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Legia Warszawa is the best football club in Poland, having won a 14 national titles, 19 Polish Cups and 4 Super Cups

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2020.10.24 16:13 Adanooos Plusliga matchday 7 (?) recap

Season is still weird and completely unpredictable. Some teams started to train normally again (Zaksa and JW), some are still fighting with virus (Warta) and some new teams got hit (Resovia, Stal). As long as we continue to rely on Sanepid for tests and decisions, instead of following example showed by Superlega, Plusliga's schedule will still be wild and completely unpredictable.

Trefl, weakened by lack of their coach, Micha艂 Winiarski and 2 starting players, Mariusz Wlaz艂y and Moritz Reichert, was taking on Skra Be艂chat贸w. Without those 3, Trefl started and played whole game with their "B team", so players that had close to zero chances so far got tested by strong opponent. And they definitely didn't fail this test, as Trefl won first set and got really close to winning 2nd as well. After losing 3rd they lost faith though, so result of last, 4th set, is not looking great. MVP went to Milan Katic (13 points, 2 blocks, 55% kills). Only other (good) choice was Norbert Huber (14 points, 2 blocks, 63% kills), because the rest of starters didn't really impress. The best player on Trefl side was Karol Urbanowicz (12 points, 4 blocks, 64% kills), but it's not like his teammates were much worse. What this roster showed was quite promising and Micha艂 Winiarski knows he can count on his (usual) reserve players.
Trefl Gda艅sk 1:3 PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w
25:23, 23:25, 20:25, 15:25
Trefl: Kozub (6), Janikowski (10), Urbanowicz (12), Sasak (15), Mika (11), Mordyl (9), Olenderek (libero)
Skra: 艁omacz, Ebadipour (14), Huber (14), Filipiak (11), Katic (13), K艂os (5), Piechocki (libero) and Sawicki, Petkovic (6)
MVP: Milan Katic

Verva came to Olsztyn for their first game after break caused by Covid. It looked like struggling AZS should be a good opponent for restart, but it was also a good opportunity for hosts, as they could get their 2nd win in a row and it was a good moment to face strong team, like Verva. It was painfully obvious that guests are playing their first game after long break, it was especially bad for their opposites, as Ziobrowski and Superlak were horrendous and Kr贸l (nominally 3rd opposite) had to play again. Meanwhile Olsztyn finally started with Andringa and Schott as two OHs, which meant Por臋ba as one of starting middles. AZS looked a bit better with this lineup before, so it's not a surprise that this is what Daniel Castellani did. Game between a struggling team without consistency and a team that just restarted practicing after almost 2 week long break just had to be a bit crazy. And it was. Set for Verva, set for AZS, another one for Verva and another one for AZS, 2:2 after 4 sets meant tie-break, which was pretty even, but Indykpol won 15:13. MVP went to Damian Schulz (19 points, 46% kills), who was his team's leader. Por臋ba (10 points, 3 blocks, 1 ace, 67% kills) and Schott (17 points, 2 blocks, 1 ace, 50% kills) were very solid all around. Teryomenko (15 points, 5 blocks, 4 aces, 40% kills) played his best game of the season, even though his spiking was average at best. The best player on Verva side was Kwolek (14 points, 61% kills), who had quite a lot of support from middles, but with average performance by Szalpuk (17 points, 3 blocks, 2 aces, 41% kills, 14% efficiency) and horrendous by most opposites it was enough to get only 1 point.
Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 3:2 Verva Warszawa
22:25, 25:22, 21:25, 25:14, 15:13
AZS: St臋pie艅 (1), Schott (17), Teryomenko (15), Schulz (19), Andringa (11), Por臋ba (10), Gruszczy艅ski (libero) and 呕ali艅ski, Droszy艅ski, Kapica
Verva: Trinidad (2), Kwolek (14), Nowakowski (9), Ziobrowski (6), Szalpuk (17), Wrona (14), Wojtaszek (libero) and Koz艂owski, Superlak (1), Kr贸l (7), Grobelny (3), Kowalczyk, Fornal (libero)
MVP: Damian Schulz

Yes, Resovia and Stal played again. As both teams couldn't their scheduled games normally, they agreed to play each other again, this time in Rzesz贸w. First game was super close, but this one was different and only lack of focus in 3rd set allowed Nysa to get one set and make final score 3:1. First 3 point win for Resovia this season and another defeat for Stal. MVP award went to Pawe艂 Woicki, who replaced Fabian Drzyzga (minor health problem) very nicely. All 3 wingers played well again. This time Szersze艅 (19 points, 2 aces, 63% kills, 48% efficiency) and Cebulj (22 points, 2 blocks, 2 aces, 58% kills, 52% efficiency) were a bit more efficienct than Butryn (19 points, 2 blocks, 4 aces, 57% kills, 30% efficiency). However, their good performances were necessary, because Jendryk (5 points, 1 block, 33% kills) and Tammemaa (4 points, 80% kills) were almost invisable. It was another good game by Lema艅ski (12 points, 3 blocks, 69% kills), who seems to be back in decent form, but this time Micha艂 Filip (1 points, 1 block) had a terrible beggining of the game and got quickly subbed out. However, Wassim Ben Tara (16 points, 2 blocks, 56% kills) didn't waste his chance and showed that he is ready to play.
Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w 3:1 Stal Nysa
25:19, 21:25, 25:17, 25:18
Resovia: Woicki, Szersze艅 (19), Jendryk (5), Butryn (19), Cebluj (22), Tammemaa (4), Maria艅ski (libero), Potera (libero) and Domaga艂a, Taht, Krulicki (2)
Stal: Komenda (1), Bartman (12), Lema艅ski (12), Filip (1), 艁apszy艅ski (11), M'Baye (5), Ruciak (libero), Dembiec (libero) and Ben Tara (16), Szczurek, Bu膰ko
MVP: Pawe艂 Woicki

