompt: Rebook Jon Moxley’s AEW World Championship Reign if COVID hadn’t struck (Max 3 Parts)

Grudge Match
Atlas Rogue vs Nate Matthews

u/ImThatWrestlingGuy vs u/UnicornDick31

These two competitors have had a ton of history, way back when Nate was promoting SummerFest last year with a press conference, the newcomer Atlas would attack Nate, setting his sights on the then Intercontinental Champion. However, right as it seemed like they were set to fight, Nate became preoccupied with the World Heavyweight Championship, leaving the match up in the air, and fans would have to wait a little longer. But over the next few months, Nate and Atlas’ beef would continue to grow, at Firestorm 25, Nate with his new partner Corey Gowens would become Tag Team Champions, Atlas and RoD coming up just short. Nate would then go into a series of matches against RoD for the World Heavyweight Championship, while Atlas won the E1 Climax. The Carnage Tour would see Nate and Atlas meet once again in a Tag Team TLC match, neither team coming out victorious as Fruit Gambino and Conor Cassidy would take the straps that time. But with Nate and RoD battling it out over the remainder of the Carnage Tour, who would Atlas' opponent be come New Beginning? In the end, Nate would reclaim his Championship and end up walking into New Beginning as the Champion, the match both men wanted for months by now, finally in the Main Event of New Beginning. And on that occasion, they would fight for an hour, tight to a Time Limit Draw. The two would meet on multiple occasions over the following months, but only one time in singles competition, which would see Nate walk out the winner.

It seemed that may have been the end, until Nate named Atlas as the new FBE GM, and despite the promise to leave their beef in the past, they just couldn’t, and they needed that one more match to finally set everything straight, one more match to put it all behind them. You could say it was “One Final Beat”, and after this they can hopefully put their differences aside once and for all to run FBE as a cohesive unit.

Prompt: Book Johnny Gargano in AEW (Max 3 Parts)

FBE Intercontinental Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match
Thaddeus Hemmingway (c) vs James Scott

u/J12ich vs u/pearpressure12

The rematch from BTE II which was cut short, these two competitors are set to go one on one again, Intercontinental Championship on the line. But the journey here wasn’t as simple as one would expect, James Scott was left to recover from his injury after BTE, as well as the emotional turmoil all based upon his feud with the Champ. When he came back, he wanted one thing, and that was his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, but Thaddeus wasn’t willing to give it out that easy, instead demanding that James Scott go through a match with the Champs stablemate, Ben Wyatt. Only if James could beat Ben would he get his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, and when all was said and done the match was set, the very first match confirmed for this PPV, and now the question will be answered, is this James Scott’s moment? Or will Thad continue his run as Intercontinental Champion, quickly proving to be a competitor to watch out for, and possibly even one of the great IC Champs in FBE history.

Prompt: Book Rey Mysterio’s Retirement (Max 4 Parts)
FCA Prompt: Rey Mysterio’s Retirement Match must involve Dominik Mysterio in some fashion

FBE World Tag Team Championship Match
Celestial Unknown (Receiver of Deception & Maxxx Cleavage) (c) vs Cosa Nostra (Capital STEEZ & Ben Wyatt)

u/ReceiverOfDeception & u/Sk80Boi vs u/mrsimpson928 & u/bestevr4

The Tag Team Division thrives once again as the Punish & Crush Invitational crowned our new Champions in Celestial Unknown. With the freebird rule allowing Maxxx to step in while Atlas is otherwise occupied elsewhere. We have the former World Champion teaming with a breakout star to take on the new faction of Cosa Nostra in the form of the leader and the member whose stock is rising rapidly as his performance improves. Which team will walk out as Champions though? Can Celestial Unknown keep what they worked so hard to claim in the first place? Or will Steez guide Ben to his first piece of gold as they take out the current Champions?

Prompt: Book the Kenny Omega/Hangman Page Feud (2 Parts Per Person Limit)

FBE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Desmond Caid (c) vs Inferno

u/OneWingedDevil28 vs u/InfernoAA

Two of FBE’s OG’s, two men who have battled against each other as well as alongside each other, formerly part of the legendary British Ambition. These two men have had their ups and downs, both in their own careers and in their brotherhood. Tonight they step between those ropes one more time across from each other, Desmond Caid on his third World Heavyweight Championship reign, a part of Celestial Unknown and the winner of the BTE II Main Event. On the other side of the ring, a former World Heavyweight Champion, the man who won the Main Event of BTE I, and the leader of PHOENIX. This match is sure to be an emotional masterpiece, being two of the very best in the ring, mixed in the history and what else could be produced.

British Ambition were the very first faction that formed in FBE, and they right away were the top dogs, which painted a target on their backs, however as a united front they had nothing to worry about, they could take on the world if need be. Their bond unbreakable, their abilities unmatched and when the young gun group by the name of Lifeline set their sights on BA, well let’s just say it didn’t go great for them. British Ambition took on Lifeline with everything they had and defeated them, they would win gold together, and most importantly they would have each other’s backs. Desmond and Inferno would step into an FBE ring against each other in singles competition for the first time in the Heyman Gold Rush, which would see Inferno walk away victorious, going on to the finals and ultimately leading him to the BTE Main Event. While Desmond would go on to have the Match of the Year against Ape. After BTE, British Ambition disappeared from the active rosters once by one, first PJ, then Inferno after the Main Event of BTE. Then finally Desmond, after being cashed in on by the BITB holder, RoD, Desmond would leave the company and go on a hiatus. This hiatus ultimately ended during the Carnage Tour, and with PJ also returning for a few matches, there was one final piece of the puzzle left…

When Inferno, at the time General Manager joined his brethren in the ring, it felt as if all the pieces of the puzzle had fit into place… but then, Inferno would flip it all on its head, he attacked his British Ambition brothers, setting up a clash at FBE’s Anniversary Show, where he would take on PJ and Desmond Caid in singles matches. Ultimately Inferno would lose both of those matches, putting the Inferno/Desmond series at 1-1. After the match came to a close, the issues couldn’t keep these brothers apart for long, because they would come back together, squashing any beef they had and uniting as they are inducted into the Hall of Fame, the first class in FBE’s Hall of Fame. But then, we’d finally see British Ambition team up in full force as they stepped into FBE’s first ever War Games match as they took on the new dominant faction, REVOLT. British Ambition would be able to prove why they are FBE’s first faction, and why they were FBE’s longest standing faction.

This was where things for British Ambition would finally come to an end, at Pick Your Poison II, Desmond Caid would go off on his own adventure, joining Celestial Unknown, as Inferno was left to travel alone along this path that is known as the road to BTE II. And along the way, Inferno and Desmond would meet one more time, in the finals of the Heyman Classic, the Main Event of Lights Out, and Desmond would get the better of Inferno once again, earning his spot in the BTE Main Event, while this time around, Inferno was left to find his place, and finding a match against Ape on the Biggest Stage of the year. And that leaves us with what has happened in the past weeks… Inferno taking on Travis Crowley in a No.1 Contender’s Match just a few weeks ago, and winning that one to solidify this match for the event. A lot more is at stake than just the World Heavyweight Championship, Inferno has the chance to even the series out, which currently stands at 2-1 in Desmond Caid’s favour. Desmond has the chance to truly solidify his place as World Champ, beating Inferno and making the serious unmistakably one sided. So the question is, who will in fact walk out as FBE World Heavyweight Champion? Inferno… or Desmond Caid?

Prompt: Book Shinsuke Nakamura’s Return to NJPW (Max 4 Parts)

That's all for this event, it sure is stacked, so let’s see what everyone’s got and get those bookings in, deadline is one week, Saturday October 31st, 9PM EST.
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2020.10.23 23:21 ReceiverOfDeception FS LV: Booking Seth Rollins on Smackdown II: To Forgive and To Forget

Build to Elimination Chamber
With Seth Rollins and his mass riding high after successfully defending the Intercontinental Championship, we Rollins with Gable, Murphy, and Aaylah in the ring as the Smackdown Savior gives another one of his sermon. “Haha, what did you say about me needing others as a crutch? Oh right I beat you as clean as a whistle on Sunday night, and no one can argue against my greatness. I don’t need anyone, they need me!” Murphy casually eyes the Intercontinental Championship he helped Seth Rollins win at TLC, knowing Rollins’s hypocrisy far to well . “The truth is Bryan that my disciples don’t work for me, no I work for them paving a road to promised land. I am a very humble and giving man after all and that’s why with a little divine influence, I was able to land both Buddy Murphy and Chad Gable Elimination Chamber.” In an impressive showing Chad Gable manages to pick up the win against former tag team partner Bobby Roode while Buddy Murphy loses to a game Shinsuke Nakamura, who got cocky and distracted by Aaylah’s allure.
The next week, Rollins is out again lavishly praising his latest disciple. “Look at you Chad, just a couple weeks back you were off the court but look how well you rebounded... now you’re in your first Elimination Chamber match, one step closer to gaining entry into the main event of WrestleMania. As for you Murphy...” Seth Rollins places hand on Murphy’s shoulder. “You failed me, but you’re just in luck for I am a truly a forgiving man. That’s why tonight you’ll face Big E to determine the new number one contender for my title. Don’t squander this opportunity and take my kindness for granted...” Murphy looks at Rollins as he gives this warning.
Big E vs. Buddy Murphy: Buddy Murphy is surprisingly holding his own against the much bigger Langston, but keeps going to Alayah for a quick smooch from time to time. The second time, Big E takes advantage and locks in the stretch muffler! Murphy is able to navigate his way out and nails a Powerbomb, flattening Big E. Murphy instead of hitting his finisher saunters back to Aaylah who is standing on the ring apron, only for a frustrated Rollins to pull her off and nails a curbstomp onto the outside concrete! Rollins shouts to a shocked Murphy “I sacrificed her for the greater good, you got a match to win!” Murphy is about to exit the ring when Big E turns him around and nails a Big Ending! 1..2..3! Big E is now the Number One Contender for the a Intercontinental Championship!
Backstage we see a heated Buddy Murphy confront Seth Rollins “You cost me the match, what you were afraid that I was going to beat you! “You did that yourself. Why would the Smackdown Savior cost you the match, I gave you the match in the first place, to ensure that the title stays within our sanctuary if you became the number one contender. But no Murphy, you put your emotions ahead our aspirations! I hand you time and time again, opportunity after opportunity and this is how you repay me by insinuating that I’m selfish. You’re the selfish one for putting your needs over the needs of the greater good!” Murphy quips back “You didn’t have to go as far as curbstomping Aaylah.” Rollins declares in monotone diction. “It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but something I had to do...I’m sorry.” Rollins leaves this question to Murphy as he exits the room.
Elimination Chamber
Big E vs Seth Rollins: Intercontinental Championship Match
A twenty minute bruiser, the stiff shots of Big E contrast against the aerial offense of Seth Rollins. Rollins goes for the Skywalker but Big E shifts Rollins’s momentum and hoists him on his shoulder and nails a Big Ending! Murphy now assaults the ref, trying to redeem himself in the eyes of Rollins. Murphy goes for a high knee on Big E, but Big E dodges as Murphy nailing Rollins. Big E scoops up a shocked Murphy and Rollins and nails a double Big Ending! Big E stacks Murphy on Rollins like the beloved New Day flap jack and pins both pin as he becomes the new Intercontinental Champion! An irate Rollins curbstomps Murphy against the steel steeps, disowning his former disciple.
Build To WrestleMania
The night after the Elimination Chamber, Murphy with Aaylah addresses Rollins’s attack. “I tried to reason with the unreasonable and the truth is I can’t anymore. Seth thinks my love for Aaylah makes me weak, that I can’t serve the greater good but he’s wrong. Because at WrestleMania I will serve the greater good by finally getting rid of Seth Rollins and his cult! I was his most loyal disciple, I practically handed him the Intercontinental Championship and took it away from him in the same breath , it isn’t I who needs him, it’s him that needs me.
Seth Rollins comes out flanked by Chad Gable and goes after the black sheep “Murphy, I tried saving you from yourself, so I’m not going to have an ounce of remorse for what I have to do. This is the point of no return...You say that you were reasoning with the unreasonable, that’s plan wrong because it was you who put your emotions over your success. And that’s why you will suffer for your trespasses because I put nothing over success and the greater good. Especially not a gullible woman who stabbed her own family in the back because of her emotions, who knows when she will have has a change of heart for you a stranger Murphy?” Murphy grows irate as he starts wailing on Seth Rollins and Chad Gable, sending them into full retreat.
WrestleMania XXXVII
Seth Rollins vs. Buddy Murphy: Falls Count Anywhere
In a bloody duel between disciple and master, these two give it their absolute all. Murphy and Rollins duel on the stage when Murphy hits a Murphy Law on Rollins right off the stage, through the electrical wires! Both men are seemingly out but Murphy extends a hand to cover Rollins...1..2..2 3/4 NO! THE FORGOTTEN SONS have returned, aiding the Smackdown Savior! They lay into a battered Buddy Murphy as Rollins regains their footing as his chuckles, Blake and Cutler hoist Murphy up as they nail a Powerbomb off the stage! 1..2.3! Rollins wins via nefarious means as he stands with Blake, Cutler, and Gable.
Build To MiTB
On the Smackdown after Mania we see Rollins’s flock continue building momentum. A reinvigorated Forgotten Sons easily pummel Street Profits to become Smackdown Tag Team Champions while Chad Gable beats Dolph Ziggler to become number one contender for the Intercontinental Champion. The Smackdown Savior addresses the newfound success of his group. “I purged my congregation of the weaklings and now the greater good has reaped the benefits. The forgotten sons are forgotten no more...My disciple Chad Gable looks to rectify the original sin by winning back the holy grail... and Buddy Murphy just falls further into obscurity because let’s face needed me.”
In the closing segment of the show, we see a despondent Buddy Murphy pondering to himself, questioning his self worth as he wallows, becoming susceptible to Seth’s manipulation one more. Seeing the victories of both Chad Gable and The Forgotten Sons, he starts doubting his own wrestling capabilities: “Maybe Seth is right... maybe I am really nothing without him. Maybe I should go apologize to him.” Buddy Murphy gets up from his seat and heads to Seth Rollin’s locker room. He balls up his fist, bracing to knock on the door but he stops midway, as Aaylah catches his hand. “ I know it’s tempting to go back but you need to stop. You may have lost the match but you proved that Seth can’t stand on his own. At the end of the you were able to break free of the tight grasp he once had on you, so you’ve already won. It’s only up from here.” Murphy lowers his hand and acknowledges that she’s right as Murphy and Aaylah walk away from the Smackdown Savior’s door.
The week after Murphy announces that he is one of the eight participants in the upcoming Money In The Bank match, saying that he will not let Seth Rollins’s keep him down as he climb rung by rung and pluck himself out of obscurity.
Big E vs Chad Gable: Intercontinental Championship Match In a very tight match, Big E nails the Big Ending! But Seth Rollins hits an eye shot on the referee. Big E manages to hit a Big Ending on Seth Rollins but the numbers game catch up to him as Gable hits a Chaos Theory, pinning Big E to become the new Intercontinental Champion.
Buddy Murphy vs. Chad Gable vs. Aleister Black vs. Kevin Owens vs. Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles vs. John Morrison: Money In The Bank Ladder Match
In an absolutely chaotic match, it’s a free for all that spans for forty minutes, the human equivalent of a forty car pileup. Forgotten Sons get involved and attempt to aid Gable but Aaylah makes the save by dumping the ladder that Gable was on, taking out the Forgotten Sons in the process. Murphy climbs crooked step by crooked step up the ladder and unhooks the briefcase, proving that he does not need the Smackdown Savior, as he Beats 1/4 of his crew.
Build To Extreme Rules
The next night Rollins and his posse clad in gold kick off the show. “We hold nearly every title in WWE and they say last but not least, and now I set my eyes on the biggest prize, The Universal Championship. The only obstacle that is in my way is Cesaro to claiming the last grail. Only then will I have succeeded in rebuilding Friday Night Smackdown in my holy name.”
After winning the MiTB ladder match, Buddy Murphy has restored his own self worth and decides to heal some old wounds. In a tense and standoffish segment, we see Buddy Murphy trying to make amends with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. “Look I wanted to say I’m sorry, and if there’s anything I could do to make up for it.” An irate Rey replies “It’s not about what you can do, it’s about what you have done. Do us a favor and leave us alone.” Murphy leaves the Mysterio lockeroom with his head hung low.
Later that night, we see two mysterious vandals attack Rey Mysterio, injuring his knee. The medics rule him unable to compete in their Tag Team Championship match against the Forgotten Sons at Extreme Rules. Buddy Murphy appears at the hospital wing. “Look I’m willing to step in if you want.” A frustrated Dominik Mysterio interjects. “Yeah you think we’re dumb? You set this attack up to try and regain our trust, just like the manipulator Seth is.” Aaylah now speaks up “Murphy has been with me the whole time, you can trust him he’s not like Seth.” Dominik unwillingly agrees to allowing Buddy Murphy as his tag partner, as they are given no other choice.
Extreme Rules
Seth Rollins vs Cesaro: Number One Contender for the Universal Title
In an extremely athletic bout as always this is a spectacle. Cesaro gives it his all as this is once in a life time opportunity kicking out of not only one but two curbstomps. Rollins sets up for a third curbstomp, but Cesaro tosses Rollins up for an elevated uppercut! Out cold Cesaro cracks his neck and sets up for a Neutralizer. He tucks him in between his legs but Rollins nails a low blow behind the refs back. Rollins follows up with a curbstomp and wins the match, further fueling his ego driven mania.
Dominik Mysterio and Buddy Murphy vs Forgotten Sons: Tag Team Title match
Dominik bears all the heavy weight, refusing to tag in Buddy Murphy as he goes toe toe with a very game Blake and Cutler. Blake and Cutler make frequent tags and keep each other fresh while Dominik endures the beating. Twenty five minutes in, Dominik and Blake knock each other down with lariats. The crowd grows anxious Dominik drags himself to his corner and finally gets the hot tag and a fresh Murphy rolls in! With a flurry of moves Murphy takes advantage of his weaker opponent and nails a Murphy Law! 1..2..3! Murphy wins the match! After the match Dominik extends a hand to Murphy. Buddy hesitates at first but eventually gives in as the two embrace, the new tag team champions. 3/4 of Rollins mass, 1 more to go.
Build To Summerslam
Reigns now calls out Seth Rollins taking the mic from a fearful Paul Heyman : “Seth you stand no chance against me because since we have last met, I have evolved where you have simply stagnated. Trying to reclaim the old glory of The Shield. Where you keep looking back, I keep looking forward and that’s why simply put I’m going to kick your ass come Summerslam Seth.” Seth goes on to say that Reigns is the last sacrifice and as much as he used to love and respect him as a brother, he must do what he must for the greater good, for he is a selfless being.
After an enormous victory, Dominik and Buddy have put their differences aside and decide to pay Rey Mysterio a visit in the hospital. Buddy Murphy and Dominik walk into the room, wearing their tag team gold as Rey Mysterio gives a bright smile. “Congrats, you guys won!” Buddy Murphy now takes the Tag Team Championship off his shoulder and offers it to Rey Mysterio. Stunned Rey replies “No, no you can keep that, you won the match you deserve it. I won’t be needing it...I no longer need to fight anymore because La Familia, future of the family legacy of the Mysterios, is in good hands. I’m sorry I doubted you...Aaylah was right about you.” Buddy Murphy and Rey Mysterio embrace much to the chagrin of Aaylah, but before departing Rey tells Buddy Murphy something. “Do me a favor and cash in on that pero Seth Rollins tomorrow.” Buddy Murphy nods and meekly replies “I’ll keep it in mind.”
Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns: Universal Championship
In a battle between brothers, the former Shield members obviously know each other’s arsenals inside and out. Seth Rollins is about to hit a curbstomp, but Reigns tosses Rollins up and connect with a Superman Punch! Rollins is knocked out cold, as Reigns motions for a spear. As Reigns gains momentum, Rollins dodges and nails a curbstomp, putting the tribal chief to rest 1..2..3! Rollins has done it, ending the one year title reign of Roman Reigns. Rollins is trying to drag himself up as he makes a hand gesture, motioning for Chad Gable and Forgotten Sons to enter the ring, lest Murphy considers a cash in. Murphy’s music hits and the three stare down the entrance ramp but Dominik and Buddy ambush the cult from behind, flattening them! Rollins tried to hightail out of the arena when he bumps into one particular audience member: IT’S REY MYSTERIO! Having seen a ghost, Rollins falls back as Dominik tosses Rollins back in the ring as the ref rings the bell. Right out of the gate, Murphy nails a Murphy’s Law! 1..2..3! BUDDY MURPHY IS THE NEW UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! Buddy breaks down in tears as he is handed the title, surrounded by Aaylah, Dominik, and Rey Mysterio.
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2020.10.22 02:50 ReceiverOfDeception FS LV: Booking Seth Rollins on Smackdown I: Judas Collective