Verva continued their comeback few days later against GKS Katowice, team that was coming back after covid break as well. Guests travelled to Warszawa without Jan Firlej and Jan Nowakowski, 2 players that used to play for Verva (before they were known as Verva) who weren't ready to play yet. The match had a promising start and it looked like it might be pretty even after GKS took 1st set, but then hosts got going and won next 3 sets quite convincingly. Fully deserved MVP for Nowakowski (15 points, 8 blocks, 88% kills). Another good game for Kwolek (15 points, 3 blocks, 48% kills) and first good one for Ziobrowski (14 points, 3 blocks, 1 ace, 56% kills). Very solid first start for Jakub Szyma艅ski (11 points, 44% kills) and another good performance by Zniszczo艂 (10 points, 59% kills) are worth noticing on GKS side, but it wasn't the best day for GKS and their fans.
Verva Warszawa 3:1 GKS Katowice
21:25, 25:11, 25:22, 25:16
Verva: Trinidad (4), Kwolek (15), Nowakowski (15), Ziobrowski (14), Szalpuk (9), Wrona (9), Wojtaszek (libero) and Superlak, Koz艂owski, Kr贸l
GKS: Nowsielski (2), Kwasowski (3), Zniszczo艂 (10), Jarosz (13), Szyma艅ski (11), Kohut (7), Watten (libero) and Musia艂 (2), Buchowski (4), Drzazga (1), Og贸rek (libero)
MVP: Piotr Nowakowski

Another game played way ahead of schedule took place in Radom, where Czarni, without Dawid Konarski and Mateusz Mas艂owski, played 艢lepsk Suwa艂ki. 2 midtable teams aiming for play-offs playing each other is usually a recipe for long, close and interesting match. This one wasn't long, but it was close and interesting. First set ended 26:24 after error made by Loh gave 艢lepsk a victory, 2nd wasn't as close, but guests from Suwa艂ki had to be fully focuse till the end. 3rd set was the most exciting, both teams had chances to win, but 2 aces in a row by Bo艂膮d藕 finished the game and gave 艢lepsk another 3 points. MVP went to Joshua Tuaniga and it was fair choice, even though Bo艂膮d藕 (21 points, 1 block, 5 aces, 60% kills) deserve a lot of praise for his performance too. Takvam (4 points, 4 blocks, 0% kills) and Sapi艅ski (4 points, 1 ace, 43% kills) were very disappointing, but Wali艅ski (14 points, 1 block, 59% kills) and Klinkenberg (11 points, 1 block, 53% kills) were way close to Bo艂膮d藕 and his level, so they made up for their middles weakness. Daniel G膮sior (13 points, 1 block, 43% kills), who replaced Konarski did his best and played solid match. However Brenden Sander (1 point, 14% kills) had a bad day and solid performances by Dryja (7 points, 3 aces, 67% kills) and Loh (12 points, 50% kills) weren't enough to even get a set.
Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 0:3 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki
24:26, 23:25, 28:30
Czarni: K臋dzierski (4), Loh (12), Dryja (7), G膮sior (13), Sander (1), Yosifov (5), Nowowsiak (libero) and Firszt (8), Pasi艅ski, Ostrowski
艢lepsk: Tuaniga (2), Wali艅ski (14), Sapi艅ski (4), Bo艂膮d藕 (21), Klinkenberg (11), Takvam (4), Czunkiewicz (libero), Filipowicz (libero) and Kaczorowski, Warda, Rudzewicz
MVP: Joshua Tuaniga

Game between MKS B臋dzin and GKS Katowice had one favourite, but as both teams were playing their first (MKS) and 2nd (GKS) game after break caused by Covid, there was an upset potential. However no upsets happened, as GKS won 3:0. MKS was competitive opponent for them, especially in 1st and 2nd set, but they weren't good enough to get their first victory. Fully deserved MVP for Zniszczo艂 (14 points, 7 blocks, 1 ace, 100% kills). Another great match for Jarosz (15 points, 1 block, 61% kills), while Szyma艅ski and Kwasowski supported them nicely. MKS relied on their usual offensive leaders, Rafa艂 Faryna (17 points, 2 aces, 48% kills) and Jose Ademar Santana (12 points, 46% kills), but with way less support from Soba艅ski (4 points, 29% kills) they were unable to fully challange GKS.
MKS B臋dzin 0:3 GKS Katowice
26:28, 23:25, 18:25
MKS: Thiago, Soba艅ski (4), Gawryszewski (8), Faryna (17), Ademar (12), Ratajczak (8), Gregorowicz (libero) and Bobrowski, Teklak
GKS: Firlej (1), Kwasowski (10), Zniszczo艂 (14), Jarosz (15), Szyma艅ski (9), Kohut (7), Watten (libero) and Buchowski, Drzazga
MVP: Mi艂osz Zniszczo艂

Last game in this recap, 艢lepsk vs Verva. End of small marathon for guests from Polish capitol. Verva played without Nowakowski and Szalpuk, while 艢lepsk started without Rousseaux again. After hosts won first set 25:20, it looked like an upset can happen. However Verva answered and won 2nd set 25:22, then spanked their opponents 25:16 in 3rd and finished the game in 4th set, winning it 25:23 after getting small lead in the middle of that set. MVP went to Igor Grobelny (16 points, 2 blocks, 2 aces, 57% kills), who didn't waste his chance in 1st team. Just like Jakub Kowalczyk (10 points, 2 blocks, 1 ace, 64% kills), who replaced Nowakowski. Kwolek (17 points, 3 blocks, 1 ace, 54% kills) was as good as usual and Ziobrowski (19 points, 2 blocks, 57% kills) played 2nd good match in a row, even though his service was horrendous (11 services, 0 aces, 8 errors). Good news for 艢lepsk, Andreas Takvam (12 points, 4 blocks, 67% kills) seems to be back in form, as he played his best match of this season. Marcin Wali艅ski (17 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 56% kills) was fantastic too. Sadly, Bo艂膮d藕 (14 points, 3 blocks, 2 aces, 47% kills, 16% efficiency) and Klinkenberg (7 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 31% kills, 0% efficiency) didn't raise to the challange.
艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki 1:3 Verva Warszawa
25:20, 22:25, 16:25, 23:25
艢lepsk: Tuaniga (1), Wali艅ski (17), Sapi艅ski (3), Bo艂膮d藕 (14), Klinkenberg (7), Takvam (12), Czunkiewicz (libero), Filipowicz (libero) and Kaczorowski (2), Sacharewicz, Gonciarz, Rudzewicz (5), Rohnka, Rousseaux
Verva: Trinidad (2), Kwolek (17), Kowalczyk (10), Ziobrowski (19), Grobelny (16), Wrona (8), Wojtaszek (libero) and Koz艂owski, Superlak (2), Kr贸l, Szalpuk
MVP: Igor Grobelny

League table:

  1. Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 6G, 6W - 0L, 18p
  2. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 5G, 4W - 1L, 13p
  3. Verva Warszawa 5G, 4W - 1L, 12p
  4. Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w 5G, 4W - 1L, 9p
  5. 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki 5G, 3W - 2L, 9p
  6. PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w 5G, 3W - 2L, 9p
  7. GKS Katowice 6G, 3W - 3L, 9p
  8. Jastrz臋bski W臋giel 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  9. Trefl Gda艅sk 5G, 3W - 2L, 8p
  10. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 6G, 2W - 4L, 6p
  11. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 6G, 2W - 4L, 5p
  12. Stal Nysa 6G, 0W - 6L, 3p
  13. Cuprum Lubin 5G, 0W - 5L, 1p
  14. MKS B臋dzin 5G, 0W - 5L, 1p
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2020.10.23 17:13 ikswokor Porady na wypadek zatrzymania przez policj臋 podczas demonstracji

kopiowa艂em z wykopu (link do w膮tku https://www.wykop.pl/wpis/52980619/pokaz-spoiler-ziomkinie-i-ziomeczki-jesli-wybierac/) przeklejam publiczny post z fejsa pewnego adwokata 
Porady na wypadek zatrzymania przez policj臋 podczas demonstracji
Ziomkinie i ziomeczki! Je艣li wybieracie si臋 dzi艣 na demonstracje, to uwa偶ajcie na siebie szczeg贸lnie, nie tylko sanitarnie. Wczoraj Policja znowu nie zatrzymywa艂a os贸b agresywnych, ale osoby przypadkowe, kt贸re pokojowo protestowa艂y. Tak jest 艂atwiej...
Pami臋tajcie, 偶e:
1) Dobrze jest mie膰 numer do prawniczki/prawnika, kt贸rzy w razie czego mog膮 Was wesprze膰. M贸j telefon znacie. Jest te偶 numer antyrepresyjny: 722196139 (Warszawa, nie znam w innych miastach), pewniejszy bo z ci膮g艂ym dy偶urem. I miejcie go te偶 zapisany inaczej ni偶 tylko w telefonie: je艣li policja wylosuje akurat Was, nie dostaniecie dost臋pu do telefonu, a skontaktuj膮 Was z adwokatem tylko wtedy, gdy sami podacie do niego numer.
2) Je艣li widzicie zatrzymanie, to nagrywajcie i nas艂uchujcie. Nagrywajcie, bo to mo偶e okaza膰 si臋 cenny materia艂 dowodowy dla obrony osoby zatrzymywanej. Nas艂uchujcie, bo mo偶e osoba ta wykrzyczy swoje nazwisko, co pozwoli na szybkie ustanowienie dla niej obro艅cy i zlokalizowanie jej po zatrzymaniu. Je艣li us艂yszycie nazwisko osoby zatrzymywanej 鈥 wy艣lijcie je smsem na numer antyrepresyjny: 722-196-139 (Warszawa).
3) Je艣li to na Was padnie w ruletce zatrzyma艅: na pocz膮tku krzyczcie swoje nazwisko. Prawie na pewno us艂yszy je kto艣, kto przeka偶e je dalej, dzi臋ki czemu szybko w Waszej sprawie ustanowi si臋 obro艅ca. Je艣li nawet zatrzymaj膮 Was tak, 偶e nikt tego nie zobaczy, i tak si臋 o tym dowiemy i obro艅ca b臋dzie. Nie pytajcie jak, po prostu tak b臋dzie. To zas艂uga wielu kobiet (to znamienne, 偶e g艂贸wnie kobiet), kt贸re ju偶 o to zadbaj膮.
4) Po zatrzymaniu domagajcie si臋 kontaktu z adwokatem i nie podpisujcie niczego bez prawnika. Na 95% przy sporz膮dzaniu protoko艂u zatrzymania kto艣 dla Was ju偶 b臋dzie na komendzie i nie b臋dzie do Was dopuszczany, bo policji zale偶y na tym, 偶eby uzyska膰 podpis na protokole zatrzymania, w kt贸rym o艣wiadczycie, 偶e nie wnosicie 偶adnych zastrze偶e艅 co do tego zatrzymania (czyli generalnie przyznajecie racj臋, 偶e to dobrze, 偶e Was zatrzymali). Policja b臋dzie Was straszy艂a, 偶e jak nie podpiszecie, to pogorszycie swoj膮 sytuacj臋 鈥 nie wierzcie w to.
5) Je艣li policja powie, 偶e dzwonili na podany numer prawnika i nikt nie odebra艂 albo przekazano, 偶e nikt nie mo偶e przyjecha膰 鈥 k艂ami膮, najpewniej w og贸le nie zadzwonili. Nadal nie podpisujcie niczego bez wsparcia prawnego.
6) Generalnie nie wierzcie w to, co b臋d膮 m贸wili policjanci (zw艂aszcza w to, czym b臋d膮 straszyli). Nie wiem czy funkcjonariusze prewencji maj膮 niewielkie poj臋cie o procedurze, czy celowo wprowadzaj膮 ludzi w b艂膮d, ale鈥 konsekwentnie domagajcie si臋 pomocy prawnej. Nie tra膰cie wiary, 偶e ona nadejdzie 鈥 na dole komendy na pewno b臋dzie ju偶 kto艣, 偶eby Wam pom贸c, pytanie tylko czy pozwol膮 mu do Was wej艣膰 po godzinie, czy po 10 godzinach. W ko艅cu pozwoli膰 musz膮.
I chocia偶 mam nadziej臋, 偶e b臋dzie jak w sierpniu, czyli po spontanicznej demonstracji z zatrzymaniami, dzie艅 p贸藕niej du偶a, planowana demonstracja bez zatrzyma艅, to jednak niczego nie mo偶na by膰 pewnym.
Uwa偶ajcie na siebie!
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2020.10.23 15:58 palusik Protesty w sprawie wyroku TK.