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy (yes we’re still using his first name here) are drafted to Smackdown alongside The Mysterios but Murphy and Rollins have not split yet. Tensions are still running high about Aaylah and where Buddy’s true loyalties lie, but Murphy has not officially turned yet. Daniel Bryan has also not returned yet
Build to Hell In A Cell
Buddy Murphy vs Dominik Mysterio: On the season premiere of Smackdown, an old rivalry is renewed as these two put on a show stealer of a main event. Twenty daunting minutes, Dominik drops kick Buddy Murphy to the middle rope and motions for a 619! Dominik connects and then follows it up by propping himself up on the top turnbuckle ready to hit a Frog Splash, but Murphy regains his footing and gives a high knee to Dominik, following it up with a Murphy’s Law! 1.2.3! Murphy pins the neophyte, and celebrates. Rollins comes into the ring and talks to Murphy “Pledge your devotion to me, and slay the sacrificial lamb.” motioning for Murphy to further attack an unconscious Dominik. Murphy hesitates as Rollins begins losing his cool. “Do it now, don’t you want to do it for the greater good?” Dominik starts to get on his fours as an agitated Rollins tugs at his hair, and bounces off the rope, setting up a curbstomp. However he is stopped dead in his tracks as Aaylah shields her brother from harm. Rey Mysterio comes out and talks to Aaylah, “Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, Seth is a dangerous man.” With a flick of the wrist Aaylah snaps and slaps Rey Mysterio saying that’s she’s a grown woman and doesn’t need her father telling her what’s right. Rollins cackles at the family calamity, knowing his manipulation has taken root as Aaylah starts attacking her father. Rollins passes her a steel chair as she looks at it for a moment, reflecting, knowing too well that this is the point of no return. CRACK! She unloads a fateful spear into the side of the Mysterio family. She slides the steel chair under the face of Rey as she bounces off the rope and nails a curbstomp! Aaylah has turned her back on the Mysterios as Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins becomes her new family.
The following week, Rey and Dominik come to the ring brandishing steel pipes, calling out Rollins and Murphy and challenging them to a Hell In A Cell match. An extremely arrogant Seth Rollins prances out flanked by Aaylah and Murphy by side. “I can’t comprehend why you even want a match, because even if the Mysterios manage to weasel a win with their signature small package, face it guys you already lost...the family, la familia which you hold in such high regard...” Seth snickers to himself. “Well I managed to sodomize and dismantle that family and I have offered Aaylah a new home.” We see conflict twinkle in the eye of Murphy who feels Rollins goes too far sometimes. The crowd boos Rollins as Rey responds. “Aaylah please come back, we love you...I love you and you’re going down the wrong path.Please let’s go home.” Aaylah takes the mic” The Mysterios love to compare themselves to superheroes but the truth is that no one needs saving but you... I have saved myself from your outright control and manipulation that you imposed and smothered me in. This is my new family...” Aaylah goes to kiss Murphy but an infuriated Rey Mysterio breaks it up. The Smackdown Savior and his cohorts are in full retreat as the Mysterios hold down the ring.
Hell In A Cell
Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs Rey and Dominik Mysterio inside Hell In A Cell
The blowoff match to an incredibly tumultuous rivalry, this is the end. Bodies are battered and bruised as the personal vendetta climaxes. The Mysterios handcuff Rollins and suspend him like a crucifix, paying for his own sins, to the Cell and lay savage blow after savage blow with the kendo stick, as cuts amass on Rollins chest. Aaylah looks on in horror as she sees her father and brother absolutely laying waste to Rollins, witnessing her family become the monsters they once denounced. After a while they now turn their focus to Murphy. Aaylah sticks her hands through the holes of the cell, searching for the key. But in the ring, Rey hits a 619 with a steel chair propped on Murphy’s face. Dominik has a steel chair of his own and places it on his stomach as he nails a frog splash! A wounded Dominik now clutches his ribs as he rolls out, making his sacrifice as Rey goes for the cover. 1..2..CURBSTOMP! Seth jumps off the turnbuckle and nails a curbstomp on Rey’s head breaking the pin. Murphy picks up the pieces and goes for the pin. 1..2..3! Murphy picks up the win as he celebrates with Aaylah, kissing her over the cadaver of her father.
Build to Survivor Series
To kickoff the Smackdown after Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins announces that none other than the Smackdown Savior has been anointed the captain of Team Smackdown. His obvious first pick would be his disciple Buddy Murphy. He “claims” that he asked the Mysterios to be a part of time and he did the mature thing by putting the past aside, but they didn’t want to serve the greater good. His next picks are Aleister Black and Kevin Owens, men he had his problems with but were willing to put their differences aside. The final pick is a mystery pick, Seth says that will be revealed at Survivor Series. Seth says that his team will get revenge on Raw for disavowing him as the Monday Night Messiah, and will burn the heretics down.
Survivor Series
Team Smackdown (Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy, Aleister Black, Kevin Owens, ???) vs. Team Raw (AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Keith Lee, Ricochet, John Morrison)
Team Raw being the A brand make their entrances first before Team Smackdown. Rollins now grabs a mic and yells “The fifth member is...” YES! YES! YES! DANIEL BRYAN HAS RETURNED FROM HIATUS! A shocked Seth Rollins who was given another name by WWE higher ups to keep Bryan’s return a secret. His arch-nemesis during the rise of the Yes will this affect the cohesion of the team? Team Smackdown is on a roll in the first half of the match, with Black eliminating former tag partner Ricochet and Morrison in quick succession. Black has a tantalizing staredown with a fellow wordless wonder in the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy before Jeff tags in Keith Lee who dispatches of both Aleister Black and Kevin Owens as Raw’s numbers begin to dwindle. 3-3, we know see Bryan knuckle up with Jeff Hardy before eliminating him with a Yes Lock as Team Captain AJ Styles is tagged in, a man Bryan has a long history with. As Bryan sets up for the flying knee, Rollins tags himself in, looking to steal the moment and pin The Phenomenal One. The crowd erupts in No Chants as a disgruntled Bryan states at Rollins. Chopping him down to size with the Yes Kicks!, the crowd erupts as Bryan now finally goes to back to the ropes. Styles picks up a Styles Clash before eliminating Rollins. Down to 2, Bryan gets back in the ring and squares up with Styles. It’s not long before Rollins repays tit for tat by repaying Bryan with a curbstomp. Styles chuckles as he pins Bryan, now leaving one Buddy Murphy. Styles and Murphy staredown a bit and then tussle. Styles sets up for a Styles Clash and as he launches, he falls straight into a Murphy’s Law! 1..2..3! A lumbering Lee enters the match, as an exhausted Murphy seems outmatches. Lee dominates most of their encounter. Lee goes for the Spirit Bomb but Murphy latches on to the skull of Lee hitting a hurricarana! A stunned Lee falls into a Murphy’s Law as Buddy Murphy wins! Aaylah celebrates with Murphy and Rollins, as their congregation has gotten their revenge on their old home.
Build to TLC
On Friday, Rollins boasts that it was under his guidance and tutelage that Smackdown was able to pick up the win, showing that Smackdown is truly the blessed brand. And for that he deserves to be compensated for his efforts..Rollins wants an intercontinental title match. Daniel Bryan comes out and says that he’s stealing all the credit, that it was his disciple Buddy Murphy that was the sole survivor and brought glory to Smackdown. If anyone should be getting an intercontinental match it should be him. Rollins retorts saying that Murphy is merely a disciple, an underling. His time will eventually come but now it’s time for the messiah to ascend, it’s only for the greater good. If Bryan hadn’t gotten involved Rollins would of made it to the end with Murphy. At TLC it is announced that the intercontinental title will be defended in a triple threat ladder match between Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, and Daniel Bryan.
Tables, Ladders, & Chairs
Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan: Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title
In a brutal yet quick paced onslaught, we see an incredibly technical affair combine with the macabre use of weaponry for a best of both worlds indulgent. Zayn sets up not one but two tables against the turnbuckle, propping the body of Rollins against it. Zayn connects with a Helluva Kick but only smashes through one table, but Bryan then nails a flying knee on both men, sending them smashing through the wood. Bryan attempts to climb the ladder when a crippled Zayn crawls to the ladder and musters enough strength to tip the ladder over. Zayn limps his way to the ladder, climbing up each crooked rung when Buddy Murphy makes the save. Murphy dumps the ladder and as Zayn falls, Rollins nails a picture perfect curbstomp! Rollins now hastily makes his way up the ladder and unhooks the IC title!
Build To Royal Rumble
Rollins kicks off the night with the IC title around his waist, as Aaylah and Murphy smooch one more time like the over affectionate couple you always hate. “Alright you lovebirds, break it up because tonight, just like every night but especially tonight, is about venerating and adoring your new Intercontinental Champion! Man it feels good to have my holy grail back... Since I’m feeling good tonight, any one of the shmucks in the back who is willing to step up can have an Intercontinental Title match tonight!” There’s a brief pause, a moment of suspense when Shorty G comes out. Rollins cackles but as G enters the ring he tries to keep his composure but fails miserably. “Shorty G? With a name like that you sound like an extra from Space Jam. Don’t tell me your the new waterboy for the Nerdlucks!” Rollins lets out his signature laugh, but it’s not long before G goes irate and slaps Rollins and the two brawl.
Shorty G vs. Seth Rollins Intercontinental Title Match: G is obviously the underdog here but puts on an incredible show. Shorty locks in the ankle lock, but Rollins rolls out of it and responds with a curbstomp! 1..2..3! Rollins picks up the win. Murphy comes ready to feed off the scraps but Rollins motions him away, extending a hand to Shorty G “I can bring respect back to your name, just like I did to Buddy Murphy. You have potential kid and with the Smackdown Savior by your side, I will can guide to the promise land. Believe in me as I believe in you. Come on Chad Gable.” Gable hearing his old name once more, someone who’s respect he’s finally earned, accepts the hand. Rollins embraces Chad Gable and yells his name is Chad Gable, respect it.
Now we go backstage, and Charly Caruso asks Daniel Bryan about Chad Gable joining Seth Rollin’s congregation. “Seth is a manipulator and hides amongst numbers. Whenever it be The Shield, The Authority, and now this quasi cult of his, Seth uses others to get ahead of people and promises them false delusions of grandeur. This is why he pries on people who feel abandoned and neglected like Aaylah and Gable, because they are so desperate to be heard that they will follow anyone. But at Royal Rumble, I will prove that the only one I need is one, which is me by winning the Intercontinental Championship.
Royal Rumble
Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan: Intercontinental Championship
These two deliver as always as they march by the twenty minute mark, as the two are now forced to pull out more obscure moves from their arsenal. Rollins sets up the Skywalker but midway Bryan tosses him back down and hits the Flying Knee! 1..2..KICKOUT! Bryan now sets up his patented Yes Kicks laying one stiff boot into the stomach of Rollins at a time. Bryan winds up for the final kick but Rollins dodges it! Rollins replies with a swift kick to the gut and nails a curbstomp! 1..2..3! Rollins retains, proving that he doesn’t need numbers to defend his title as he celebrates with his acolytes.
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2020.10.10 03:58 Coldcoffees Post WWE SmackDown on FOX: The Draft Discussion Thread! - October 9th, 2020

WWE SmackDown Results - October 9th, 2020
Results of Tonight's Show
Match Stipulation Winner
Big E vs. Sheamus Falls count anywhere Big E
The Miz & Johm Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle (otherwise known as Broetry in Motion) Tag team match Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle
Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks Singles match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Sasha Banks (DQ, no new champ)
Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (c) vs. The New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) Tag team match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships The New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) new champs!
"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt" vs. Kevin Owens Singles match "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
Draft Results
Superstar Drafted to Results
Drew McIntyre RAW Stay
Roman Reigns SmackDown Stay
Asuka RAW Stay
Seth Rollins SmackDown Move
The Hurt Business RAW Stay
AJ Styles RAW Move
Sasha Banks SmackDown Stay
Naomi RAW Move
Bianca Belair SmackDown Move
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler RAW Stay
Ricochet RAW Stay
Jey Uso SmackDown Stay
Mandy Rose RAW Stay
Rey & Dominik Mysterio SmackDown Move
The Miz & John Morrison RAW Move
Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods RAW Move
Big E SmackDown Stay
Dana Brooke RAW Stay
Otis SmackDown Stay
Angel Garza RAW Stay
Full Results (Source: Bleacher Report)
Big E vs. Sheamus (Falls Count Anywhere)
Stephanie McMahon came out onto the stage to open the show. She said she was looking forward to presiding over the draft and immediately revealed McIntyre has been drafted by Raw.
SmackDown selected Reigns, Raw kept Asuka and Rollins became the first person to officially change brands by moving to SmackDown. The final pick of the first round saw Raw keep the entire Hurt Business stable with MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander.
Big E came out for the first match of the night against Sheamus. They went right after each other and Sheamus took control with a rolling senton to score the first two-count. Big E planted him with an urinagi before spearing him off of the apron to the floor.
The Celtic Warrior tied Big E up in the ropes and teed off on him with a kendo stick. After breaking free, the powerhouse of The New Day managed to wrap Sheamus' legs in duct tape so he could get in some of his own shots with a kendo stick.
We returned from a break to see them fighting backstage. Sheamus was already showing signs of massive welts on his back as he slammed Big E onto a table. He showed disdain for his opponent but dumping flour and eggs on top of Big E's head.
Big E broke a couple of brooms over Sheamus' back before picking up a trash can and hitting him several times. They fought into a garage and Sheamus found a tire iron to use as a weapon. He picked up Big E and delivered White Noise onto the windshield but failed to get the pin.
He put Big E into a trunk and tried to slam it on his arm but the powerhouse avoided disaster. He picked up Sheamus and powerbombed him onto the hood of a car. He climbed up with him and hit the Big Ending through a table for the win.
The Tribal Chief Speaks
After a commercial break, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods surprised Big E backstage. Back in the ring, Jey Uso called out Reigns and demanded to know the special stipulation to their Hell in a Cell match.
Paul Heyman appeared on the big screen to tell Uso that Reigns would only reveal that information when he wanted to and not a second before.
Then, a few moments later, Reigns appeared and said all Uso had to do was acknowledge him as The Tribal Chief. He revealed that their HIAC bout will also be an I Quit match.
The Big Dog reiterated that he loves his cousin and just wants to help him but also said there will be consequences for not bending the knee.
Steph returned to the stage to reveal The New Day would be facing Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura for the SmackDown tag titles before revealing the next draft picks. Styles moved to Raw, Banks stayed on SmackDown, Naomi moved to Raw, SmackDown selected Belair and Raw kept Jax and Baszler.
The Miz and John Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle and John Morrison started for their teams. The Barefoot Bro took JoMo down with a suplex before he tagged in Jeff Hardy for a couple of double team moves.
We returned from a break to see The Miz and Morrison taking Hardy down with a flurry of tag team moves for a quick two-count. Riddle got the hot tag and went wild on both of his opponents with s series of suplexes and strikes.
He grabbed The Miz and hit Bro Derek for the pin and the win. As he and Hardy celebrated, Lars Sullivan made his return and took out both men with ease. Morrison tried and failed to save his partner from suffering the same fate.
Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women's Championship)
McMahon was back out to reveal Ricochet will stay on Raw, Uso will stay on SmackDown, Rose will remain on Raw, the Mysterios will move to SmackDown and The Miz and Morrison will head to Raw.
Banks came down to the ring for her title bout with Bayley and looked like her usual confident self. The Role Model looked just as confident as she came out with her trademark steel chair in hand.
The Boss rushed Bayley in the corner and beat her down with kicks and punches until the champ rolled out of the ring and tried to leave. Banks prevented a countout by bringing her back in. She almost had The Bank Statement locked in but Bayley countered.
They traded near falls until the champ laid out the challenger with a clothesline. After a few moments, Bayley used her chair to get herself disqualified. Banks got the upper hand and used the chair against her former BFF.
Bayley narrowly avoided having her neck crushed in the chair. She held her title close as The Boss stared her down from the ring.
Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. New Day (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)
Cesaro backed Woods to the corner but the returning Superstar fired back with a few right hands and a headscissor takedown. The Swiss Cyborg leveled him with a clothesline before Wood sprang to his feet to hit a flurry of strikes.
He superkicked Nakamura off of the apron before tagging in Kingston. Nakamura barely managed to save his partner from a pin as the show cut to a commercial.
We returned to see Cesaro dominating Kingston. The former WWE champion countered with a kick so both men could tag in their partners. Woods was on fire as he fought off both tag champs.
He spiked Nakamura with a DDT for a close two-count. Kingston and Cesaro tagged in and The Swiss Superman hit a huge uppercut for a near-fall. Woods saved Kingston from being hit with the Kinshasa by holding Nakamura's leg.
Kington hit Trouble in Paradise and Woods followed up with a huge flying elbow drop to get the win and reclaim the SmackDown tag titles.
Stephanie came out as they celebrated and revealed Woods and Kingston have been drafted to Raw while Big E will remain on SmackDown. The celebration came to a screeching halt. Brooke will stay on Raw, SmackDown will keep Otis and Raw picked Angel Garza.
Kevin Owens vs. Bray Wyatt
The main event of the evening featured The Fiend taking on Owens in a rare non-PPV match. KO tried to get the upper hand with an early onslaught but Wyatt quickly took control.
Owens took a lot of punishment before he was able to make a small comeback. The Fiend brought him out of the ring and hit an urinagi and Sister Abigail on the announce table.
We returned to see Wyatt in control. He snapped Owens' neck and laughed at his pain. He set up for another Sister Abigail but Owens broke free and hit a superkick. It took two more superkicks to take him down so he could hit a cannonball in the corner.
No matter what KO did, The Fiend refused to stay down for long. Owens put him through the announce table with a Popup Powerbomb but Wyatt still made it back into the ring before the 10-count.
He grabbed Owens with the Mandible Claw. KO tried to counter with a Stunner but it had no impact. The Fiend took him down and pinned him with the Mandible Claw for the win.
The show ended with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss staring at each other on the stage.
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2020.10.10 02:01 thatsmyace Reviving NXTs Tag Division Part 2: The Mat is Sacred

With the next Takeover all the way off in the end of January, the NXT roster has right around two months until their next PPV shot. Fresh off of the success of Wargames, the roster looks to again set a reset on their contendership rankings, with a new top dog back in charge.
WWE NXT November 25th 2020
The show starts with IMPERIUM making their way down to the ring. Now a unit of 5 with the turn of Timothy Thatcher, they have become even stronger than their previous state. Bartel and Aichner have the gold around their waist, WALTER holds the NXT UK Title aloft, waiting to defend his belt against Ilja Dragunov in due time. They speak, hyping their performance in the main event of WarGames the previous night. Thatcher also laughs about joining, and mentions that it was only a matter of time before he joined back with his brothers in the ring. Breezango made a mockery of the sacred ring and the tag titles, now that they are back with IMPERIUM, the titles will be treated with the respect they deserve.
As if on cue, Breezango’s music hits and they walk down to the ring, seemingly unperturbed by the lack of gold on their shoulders. Despite this, Breeze and Fandango do challenge IMPERIUM to a rematch, but Thatcher (who at this point will become the biggest mouthpiece for the group) turns them down noting that they have faced each other three separate times for the titles. As a result, they want to move on to more deserving, serious challengers. Thatcher goes on to invite the Grizzled Young Veterans down to the ring and offer up a challenge. GYV vs IMPERIUM for the titles next week! Drake and Gibson seem more than game, and so the match is made official.
Backstage, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan cut a promo announcing their imminent return. Next week they will take on Legado Del Fantasma. Ever-Rise also gets an inset promo. The two have not had an NXT tag team victory since their arrival and they look to change that in the coming weeks. The announcers put them over by praising their heart, and liken it to a Curt Hawkins-esque losing streak. Ricochet and Apollo Crews also get put over by the commentary team, calling them viable threats in WarGames had it not been due to the underhanded tactics of Timothy Thatcher.
Finally, in the last tag segment of the night, Breezango takes a slide back down the card as they drop a match to the pairing of Drake Maverick and Killian Dain. In a fun comedy type bout (which all 4 men have proven capable of) it’s the Maverick-Bomb from Maverick and Dain onto Fandango for the win.
WWE NXT November 25th 2020
Burch and Lorcan take on LGF in a match of two teams that failed to participate in WarGames. The Brit-Am Brawlers show why they have been an anchor of the NXT Tag Team Division for several years now, and easily put away to Luchadore Lackeys. The two celebrate briefly, but after the match Lorcan notes they will be watching the main event with heavy intent.
The team of Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio will be back in action next week, per a vignette. Humberto and Dominik both express their desire to make up for their lack of involvement on the Takeover card last week. We also get a promo from Apollo Crews and Ricochet. Ricochet calls out IMPERIUM and says their days with the titles are numbered.
Also backstage, William Regal announces that on the December 23rd episode of NXT, the #1 contendership to the Tag Title will be on the line in a multi-team Night Before The Night Before Christmas Street Fight. A bit of harmless fun is in order for the tag division, and this should give some light and brevity to the intensity of the division over the past 2 months.
In the main event of the evening, IMPERIUM faced off with GYV with the NXT Tag Titles on the line. This match is everything you would expect of two hard-hitting teams and it gets a solid 20 minutes of TV time to flesh everything out. The two duos go back and forth, trying to find an opening for some extra offense, but to no avail. It seems like either team could have the upper hand as the broadcast starts to reach its closing moments. Due to outside interference from Thatcher, IMPERIUM has the upper hand, but out runs Ricochet! Ricochet drops Thatcher with a dropkick, then runs into the ring. Out comes Apollo Crews as well and they beat down IMPERIUM causing the match to be thrown out! Crews and Ricochet throw their opponents out to the side of the ring then follow it up with a suicide dive! They rush back into the ring and hop on the top turnbuckles, posing for the crowd as the show goes off the air.
WWE NXT December 2nd 2020
Ever-Rise take place in the first tag match of the night, taking on the PC duo of “Retro AG” Anthony Greene and Leon Ruff. The veteran duo of Ever-Rise look to have the match in hand, but in preparation for a Finishing move, Ruff rolls up Matt Martel for the three count! Ever-Rise hold their heads in disbelief and walk out of the ring embarrassed and run into Killian Dain and Drake Maverick backstage. Maverick wishes both of them luck in the future, but Dain ushers them out of the way.
GYV take to the ring and express their frustrations about having their match thrown out. They say they want revenge on Ricochet and Crews and they want it now. And then after that, they want a shot at the titles. No interference, no shenanigans, just wrestling.
The match between LGF and Mysterio/Carillo gets the youthful duo another notch in the win column as a 619 and West Coast Pop from the younger Mysterio puts an emphatic end to their win. A simple, quick and effective win for the duo, moving them forward in the tag rankings.
WWE NXT December 9th 2020
The following week features the Brit-Am brawlers taking on IMPERIUM in non-title action to start the show. While Burch and Lorcan put up another good fight, consistent with the efforts they have known to portray, IMPERIUM was just too much. With Thatcher giving them all of the advice they need outside of the ring, Bartel and Aicnher put this one away in relatively quick and easy fashion.
Later in the show, the participants in the #1 contender’s street fight are announced. First, Grizzled Young Veterans, second, Drake Maverick and Killian Dain, third, Ever-Rise, fourth, Ricochet and Apollo Crews, fifth, Carrillo/Mysterio and sixth/finally, Breezango.
The announcers later hype up this match and put it over, while also mentioning fresh blood is on the way. Interestingly enough, backstage, The Swiss Superman and current North American champion, Cesaro, runs into IMPERIUM. He sizes them up, and looks at WALTER and Thatcher. They scowl and he grimaces before walking away with something on his mind.
WWE NXT December 16th 2020
The following week, Ever Rise again lose in tag team action yet again, this time to the previously floundering Legado Del Fantasma. Once again backstage, they run into Maverick who gives them a pep talk. He talks about saving his career in the tournament only a few months ago and assures them that they very well could do the same.
Ricochet/Crews are booked for a match against GYV on the January 6th episode on NXT and the two teams cut promos hyping that bout up.
Also, Cesaro takes on ALexander Wolfe of IMPERIUM and wins in easy fashion, staring down WALTER and Thatcher the whole time as he does so. (The slow burn for a long in motion story starts here)
WWE NXT December 23rd 2020
The biggest part of the show in the tag division is the big 6 way street fight for the #1 contendership. The ring is decorated in festive lights and designs, while every team seems to be in positive spirits. Okay...well...maybe not GYV. Breezango and Dain and Maverick even dress up to join in on the fun.
The match is pure gimmicked, WWE street fight goofiness. Slams through tables with wrapping paper on top, swinging decorative trees, body drops onto shattered ornaments. All of it leading up to a finish practically no one saw coming. Maverick is powerbombed onto a prone Humberto Carillo and is about to go for the pinfall, but Ever-Rise stand to the side. In a giving spirit, perhaps it was the Christmas in Maverick, he gifted the pinfall to Matt Martel who covers for the three count and gives Ever-Rise their first win in NXT!
Now let’s face it, this seems really stupid in nature and disgraceful, and it is. But it serves its purpose as after the match. Imperium comes down to the ring and beats everyone up, mocking the spirit. They get on the mic and bash their opponents, mocking them for making a joke out of the tag division. A feel good moment is immediately smashed by the gripping reality that IMPERIUM is totally unwilling to give way in the tag division. The show ends with a pile of limp bodies underneath the proud men of IMPERIUM.
(Editors Note: With the base set up, I find that it’s best that with move towards the next big parts of the division in the Dusty Cup and Takeover LA. Rather than bore you with a full 2 months of filler, here’s January and February encapsulated very quickly)
First, the challenge provided by Ever-Rise due to their literally fluke win, is quickly turned away by Imperium. Aichner and Bartel rule the tag division these two months and successfully defend the title against Crews/Ricochet and GYV at Takeover 33.
Elsewhere for Imperium, WALTER, Wolfe and Thatcher have been terrorizing Cesaro. Cesaro successfully has managed to put Wolfe out of action (in kayfabe) and finds himself desiring to take it out on Imperium. His oppurtunity make come during the Dusty, where he teams with a mystery man again Bartel and Aichner in round 1.
Daub and Maverick still have their issues. But they have remained strong and are fighting to stay in the contendership. Crews and Ricochet are now an unofficial tag team and have started appearing more in the singles division
That brings us to Legado Del Fantasma. The stable is floundering these months in tags even with Escobar still holding the Cruiserweight title, and so Santos Escobar sneaks under the noses of everyone and signs on Humberto Carrillo. He offers the same chance to Dominik, but Dom is having none of it. Between this and Dom finding out his father is hanging the boots soon, he wants to make the most out of what he has been given.
Those are our storylines heading into the next big chapter, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic for a tag title shot at Takeover LA
The Bracket is the following
Imperium vs Cesaro and a partner of his choosing
Breezango vs Apollo Crews and Ricochet
Grizzled Young Vets vs Dain and Maverick
LGF (Escobar and Carrillo) vs Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio (A part of the Rey Mysterio retirement tour)
(Editor's Note: Had an unexpected family event come up, so here, briefly summarized is the tournament, the stories should play out through the matches. After all. In ring storytelling >>>)
Cesaro’s partner is revealed to be Kassius Ohno! The Kings of Wrestling reunite to the fans delight, this time inside of a WWE ring. This surprise is enough to warrant a victory and the two get the leg up in Cesaro's rivalry with WALTER. The tag champs find themselves seated in round 1.
Crews and Ricochet win their bout. Straightforward victory for them.
Dain and Maverick upset GYV with a surprise roll up from Maverick. The two struggled to coexist, but pulled through and Dain again starts to mesh better with his teammate.
Their luck continues, as The Mysterios and LGF brawl to a double count out, indirectly advancing Dain and Maverick to the finals. In disbelief, Maverick celebrates while Dain grunts in a mix of agony and jubilation.
In the one semi-final, KOW defeats Ricochet and Crews, advancing to the final and getting one step closer to ending the reign of Imperium.
In the final though, the miracle run of Dain and Drake continues as Cesaro leaves the match to brawl with WALTER who shows at ringside. Dain and Maverick advance to Takeover and win the Dusty Cup! Cesaro gets his wish later and gets a UK title show at Takeover Hollywood
NXT Takeover Hollywood
The miracle run ends unfortunately at Takeover. Imperium dominate and prove why they’re the tag champs. As a matter of fact this match isn’t even close. Imperium roll over their challenges and continue their reign.
(Editors Note: I get this is a pessimistic end. But here’s where I counter, the NXT tag division needs uniformity, it needs champs who respect the ring and the titles. It needs dedication. And so, because of this I would call Imperium to hold their titles till Summerslam weekend. This is explained in the Epilogue)
In the summer, NXT would hold a breakout tournament, similar to the singles one in 2019. In this tournament, teams that aren’t tied to exclusive contracts all vie for a shot at the NXT Tag Titles. Namely, the teams include The North, Besties In The World, Violence is Forever, a reunited Beer Money of James Storm and Bobby Roode, The African American Wolves, The Motor City Machine Guns and an intergender team, Team Sea Stars. However, in an upset victory, it’s the third generation team of the Von Erichs (Ross and Marshall) who leap over from MLW and gain a shot at the NXT Tag Titles. They are the ones to unset Imperium, while most of the teams from the tournament are given contracts and appearances to freshen up the NXT Tag Division after several months of a rotating main event scene.
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2020.10.09 15:33 Tom_Raftery Digital Supply Chain podcast episodes

Digital Supply Chain podcast episodes
Just a quick update on my Digital Supply Chain podcast - I won't spam this subreddit every time I post a new episode because I'm currently publishing a new episode twice a week (Monday and Friday mornings), so it would very quickly become spammy!
However, since the last time I mentioned a couple of the most recent notable episodes, there have been some excellent new ones:
If you're interested, do subscribe to the podcast in your podcast app of choice to make sure you get all the episodes as soon as they're published.
If you like the podcast, please don't forget to rate and review it, so more people will find the podcast.
And if there is some topic you'd like to see covered in the podcast, don't hesitate to let me know here, or on LinkedIn, or Twitter
Digital Supply Chain podcast cover art
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2020.10.09 02:55 thatsmyace Reviving NXTs Tag Division Part 1: Making Chicken Salad Out of Chicken Crap (Or WAHRGAYMES)

Today we tackle the NXT Tag Team Division, once a golden standard in tag team wrestling. Now, the division has devolved into an amount of consistent teams you could count on one hand. The Tag Titles were not even on the latest Takeover! In this booking, new teams will be introduced, current teams will be elevated, and NXT will once again become competitive in the tag areas of the Monday Night Wars.
WWE NXT October 7th 2020
The NXT Tag Team Champions, Breezango, come out midway through the show with grim looks on their faces. Breezango get the mics in the ring and cut a promo about their NXT Tag Title reign so far up to this point. They don’t seem upset by the lack of their involvement, and go as far as to say they will just take their challenges whenever they need them. It isn’t necessarily done in a heelish manner, but any remote sense of seriousness they had is gone in the current scenario. They start to walk off afterwards, but are cut off by the music of The Grizzled Young Veterans! The GYV walk down to the ring and stare down Breezango. After coming in second in The Dusty Cup, GYV have been essentially absent from NXT TV due to the pandemic. The crowd in the Capitol Wrestling Center cheer for their return! Tyler Breeze scrambles outside of the ring and tries to escape successfully. To his credit he does, but Fandango isn’t as lucky. Gibson and Drake life him up and nail a Ticket To Mayhem! The Vets smirk and laugh as their music plays to close the segment. A statement has been made by Grizzled Young Veterans.
Later on in the show, the pairing of Drake Maverick and Killian Dain defeat Ever-Rise exactly the way shown on NXT TV this previous Wednesday. The odd couple team should provide comedic relief, but also pose a genuine threat with Maverick’s heart and Dain’s ferocity.
Finally, in the last tag related segment of the night, WIlliam Regal has a couple of announcements. First, NXT will participate in the WWE Draft. They will be both drafting away and selecting, adding a fresh breath to their roster. He also announces that on the October 14th episode of NXT, Legado Del Fantasma will take on Imperium for the number one contendership to the NXT tag team titles. Exclusive
On the WWE Social Media pages, Grizzled Young Veterans are interviewed about their attack on Breezango. They tell Kayla Brazton that they will reveal their intentions on the in due time, but for now, it is all about staking their claim for the tag titles.
Also on, The Undisputed Era meet up about pressing reset on their time in NXT. They don’t know what the draft will hold before them, but regardless of what the future looks like, they promise to become champions once more.
WWE Draft
During the WWE Draft, several moves are made in the rosters. From NXT, Gargano and The UE are called up and out. In the tag division specifically, the loose knit duos of Apollo Crews and Ricochet as well as Humberto Carillo and Dominik Mysterio are moved down to add a high flying element to the NXT tag roster. (In the singles division, Chad Gable, Cesaro and Bo Dallas also come down to NXT.)
WWE NXT October 14th 2020
The show opens with a tag team contest as the Brit-Am Brawlers take on the returning Grizzled Young Veterans. This match is non-nonsense and an all out brawl, meshing the styles of the two teams very well. Lorcan and Burch fight hard, bringing a fast and violent offense to the match favorites, but as soon as they work off their ring rust, GYV take complete control of the match. A single Ticket To Mayhem is enough to put Danny Burch away for three, and GYV move to 1-0 in their latest stint.
A vignette plays after the return from the break, with Dain and Maverick shown having a sparring session at the Performance Center. Dain absolutely wrecks Maverick, accidentally knocking him out during their “fight.” Dain shows genuine remorse, and tends to his partner. The segment finishes with Dain walking out with Maverick on his shoulder, carrying him to the back.
Later in the night backstage, the two newly drafted teams are seen in William Regal’s office. Regal shakes hands with them and signs them on to contracts. Ricochet pipes up and asks when their first matches back will be. Regal grins and announces that the two teams will take on one another in the main event of the next week of NXT!
The semi-main event of the evening features Legado Del Fantasma taking on Imperium for the #1 Contendership to the tag titles. During Imperium’s entrance, Breezango walk down to ringside and the commentary table, providing color for the match. Already formerly tag champs in NXT, Imperium have every possible advantage in this match, working over their opponents. Bartel and Aichner wrestle a strong technical style, meticulously picking apart their opponents. With the match seemingly in pocket, LGF’s leader, Santos Escobar, runs down to the ring and distracts Bartel. From behind, Joaquin Wilde hits a low-blow transitioned into a rollup for a three count! Furious, Imperium beat down on their foes, showing that the win could be seen as a fluke. Breezango follows it up by rushing into the ring and showing a moderate amount of effort, clearing the ring of other teams. It’s Breezango who gets the final rub in the segment, standing tall as their music plays. Afterwards, the announcers plug next week’s main event, as well as Santos Escobar vs Tyler Breeze!
WWE NXT October 21st 2020
With NXT Takeover 32: Wargames a month away, the tag division looks to heat up even more. NXT is also scheduled to participate in the Survivor Series PPV the following night. The idea of a main roster payday for the tag team champions looms heavy and extra motivation gives a new edge to the already electric division. Of particular importance is the NXT tag Title match next week. We get a preview of that tonight as Tyler Breeze takes on Santos Escobar in the opener. In that match, LGF have the numbers game and use that to their advantage. A spiked headbutt and outside interference is more than fine to knock out Tyler Breeze for a three count. Fandango tries to make the save, but meets a tough fate as he is the victim of a three man attack.
Next up is another vignette for Maverick and Dain. This time, the pairing works on their tag team maneuvers, particularly showing Dain ragdolling his partner and using his brute strength for indirect offense. The two will be in action next week as they take on Imperium.
GYV also get a video segment where they berate Breezango for not standing up for the tag division. They angrily state how they deserve to elevate the belts, something a tandem of goofs like Breezango can’t do. Emphasizing the fact that the tag division has taken a back seat, they promise to make it the flagship once again. They will do whatever they can to make it to Takeover, the titles, and then a win at Survivor Series.
Finally, we get to the main event. Two new teams to NXT as Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio take on Apollo Crews and Ricochet. Ricochet and Crews, former NXT mainstays, get a warm welcome from the crowd as they look to get back on the right foot of their WWE careers. This match is the definition of a highspots bout. Every man in this match can go both on the mat and in the air, and it is definitely expected of them. The story painted during this match is one of experience vs youth. As one would expect, experience is what gets the job done. Frequent tags and cutting the ring in half allows the older duo of Crews and Ricochet to pick up the win following a recoil from Ricochet to Carilllo!
After the match, the two teams shake hands, before running into an attack from behind. Both Grizzled Young Vets and Imperium have stormed the ring! The brawl in the ring further develops when Breezango, Dain and Maverick and LGF run down to the ring as well! Every mainstay team on the NXT brand brawls, leading to William Regal walking onto the entrance ramp! From the ramp, he demands the men to stop and makes an important announcement. Due to the determination by the men in the ring to destroy each other, Regal needs to find a way to contain it all. And that solution is WARGAMES!!! At NXT Takeover 32: Wargames, 4 teams will take place in a Wargames Tag Title match after 4 qualifying matches in the coming weeks. The first of those qualifying matches will take place next week as Breezango faces Legado Del Fantasma. The winner of that match will qualify and, as the champions, have the advantage of getting their partner to the ring first! The second qualifier will also be next week as Imperium vs Drake Maverick and Killian Dain will open the show.
WWE NXT October 28th 2020
The show starts with Killian Dain and Drake Maverick back in action as they face the former champions in Imperium. Maverick starts the match with an underdog babyface flurry. He delivers a Stundog Millionaire right out of nowhere to Marcel Bartel and almost pulls the upset off very early, but a game Bartel kicks out. The offensive flurry continues, but a missed top rope dive gives control back to the European duo. Aichner and Bartel start to pick apart Maverick and pounce like wolves, not relenting for a single second. Eventually, Maverick manages to counter a kick, and turns it into a hot tag for Dain. Dain clears house with arm drags and lariats, before hitting a huge senton on Bartel! Dain is eventually neutralized and we return to back and forth action. Maverick tags back in for a tired Dain, but sadly for the fans in attendance that turns out to be a mistake. Aichner and Bartel fight Dain off the apron and set Maverick up, nailing the European Bomb and getting the cover to advance! Imperium regains their momentum and is the first team to qualify for Wargames!
Midway through the show, the other two qualifiers are announced. First, Grizzled Young Veterans will take on Ricochet and Crews. And then the following week, a second chance triple threat will crown the final team!
The main event match is a showcase for the tag team champions as Breezango prove they can turn it on when they want to. Santos Escobar was barred from ringside by NXT management leaving an easy opening for the Tag Champs to retain. A Last Dance from Fandango was enough to finish the match and give the champs another win.
WWE NXT November 4th 2020
Dominik and Humberto pick up their first NXT victory this week as they polish off Ever-RIse. Afterwards, Dominik cuts a promo promising to carve his own path in his own image, alongside his now personal friend in Carillo.
The GYV train continues to roll this week as this time Gibson and Drake finish off Crews and Ricochet, staking their claim for the top tag team in the division. Undefeated so far on this current run, they will look to continue their momentum the following week against the team of Humberto Carillo and Dominik Mysterio.
The Tag Champs also appear in a promo, reminding the fans that even in their toughest challenge to date, they will remain victorious.
WWE NXT November 11th 2020
The second chance gauntlet between LGF, Crews and Ricochet occurs in the main event slot of the evening. Each team gets their even amounts of offense in with there being feasible chances any team could go on to fight in the dreaded cage. Ultimately, the finish happened with Raul Mendoza laying on the mat. Dain powerbombs Maverick onto him for the cover, but Ricochet comes out of nowhere with a 630 senton to steal the cover and win the match! He and Crews celebrate together, and clap it up for their opponents. WarGames gets the high-flyers it desperately needed and now the match gets even more interesting. The men in the WarGame match will collide one more time before the PPV in an 8 man tag match the following week.
WWE NXT November 18th 2020
The 8 man tag contest takes place midway through the show. Breezango teams with Apollo Crews and Ricochet to take on GYV and Imperium. The Europeans take the win in this one as it's GYV getting the pinfall victory over the champs! They have all the momentum headed to the WarGames and look to keep it up for the actual show itself.
NXT Takeover WarGames November 21st 2020
The tag WarGames will be in the main event of the evening, A video package hypes up the main event with the Tag Team TItles and a spot at Survivor Series on the line. The announcers specifically make a point to note this is the first direct tag team main event in NXT Takeover history since May of 2017.
First out in the ring for each team are Fabian Aichner, James Drake, Tyler Breeze and Apollo Crews. Drake and Aichner team up against the more experienced singles competitors and try to use that to their advantage. Eventually, Crews and Breeze figure out that they have to team up themselves and fight off their opponents for the time being. With those men out of the way, Breeze and Crews have a callback to their match from NXT Takeover: Respect. The men are familiar with one another resulting in a back and forth, counter for counter sequence. Aichner and Drake get back up after their rest and proceed to beat up the former main roster talents. As the beatdown is going on, the countdown clock on the titantron counts down to zero and Fandango rushes down to the ring. He climbs directly to the top rope and wipes out Aichner and Bartel with a Crossbody! Then he holds Crews still for Breeze to drop him with a Supermodel Kick! Breeze and Dango taunt their opponents and dance over the body of Crews. With the man advantage, they control the next portion of the match, all the way until the next man in the match, Zack Gibson enters in the steel structure.
Using every side of the WarGames cage to their advantage, the Grizzled Young Vets mercilessly beat down their foes. The strength of GYV is in full effect as they slow the match down with a flurry of strikes and tandem offense. Obviously, pins cannot occur without everyone in the match, but if they could, GYV would run away with this one.
The clock ticks down once again and it appears Ricochet is the next to enter. However, as the clock reaches zero, WALTER and Alexander Wolfe have made their way to the cage holding Ricochet! WALTER and Wolfe beat up the referees unlocking the cage. Now they walk over to the back of the cage and push on it, looking to tip it over! But wait, Timothy Thatcher makes his way down the ramp to the cage. The announcers celebrate Thatcher saving the day, pushing WALTER and Wolfe away. But then, Thatcher smirks and motions to WALTER. Alongside Wolfe, they all tip the cage over on it's front, preventing Ricochet from getting out of his cage, the door sandwiched on the entrance ramp floor! Thatcher takes off his hooded jacket to reveal a shirt reading IMPERIUM!!! Thatcher has joined up with the evil forces of NXT! Amongst all this confusion, Aichner has fought his way from underneath and gained momentum. This momentum is even stacked further as Marcel Bartel is released from his cage! IMPERIUM proceeds to dominate, holding every bit of passion to their advantage. Meanwhile, on the ramp, Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio have joined in a fresh referee staff in pushing up the cage and letting Ricochet go. Ricochet finally escapes and runs over to the cage. Instead of entering through the front door, Ricochet starts to climb up the side. The announcers are confused at Ricochet’s antics, but it becomes clear what he wants to do as he reaches the top of the cage! IMPERIUM are the only ones standing, but soon they fall, as from the top of the cage, Ricochet hits a Swanton Bomb onto Aichner and Bartel! Ricochet steals the momentum right from under them. Ricochet flys through the air, bouncing like a rubber ball into the bodies of his opponents. The match breaks down from there into standard WarGames affairs. Each team has their moments to shine and they show why they belong in what has become one of NXT’s signature match types.
The finish to the match comes with the tag champ Tyler Breeze setting up for a Beauty Shot to James Drake, but out of nowhere, he is ambushed from behind by Bartel. He and Aichner set up for a huge European Bomb and connect! Aichner covers while Bartel circles around the pin and fends off any opponent. For a split second, it looks like Ricochet is going to break up the pin with an aerial move, but Bartel nails a midair uppercut sending Ricochet flying to the ground just as the ref counts three!
IMPERIUM does it! Thatcher, Wolfe, WALTER, Aichner and Bartel all stand on the ramp, heads high and proud after winning the NXT Tag Titles for their faction! With a new member and new gold, IMPERIUM is now here to dominate NXT!
Epilogue for Part 1
At Survivor Series, the new tag champs IMPERIUM win the tag triple threat over The Hurt Business and Heavy Machinery. With a new chapter established in the NXT Tag Division, the division looks like it can only get even hotter as the push on the road to Takeover and Wrestlemania continues.
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2020.10.08 17:43 numberonebuddy A quick analytical look at the RFAs to not receive QOs