Protesty przeciw wyrokowi TK w sprawie aborcji odb臋d膮 si臋 dzi艣 w ca艂ej Polsce i zagranic膮. Poni偶ej lista. Je艣li brakuje Waszej miejscowo艣ci, piszcie w komentarzu - dodamy.
**Pi膮tek, 23.10** Bia艂a Podlaska, 16:30, Plac Wolno艣ci Bia艂ystok, 16:00, biuro PiS, ul. Sto艂eczna 2 Bielsko-Bia艂a, 18:00, Plac Ratuszowy Brzeg, 19:00, rynek Bydgoszcz, 17:00, biuro PiS, ul. Gda艅ska 10 Cieszyn, 18:00, rynek Cz臋stochowa, 18:00, Plac Biega艅skiego Elbl膮g, 19:00, biuro PiS, 1 Maja 2 Gdynia, 18:00, il. Starowiejska Gliwice, 19:00, Skwer Doncaster Gorz贸w Wielkopolski, 18:00, ul. We艂niany Rynek 18 Jelenia G贸ra, 17:45, Plac Ratuszowy Kalisz, 19:00, ul. Zamkowa 18/20 Katowice, 18:00, ul. Warszawska 6 Kielce, 18:00, biuro Solidarnej Polski, ul. IX Wiek贸w 2A K艂obuck, 19:00, rynek Konin, 16:00, ul. Chopina 9 Koszalin, ca艂y dzie艅, znicze pod biurem PiS, Plac Wolno艣ci 2-3 Krak贸w, 18:00, Rynek G艂贸wny Kutno, 18:00, plac Wolno艣ci Legnica, 16:00, plac S艂owia艅ski Lublin, 18:00, biuro PiS, ul. Kr贸lewska 3 艁om偶a, 19:00, il. Niepodleg艂o艣ci 10 艁贸d藕, 17:00, biuro PiS, ul. Piotrkowska 143 Mi艅sk Mazowiecki, 18:00, Stary Rynek Olsztyn, 18:00, biuro PiS, ul. D膮browszczak贸w 10 Opole, 18:00, Pomnik Bojownikom o Polsko艣膰 艢l膮ska Opolskiego Ostr贸da, 18:00, ul. Jana Paw艂a II Piotrk贸w Trybunalski, 19:00, rynek P艂ock, 18:00, Stary Rynek Pobiedziska, 17:00, rynek Police, ca艂y dzie艅, znicze pod biurem PiS, ul. Grunwaldzka 13 Polkowice, 16:30, rynek Pozna艅, 17:00, biuro PiS, ul. M艂y艅ska 14/2 Radom, 17:00, Pomnik Matki Polki, ul. Lekarska Radomsko, 18:00, plac 3 Maja, Rzesz贸w, 18:00, biuro PiS, ul. Hetma艅ska 9 Siedlce, 20:00, biuro PiS, ul. 艢wi臋toja艅ska Sieradz, 17:00 rynek Sieradzki S艂upsk, 18:00, ul. Lutos艂awskiego Stargard, ca艂y dzie艅, znicze pod biurem PiS, ul. S艂owackiego 11 艢winouj艣cie, ca艂y dzie艅, znicze pod biurem PiS, ul. Bohater贸w Wrze艣nia 24 i 25 Toru艅, 18:00, Pomnik Miko艂aja Kopernika w Toruniu Warszawa, 19:00, ul. Mickiewicza 47 Wejherowo, ca艂y dzie艅, znicze pod biurem PiS, plac Wejhera W艂oc艂awek, 18:00, Plac Wolno艣ci Wroc艂aw, 16:15, ul. Peronowa Zabrze, 19:00, biuro PiS, ul. Powsta艅c贸w 艢l膮skich 5-7 Zgorzelec, 17:00, Krzy偶 Millenijny Zielona G贸ra, 17:30, Plac Pocztowy
**Sobota, 24.10** Gda艅sk, 14:00, Hucisko
**Niedziela, 25.10** Krak贸w, 14:00, Archidiecezja Krakowska
**Zagranica** Berlin, 24.10, 15:00, Polnisches Institut Berlin, Burgstrasse 27 Haga, 23.10, 18:00, Alexanderstraat 25 Helsinki, 23.10, 13:00, Armas Lindgrenin tie 21 Londyn, 24.10, 15:00 鈥 Ambasada RP, 47 Portland Place Oslo, 25.10., 18:00, Eidsvolls plass Sztokholm, 23.10, 17:00, Ambasada RP, Karlav盲gen 35
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2020.10.23 14:49 ThrowAwayGoldenTrash W skali od 1 do 10... jak bardzo nieodpowiedzialne jest p贸j艣cie na protest w pojedynk臋?