The only two public data visualization tools that are any good are Bill Comeau's SKATR (using data from various sources) and CJ Turtoro's A3Z Player Comparison Tool (using Corey Snajder's manual stat tracking). I'll use these to outline a few players I think are potential undervalued gems for whichever team lands them, and which players are traps and shouldn't be offered large contracts. SKATR data spans the past two years, while A3Z is only for 2020. I'm also including their goals and assists for their most recent two years. I'd also love to hear from people who have watched these players as to why they're potentially heading to UFA (I recognize there's still time for a deal to be done).
Edit: added Caggiula, Perlini, Koekkoek, Pouliot. Any others? I think all the teams have announced their QOs, and capfriendly is up to date.

Big Fish (F)

Andreas Athanasiou (EDM - $3M) (76GP 30G 24A, 55GP 11G 15A) - SKATR / A3Z - good offensive numbers, though he's not the driver of his line. Very poor shot share numbers, transition numbers. He's set up for shots and takes a lot of shots but he doesn't create offense himself. Fine complementary player, but don't expect him to elevate a line significantly. I'd expect him to sign for less than his current cap hit of 3M, and anything more is scary.
Dominik Kahun (BUF - $925k) (82GP 13G 24A, 56GP 12G 19A) - SKATR / A3Z - great all around numbers, seems to be a bit more of a play maker than a sniper but can certainly drive play in the right direction. How much of this is elevated by his 50 games on the Penguins is unclear, but his numbers are solid nonetheless. Baffling why he wasn't given a QO on a cap hit of 925k. Any team would be glad to sign him for <2M, and even at 2-3M he could pull his weight, with the only worry being whether he can sustain these numbers higher in the lineup, for more minutes per game.
Anthony Duclair (OTT - $1.65M) (74GP 19G 14A, 66GP 23G 17A) - SKATR / A3Z - fantastic transition numbers (entries/exits), a volume shooter and good goalscorer who drives offense, though doesn't help much on defense. Better looking numbers than AA, would be a good addition to most teams, especially if played next to a guy who can cover defensively. Sounds like he may be asking for far too much though, so good luck to him.

Hidden Gems (F)

Vinnie Hinostroza (ARI - $1.5M) (72GP 16G 23A, 68GP 5G 17A) - SKATR / A3Z - fantastic transition numbers, seems to be a high quality player who just hasn't had the shooting percentage to match (19th percentile). Is this just a downside to playing for the Coyotes and not having enough finishing talent around him? Buried in zone starts, playing vs the best players, and yet he's got excellent possession numbers. Not much fanfare around him, but I don't see a reason why any team wouldn't want him. Easily worth his current 1.5M salary and then some.
Dominik Simon (PIT - $750k) (71GP 8G 20A, 64GP 7G 15A) - SKATR / A3Z - superb numbers across the board, except for a 20th percentile shooting percentage leading to a 29th percentile goals rate. Is this just a Penguins boost? He played a lot with Crosby and Guentzel, but also with McCann and Hornqvist, and his SKATR chart looks better than either of those. Easily worth well over 750k - everyone should hope their team can get him, and for a few years, too.
Carter Verhaeghe (TBL - $700k) (52GP 9G 4A) - SKATR / No A3Z - excellent numbers, though in a small sample size so it is unclear how much of it is his doing, how much of it is Tampa's strong play, and so forth. He'll land on a team and perform fine, I'm not sure if he's quite as good as the other guys here, but he's also one of the younger ones with less NHL experience, so he's got some room to grow. I'd imagine Tampa wants to keep him around too, curious as to what Tampa fans have to say for the reasoning behind the lack of QO (is a deal imminent?)

Totally Fine Players Who Still Deserve Ice Time (F)

Lucas Wallmark (FLA - $680k) (81GP 10G 18A, 67GP 12G 13A) - SKATR / A3Z - totally fine numbers, good driver of play relative to his teammates, won't light the league on fire offensively but he helps push play towards the net by setting up his teammates more so than taking the shots himself. For <1M he's a fantastic depth option; even for <2M he would be positive value. Very strange to not qualify a guy earning league minimum.
Mark Jankowski (CGY - $1.68M) (79GP 14G 18A, 56GP 5G 2A) - SKATR / A3Z - bottom six player earning a fair contract, as long as he doesn't earn 2.5+ he'll be fine value.
Evan Rodrigues (TOR - $2M) (74GP 9G 20A, 45GP 6G 4A) - SKATR / No A3Z - bottom six player who don't help offensively but still helps push play in the right direction. Doesn't fit on Toronto at 2M, though some other teams could fit that and be happy.
Nick Cousins (VGK - $1M) (81GP 7G 20A, 65GP 10G 15A) - SKATR / A3Z - good possession numbers, seems to be more of a defensive specialist than anything interesting on the offense side (though he did score quite a few goals this season so I see why Vegas would want to avoid arbitration awarding him a 2.5M deal). Good 4th line option for sure.
Drake Caggiula (EDM - $1.5M) (55GP 12G 11A, 40GP 9G 6A) - SKATR / A3Z - middling transition numbers, good scoring numbers and a good driver of offense, but not much help defensively. Solid bottom six player, wouldn't give him much of a raise from 1.5M, if any, but he'd definitely fit in fine on most teams' fourth lines, and some teams' third lines.

Perhaps Avoid These Traps (F)

Travis Boyd (WSH - $800k) (53GP 5G 15A, 24GP 3G 7A) - SKATR / No A3Z - surprising offensive numbers (for a 4th liner...), but poor possession, indicating a shooting percentage bender... oh, look at that, 99th percentile 5v5 on ice shooting percentage! 95th percentile personal shooting percentage! I wouldn't go above 1M for Boyd, I'd take any of the above players over him.
Devin Shore (CBJ - $2.3M) (76GP 10G 19A, 45GP 5G 7A) - SKATR / No A3Z - poor numbers all around, definitely not worth the 2.3M.
Brendan Perlini (DET - $870k) (68GP 14G 7A, 40GP 1G 3A) - SKATR / No A3Z - atrocious possession numbers, just takes a bunch of shots and gets them into the net at a mediocre rate. Wouldn't give him more than a league minimum contract to sit in the press box. He's 23 but shows no reason to hope for more.


Troy Stecher (VAN - $2.3M) (78GP 2G 21A, 69GP 5G 12A) - SKATR / A3Z / BONUS 2016-2019 A3Z - middle of the pack transition numbers, though the zone exits are quite poor and worry anyone looking for a defender who can actually move the puck up ice (Canucks fans, does Stecher defer to his partner most of the time?). As a right handed defenseman who is still young, he'll be a bit of a hot commodity on the market, which means he'll probably fail to live up to the contract he gets (unless he's paired with a guy who can complement him effectively). Definitely a 2nd pairing guy, but putting him on your 1st is risky unless you have a clear high-end to elite LD beside him. Edit his 16-19 A3Z chart looks pretty solid, better than the 2020 one. Clearly the best unqualified RFA defenseman.
Matt Benning (EDM - $1.9M) (70GP 5G 12A, 43GP 1G 7A) - SKATR / A3Z - seems to be a guy who likes to shoot but not make good passes. Solid possession numbers relative to his teammates, making the decision not to qualify him a bit odd (is it just that Edmonton has too many RD, and Benning would be making too much for a third pairing guy?). Let's call him a 2.5 pair guy - third pair who can tread water on the second if necessary. He's got an inverse A3Z chart to Stecher, he's got atrocious offensive numbers but very good zone exit rates.
Mirco Mueller (NJD - $1.4M) (53GP 1G 10A, 50GP 2G 5A) - SKATR / A3Z - basically a 30th percentile defenseman, I'd stick him on the third pair for <1M if I didn't have any rookies I wanted to get some playing time, but I wouldn't enjoy it. He is 25 years old, so maybe there's some untapped upside there? Is it the Devils' fault that his numbers suck? His most common partners (according to hockeyviz) were Subban, Severson, and Butcher, and they all have much better looking SKATR charts than him. The real problem is that I keep misspelling his name as Micro Mueller. He's 6'3" and 210 lbs so please don't tell him I'm calling him that, he'll kick my ass. Interestingly, he's in the 0th percentile for entries allowed against per 60 minutes. Do you want your goalie to get more exercise? Sign Mueller!
Madison Bowey (DET - $1M) (40GP 2G 8A, 53GP 3G 14A) - SKATR / A3Z - some actual solid offensive numbers, but absolutely atrocious play-driving numbers, makes me think he's just getting a bit lucky. An individual points percentage in the 86th percentile is high for a defenseman, and the personal and on ice shooting percentages being well above average indicate he's not going to keep up the offense, and when the points dry up, he'll get buried. He's in the 1st percentile for entries allowed against per 60 minutes, so if you think Mueller is almost good enough, but not quite, maybe Bowey is more your style.
Slater Koekkoek (CHI - $930k) (31GP 2G 4A, 42GP 1G 9A) - SKATR / A3Z - terrible transition numbers, but somehow he parlays them into solid playdriving numbers, so perhaps there's something there. Perhaps Sznajder happened to catch his worst games of the season, but his entries, exits, and entries allowed are not pretty at all. Still, his decent possession metrics make me think he's worth a bottom pairing slot for ~$1M.
Derrick Pouliot (STL - $700k) (62GP 3G 9A, 2GP 0G 0A) - SKATR / 2016-2019 A3Z - bad entries and exits, middle of the pack on denying zone entries, and no real positive impact on possession or offense, despite playing with good teammates (56th percentile) against terrible opponents (26th percentile) in the offensive zone (84th percentile). Perhaps someone still sees something in him, but after spending the season in the AHL and putting up the 6th best overall scoring record for defensemen (7G 32A in 58GP), though only 12th best by P/GP (min 40GP), it's tough to see him getting another chance.
If you'd like to just look at all of the SKATR and A3Z charts, they're in an imgur album here
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2020.10.02 08:40 UnicornDick31 Booking the Draft and Smackdown's run until Wrestlemania 37 - Part 1

Leading up to the Draft, which starts on October 9th, we have a few shows to get through, On Smackdown we will see Jeff Hardy and Sami Zayn have a singles match for the Intercontinental Championship which Jeff Hardy would win back, finally defeating the dastardly Sami Zayn. King Corbin and Matt Riddle will have a grudge match, which would be won by Matt Riddle, to get his revenge on Corbin for all that has happened between the two over the past months. Sheamus and Big E will also have a match to end their feud, with Big E picking up the win. On NXT Takeover 31, Io Shirai will defeat Candice LeRae after a tough match, and later in the night Damian Priest will beat Johnny Gargano to retain the North American Championship, Kyle O’Reilly will come up short against Balor in the main event. On Raw the following week, with the draft quickly approaching, we see the set up for a Hell in a Cell match to finally put to bed the feud between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. NXT doesn’t have anything relevant happen for the draft, but then we get to Smackdown, the night of the draft itself…

WWE Draft Night 1 - October 9th, 2020
Excitement is in the air as nobody knows where they will end up, this draft could switch things up completely, this draft could in theory flip the brands. But let’s get right into it, Adam Pearce walks onto stage, he announces that to decide the first pick in the draft, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns will go one on one to earn the first pick for their current brand. The match these two have is good, but they don’t go all out, saving for a future occasion, in the end the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns gets the win and the first pick for Smackdown. When the show returns from commercial, Adam Pearce is back out to announce the first round of picks.

Round 1
Smackdown gets the first pick, and they of course select the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Raw’s first pick is also no surprise, because they pick the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. The next picks from each brand are also no surprise, but they need to be made, Smackdown selects Bayley and Raw selects Asuka. Things get interesting now as Smackdown picks Johnny Gargano, which Raw comes back with Jeff Hardy, meaning the Intercontinental Championship is headed to Monday Nights.

Round 2
Smackdown are still reeling from having the Intercontinental Championship taken, so they punch Raw where it hurts, not only taking the United States Championship, but taking the Hurt Business as a whole. Raw take The Undisputed Era in return, getting a faction of their own. Smackdown’s next pick is Seth Rollins & Murphy, which is followed by Raw taking King Corbin. Smackdown’s next pick is someone who has been “mistreated” by the USA Network, Adam ensures those aren’t his words, but the words of the FOX executives, their pick is Ricochet. Raw takes the Women’s Tag Team Champions, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

Round 3
Smackdown’s next pick is Sasha Banks, followed by Raw choosing AJ Styles. Smackdown shoot back at Raw by taking Keith Lee, Raw’s next draftee is Mr. Money in the Bank, Otis and his partner Tucker. Smackdown say that they want to keep this next guy on their brand, despite him not being present right now, Daniel Bryan. Raw lock down one of their roster members too in Randy Orton.

Round 4
Smackdown takes Sami Zayn as their next pick, and Raw takes Rhea Ripley from NXT. Smackdown’s next pick is… Kevin Owens, Zayn and Owens back on the same brand, this could be bad news. Raw chooses Mandy Rose to stay on Raw. Smackdown knows that you can’t take Johnny Gargano without… Candice LeRae, while Raw takes the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman.

Round 5
Smackdown’s next pick is a promising star in Liv Morgan, and Raw selects Nikki Cross. Smackdown chooses Bianca Belair, while Raw takes The Miz, splitting up the tag team shockingly. In the final picks of the night, Smackdown takes Angel Garza, and Raw takes Charlotte Flair.

That’s the end of the first night of draft picks, but the draft continues on Monday Night Raw…

WWE Draft Night 2 - October 12th, 2020
Back on Raw now, we have the second night of the draft, and this time we are switching the order, so raw will pick first and Smackdown second.

Round 1
With their first pick, Raw takes The Fiend, a massive shot to Smackdown, but they keep their cool by selecting Samoa Joe. Raw next takes Edge, Smackdown decides to look ahead and select a future star, Chelsea Green, someone who hasn’t been seen on NXT in months, waiting in the wings to make her mark. Raw takes Andrade, keeping him on the red brand, meanwhile Smackdown takes The New Day.

Round 2
Raw takes Sheamus with their next pick, Smackdown instead takes Humberto Carrillo. Raw snatches Aleister Black, and Smackdown takes Peyton Royce. Raw’s next draft pick is Alexa Bliss, while Smackdown takes Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, who are clearly unhappy at how late the Tag Team Champs were left. Raw takes their Tag Champs next to combat Smackdown with the Street Profits, Smackdown say they’re going to take a chance on this guy while his partner is injured, Erik of the Viking Raiders.

Round 3
Raw takes The Forgotten Sons, and Smackdown takes Carmella. Raw next takes Apollo Crews, while Smackdown takes John Morrison. Raw takes Elias, and Smackdown takes The Usos.

Round 4
Lucha House Party are headed to Raw, while R-Truth moves over to Smackdown, being taken away from the 24/7 Championship in an emotional moment. Current 24/7 Champion, Akira Tozawa is chosen by Raw, Smackdown takes Matt Riddle. Raw takes Mustafa Ali, while Smackdown keeps Naomi on the blue brand.

Round 5
Raw takes Mickie James, while Smackdown gets Peyton Royce. Raw takes the somehow still available Mysterio family, and Smackdown takes Dolph Ziggler. Raw’s last official pick of the night is Billie Kay, and Smackdown takes Drew Gulak.

Also to note: NXT don’t lose out, Ember Moon returns at Takeover, being responsible for those vignettes. And Bobby Roode, Chad Gable and Bo Dallas would also move to the black and yellow brand.

Post show on Twitter the rest of the undrafted people are given a home, with the official rosters looking like this at the end:

Raw Roster
Drew McIntyre
Jeff Hardy
The Undisputed Era
King Corbin
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler
AJ Styles
Heavy Machinery
Randy Orton
Rhea Ripley
Mandy Rose
Braun Strowman
Nikki Cross
The Miz
Charlotte Flair
The Fiend
Alexa Bliss
Street Profits
The Forgotten Sons
Apollo Crews
Lucha House Party
Akira Tozawa
Mustafa Ali
Mickie James
Rey & Dominik Mysterio
Billie Kay
Lacey Evans
Lars Sullivan
Natalya & Lana

Smackdown Roster
Roman Reigns
Johnny Gargano
The Hurt Business
Seth Rollins & Murphy
Sasha Banks
Keith Lee
Daniel Bryan
Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens
Candice LeRae
Liv Morgan
Bianca Belair
Angel Garza
Samoa Joe
Chelsea Green
The New Day
Humberto Carrillo
Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura
John Morrison
The Usos
Matt Riddle
Peyton Royce
Dolph Ziggler
Drew Gulak
Dana Brooke
Mojo Rawley
Jinder Mahal
Riddick Moss
Titus O’Neil

Wrapping Things Up
Hell in a Cell is coming up and we will be wrapping up some of the ongoing feuds, with Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins still needing to settle their feud once and for all inside the Cell. Andrade also comes out on an episode of Raw, reunited with Zelina Vega, who say that it is a travesty that Andrade was drafted AFTER Angel Garza who isn’t even active. That Smackdown, Garza is seen backstage flirting when a backstage interviewer approaches him for a response to Andrade and Zelina, and he simply says that he is the better man, FOX can see that, but if Andrade really doesn’t believe him, he will be healthy by Hell in a Cell, they could always step inside the ring together and settle it. Andrade accepts the challenge the following Monday, and the match is set, Andrade vs Angel Garza.

Meanwhile with Smackdown’s new roster, Roman Reigns has a whole new pool of guys to prove that he is the Tribal Chief against. A No.1 Contender’s Gauntlet Match is held two weeks before HIAC. Starting off the match is Ricochet and John Morrison, who go a good 8 minutes before Ricochet manages to hit the 630 and pin Morrison. Next out is Keith Lee, who has a great back and forth with Ricochet, eventually hitting the Big Bang Catastrophe to move on in the Gauntlet. And next is Kevin Owens, these two have a fun match up, and eventually with a Stunner, Owens moves onto the final stage of the Gauntlet, and his final opponent is Sami Zayn. Zayn and Owens have a little back and forth, reminiscent of their previous encounters, and eventually Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, but Owens bursts out of the corner and hits the Pop Up Powerbomb to score the 3 count. Kevin Owens will go on to face Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell.

The Hurt Business picks things up where they left off, promising that they will be the best thing going in WWE, the only thing that has changed is that they will now be doing it from Friday Night’s. They say that Bobby Lashley will continue to reign as United States Champion, and nobody will stop him. Later in the night The Hurt Business cross paths with Big E in the halls, and they watch as he continues down the hallway and to the ring for his match. Big E picks up a quick victory over Mojo Rawley, and we cut backstage to find The Hurt Business watching Big E on a monitor. The following week, MVP approaches Big E about ditching The New Day and joining The Hurt Business, because the New Day is a joke, and Big E should not be seen as a joke, he’s a specimen to behold. Big E wastes no time in telling MVP that he doesn’t want any part of The Hurt Business. This leads to a 4 on 1 attack against Big E, and builds to Big E getting a shot at Lashley’s United States Championship.

Sasha Banks and Bayley’s feud continues to heat up, all the way until there is no choice but to put the two in a Hell in a Cell match to settle their differences. Cesaro & Nakamura come out the Friday directly following the draft, bringing up their grievances about being drafted so late, and promise to show everyone of their doubters wrong with quality in ring performances week in and week out. They start off with a match against Seth Rollins and Murphy, which proves to be the MOTN, but as the PPV approaches, they need challengers, so Matt Riddle and new to Smackdown, Keith Lee step up. Bringing their history into the spotlight as they are aiming to claim those titles from the shoulders of Cesaro and Shinsuke.

Hell in a Cell - October 25th, 2020
The show gets underway, as the audience watches on in the Thunderdome, and the first person to enter the arena is Seth Rollins, he walks down the ramp and comes face to face with the menacing steel structure, but Rollins knows that it will all work out because he is fighting for the greater good. He stands in the ring staring up the ramp with an evil grin on his face, Murphy standing by the door, making his way around the cage, that is when Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and he walks out with his family by his side, all looking scared for the master of the 619. He stops by the door and looks around at his family, embracing them before stepping through the door, the referee shutting the door and locking Rollins and Mysterio in. the bell is rung and the match gets underway...

Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell Match
Starting off with Rollins talking trash, before quickly breaking down into a brawl, all the frustrations from the past months and months of animosity, they spill to the outside and Rollins throws Mysterio into the steel first, he goes to throw Mysterio again, but this time Rey grabs the cage before his head can hit the steel, he in turn grabs Seth and throws him into the Steel. Rollins stumbles towards the corner, Rey runs at Seth who dodges and thinks he sent Rey crashing into the Steel. Rey stops himself once again, when Rollins notices he runs at Rey, who nails a Drop Toe Hold to trip Rollins face first into the steel.

Rollins escapes to the ring and rolls in, meanwhile Mysterio gets a kendo stick and slides in, he whacks it across the back of Rollins repeatedly. The match continues just getting more and more brutal, until towards the end, tension has been rising on the outside between Dominik and Murphy, all because Murphy and Aalyah have been speaking during the match from time to time. Murphy laughs as he sees how much he is getting under the skin of Dominik. The breaking point comes when Murphy is comforting Aalyah as Rollins brutally beats down Mysterio in the Cell, ripping at his mask, trying to expose the injured eye, holding a screwdriver, attempting to smash through the line he has already crossed multiple times throughout this feud. Aalyah is in near tears, but Murphy comforts her to the displeasure of Dominik. Mysterio somehow does manage to fight back and make a comeback, and that’s when Murphy turns things up a notch, which sends Dominik over the edge, as they are getting in each other’s faces, referees have to hold Dominik back, Murphy laughing as he pretends to focus on the conversation with Aalyah, Murphy smirks at Rey who is distracted by this, Aalyah notices and realises that Murphy hasn’t cared for her all along and slaps him across the face. Dominik breaks free from the referees and jumps on Murphy the two fight.

Back in the ring, Rey turns back to Rollins, but is caught with a Superkick, Rollins sets up the Curb Stomp, but as he goes to hit it, Rey evades, drop kicking Rollins’ back as he lands, setting up the 619, he hits the move, putting the exclamation point on the match with a Frog Splash, covering Rollins for the 1… 2… 3…

Rey Mysterio def. Seth Rollins (23:27)

The Mysterio Family celebrate their victory, all heading to the back united once again, Rey having vanquished Rollins in their final encounter, Rollins is disappointed as Murphy comes to the ring to help him to the back. But the show continues, with a Raw branded match next, once that is over though we get the next match which sees Keith Lee make his way out to a pop from the audience, followed by his tag partner, Matt Riddle. The Smackdown Tag Team Champions make their way out next, Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura walking down the ramp with their titles over their shoulders. Once the two teams are in the ring, the referee rings the bell.

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Keith Lee & Matt Riddle Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
These 4 competitors put on a great tag team match, all being phenomenal performers in their own right, the end comes when Keith Lee and Cesaro are the legal men, Lee goes for the Spirit Bomb, but Cesaro brings his fist down on the head of Lee, attempting to counter the move, but the power of Lee, he goes to lift Cesaro up, the only way out for Cesaro now is to lean back and he hits a Hurricanrana, shockingly. Cesaro then tags in Nakamura to finish it, as he sets up the Kinshasa, Keith Lee manages to reverse it into a successful Spirit Bomb, he holds the cover, 1… 2… but Shinsuke manages to throw the shoulder up, Lee is in shock, he grabs Nakamura and tags in Matt Riddle, who climbs to the top rope as Lee goes for the Big Bang Catastrophe. But Cesaro seeing it coming gets in and nails a running Uppercut, which knocks Lee over, dropping Nakamura to the ground again. Nakamura hits the top rope to drop Riddle, dragging him off the turnbuckle and stepping back a few times to hit the Kinshasa and cover Riddle, 1… 2… 3…

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Keith Lee & Matt Riddle (11:52)

Post match, Keith Lee offers Cesaro and Nakamura a handshake, which after a little hesitation they both accept, however Riddle isn’t feeling quite as sportsmanlike at that moment. He storms to the back disappointed by the loss, and Cesaro & Nakamura celebrate before heading back themselves. Next up we have an Intercontinental Championship match between Jeff Hardy and The Miz, which Hardy retains, we are then onto another grudge match between two superstars separated by the draft, Angel Garza and Andrade. They both make their ways down to the ring and the referee rings the bell.

Andrade vs Angel Garza Traditional Singles Match
The two Mexican stars lock up and serve up a masterclass Lucha-esque style match, the match ends up being rather short, but in the end, Garza rips off his pants and throws them in the face of the referee, turning to Andrade and low blowing him, grabbing his opponent and hitting the Wing Clipper, covering Andrade, 1… 2… 3…

Angel Garza def. Andrade (7:19)

Garza rolls off with a cocky grin on his face, celebrating his victory as the audience boo him, he walks to the back, ready to get his own career on the right track. For the first time since his main roster debut it’s about him and not Andrade. Andrade and Zelina look pissed off in the ring as they watch Garza walking up the ramp, this surely spells trouble for the rest of Raw as Andrade will look for redemption. Next up on the cards we have the United States Championship match, Big E makes his way down to the ring first, soon followed by the champion, Bobby Lashley, backed by the Hurt Business. The bell rings and the match is on…

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Big E United States Championship Match
The two big men lock up, Lashley having an advantage over Big E in the strength department, manages to drive Big E back into the ropes, the referee having to get between them. As the match proceeds, the Hurt Business make their mark on this match multiple times, the referee getting more and more fed up with their interruptions. Big E looks like he might have the match won, but Shelton Benjamin gets on the apron, while across the ring, Cedric Alexander is on the apron and he hits an Enziguiri to Big E, when MVP gets on to try punch Big E with a pair of brass knuckles, the referee sees and ejects all three of them. However their involvement has already done enough, because Lashley hits a brutal Spear, quickly covering Big E as the referee counts the 1… 2… 3…

Bobby Lashley def. Big E (10:06)

Lashley takes his title and heads to the back immediately, not caring for anything more and the show proceeds as Big E makes his way to the back. Asuka defends her Raw Women’s Championship against Mandy Rose next, which ends up being on the shorter side as Asuka continues her reign as Champion. Next, with just 3 matches left, Kevin Owens’ music hits and he walks down the ramp for the opportunity to reclaim the Universal Championship after nearly 4 years. But his opponent will be a tough task to be up against, the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns makes his way down to the ring and he enters, staring down Owens, looking as intimidating as he’s ever looked. The referee rings the bell…

Roman Reigns (c) vs Kevin Owens Universal Championship Match
Owens gets his fair share of offence in during this match, but Reigns’ new attitude has proven him to just be unstoppable, every time Owens begins to make a comeback, Reigns is there to cut him off. The match doesn’t last very long, Owens being beaten down as Reigns talks trash about how he is the Tribal Chief, and in the end, two consecutive Spears puts Owens down for the 3 count.

Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens (6:40)

Reigns takes his title and poses, looking down his nose at the fallen Owens, before heading to the back, Owens gets up to his knees after Reigns has left, looking completely lost. Commentary put over that this isn’t the same Kevin Owens who won the Universal Championship in 2016, or the same Kevin Owens who debuted by stomping his foot down on the United States Championship, something is missing. Owens walks back up the ramp with his head down, before we go to the second to last match of the night, Drew McIntyre is up against Braun Strowman for the WWE Championship, which Drew retains. Finally though, what we’ve all been waiting for, Sasha Banks’ music hits and she makes her way down, coming face to face with the Hell in a Cell structure she has become so familiar with, after tonight Sasha will have stepped in the Cell with every member of the Four Horsewomen. Which leads us to the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley making her way down to the ring and stepping into the Cell. as both women stand across the ring from one another, Sasha itching to get her hands on Bayley, the referee rings the bell and it’s on…

Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks Smackdown Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Bayley and Sasha right away brawl all around the ring, and the steel is very quickly brought into the mix, Sasha looking to dish out punishment to Bayley. As the match goes on, the women introduce Steel Chairs, kendo sticks and tables. This proved to be one of the most brutal Cell matches in recent memory, but as the ending comes, the brutality was child's play compared to what was coming next for Sasha Banks. Bayley once again wraps the chair around the neck of Sasha Banks, getting to the second rope, and driving her foot down on the chair, as Sasha is gasping for air, the referee checks on her. The ref is about to call for a doctor and end the match, much like how Fiend vs Rollins ended one year earlier, but Bayley stops the referee and reminds them that there are no disqualifications, this is Hell in a Cell.

Bayley shoves the referee away, and she grabs Sasha again, head still trapped in the chair, Bayley climbing up to the second rope again, driving her foot down a second time. She then leaves the ring and takes out a baseball bat, dragging Sasha into the middle of the ring, in a moment that is truly hard to watch for all, she holds the chair around Sasha’s throat in place with her foot as she swings down with the steel bat repeatedly, Sasha getting to the point of coughing up blood. Bayley finally takes the chair off of Sasha’s head, and she grabs the referee to make the count, putting her foot on the chest of Sasha as the referee makes the count, 1… 2… 3…

Bayley def. Sasha Banks (31:52)

Bayley stands there with her foot on Sasha’s chest as the doctors desperately try to get into the Cell, Bayley eventually leaves to immeasurable heat, as Sasha is stretchered out of the arena. The show comes to a close with Bayley standing at the top of the ramp with her title, arms stretched out and a smile across her face as she watches Sasha be stretchered past her.
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2020.10.02 02:47 pearpressure12 Kyle O'Reilly's Rise To The Top (Part 1 Of 1)