Mo偶e nie jest to najodpowiedniejsze miejsce do postowania takich dylemat贸w, ale troch臋 lepiej czuj臋 pod p艂aszczykiem anonimowo艣ci reddita ni偶 gdziekolwiek na facebooku.
Jestem teraz w Krakowie i bardzo chcia艂abym wzi膮膰 udzia艂 w dzisiejszym prote艣cie. Niestety nie mam tutaj 偶adnej rodziny ani bliskich znajomych, kt贸rzy mogliby mi pom贸c w razie gdyby co艣 mi si臋 sta艂o (aresztowanie, wypadek, cokolwiek). Pierwotnie mia艂am plan po prostu tam i艣膰, ale wsz臋dzie lataj膮 informacj臋 m.in. 偶eby zaopatrywa膰 si臋 w numer do prawnika. M贸wi膮c wprost nie mam na to teraz pieni臋dzy. Nie wiem na ile agresywny mo偶e by膰 taki protest, w sumie nie jest to Warszawa, ale gdyby jednak tak si臋 sta艂o jestem do艣膰 艂atwym celem- drobna samotna dziewucha.
No i kwestia pandemii- nie jestem w grupie ryzyka i mieszkam sama, wi臋c teoretycznie nic mi nie grozi. Za nieca艂e dwa tygodnie mam jednak zamiar wr贸ci膰 do domu rodzinnego i boj臋 si臋, 偶e mog艂abym przywlec tego syfa mamie czy babci, kt贸re ju偶 w tej grupie si臋 znajduj膮.
Z drugiej strony jestem po prostu wkurwiona i czuj臋 si臋 bezsilna. Chcia艂abym m贸c zrobi膰 chocia偶 minimum w tej walce
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2020.10.23 05:11 vizyble Vizyble

Website URL: https://vizyble.com/

Business Intelligence jest dla Twojej firmy tajemnic膮? Skorzystaj z oferty Vizyble. Doradzamy w zakresie analizy danych biznesowych. Wspieramy procesy decyzyjne na wszystkich poziomach. Projektujemy dedykowane dashbordy. Pomo偶emy we wdro偶eniu i obs艂udze w takich narz臋dziach jak Tableau, Alteryx, czy Fivetran.Keyword: Vizyble

Address :艁opusza艅ska 32, 02-220 Warszawa
Phone: +48 530 433 614
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2020.10.18 15:18 Piz-dur Protest 艣rodowisk artystyczno-kreatywnych - poniedzia艂ek, 2 listopada 2020 o 15:00 UTC+01, Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Polska.

Poniedzia艂ek, 2 listopada 2020 o 15:00 UTC+01 Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Polska
Szanowni Pa艅stwo! Zwracam si臋 do artyst贸w wszelkich profesji, ludzi zwi膮zanych na co dzie艅 z kultur膮 i sztuk膮, muzyk贸w, pracownik贸w teatr贸w, muze贸w, galerii, performer贸w, realizator贸w, a tak偶e odbiorc贸w efekt贸w pracy wy偶ej wymienionych tysi臋cy ludzi. Po raz kolejny w tym roku pr贸buje si臋 pogrzeba膰 kultur臋, a wraz z ni膮 dziesi膮tki tysi臋cy ludzi, dla kt贸rych to nie tylko pasja, ale te偶 praca, kt贸ra pozwala utrzyma膰 rodzin臋, zap艂aci膰 rachunki i po prostu 偶y膰 godnie z tego, co si臋 kocha i na doskonalenie czego po艣wieci艂o si臋 lata pracy. Je偶eli nasz g艂os nie zabrzmi w ko艅cu w przestrzeni publicznej, je偶eli nie wykrzyczymy naszego prawa do uczciwej pracy, bo nie chcemy g艂odowych zapom贸g, wolimy uczciwie zapracowa膰 na swoje utrzymanie, to przez kolejne lata b臋dziemy najbardziej pomiatanymi grupami zawodowymi. Dlatego zapraszam do wzi臋cia udzia艂u w PROTE艢CIE 艢RODOWISK ARTYSTYCZNO-KREATYWNYCH! To jedyna metoda, 偶eby nasze popiskiwania w czterech 艣cianach, podczas towarzyskich spotka艅 lub na portalach spo艂eczno艣ciowych nie sta艂y si臋 艂ab臋dzim 艣piewem wszystkich razem i ka偶dego z osobna!
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2020.10.17 18:31 Zuid-Nederland Volleybox top 100 of most successful active male volleyball players.