Kyle O’Reilly. A man who, I think should already be at the top of NXT. He’s got the charisma and the talent to be in that position, the only thing he hasn’t had is a chance yet. Well, after winning the Elimination Gauntlet recently, O’Reilly could be on the rise. Honestly, I don’t need three parts. I just need one. So, WWE can wait its go because I’m having a crack at this.
4th October 2020 (Takeover 31) Main event time. Finn Balor defending his NXT Championship against Undisputed Eras Kyle O’Reilly. The rest of the Era are barred from ringside. Kyle is a house of fire in this match, showing he’s much more than just a tag team wrestler. He takes Balor to his absolute limits, wearing him down with his submissions to Finns legs as well as the strikes and quick kicks. Balor isn’t just a sitting duck though, dishing out just as much as he’s taking. The closing sequence is as followed. Kyle has his bear-hug arm bar on Balor, looking to wear him down further. However, Balor unwraps O’Reilly’s legs from around himself, picks him up and delivers 1916 onto O’Reilly. Finn covers him for the a close 2 count before O’Reilly kicks out. Balor, without hesitation, stands up, stomps on Kyle’s back before turning him over, going to the top rope and delivering a Coup De Grace but doesn’t cover. He goes back up and delivers another, this time, closer to the throat and finally picks up the victory after a brutal battle. Balor walks out as champion. UE runs out to help their fallen member. They collect Kyle and, shoulder to shoulder, help him to the back.
7th October 2020 (NXT TV) Kyle O’Reilly doesn’t appear, but Finn Balor does. Balor talks about his match at Takeover 31. “You see Kyle. You don’t deserve the push as much as me. You will never be over. Stay in the tag league and don’t try and pull a stunt like that again”. Balor goes on with his promo talking about next challengers and such. The rest of the promo isn’t important to the story, but those few lines helps put in motion Kyle raising the ranks.
4th November 2020 (NXT TV) After weeks over recovering, Kyle O’Reilly returns to NXT in action against Cameron Grimes. Both men give it their all in this match up. Grime showing off he may be really annoying but also really good in ring while O’Reilly shows off what everyone already knows about him which is he is a great professional wrestler. The hard strikes exchanged in this match are wild and frantic, with O’Reilly only just getting the upper hand. To close things out, Grimes goes for a kick to Kyle’s head, O’Reilly grabs it and brings it down into a Grapevine Ankle Lock. Cameron attempts to make it to the ropes, but Kyle’s relentlessness of holding on is what forces Grimes to tap out. O’Reilly picks up the victory in his return. Bobby Fish comes out and hugs his tag-team partner before raising his hand and shouting “he is the NXT Champion in our eyes”.
11th November 2020 (NXT TV) The NXT men’s team for Survivor Series is announced. It will consist of Johnny Gargano, Bronsen Reed, Killian Dain, Kushida and a member of Undisputed Era. A chose has to be made by the end of the night. Undisputed Era make their way to the stage area to make the announcement. Adam Cole has the microphone. “Regardless of who we pick, NXT will win at Survivor Series. Strong here is the future of WWE period. Fish here will always be one of the very best. I’m the longest reigning NXT Champion it this brands history. But one man recently has proved himself not to be the future but the now of NXT. Out pick for Survivor Series is Kyle O’Reilly”. This actually takes O’Reilly aback, not actually knowing he was the one being picked by the group. The surprise turns to fighting words. “Raw and Smackdown may be the mainstream brands, but when NXT comes to fight, you’ll see blood stream from the titans of this sport we love and crafted into our image. Bring your very best, because we could send our worst and still be better and that is undisputed”.
16th November 2020 (Raw) NXT invades Raw and kicks them to the curb (Not a vital part in O’Reilly’s story but a piece of information needed).
18th November 2020 (NXT TV) The Hurt Business arrives in Full Sail University. MVP grabs a microphone and calls out UE. “You boys claim you are undisputed. You boys say you run the brand and that you are the brand. Well, my men can take out anyone they want and they don’t want you in the equation anymore. So, how about it? The Hurt Business V.S Undisputed Era tonight?” William Regal makes the match official for the main event.
To said main event, it’s a chaotic affair. Bodies are flying, getting taken to the limit and completely destroyed. The closing moments are as followed. After all the other competitors have been cleared from the ring Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly have Cedric Alexander in perfect position. They nail him with the High-Low and O’Reilly gets the cover on Alexander. Undisputed Era wins over Raw’s Hurt Business.
20th November 2020 (Smackdown) Again, an invasion between brands happen. (Again, not vital, but just so you know what’s going on)
22nd November 2020 (Survivor Series) 5-on-5-on-5 Traditional Men’s Survivor Series match. Raw (Kevin Owens, Dominik Mysterio, Apollo Crews, Murphy and Randy Orton), Smackdown (AJ Styles, Drew Gulak, King Corbin, Big E and Jeff Hardy) and NXT (Johnny Gargano, Bronsen Reed, Killian Dain, Kushida and Kyle O’Reilly). After a long battle, the order of elimination is as followed. Jeff Hardy Big E Apollo Crews Johnny Gargano Killian Dain Murphy Kushida Kevin Owens Drew Gulak King Corbin Dominik Mysterio Bronsen Reed The finally three is Randy Orton, AJ Styles and Kyle O’Reilly. The three go at it for a period of 10 minutes all getting the best out of each other. Finally, AJ Styles gets Randy Orton set up for the Phenomenal Elbow, he nails it at the same time Kyle O’Reilly rolls up Randy Orton to claim the elimination for himself. It’s now AJ Styles and Kyle O’Reilly left. These men are exhausted but still willing to lay it all out on the line. After another 5 minutes, Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Kyle grabs the ankle, pulls his bodyweight down, Grapevines the leg and Styles can’t go anywhere. After fighting and fighting to make it to the ropes, Styles finally taps out. Kyle O’Reilly wins it for team NXT. (Sidenote: The main event is Drew McIntyre V.S Finn Balor V.S Roman Reigns. The winner being Reigns after pinning Finn Balor).
25th November 2020 (NXT TV) William Regal asks Kyle O’Reilly to the ring. Kyle obliges. “Kyle, recently you have been very impressive. Taking it to Finn Balor, winning over the Hurt Business and bringing a victory to NXT at Survivor Series. I want to reward you with an opportunity. On December 6th, at NXT TakeOver: Redemption, you will get another shot at the NXT Championship”. Finn Balor interrupts. “I’ve beaten him before. Why must I beat him again? Regal, I want those who have earned a shot, not just rewarded. He earned it the first time but not this time”. Kyle cuts him off. “I’m sorry, who actually won their match at Survivor Series? Who wasn’t pinned? Who brought honour to this brand? Me. You told me to stay in the tag league. Well, my staying there has earned me another shot at your title. So, at Takeover Redemption, I will have my redemption as the announcers say “And NEWWW NXT Champion, Kyle O’Reilly”.
2nd December 2020 (NXT TV) Opening contest, the ReDragon inner circle of the Undisputed Era takes on Legado Del Fantasma. It’s a decent if a bit brief match as Finn Balor comes out very early and stands right behind O’Reilly on the ring apron. O’Reilly has enough and as he’s tagged in, he spin kicks Balor before tearing it up in the ring. However, Balor still causes interference and allows Raul Mendoza to get O’Reilly in a roll up and get a victory over the former three time tag champ. O’Reilly wastes no time going to the outside and taking it to Balor. However, the rest of L.D.F comes and attacks O’Reilly and Fish. Cole and Strong come out to even things up. Regal announces the main event to be Undisputed Era taking on Finn Balor and Legado Del Fantasma.
To that match now and Kyle O’Reilly stares at Finn Balor for nearly the whole time. He rarely stops looking at the NXT Champion. The rest of UE and L.D.F fight it out but O’Reilly stares daggers through Balor. Finally, both men get the hot tag and brawl in the middle of the ring. No technical moves, just pure hatred. It comes to a point both men get too physical and the referee calls for the bell. It becomes a pull-a-part brawl. O’Reilly and Balor just trying to get at each other’s throat.
In the days following, it’s announced that Finn Balor V.S Kyle O’Reilly will be a No Holds Barred NXT Championship match.
6th December 2020 (NXT Takeover: Redemption) Finn Balor V.S Kyle O’Reilly for the NXT Championship, No Holds Barred. This is a frantic match. O’Reilly and Balor take it to each other in ways the first one on one between them couldn’t get to. Tables are destroyed, chairs are bent over their backs, the ring ropes are dismantled and used as weapons and that’s just scratching the surface of what both men come up with. It’s a bloody affair throughout, both men being busted open very early in the contest. O’Reilly using all of his strength and technical ability to be in the prime position to basically rip Balor’s leg off. However, Balor outpaces Kyle at nearly every turn, getting O’Reilly weakened more and more. Finally, Balor has O’Reilly laid out for a Coup De Grace. He lays a chair on top for an added statement. Finn gets to the top rope, in prime position to drill through the chest of Kyle. But as Finn jumps from the top rope, Kyle gets to his feet and swings the steel chair into the falling Balor. This allows O’Reilly to drag Balor into the middle of the ring and Grapevine an Ankle Lock for Balor to try and escape. Finn scratches and claws to the ropes but O’Reilly doesn’t let up. Nothing is moving O’Reilly. Nothing is going to let him give up, no amount of damage will take away the chance of being NXT Champion. Finally, Finn Balor taps out. Kyle O’Reilly lets go and celebrates. “Here is your winner and NEWWWWW NXT Champion, Kyle O’Reilly”. 15 years, and O’Reilly finally wins the biggest prize in his career thus far. ‘Tag-Team Specialist’ to ‘NXT Champion’. The rest of UE comes out and lifts O’Reilly over their heads. No betrayal, no cracks, only pride and joy in Undisputed Era. Kyle O’Reilly is on the top of the mountain.
That’s how I’d do it. It’s a short one but it can be that simple. NXT has proven that complicated storylines aren’t always the best storylines. This story is simple to understand. Kyle O’Reilly has finally been given a chance to show he’s worthy of this spot and he’s making the most of it. So, what do you guys think?
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2020.09.29 22:02 Szczesnyy Premier League Team Review - Episode 1: Leicester City.

Hi, as the title says, I would like to assess every football club in the Premier League, using a mixture of opinion and stat based analysis, as well as the eye test when watching them play, especially focusing on transfers that could/should be made. I begin with Leicester City. (Because when I started they were top of the table). Let's go!

GK - Schmeichel, Ward, Jakupovic.
Schmeichel is a good goalkeeper, good enough for the top 6, that's to say I wouldn't bat an eye if a top 6 side had him in goal. He is 33 and is making a few more mistakes than he used to though. Not a liability, but I could see him becoming one in 2-3 years. Ward and Jakupovic are not good enough for Leicester City. I think for now they are golden, but a backup with perceived high potential is where I would lean towards. Perhaps an u23 prospect from the academy. Otherwise Leicester should start looking for a rough diamond. Suggestions - Karol Niemczycki (21, Cracovia), Predrag Rajkovic (24, Stade De Reims) and Dominik Greif (23, Slovan Bratislava).

RB - Pereira, Castagne, Justin.
Absolutely stacked. Nothing else to say really, does Justin become LB full-time? Who knows. No-one is declining, all three are great players and competition in this position will be huge for years to come. RB and CAM are Leicester's biggest assets right now.

CB - Soyuncu, Evans, Benkovic, Morgan. (Amartey, Ndidi)
Good for now, in need of a refresher though, hold onto Soyuncu and give him a worthy partner who for GODS SAKE is left-footed. Evans is injury prone, Morgan is captain but his playing days are over with the way football is being played. Put a 27 year-old Wes Morgan into that Leicester team and he still wouldn't be able to keep up, so how does he do at 36? Not great. Soyuncu is a great CB, £19m was a bargain. I feel like Leicester should be looking at a starting LCB, my suggestions would be Jordan Torunarigha (23, Hertha Berlin), Moussa Niakhate (24, FSV Mainz 05) and Benoit Badiashile (19, AS Monaco).

LB - Thomas, Fuchs. (Justin, Castagne)
I see two solutions to this, either play out the season with Castagne/Justin as starting LB as they can both play on both sides, OR sign a new LB, reducing (Most likely) Justin to a backup role. So far he has looked amazing, the only thing I am worried about is James Justin being a confidence player, he's on a high, does he have lows? What happens to him if he does? Those are unknowns with young players that's why it's always a consistency risk. What if one difficult game where he scores an own goal or gives away a penalty completely destroys him? While it is difficult to know, and the system in place is already great, I'm not 100% on it yet. Luke Thomas is a decent backup, but I would still consider a starting LB. Not a must by any means though. My suggestions would be Alejandro Grimaldo (25, Benfica), Jose Gaya (25, Valencia) and Layvin Kurzawa (28, PSG).

CDM - Ndidi, Choudhury, Mendy, Amartey
I'm not here to talk about changing tactics, so Leicester play with one DM, one pivot. That pivot is ideally Ndidi, who in my eyes is a top 3 DM in the league (Kante, Allan, Fabinho are also in the conversation). Nampalys Mendy is a great backup, and Choudhury is also a good, young player who can be played further up if needed. Amartey sticks out though, I think he needs to be let go, possibly sold (Could maybe get 9-10m for him), or kept around for depth and cups, kind of as a safety net. Despite overcrowding, a very strong position for Leicester.

CM - Tielemans, Praet, Silva, James (Choudhury, Maddison, Albrighton)
Quite strong, Tielemans has buckets of talent, and Praet is a very direct player, which suits Leicester and the way they like to play. Adrien Silva and Matty James... While okay as backups, I feel like in a similar vein to Amartey, should be sold or kept as depth or for cup games. Marc Albrighton has lost half a yard of pace rather early, just one of those players who declined at 29 not 32. I feel like he has all the qualities to be a great CM for the next 3-4 years though, so that is what I would do, sell Adrien Silva and Matty James (Or keep them around for cup games/depth). I reckon the combined fees could bring in around 15m. I don't know if this aligns with a lot of other people, but I'm very much for supporting the squad with academy players, rather than keeping around players like Adrien Silva for depth.

CAM - Maddison, (Tielemans, Iheanacho, Albrighton)
Maddison is an amazing player, he can have off games, but most of the time he's quality. I have a plan for Kelechi Iheanacho, turning him away from 9 due to his poor finishing, and turning him into a 10 due to his impressive range of passing (he has also played as a CAM/False 9 for Nigeria before). This is a big strength of Leicester, I have nothing to add or subtract from this position.

LW - Barnes, Gray (Perez, Under)
I love Harvey Barnes, he has eclipsed Demarai Gray despite being given less time. I see two options here, either trust Demarai Gray to be in and around the squad, OR sign a relatively cheap, but good left-footed left winger, not to compete with Barnes, but to provide a different option, a more crossing option rather than cutting inside. It's going to be difficult to find a LW who is happy being a rotation option, or a super-sub, but I would suggest Theo Bongonda (24, Genk), Yakou Meite (24, Reading) and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia (19, Rubin Kazan).

RW - Perez, Under, Ghezzal (Albrighton)
This is a good position, Ayoze Perez hasn't really kicked on, he's not a star of this leicester side by any means. I was very surprised to see Rachid Ghezzal still on the books. I love the addition of Cengiz Under, he will definitely add a new dimension to leicester. I would love it if Under could be made permanent, Ghezzal was let go (I reckon 10-15m price tag) and Albrighton was turned into a CM/CAM. Ghezzal can also be kept for depth if no-one submits a good enough offer.

ST - Vardy, Slimani (Iheanacho)
I put Iheanacho in brackets because I feel like he is more suited as a CAM/False 9. Slimani is not good enough as a backup. If Jamie Vardy gets injured, Leicester lose a huge asset, and Iheanacho is not good enough in that role to replace him, neither is Islam Slimani. I would sell Slimani (10-12m price tag) or keep for depth/cup games as with all other sales. I would edge Iheanacho towards a deeper role, and promote a young and hungry number 9, either from the academy, or as a transfer. Tactically, I see Leicester playing the same way they have been under Brendan Rodgers, with a twist for if Vardy gets injured, with no Vardy I would play Iheanacho AND that new signing, with Iheanacho making overlapping runs or providing through balls. For a young and hungry number 9 I would suggest Eddie Salcedo (18, Inter), Martin Minchev (19, Sparta Prague) and Lenny Pintor (20, Olympique Lyon).

OVERALL: I feel like Leicester currently have the 6th best squad in the Premier League, whether that means they finish 6th that is left to be seen. The small changes I am suggesting cover up for the holes in their squad currently, these improvements could see them challenging for the Champions League spots in my eyes.

TL;DR - 5 Signings, 2 future, 3 now. NOW: Left-Footed CB, Starting LB and Left-Footed LW for depth/rotation. 2 future: GK and ST.
Am I a fraud or do you agree with me? Should I do the other 19 clubs or give up because I'm useless? Let me know!
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2020.09.25 19:49 Omegaman2005 PCW Clash Of The Titans 1: Title Turmoil, September 25 (Long!)

The show opens with a shot of the jam packed Staples Centre in Los Angeles, and the extra security in the building is extremely noticeable. The announcers, Excalibur, Nigel Mcguiness and Stu Bennett, hype up tonight’s matches, and the shockwaves of last weeks Bullet Club assault. Martin Kirby walks out onstage, accompanied by a horde of security to announce that GM William Regal has decided to stay home for his own safety. Kirby announces that next week there will be a “Rumble” style battle royal to decide the first ever PCW European Champion. We go to the ring for the start of the show:
James Storm and Eli Drake vs The Mysterios (PCW Tag Title Tournament First Round) The Finish: Rey and Dominik set Eli up for a double 619 when James Storm drags Rey out of the ring, which distracts Dominik long enough for Eli to hit the Gravy Train, but he only gets a two count. Storm DDTs Dominik, then hits the Last Call on him, followed up by a Gravy Train and another Last Call. Eli covers Dominik for the pin, but Rey breaks it up with a splash on Eli. Rey takes out Eli, who secretly tags Storm and the two brawl at ringside. James Storm slides in the ring and gives Dominik a jumping top rope Eye Of The Storm for the victory. Winners: Storm and Drake
After the match, Storm and Drake shake hands with The Mysterios, and give them the ring. Rey and Dominik embrace as the crowd cheers. Rey grabs a mic and says that his one life goal was to team up with his son, and he got to accomplish that tonight. He says that he’s done everything he’s wanted to do in his career, and that leaves him thinking about what’s next. As the crowd chants “one more match”, Rey says that he will make a big announcement next week.
Will Ospreay vs Bray Wyatt w/ Eddie Kingston (PCW World Championship Tournament First Round) The Finish: Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but gets blocked. Ospreay tries for the OsCutter, Eddie Kingston pulls Wyatt out of harms way, but Ospreay hits a Shooting Star Press to the outside, taking Wyatt and Kingston down. Will pulls Bray back into the ring, and hits the Stormbreaker for the victory Winner: Will Ospreay
Brian Pillman Jr vs ??? BPJr gets on the mic and challenges anyone to come out and fight him. The lights go out, and Kota Ibushi answers his challenge!! The crowd goes crazy for the Japanese sensation. What follows is possibly the greatest squash match ever, with Ibushi practically killing Pillman. The crowd chants Kota’s name as we go backstage.
You can hear shouting as the camera man runs towards a large huddle of people, all surrounding a beaten and bloodied Jay White. Someone off-screen points out that someone spray painted the wall next to Whites unconscious body, with the words “Don’t F*** With Us” and a Bullet Club logo next to it. As the announcers discuss this violent act, we head down to the ring for the next match.
Nick Aldis vs Jay White As Aldis waits in the ring, Prince Devitt, accompanied by Bad Luck Fale and EVIL, makes his way to the ring. Devitt gets on the mic and says that since Jay White can’t compete tonight, somebody has got to fill that spot. And it might just have to be him.
Nick Aldis vs Prince Devitt (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Final) The Finish: After a brutal fight, Aldis has Devitt locked in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf in the centre of the ring. As Devitt reaches for the ropes in a last ditch attempt, Bad Luck Fale pushes the bottom rope forward so that Devitt can grab it, breaking the hold. As Nick argues with the referee, Devitt lines him up for the corner dropkick, which connects, then the Prince follows it up with a Coup De Grace. Winner: Prince Devitt
Imperium (Aichner and Barthel) vs MJF and Wardlow (PCW Tag Title Tounament First Round) The Finish: Wardlow sets Fabian Aichner up for the F10, Barthel attempts to stop the big man, but that just leads to Aichner getting tossed aside in favour of beating down Bathel. As Wardlow picks Marcel up for a powerbomb, Aichner jumps on his back and locks in a sleeper hold that wears Wardlow down, but Wardlow somehow finds a way to tag in MJF, who manages to fight off both members of Imperium. When MJF tries to tag in Wardlow again so they can end the match, Fabian Aichner, the legal man, takes out the legs of Maxwell, then sets him up for the European Bomb with his partner as Wardlow watches, showing a hint of a smile when MJF gets planted on his head when the Euro Bomb connects. Winners: Imperium
After the match, MJF yells at Wardlow for doing nothing to save him, Wardlow goes to walk away, but MJF slaps him and yells at him to “remember who signs your checks, you idiot”. Wardlow gives MJF a deadly stare, but gives in and walks away with MJF.
Kazuchika Okada vs Velveteen Dream (PCW World Championship Tournament First Round) The Finish: Dream, who has been systematically attacking Okadas right leg, attempts a top rope elbow drop into the leg, but Okada rolls out of the way and hits a running (really a limping) clothesline. Okada hits a Rainmaker on Dream, who simply asks for more. Okada pats Velveteen on the back, and proceeds to hit 3 straight vicious Rainmakers for the victory. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs James Storm and Eli Drake (PCW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: Andrews and Webster have Storm down in the middle of the ring, and set him up for a combo splash, but Eli dumps Webster, who takes a crazy bump, off the top rope to the outside. Drake then tries to grab Andrews, but gets hit with a flying enziguri instead. James Storm, the legal man for his team, grabs Andrews and gives him a Last Call Superkick and an Eye Of The Storm for the win. Winners: Storm and Drake
Tommasso Ciampa w/ Sami Callihan vs Will Ospreay (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: After a match dominated by Ciampas pure strength, Ospreay mounts an amazing comeback and seems to have Ciampa done, having already hit 2 Stormbreakers, but goes for one Stormbreaker to many, as Tommasso rolls him up with a handful of tights for the upset victory.
Keith Lee (c) vs El Phantasmo w/ KENTA (PCW Television Championship) As Lee paces the ring, awaiting his challenger ELP sneaks through the crowd and jumps the champ from behind. Phantasmo keeps beating Lee down as the ref finally pulls the two apart and rings the bell. The Finish: After what has mostly been an all out brawl, ELP tries for a CR2 from the top rope, but acts too cocky, which allows Keith to recover and Spirit Bombs Phantasmo off the top rope to retain his TV Title. Winner: Keith Lee (c)
After the match, KENTA and El Phantasmo beat down Lee with chairs before Marty Scurll runs down and makes the save scaring off Bullet Club for a bit. As Marty checks on his friend, we get a hype reel for next weeks 11 man European Championship Battle Royal (with “Rumble” Rules).
Imperium vs Team Taz w/ Taz (PCW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals) The Finish: Aichner and Barthel are in control for most of the match, keeping Ricky Starks from tagging in Cage. They set up Starks for the Euro Bomb, but Starks fights out and rolls to the outside, where he engages in a brawl with Imperium. Brian Cage has had enough waiting, however, and proceeds to hit everyone with a Tope Con Hilo, which gets Excalibur to say the name in the way that only Excalibur can. Cage drags both legal men, Barthel and Starks, back into the ring and pulls a tired and beaten Ricky Starks to their corner and tags himself in. Cage goes right to work, absolutely destroying Barthel, then finishes him off with a Drill Claw. Winners: Team Taz
Kazuchika Okada vs WALTER (PCW World Championship Tournament Semi Final) The Finish: Okada, barely managing to fight with his taped up leg, finds himself trapped in a Boston Crab form Walter. Okada looks about ready to give up, but the chants and cheers of the fans help him find his second wind and fight out, giving Walter 3 Rainmakers to put him down. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
Storm and Drake vs Team Taz w/ Taz (PCW Tag Title Tournament Finals) The Finish: The math has fans in their feet for the whole match, with both teams countering the attacks of the other. The winners look to be set when Storm hits Cage with 5 Last Calls, then Eli Drake giving him a Gravy Train, and goes for the cover, but Cage gets just the edge of his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Starks and Cage fight back, and eventually hit a combo Weapon X/reverse Spear for the victory. Winners: Team Taz
After the match, Billy Gunn, a Tag Team legend, presents the titles to Starks and Cage as the two men and Taz embrace in the ring as the fans cheer the new champions.
Main Event: Tommasso Ciampa w/ Nation Of Violence (Sami Callihan, Eddie Kingston and Bray Wyatt) vs Kazuchika Okada w/ Will Ospreay vs Prince Devitt w/ Bad Luck Fale and EVIL(PCW World Championship Tournament Finals) The Finish: Even with Devitt and his BC pals cheating, Okada an Ciampa manage to remove them from the match with Okada taking down Fale and EVIL, and Ciampa powerboming Devitt through the announce table. Then Okada and Ciampa battle it out, with Okada reversing Project Ciampa into a hurricanrana followed by a Rainmaker. Winner: Kazuchika Okada
After the match, Okada and Ciampa embrace before Ciampa let’s Okada have the ring to celebrate, leaving with Nation of Violence. As Okada celebrates with Ospreay, Bullet Club attacks them, with ELP and KENTA joining the beat down. Keith Lee and Marty Scurll run down to save their friends, but the numbers game overwhelms them. Just as it looks like the end for Okada, Ospreay, Lee and Scurll, the lights go out. William Regal appears on the Titantron, saying that he has searched the globe for someone with the power, the courage, the heart to aid them in the war against Bullet Club, and he has just signed the secret weapon for the fight, and he isn’t The Guy, he isn’t The Game, he is The Ace. The crowd absolutely goes crazy as The Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi runs down to the ring and disposed of Bullet Club. Tanahashi helps up Okada and the two embrace. The newly formed CHAOS celebrates in the ring as Okada holds the PCW World Heavyweight Championship above his head as Scurll, Lee, Ospreay and Tanahashi hold him on their shoulders as the show goes off the air.
If you enjoyed or have a question, make sure to comment! Make sure to join us for more PCW action every Friday!
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2020.09.21 23:37 Coldcoffees Pre WWE RAW Discussion Thread! - September 21st, 2020: Go-Home for Clash of Champions

Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW!

RAW Preview

By Cageside Seats because doesn't have one today for some reason.
The Headliner(s)
For their Sept. 21 show, WWE is giving us a do-over of last Monday’s main event. It’s a non-title affair with the somewhat convoluted (to me, anyway) stipulation that if Keith Lee defeats WWE champion Drew McIntyre, he’ll replace Randy Orton as McIntyre’s challenger in an Ambulance Match at Sunday’s Clash of Champions PPV if Orton isn’t cleared. Randy’s out with storyline injuries inflicted by the champ a couple weeks back, which are payback for the “broken jaw” a trio of RKOs gave Drew a couple weeks before that.
Some kind of interference from The Viper seems like a distinct possibility. It could set up a Triple Threat for the 27th. It could just be a way to give Lee a high-profile if not-exactly-clean win. It could just break down into chaos.
Chaos happened last week, and it’s why we’re doing this one over in the first place. Orton wasn’t involved though. Instead it was RETRIBUTION, the black clad rabble-rousers who recently revealed their backstory as members of the Performance Center roster who’ve become disillusioned with the WWE system.
The group (whose core members are rumored to be the five wrestlers listed here) ended up tussling with The Hurt Business - to prove that heels and faces hate anarchists, I guess - before being taken out by Lee & McIntyre.
RETRIBUTION, who also maybe made the lights flicker to help Kevin Owens beat Aleister Black last week, continues to come across as a nuisance more than a menace. The King of Claymore Country and the Limitless One won’t put their issues aside this week to deal with the group. It’s back to business as usual. And why shouldn’t it be? Team hoodie is like a thunderstorm that knocks out your cable for a minute, not a tornado that destroys your house.
But if the group is going to anything above a Corre-level problem for the established players on Raw, they need to actually do some meaningful damage. Their most successful campaigns happened on SmackDown - where they’ve stopped “wreaking havoc” because even subversives respect the brand split - and left The Bachelorette’s Demi Burnette standing - and she’s The Bachelorette’s Demi Burnette.
When they first showed up to throw fire on generators, there was some speculation they were just a way to clown the protesters who’ve been in the streets of some American cities this summer. Maybe that’s it. If it is, here’s hoping we never unmask them, though. This is no way to launch a main roster run.
Or WWE could just, you know, let them actually look scary?
The title scene
After she kinda sorta put down a threat from Mickie James, a new challenger stepped to Raw Women’s champion Asuka last Monday. I love me some Zelina Vega, but she’s another example of someone I’m not taking too seriously as a threat right now (although she did stand up to RETRIBUTION, so... point: Vega). Maybe they can give James a rematch at Clash while Zelina actually picks up some wins?
We’ll find out who will challenge Raw Tag Team champions Street Profits on this weekend’s PPV when Seth Rollins & Murphy, Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carrillo, and Andrade & Angel Garza face off in Triple Threat action tonight. Dom and his new partner would seem to be the favorites here, seeing as Rollins just kicked his Disciple’s ass last week and Andrade & Garza haven’t been on the same page in a while. We’ll see who gets the title shot, and who ends up feuding with the guy they’re tagging with tonight.
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defend their WWE Women’s Tag titles against Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan on Sunday. Last week they bonded over beating up Lana & Natalya.
When they’re not Underground or being the only people who seem concerned with RETRIBUTION, The Hurt Business has continued to tussle with Apollo Crews and Ricochet. Figure one of those two will challenge Bobby Lashley for the United States championship this weekend.
Three weeks and counting on R-Truth’s 39th run as 24/7 champion. God is good.
Other stuff to keep an eye on
  • Shane McMahon’s fight club gets one of its most marquee matches to date when Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato slap meat tonight. It sounds fun but inconsequential, which is also how I’d describe Raw Underground.
  • It’s where Dolph Ziggler hangs out, though. And Dolph’s ex Mandy Rose works on Raw now. So maybe the Money in the Bank briefcase story will find its way to the Underground?
It’s the Clash of Champions go home!
What are you looking forward to on Raw tonight?
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2020.09.15 06:13 lestranganese If we want to trade Virtanen or Demko, we should talk to Caolina.

Foreword: this is not a post suggesting we trade either player. I am simply recognizing that there is a possibility that it happens and was wondering who would make a good partner for us to trade with under such circumstances. Turns out, CAROLINA IS THE ANSWER.
Edit: if you can't consider moving Demko, consider Carolina simply as a potential destination for Jake.
The Huricanes are in the eastern conference, could use a player like Virtanen on their third line, and could clearly use a good goalie. It's no secret that the ReimeMrazek combo isn't the ideal situation, and to make matters worse, they don't have a near term solution internally. A true starter is what is really stopping them from taking that next step as a team. How much do you think they would be willing to give up for a good young cheap goalie coming off of a historical playoff debut? I think it merits some consideration. If you do too, read on! If not, whatever, have a nice day i guess?
While the Canucks may have pieces that fit Carolina's needs, the same and more applies to the reverse. The Canucks have like no defensive depth, and the Canes have a ridiculous amount of defensive depth. Like, CRAAAZY d depth. Just check out their depth chart on elite prospects:
Only including guys signed for next season and RFAs, they have Dougie Hamilton, a 27 year old who was near ppg last season, Jaccob Slavin, a very good 26 year old two way guy and their assistant captain, Brette Pesce, one of the best defensive dmen in the league at 25 and a right shot to boot, Brady Skjei, a reliable 26 year old dman, and Jake Gardiner, a solid vetran pressence who can put up some points. Thats just their top 5.
I would argue that Hayden Fleury is 6 on their d depth chart. At 24, he has taken a little while to establish himself at the NHL level, but most of that was probably caused by how hard its been to break into that back end, even as a 7 or 8 guy. With a great prospect like Fleury, selected at 7th overall, they probably felt no need to rush him since they were already solid on the backend. Why have him as your 7 or 8 guy when he can play big minutes in the minors? He produced fairly well in his time there, but he was never thought of as a premier point producer. He got a decent amount of games this year though, and looks ready to take on an NHL role in my opinion. I would not be surprised to see him develop into a 30+ point solid dman for them.
I would slot Bean in at 7 on their d depth chart, but I think that the arguement could be made to place him above Fleury. He probably has a higher chance of busting since he is untested at the NHL level, but he also probably has higher potential in terms of offence. At 22, he has not yet played an NHL game. He has, however, produced very well in terms of offence at the AHL level. The question becomes though: how does Carolina integrate this player into their lineup? The situation is similar to what they went through with Fleury. Even if you make some moves, you probably can't guarentee him more that a spot as an extra or the 3rd pairing at most.
Next up, they have a prospect named Jesper Sellgren who is playing in the SHL at the moment. He is 22 and put up 21 pts in 47 games. Keep in mind, the SHL is the 3rd or 4th best league in the world and it is a relatively low scoring league. Production like that by such a young dman is a very encouraging sign. He has an NHL contract but I'm not sure if he'll be crossing the pond next season or be loaned to a team in the SHL again.
They also have a prospect named Anti Ranta. He's a 19 year old right shot currently playing in the Liiga. He's producing very well there, especially considering his age. I put him below Sellgren because the SHL is considered a step above the Liiga. However, due to their ages, the arguement could be made that it should be the other way around.
It keeps going.
They have a 21 year old big, right shot guy named Joey Keane in their farm system who has put up some pretty good numbers at the AHL level.
They have a 19 year old in the NCAA named Dominik Fensore. He's very small at 5 7 but very talented. He put up pretty good numbers this year. He has a high likelihood of busting due to his size, but he also has a top 4 offensive skillset and could be a good player if everything turns out right.
In terms of who I would target in a trade, I'd try to build around someone in the Fleury-Keane range. The Huricanes could concievably move 1 or even 2 of these guys without facing any problems with their d depth in the long run. Anyone above that either has too much trade value, is payed too much, is too old to be worth it for us, or a combination of the three. While I kinda like Fensore, he's way too risky to target in a trade for either of these guys. If they threw him in as a sweetener I wouldn't mind though.
If I was trading Demko, I'd start with Bean as I think he is probably near NHL ready and likely a future top 4 dman. If they don't want to trade him, try to build something around one or more of the other guys.
If i was trading Virtanen, I'd probably go for Ranta or Keane. They probably have a little less value because theyre farther away from the NHL than the other guys. We would need to add a sweetener with Virtanen though. They don't need wingers as bad as a goalie and Virtanen probably isn't worth a huge amount.
If we want to trade them both Virtanen AND Demko, it gets VERY interesting.
Disclaimer: I don't follow Carolina much and don't know how they value these guys internally. Also worth noting: Vatanen is a UFA and will likely be gone but it is technically possible he will return. If he returns that complicates their situation further.
What trades would you propose?
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2020.09.15 01:14 Snubie1 WWE RAW "IN YOUR FACE MONDAY" DISCUSSION (9/14/20)

WWE RAW/In Your Face Monday

McIntyre and Lee clash on In Your Face Monday edition of Raw
You won’t want to miss a second of a special In Your Face Monday edition of Raw! WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will go one-on-one with his friend and training partner, Keith Lee. Plus, the heated rivalry between the Mysterio family and Seth Rollins goes to the next level when Dominik Mysterio and The Monday Night Messiah are locked inside a Steel Cage! In addition, Raw Women’s Champion Asuka defends her title against Mickie James, and Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits battle SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura in a Champions vs. Champions Match. It all starts this Monday on Raw at 8/7 C on USA!
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2020.09.14 21:44 domino519 Live WWE Raw Discussion (9-14-20)

Welcome to the Wreddit Live Raw Discussion thread!

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the show as a whole, your expectations, your fantasy bookings, or even just the WWE in general.
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2020.09.08 05:00 Darren716 Post WWE Raw 9/7/2020 Show Discussion Thread

Winner Match Finish Loser Stipulation
The Hurt Business Paydirt Apollo Crews, Ricochet, and Cedric Alexander
Street Profits Frog Splash Andrade and Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega
Peyton Royce Neckbreaker Billie Kay
Asuka and Mickie James Asuka Lock Lana and Nattie
The Hurt Business Michinoku Driver Ricochet, Apollo Crews, and The Viking Raiders
Randy Orton DQ when Drew Claymores Orton Keith Lee
The Riott Squad Roll-up Shayna Bazler 2 on 1 Handicap Match
The Riott Squad No contest due to Retribution Nia Jax 2 on 1 Handicap Match
Dominick w/ The Mysterio Family Murphy quit following getting beat down by the entire Mysterio family Murphy Street Fight
  • Kickoff with Randy Orton making his way to the ring. Orton says last week he had to beat Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Keith Lee just to earn a title shot he already deserved. Orton warns Lee that the more they face off the more likely he is to get kicked in the skull. Randy says it'll be him vs Drew McIntyre, only if Drew is medically cleared for the show due to his fractured jaw from Orton's punt two weeks ago. Randy wonders what will happen when the world champion can't defend his title on the one night of the year all titles must be defended and suggests just giving the title to him. An ambulance enters the arena with sirens blaring, and Drew McIntyre exits the driver's seat and rushers the ring and lays out Orton with a Claymore.
  • The Hurt Business are walking backstage and Montel accuses a janitor of disrespecting Shelton's mama, and then calls him a liar when he doesn't confess. Shelton knees him in the groin and they leave him laying there.
  • Adam Pearce asks Drew what he's doing there and says he isn't medically cleared. Drew says Orton tried to end his career and he'll have to send him to the morgue to get rid of him. Adam tells Drew he has enough problems with Retribution running around and asks Drew to leave. He agrees and leaves while Adam tells security to be on alert.
  • Before the opening 6 man tag, the Hurt Business attacks Cedric Alexander as he is making his entrance.
  • R-Truth is eating out in a restaurant with his 24/7 Championship. A waiter pulls up a desert cart and reveals there's a ninja inside. Truth says he didn't order any ninja and then Akira Tozawa and a ninja ref appears. Truth tries to throw the title to Lil Jimmy and gets disappointed when the title just drops to the ground. Truth is able to escape and tells the manager that he won't get onto Diners Drive-Ins and Dives by serving ninja.
  • After the Street Profit's victory, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura appear. Cesaro says they were surprised to find out the Street Profits were the longest reigning tag champs in year, but the universe wouldn't know it because they never defend the titles. Cesaro wants to show them what real tag champs looks like and challenge them to a champion vs champion match next week, Nakamura says he wants the smoke. Angelo says they're an actual family, unlike Cesaro who's had so many partners he should get an STD check. Montez is about to say they want the smoke but Cesaro interrupts him and Shinsuke says smoke.
  • After Peyton vs Billie, Peyton picks her up and hugs her.
  • Charly Caruso interviews the entire Mysterio family. She starts by asking Rey if he has an update on his tricep injury, he doesn't have an exact timeframe but he can't wait to get back in the ring and finish things with Seth. Rey says he couldn't be more proud of Dominick and is confident that he'll be able to put an end to Murphy tonight. Dom is about to speak when Murphy appears on the titantron and tells Dominik that he should feel awful because it is because of him that Seth turned his back on him and berated him last week. Rey says it isn't their fault that Murphy pledged his allegence to an evil son of a bitch like Seth Rollins. Murphy says he sees clearly now that the ultimate sacrifice would be to end Dominick's career before it begins and challenges him to a street fight. Dom agrees and Murphy tells him to make sure his family is ringside because it will be the last time they'll ever see him compete. (end of segment couldn't be recapped because my stream died, RIP)
  • MVP asks Cedric if he's ready to make his membership to the Hurt Business official on the VIP lounge and Cedric says hell yeah. MVP and Lashley walk off and Shelton threatens Alexander if this is a game or if he plans on double crossing them he will find out.
  • It's time for the VIP Lounge with the new member of The Hurt Business, Cedric Alexander. The four all come down to the ring together and MVP welcomes us to the VIP Lounge. He says Cedric's life will change forever and has Bobby Lashley give Cedric his Hurt Business t-shirt. MVP asks what caused Cedric to change his mind and Shelton is really curious. He says that he didn't want to be on the end of a beat down every week and would rather start earning rather than learning. He was going broke hanging around with Ricochet and Apollo, sacrificing his own career for someone else's championship. The War Raiders come out along with Apollo and Ricochet. The four of them rush the ring and a brawl breaks out. Cedric ducks out of the ring and the rest of The Hurt Business is cleared out.
  • Drew is still around backstage and Charly asks what he's still doing there. Drew says he hates to disapoint Adam Pearce but he grabbed the wrong phone and sarcastically says he can't find the exit
  • Shane is outside Raw Underground and welcomes Kevin Owens, he says everything from the past is water under the bridge and hopes they're all good. Owens says Shane is still a jackass and enters the underground.
  • In Raw Underground we see Aleister Black burn through his opponent before Kevin Owens enters the ring to face him. The two lock up and exchange strikes before Owens slams black and they fight to the outside.
  • Adam Pearce apologizes to Randy Orton for Drew attacking him when he was supposed to be banned from the building, but he has his word that Drew has been removed from the building. Orton says Pearce's word means nothing to him.
  • Back in the Underground Owens and Black are still fighting. Kevin is able to get a successful mount going but Black locks in an armbar. Owens ducks to the outside and slams Aleister against the wall. The two of them start fighting the audience as Shane tries to take control.
  • During Ruby Riott vs Nia Jax the lights go out and we cut backstage where we see Retribution. They say the Thunderdome is just a facade hiding the same old WWE that them la by the wayside and abandoned them. A larger member of Retribution say they will go after any superstar or fan, and are the locusts that will devour the WWE.
  • The Mysterio family is backstage and Rey is asked about Dominick's upcoming street fight. Rey says they won't be scared away by Murphy's threats because he knows Murphy wants Dom all alone so he can make him a sacrifice. Rey says the Mysterio family can handle themselves in a fight.
  • Owens and Black are still fighting in the Underground. Owens starts raining down clubbing blows on Black and they get some distance until Black hits him with a kick. Daba Kato grabs Owens' leg before laying him out, and then takes out Black.
  • Randy Orton is walking backstage, clearly still in pain. Charly tries to interview Orton but Drew attacks him from behind and rams his head into a ringpost and throws him into the interview ring. Drew crouches down as Orton tries to get to his feet and delivers a third Claymore kick tonight.
  • Orton is loaded into the back of an Ambulance.
  • Raw goes off the air with Rey, Dominick, Angie, and Aliyah Mysterio all beating down Murphy with kendo sticks.
Rate this week's Raw
Best match on this week's Raw?
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2020.09.07 23:01 Coldcoffees Pre WWE RAW Discussion Thread! - September 7th, 2020: Labor Day RAW!

Welcome everyone, to Monday Night RAW!