Hi everyone,
A few days ago I have shared the news of Maxim Michaylov becoming the most successful male volleyball player in history. I also shared the link to the website I found this information and where everyone can see a full list of every player with a professional career that ever existed, ranked based on their success. The list that is currently available however only shows all players that were ever active during this time period, that thus includes all retired players.
Since I think it would be very interesting to see how the currently relevant players are doing on that list I have made a top 100 list that excludes all retired players or players that are no longer professionaly active. How these players are ranked compared to the official list is also notified between brackets.
Mind you that this list doesn't necessarily represent who are the BEST players in the world right now, nor does this mean that this list will still be relevant even just a year from now, let alone 5. To score high on that list you need to have a combination of performing consistently high (individual awards), already have quite a career to speak of (most players here are 30+ years old), as being or having been part of successful teams (top clubs & national teams).
You can once again check the official ranking for yourself on this link. You can check Volleybox as well for all other volleyball-related news, information and videos.
Rank without retired players (Rank with retired players) Name Nationality Position Year of birth Current club
1 (1) Maxim Michaylov RUS Opposite 1988 Zenit Kazan (RUS)
2 (5) Osmany Juantorena ITA/CUB Outside Hitter 1985 Lube Civitanova (ITA)
3 (7) Mariusz Wlazly POL Opposite 1983 Trefl Gdansk (POL)
4 (8) Bruno Rezende BRA Setter 1986 V么lei Taubat茅 (BRA)
5 (10) Matey Kaziyski BUL Outside Hitter 1984 NBV Verona (ITA)
6 (11) Wilfredo Leon POL/CUB Outside Hitter 1993 Sir Safey Conad Perugia (ITA)
7 (22) William Arjona BRA Setter 1979 Minas Tenis Clube (BRA)
8 (26) Wallace de Souza BRA Opposite 1987 Spor Toto Spor Kul眉b眉 (TUR)
9 (27) Dmitriy Muserskiy RUS Middle Blocker 1988 Suntory Sunbirds (JAP)
10 (28) Murilo Endres BRA Libero 1981 Sesi Sao Paulo (BRA)
11 (31) Alexander Butko RUS Setter 1986 Zenit Kazan (RUS)
12 (32) Alexander Volkov RUS Middle Blocker 1985 Zenit Kazan (RUS)
13 (35) Matthew Anderson USA Outside Hitte Opposite 1987 Shanghai Golden Age (CHN)
14 (36) Raphael Vieira de Oliveira BRA Setter 1979 V么lei Taubat茅 (BRA)
15 (37) Robertlandy Simon Aties CUB Middle Blocker 1987 Lube Civitanova (ITA)
16 (38) Aleksandar Atanasijevic SRB Opposite 1991 Sir Safety Conad Perugia (ITA)
17 (39) Sergey Grankin RUS Setter 1985 Berlin Recycling Volleys (GER)
18 (40) Yoandy Leal Hidalgo BRA/CUB Outside Hitter 1988 Lube Civitanova (ITA)
19 (47) Bartosz Kurek POL Opposite 1988 Wolfdogs Nagoya (JAP)
20 (49) Jochen Sch枚ps GER Opposite 1983 United Volleys Frankfurt (GER)
21 (51) Earvin N'Gapeth FRA Outside Hitter 1991 Zenit Kazan (RUS)
22 (53) Lucas Saatkamp BRA Middle Blocker 1986 V么lei Tabaut茅 (BRA)
23 (55) Yury Berezhko RUS Outside Hitter 1984 Dynamo Moscow (RUS)
24 (60) Tsvetan Sokolov BUL Opposite 1990 Dynamo Moscow (RUS)
25 (61) Jenia Grebennikov FRA Libero 1990 Leo Shoes Modena (ITA)
26 (63) Marko Podrascanin SRB Middle Blocker 1987 Itas Trentino (ITA)
27 (68) Ivan Zaytsev ITA Opposite 1988 Kuzbass Kemerovo (RUS)
28 (71) Ricardo Lucarelli Souza BRA Outside Hitter 1992 Itas Trentino (ITA)
29 (73) Georg Grozer GER Opposite 1984 Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza (ITA)
30 (78) Pawel Zatorski POL Libero 1990 ZAKSA Kedzierzyn Kozle (POL)
31 (80) Lukasz Zygadlo POL Setter 1979 Al-Arabi Doha (QAT)
32 (84) Luciano De Cecco ARG Setter 1988 Lube Civitanova (ITA)
33 (88) Benjamin Toniutti FRA Setter 1989 ZAKSA Kedzierzyn Kozle (POL)
34 (91) 脡der Carbonera BRA Middle Blocker 1983 Berlin Recycling Volleys (GER)
35 (92) Felipe Fonteles BRA Outside Hitter 1984 JTEKT Stings (JAP)
36 (97) Artem Volvich RUS Middle Blocker 1990 Zenit Kazan (RUS)
37 (100) Piotr Nowakowski POL Middle Blocker 1987 VERVA Warszawa (POL)
38 (102) Evandro Guerra BRA Opposite 1981 Kuwait Sporting Club (KUW)
39 (107) Dragan Stankovic SRB Middle Blocker 1985 Leo Shoes Modena (ITA)
40 (110) Michal Kubiak POL Outside Hitter 1988 Panasonic Panthers (JAP)
41 (116) Mauricio Souza BRA Middle Blocker 1988 V么lei Taubat茅 (BRA)
42 (117) Pavel Kruglov RUS Opposite 1985 Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS)
43 (118) Isac Santos BRA Middle Blocker 1990 Sada Cruzeiro V么lei (BRA)
44 (119) Joao Paulo Bravo BRA Libero 1979 Arkas Spor Izmir (TUR)
45 (121) Mohammad Mousavi IRN Middle Blocker 1987 Saiba Alborz (IRN)
46 (123) Simone Giannelli ITA Setter 1996 Itas Trentino (ITA)
47 (124) Evgeny Sivozhelez RUS Outside Hitter 1986 Kuzbass Kemerovo (RUS)
48 (125) Uros Kovacevic SRB Outside Hitter 1993 Beijing BAIC Motors (CHN)
49 (128) Sebastian Sol茅 ARG Middle Blocker 1991 Sir Safety Conad Perugia (ITA)
50 (129) Massimo Colaci ITA Libero 1985 Sir Safety Conad Perugia (ITA)
51 (131) Mauricio Borges BRA Outside Hitter 1989 V么lei Taubat茅 (BRA)
52 (134) Jiri Kovar ITA Outside Hitter 1989 Lube Civitanova (ITA)
53 (137) Dmitriy Ilinykh RUS Outside Hitter 1987 Belogorie Belgorod (RUS)
54 (161) Facundo Conte ARG Outside Hitter 1989 Sada Cruzeiro V么lei (BRA)
55 (162) Maxwell Holt USA Middle Blocker 1987 Vero Volley Monza (ITA)
56 (165) Filippo Lanza ITA Outside Hitter 1990 Vero Volley Monza (ITA)
57 (168) Alexis Ruben Gonzalez ARG Libero 1981 Montpellier UC (FRA)
58 (173) Fabian Drzyzga POL Setter 1990 Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w (POL)
59 (174) Taylor Sander USA Outside Hitter 1992 PGE Skra Belchat贸w (POL)
60 (176) Luca Vettori ITA Opposite 1991 Leo Shoes Modena (ITA)
61 (177) Micah Christenson USA Setter 1993 Leo Shoes Modena (ITA)
62 (186) Srecko Lisinac SRB Middle Blocker 1992 Itas Trentino (ITA)
63 (187) Dawid Konarski POL Opposite 1989 Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom (POL)
64 (191) Karol Klos POL Middle Blocker 1989 PGE Skra Belchat贸w (POL)
65 (193) Michal Ruciak POL Libero 1983 Stal Nysa S.A. (POL)
66 (200) Dmitry Shcherbinin RUS Middle Blocker 1989 Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS)
67 (201) Alexander Abrosimov RUS Middle Blocker 1983 Dynamo LO (RUS)
68 (212) Emre Batur TUR Middle Blocker 1988 Fenerbah莽e Istanbul (TUR)
69 (221) Lukas Divis SVK Outside Hitter 1986 Dynamo LO (RUS)
70 (222) Dragan Travica ITA Setter 1986 Sir Safety Conad Perugia (ITA)
71 (229) Markus Steuerwald GER Libero 1989 VfB Friedrichshafen (GER)
72 (230) Mitar Djuric GRE Opposite 1989 ACH Volley Ljubljana (SLO)
73 (231) Alexander Gutsalyuk RUS Middle Blocker 1988 Fakel Novy Urengoy (RUS)
74 (237) Alan Souza BRA Opposite 1994 Sada Cruzeiro V么lei (BRA)
75 (240) Oh-Hyun Yeo KOR Libero 1978 Hyundai Capital Skywalkers (KOR)
76 (246) Tine Urnaut SLO Outside Hitter 1988 Shanghai Golden Age (CHN)
77 (248) Roman Bragin RUS Libero 1987 Ural Ufa (RUS)
78 (249) Igor Kobzar RUS Setter 1991 Kuzbass Kemerovo (RUS)
79 (251) Roman Danilov RUS Opposite 1985 Al-Ahli Doha (QAT)
80 (252) Marko Ivovic SRB Outside Hitter 1990 Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (RUS)
81 (253) Thales Hoss BRA Libero 1989 V么lei Taubat茅 (BRA)
82 (255) Zbigniew Bartman POL Outside Hitter 1987 Stal Nysa S.A. (POL)
83 (259) Oleg Antonov ITA Outside Hitter 1988 Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza (ITA)
84 (261) Denis Biryukov RUS Outside Hitter 1988 Dynamo LO (RUS)
85 (264) Bj枚rn Andrae GER Outside Hitter 1981 SWD powervolleys D眉ren (GER)
86 (265) Alexey Obmochaev RUS Libero 1989 Kuzbass Kemerovo (RUS)
87 (280) Kevin Le Roux FRA Middle Blocker 1989 Beijing BAIC Motors (CHN)
88 (281) David Smith USA Middle Blocker 1985 ZAKSA Kedzierzyn Kozle (POL)
89 (283) Arslan Eksi TUR Setter 1985 Ziraat Bankasi Ankara (TUR)
90 (286) Igor Kolodinsky RUS Setter 1983 Belogorie Belgorod (RUS)
91 (289) Pierre Pujol FRA Setter 1984 Berlin Recycling Volleys (GER)
92 (290) Erik Shoji USA Libero 1989 Fakel Novy Urengoy (RUS)
93 (291) Burutay Subasi TUR Outside Hitter 1990 Galatasaray Istanbul (TUR)
94 (296) Patryk Czarnowski POL Middle Blocker 1985 Aluron Warta Zawiercie (POL)
95 (299) Alexey Spiridonov RUS Outside Hitter 1988 Al-Ahli Doha (QAT)
96 (301) Viktor Yosifov BUL Middle Blocker 1985 Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom (POL)
97 (303) Marcus Nilsson SWE Opposite 1982 IBB Polonia London (ENG)
98 (308) Nicolas Uriarte ARG Setter 1990 Narbonne Volley (FRA)
99 (309) Saeid Marouflakrani IRN Setter 1985 Beijing BAIC Motors (CHN)
100 (315) Daniele Sottile ITA Setter 1979 Top Volley Cisterna (ITA)
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2020.10.16 11:27 karanp1270 STG vs LEW Dream11 Team Prediction Polish Basketball League 2020