RAW Preview

By Cageside Seats because doesn't have one today for some reason.
The Headliner(s)
As of Monday morning, WWE hasn’t released much information about the Labor Day edition of Raw. They’re asking if anyone can stop Randy Orton ahead of the Clash of Champions rematch with WWE champion Drew McIntyre he just earned by pinning Seth Rollins last Monday, but that seems like an odd question given we just saw the Viper take loses at the last two PPVs. Sure, they’re referring to the punts that put McIntyre in the local medical facility two weeks ago and not getting beat by the champ and Keith Lee - but still. What do they think Randy is, RETRIBUTION or something?
That lack of information, and the fact that in putting out two events over the last three weeks WWE’s given us reason to examine & re-examine everything about their shows, did make one thing clear. Raw would benefit greatly from a reshuffling of its roster.
Lee’s arrival helped, and The Limitless One could be Rollins’ new dance partner with Rey Mysterio out. But especially on the men’s side of things, it feels like we’re watching many of the same feuds we’ve watched since WrestleMania. It shouldn’t take personnel changes to transition out of stories, but that looks like what it might take to get them to stop booking matches between Angel Garza & Andrade and Street Profits for the latter’s Raw Tag titles.
Fortunately, everyone from the dirt sheets to Triple H has said a WWE Draft/Superstar Shake-up is coming this fall.
New match-ups will only take us so far. We’ll probably tire of a Big E/MVP program if they run it for six months, just like we did the Apollo/Crews MVP one. But once we get to the end of the year, it’s Royal Rumble season. The Road to WrestleMania gives new motivation to old rivalries, and voila, we’re through another year of the longest running weekly episodic television show in history.
Pass some time thinking about who you’d like to see move from NXT and SmackDown to Raw while we run through the rest of the red brand’s affairs.
The title scene
From the way last Monday played out, it looks like Raw Women’s Champ Asuka’s next challenger could be Mickie James or Natalya. Either would make for a good one PPV program while the newly solo Peyton Royce is built up... or while we wait for one of the four women in the new WWE Women’s Tag title championship program to refocus on singles glory. Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan or Ruby Riott would all make logical opponents for the Empress.
If I were new United States titleholder Bobby Lashley, I’d stick to Raw Underground. The Hurt Business always gets to be badasses in Shane McMahon’s worked shoot lair. When MVP, Lashley & Shelton Benjamin are upstairs, they take losses. Down below, they dominate the same guys.
He’s got his baby back! Here’s hoping R-Truth’s 39th run as 24/7 champion is a long one.
Other stuff to keep an eye on
  • Mentioned them briefly in the top section, but we may have actually seen some development with RETRIBUTION last week. The rabble-rousers broke up the tornado tag between long-time rivals Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Andrade, Garza. They beat-up a game Zelina Vega, but may have sparred Angel’s amore Demi Burnett. Hmmm...
  • In addition to business being good for The Hurt Business, Raw Underground was also good for Riddick Moss and MMA Horsewomen Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir last week. It was not good at all for the heartbroken Billie Kay.
  • One-eyed man Aleister Black continued to target Kevin Owens, costing KO a chance at a Clash of Champions title shot. If I were Black, I’d want a piece of Rollins. But I am looking forward to KO vs. Aleister when they give us an actual match.
  • Are we finally about to see Dominik Mysterio work with someone other than Seth?
Three weeks until Clash of Champions!
What are you looking forward to on Raw tonight?
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2020.09.04 16:24 johdd435 What do you think of dominik mysterio signing as a superstar

I like the decision since this will be a good kick for Rey’s career and give Rey a tag team partner plus dominik is a good wrestler in general
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2020.08.31 17:47 thelumpur The Hunt for Retribution, Part 6: Beginning [FINAL EPISODE]

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
The footage is from a couple of weeks ago. A man is seen stealthily approaching what seems to be the door of a personal room. He looks around, then opens the door. Hooded men make their way through the door and they quickly scatter. Clearly visible, some tattoos on the man’s neck, and an eyepatch. The label on the door can now be read as well. Without a doubt, that’s Aleister Black. Samoa Joe talks over the surprised murmurs in the ring. What does Aleister have to say? It was him, wasn’t it? He let Retribution inside the arena all those times, hiding them into his personal room until the time was right. He conspired with them to throw WWE into disarray. And he used this little faction of his to exact his revenge. First, he had Retribution attack the people who he believes caused him to suffer, his supposed allies who didn’t save him from his downfall: Humberto, Kevin, Dominik, Rey. Then he tried to get revenge on the men who directly inflicted pain on him, Seth and Murphy, by framing them for those heinous actions. The other attacks were just a way to divert attention, right?
In the meantime, Aleister has quietly stepped back on the entrance ramp. As the rest of the locker room starts slowly approaching him, his left eye moves uncontrollably from a wrestler to the other, first in rage, then in fear. He then shouts that he wasn’t going to do it, but she made him. She is in his ears, constantly. He tried to fight back, but… Four hooded men appear behind him out of nowhere, and they viciously attack him. Then they take his limp body and run away. It all happens so quickly and suddenly, that nobody is able to stop it. Retribution has gotten away again, with their… leader?
On the following Smackdown, backstage, people are celebrating. King Corbin is bragging about how he single-handedly defended the brand, and now that the Retribution leader has been uncovered and humiliated, those guys are like a chicken without a head, they are done for good. Big E is not convinced. Apart from the fact that they will still have to deal with them, something is just not right.
The Retribution members were causing trouble outside of the building during the first weeks on RAW, and they were only able to enter when Aleister returned to the show and helped them from the inside. But on Smackdown they could infiltrate from day one. There must still be someone on the blue brand working with them, since the very beginning. What if it is Wyatt? Could the “she” Black was talking about be Abby the witch, or even Sister Abigail? This faction does look like a cult, and Bray seems to know way more than he lets on. But then, why did Retribution prevent him from retaining the Universal title at Payback? Maybe his plan was always to face Roman one on one… Corbin cuts him off, saying that there’s nothing to worry about anymore, and Big E is just jealous that he acted like he was this grand savior the entire time, but in the end he didn’t do a damn thing. Corbin leaves saying that maybe he should focus so that he and his stupid ginger partner Sheamus don’t get their ass kicked by Miz and Morrison later tonight. Big E ignores him, still lost in thought.
Later in the night, Big E and Sheamus are preparing for their match. Sheamus tells Big E that he agrees with him, something is still wrong and they have to keep their guard up. But for now, they should indeed focus on beating up those two idiots, Miz and Morrison. Then they can take care of business. Big E thanks him, then he sees Roman passing by and approaches him. Big E tells Roman that he respects him. He respects Roman’s focus and determination. He respects Roman’s skills and achievements. But he doesn’t respect the way Roman has treated the locker room as a second thought during these difficult weeks. That’s not what a leader does. So, Big E will root from the depths of his heart for Roman to beat the Fiend at Clash of Champions, to retain the Universal Championship. But after that, it’s Big E’s turn. Roman is surprised at the challenge, and the two exchange a long stare down. But as Roman is about to talk, the TV on the back turns on, and the Firefly Fun House begins. Bray Wyatt, in his red sweater and surrounded by all his puppets, cheerfully says hi to Roman and Big E, telling them that he plans to meet both very soon. But this one is for all the fireflies!
Various shots show that Bray Wyatt has appeared on every TV backstage, with wrestlers in different locations watching: Corbin and Gable, Bayley and Sasha Banks, Bliss and Cross, Miz and Morrison, Lacey Evans, Naomi, Braun Strowman. It has been a couple of rough weeks for the poor fireflies. But worry not! He has been watching, silently. He has seen. And finally, the time for waiting is ending. The nightmares are about to begin. He can look into people’s eyes and see the rage, fear, compassion, hatred, love, pain, madness! He knows. “He” knows. But “she” knows as well, doesn’t “she”? “She” has the ability. Poor, scared, little Alexa Bliss. It’s her time too, now.
Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross look at each other, stunned. With a puzzled tone, Nikki slowly asks Alexa what this is all about. Alexa looks just as confused, the questioning eyes of her friend reflected into hers. But then, Alexa’s eyes slowly widen, as she starts trembling. Before Nikki can say anything, a noise from behind her makes her turn. Masked people are approaching them. Nikki takes a fighting stance, trying to put herself between the men and Alexa, but Alexa just runs away by herself, leaving a shocked Nikki alone with the attackers.
Confusion and disorder are rampant backstage, as everybody is running around, with noises of attacks all over the place. Otis, Mandy Rose and Tucker are looking around, trying to make sense of what is happening. They stumble into a frantic Alexa Bliss. Mandy tries to calm her down, and asks her what is going on. Did Wyatt do something to her? But Retribution members immediately attack Mandy and the boys, leaving them laying on the ground. Then, they take a screaming Alexa Bliss hostage, and run away.
People are fighting with Retribution all over the place. There’s just too many of them. Big E and Sheamus hurriedly run towards some noise, when a TV near them cuts to what looks like a warehouse. There are masked men on a tall scaffolding, and from the few lines they speak, it’s clear that one of them is holding the camera. And on the edge of the scaffolding, kept still by two Retribution members, is Alexa Bliss. As Big E and Sheamus run, trying to find the place, the feed continues.
The Retribution members are loudly cheering and menacingly telling a terrorized Bliss that she should prepare for a big jump. But then, a loud yell can be heard from the ground. “Lexi! Lexi!”. Nikki Cross has made it to the warehouse. She looks up, and starts climbing the ladder to reach the platform where they are all gathered. “I’m coming! Hold on! I’m coming!”. She is almost there, as the Retribution guys observe her climb, ready for action. No…Nikki…no...don’t…, Alexa keeps murmuring feebly. Nikki has made it all the way up. She tensely looks at the masked people watching her, then turns her attention to Alexa. It’s going to be alright, Nikki says. They will figure it out. Bliss is whimpering. But first, Alexa needs to tell her: why? Why did Alexa make her do this? Nikki’s voice is suddenly calm and collected. And cold.
Nikki was ready to spare her, to let her join them, she continues. Her best friend. But Alexa wouldn’t let her exercise her kindness. Alexa wouldn’t stop doubting, she wouldn’t stop being a liability. But it’s all good, now Nikki understands. It’s all part of how it should go. Nikki had realized it a while ago, and her losing efforts against Bayley had confirmed it to her. Nikki was losing sight of herself. A bumbling idiot, a shell of herself. She used to be in a group like this one, does Alexa know? She used to feel complete, letting chaos control her and her actions. Leading a group like Retribution, however… this feels even better!
She knows how much chaos and anarchy are attractive and convincing for people in their darkest hour, the people who feel they have been victims of burning injustice. And with the promise of revenge and retribution, she managed to get such a large following, in so little time. A couple of whispers at the right time go a long way. As for Aleister, they had a connection ever since she helped him once, back in NXT. It was easy to breach into his mind, so that he could throw RAW into disarray in her place. Sure, he got a bit too careless, but she’ll make sure he learns his lesson… But Alexa…why not her? Why was she still so resistant? After all that Nikki has done for her? She regrets leaving Alexa alone in her moment of need, but she atoned for it! She made sure both Braun and the Fiend would receive their punishment! So why? Why, why, why?
But of course…it’s because this is the right path. To reach her full potential, Nikki has to let go of her…sanity, for good. She needs to let go of her best friend. Alexa is in tears and is just begging Nikki to stop. But Cross seems in a trance. She says she is sorry, she really is. But it’s a sacrifice she has to make. And then, with one kick to the chest, she throws Alexa off the scaffolding. Nikki looks down in horror, but then her expression hardens once again. She turns to the camera, and calmly says that this is her time. This is the time of chaos. This is the time of vengeance. This is the time of Retribution. And they are coming for everybody. The feed stops, as the show goes off the air.
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2020.08.29 05:08 btlkhs [OWL WATCH] Waiting for "IOTA TIME" 14;

Disclaimer: This is my editing, so there could be some errors, misunderstandings or exaggerations.
Waiting for "IOTA TIME " (an era where IOTA defines nearly everything in terms of the block-chain world)

niels12어제 오후 4:51
IOTA funds are public: But they have probably other sources of income, like funding by government etc. And maybe also other IOTA funds on other addresses. I don't know.
Balance: 59.68 Ti

David Sønstebø어제 오후 9:41
I wonder how many times an out of context 2 year old private DM has to be addressed. At the time IOTA was approaching stagnation due to the actions of primarily CFB**, thus since we both started Jinn together which lead to IOTA,** I tried repeatedly to talk sense into him. I.E. "If you are going to torpedo all progress, let's just sell it all and start from scratch, fuck it" It's a figure of speech, while trying to talk sense into someone who insists that 1 + 1 = 3.59 My tax records show when I last sold iotas. February of 2018. Now stop reading into private DMs, especially ones taken out of context and especially those leaked by someone who's proclaimed he is going to ruin IOTA and my life. You need to go back to school if you think there is anything to 'speculate' on there.

dom어제 오후 4:15
u/unsy we will release the condensed version of them once we want to. Just because you so desperately desire them for whatever reason doesn't make us do it faster. Being in this space for so fucking long, last thing I want is to attempt to act in good faith again and then be screwed over by those trying to misconstrue reality and spread lies. We've been at that for too long. Once they are fully ready, and we have them in a format we like, we will publish them.

dom어제 오후 4:16
Our objective of the finance / legal department is to become one of the most trustworthy / transparent organizations in this space. Which is why we're setting up new and stricter policies in general

dom어제 오후 4:18
quite frankly, with everything that has happened up until now, I would certainly say that we are one of the most transparent organization (if we wanted it or not) u/unsy

dom어제 오후 4:21
u/unsy I am not worried about it. If we have problems, we always solve them - I think we've proven that by now. And as it stands right now with our current funding + our strategy, we are in good hands

David Sønstebø오늘 오전 6:41
Don't worry, a shitty FUD piece in a cryptoblog is nada
[오전 6:41]
We were once numero uno target by Jeffrey Epstein funded Joi Ito's MIT DCI
[오전 6:41]
This is nothing


Antonio Nardella [IF]어제 오후 11:13
IMO the community has matured a lot, we have community and certified developers working with the IF in the X-Teams, there are new people coming in with direct interest in the tech (yeah, also spec is still popular) and from the chats that I've had, there are devs waiting for the breaking changes of Chrysalis P2, before starting to develop again.. But that's my assessment..

Jelle Millenaar [IF]어제 오후 9:15
Well, I can say the DID developments are going smooth. Starting publishing the first DIDs to the Tangle ;D

Jelle Millenaar [IF]어제 오후 9:15
And since I am totally not biased towards Identity, but its gonna be revolutionary ;D

Jelle Millenaar [IF]어제 오후 10:06
This is the perfect time to loose faith in the IOTA Foundations capability to deliver, especially after the network just received a major update with many improvements. Its just crypto being crypto,

dom오늘 오전 2:12
Yeh we'll go through it. This is the usual game...

Dominik Schiener
There is more tech maturity, more adoption and more progress than ever. We are one of the only projects which gets funding from government grants and corporations. Stop the attention grabbing headlines and get your sources right.

Long field
You can track their iota address, and I can tell they didn't sell any iota tokens in last two months

IOTA is like a large decentralized network cable that connects any number of nodes with each other and that enables data and values ​​to be exchanged with one another, whereby the data is protected against manipulation and the value transactions against double spends. Thereon ...

... you can run any decentralized application (we call this layer) - e.g. a blockchain that stores certain data for as long as you want and limits the amount of data to be saved via fees like Bitcoin. Each of these uses inherit ...

... your security from the basic protocol and can specifically only save the data that is relevant for you (also decentralized). To say that IOTA is not a DLT is in principle not that wrong - it is a platform for DLTs and therefore much more powerful than all ...

... existing DLTs because it is much more flexible. For example, you can run Hashgraph in IOTA, or Bitcoin or whatever. And IOTA is the token that connects the entire ecosystem. This is of course "not yet" the case, but Chrysalis Part 2 is the first step.​

@blocktrainerperhaps this explanation will enable you to understand where the journey is going. If a decentralized data storage is required, then you can build it with IOTA and it then has exactly the same properties in terms of permanent storage as Bitcoin.

Block trainer
We can also get a little more technical. The way you describe it, it sounds like an interoperability layer ... something like that here, which then equates to a polkadot etc.

In principle yes, only that it doesn't connect Bitcoin and ETH but "IOTA Smart Contracts" with "IOTA Storage" etc. It is not there to connect other projects but to offer the same as other projects, only faster and cheaper.


Bitcoin Coach
And in 5 years there will be a completely new project, which then claims to be better than IOTA. And then should all the infrastructure be thrown overboard and the partners simply change the DLT?

This is how technology works. It makes no sense to run the Internet on the basis of 64k modems just because many people have one at home. The change does not take place overnight but creeping and if you look at the BTC Dominance you can see that too.

Ultimately, everything will switch to the best technology and we'll see which that is :)

Block trainer
The "best" must also be defined. What are the classes to master?

All classes. If there is a technology that can represent even one aspect better, then it is not yet good enough. Blockchain, for example, is a "degenerate" DAG with only one reference. The goal is that IOTA can also use blockchains if the use case requires it.

The future is not "either DAG or blockchain" but both seamlessly linked within the same ecosystem. IOTA smart contracts use a blockchain, for example, but a separate chain for each smart contract and the blockchain is within the tangle.

Block trainer
According to the new definition, they are no longer saved ... A doublespent could change the reference retrospectively.

That's not quite true. The tangle itself contains all information for all eternity and you cannot remove any information. Once the data has reached a certain age, it is no longer stored by every node in the network. But you can still ...

... still prove what happened in the part of the tangle that was "forgotten" by the nodes after a certain time. Now there are two ways to keep this evidence: 1. You save the evidence personally and can present it at any time. 2. Man ...​​

... writes a plug-in for the node, which monitors the Tangle for information of a certain type and keeps a copy of all car purchase-related data forever (or for at least 30 years, for example). All dealerships could then install this plugin and ...

... jointly store this data decentrally in order to query the information if necessary. However, you would only selectively save the data that interests you. The evidence they produce can still be verified by any node on the network.​​

If the server of a car dealership fails, it can download the data again from one of the other dealerships. Quasi like an application-related private blockchain which is secured by the Tangle. It is also conceivable that there are service providers for this ...


Data is only kept immutable. How do you intend to execute a token transaction over pure data? I'm simply sending the following two data transactions at the same time: 1. I'm sending $ 100 from address A to address B. 2. I'm sending $ 100 from address A to address C.

In order to determine which transaction is successful / came first, you need consensus. Data transactions do not allow token transfer.

Block trainer
Why doesn't that allow token transfer? I can simply use it to sign my values. The question is about the meaning of the token. I can also sign that I have transferred € 10 for the petrol station. Or I transmit the proof via curled BTC ...

Did I just describe you can publish two conflicting data transactions and no one knows which is the correct one: P

Block trainer
Unless you agree on a consensus. Time stamp + BTC (locked) in hash = value transmitted ... What else is the IOTA token for?

Whether information is correct can only be seen in the context. Take a look at the difference between "data" and "information". For example, you can claim that you locked Bitcoin even though it didn't.

Block trainer
I may need a proof of this. See how, for example, BTC is unlocked in liquid or in the LN. The IOTA data layer is extremely similar to the principle of Lightning. Accordingly, the sending of tokens would be possible here, which means that I see the use case of the IOTA coin at risk

Such a proof is impossible. The reason why this works with LN nodes is because LN nodes are Bitcoin nodes that know what is happening in the Bitcoin network and have "information" and not just "data": P What you are describing is technically impossible.

Block trainer
Data = information What can the LN not, what IOTA can sometimes?

That's not rubbish. There is a huge difference between data and information, and inter-chain transactions are not possible because of that very difference. LN won't work - there are too many game theory problems: P​


Dominik Schiener
There is more tech maturity, more adoption and more progress than ever. We are one of the only projects which gets funding from government grants and corporations. Stop the attention grabbing headlines and get your sources right.

Dominik Schiener
As an innovation leader in Europe, I certainly say we deserve to get grants. There is a below 7% success chance usually. And yes, everything is fully audited (by externals ofc), showing clearly how and that the money was used in achieving the milestones of the grant.

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