STG vs LEW Dream11 Prediction: Polpharma Starogard Gda艅ski vs Legia Warszawa Match Preview & Prediction: Polish Basketball League 2020

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2020.10.14 17:00 juhanpuvi Recommendation needed regarding volleyball

Not sure if it's the right place to write but here goes nothing.
I'm an Estonian who has been living in Warszawa for a couple of months now and i'm hoping to find a place to play volleyball at. Especially since i've seen very good Polish volleyball players i thought maybe there is something available. Hoping there are some trainings functioning at this time and hopefully someone can reccomend me something. I'd very much like the interaction with Polish people aswell!
Thank you in advance.
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2020.10.14 15:10 discl0se Koronawirus - wiadomo艣ci 2020-10-14

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2020.10.14 10:34 DetoksFenix Detoks Fenix- detoks alkoholowy Warszawa

Detoks Fenix- detoks alkoholowy Warszawa, to najlepszy detoks dost臋pny na rynku. W o艣rodku Fenix mamy indywidualne podej艣cie do ka偶dego pacjenta, a terapi臋 dobieramy na podstawie jego potrzeb. Pokonaj na艂贸g z nami!
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2020.10.14 08:19 dagardenofeatin Anyone have experience moving to Poland being a Polish American?

I鈥檓 a 22 year old first generation American Polish girl, born of 2 Polish citizens who moved to Chicago from Poland in 1991. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in Polska for a couple years in my youth to really connect with my culture and have the experience of getting out of my comfort zone. Now that I have graduated college, I鈥檓 thinking about it more seriously.
Most of my family is in Poland, although many live in the countryside. I speak decent Polish, but mostly conversational as I went to school and had mostly English speaking friends here in America. I went to Polish school for 15 years so I know how to write and the basics of geography, history and literature and I passed my school鈥檚 version of matura in high school.
That being said, I鈥檓 concerned that I鈥檓 not comfortable enough with Polish to live there. Especially since my college degree was done in English so I don鈥檛 know most of the words I use for work in Polish. I work in website development and consulting here, but would I be able to do that in English in Poland?? Is it safe to live there? Is it affordable??? What industries/fields are popular now for a career? Has anyone moved from US to Poland and can share any experiences? My family is mostly within a few hours of Warszawa, but I鈥檓 open to any of the beautiful cities. Any advice/experience would be much appreciated :)
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2020.10.14 07:27 Adanooos Plusliga matchday 6 (?) recap

艢lepsk is back after Covid infections, Verva will be back this week too, GKS and MKS are supposed to play early next week as well. But more teams, Cuprum, Jastrz臋bski and Warta Zawiercie are the most recent ones, got positive test results, so they won't be able to play. Schedule is unpredictable right now, as clubs are talking with each other and trying to play games with other healthy teams in order to not waste time.

Week started in Zawiercie, where Warta faced Czarni Radom. Considering how both teams looked so far, favourite was only one and hosts didn't disappoint. It was convincing and solid victory for home team, while guests showed nothing special once again and went back to Radom without a point. First MVP for Flavio (10 points, 5 blocks, 63% kills), who continues to get better every week. Orczyk and Malinowski were allright, but not as impressive as they were in previous games, but Niemiec (7 points, 2 blocks, 1 ace, 80% kills) and Muagututia (12 points, 1 block, 58% kills) joined Flavio and played their best games for Warta. Czarni Radom continue to play underwhelming volleyball looking at their promising roster. Konarski (14 points, 2 blocks, 44% kills) was their most solid player again, this time joined by Sander (11 points, 2 blocks, 47% kills), but the rest disappointed.
Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 3:0 Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom
25:21, 25:20, 25:22
Warta: Cavanna (2), Orczyk (9), Niemiec (7), Malinowski (11), Muagututia (12), Flavio (10), 呕urek (libero) and Bociek (3), Gjorgiev
Czarni: K臋dzierski (2), Loh (3), Dryja (3), Konarski (14), Sander (11), Yosifov (4), Mas艂owski (libero) and G膮sior (4), Zrajkowski, Pasi艅ski (1), Ostrowski (3)
MVP: Flavio

Next game, Zaksa vs AZS went as expected. Nikola Grbic decided to play without Kaczmarek and Kochanowski and gave chances to Staszewski and Kluth. 艁ukasik couldn't get a chance, as he is injured (again) and it might be pretty serious. Zaksa won first and second set easily, before completely losing concentration and dropping third in poor style. Kaczmarek was subbed in, league leaders quickly regained focus and won 3:1. MVP went to Olek 艢liwka (14 points, 1 block, 50% kills), who was the most solid out of usual Zaksa leaders. Rejno (9 points, 4 blocks, 63% kills) didn't waste his chance and proved that he is ready to play if team needs him. The best player on AZS side was definitely Robbert Andringa (9 points, 1 block, 2 aces, 55% kills). His entrance and solid performance was key to victory in 3rd set. Dutch player did okay for the rest of the game too, but after Zaksa stepped up, it didn't help much. Jakub Ciunajtis (19 receptions, 3 errors, 41% positive, 11% perfect) had solid debut, better than numbers would suggest.
Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 3:1 Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
25:21, 25:18, 17:25, 25:16
Zaksa: Toniutti (2), 艢liwka (14), Rejno (9), Kluth (9), Semeniuk (13), Smith (8), Zatorski (libero) and Kaczmarek (5), Staszewski (1), Prokopczuk, Banach (libero)
AZS: St臋pie艅 (2), Schott (11), Concepcion (1), Schulz (17), 呕ali艅ski (4), Teryomenko (4), Gruszczy艅ski (libero) and Droszy艅ski, Por臋ba (5), Ciunajtis (libero), Andringa (9), Kapica, Woch (2)
MVP: Aleksander 艢liwka

Stal Nysa vs Resovia Rzesz贸w was a match with very interesting storyline, as 3 Stal players were part of Resovia last year (Bartman, Lema艅ski, Komenda) and they try to rebuild their careers in Nysa, while another Stal player is a product of Resovia academy (Micha艂 Filip), so hosts had a lot of additional motivation on their side. However it didn't do much in 1st set, which was won by guests. But this time Resovia didn't go up 2:0, as Filip and Lema艅ski were on fire and led Stal to victory in not only 2nd, but also 3rd set. That's when they started to get more tired and couldn't continue to play consistently at such a high level. Resovia easily won 4th set and then won more competitive tie-break as well. It was 3rd won tie-break in a row for them. For the first time in ages Resovia is getting wins pretty regularly. MVP went to Butryn (25 points, 2 blocks, 4 aces, 58% kills) and it was fully deserved, as he was clearly the best player of his team. Cebulj (13 points, 3 blocks, 38% kills) was underwhelming, Jendryk (0 points, -3 W/L ratio) was even worse and Szersze艅 (10 points, 2 aces, 44% kills) was subbed out quite quickly after a worse moment. Robert Taht (7 points, 58% kills and efficiency) and Piotr Hain (8 points, 2 blocks, 67% kills) helped Butryn the most. Stal had 2 standout players, who single-handedly got them this one point. Micha艂 Filip (30 points, 1 block, 4 aces, 61% kills, 46% efficiency) and Bart艂omiej Lema艅ski (16 points, 4 blocks, 1 ace, 85% kills) were fantastic. If only Bartman (9 points, 3 blocks, 29% kills, 0% efficiency) played a bit better, maybe they would have gotten their first win of this season.
Stal Nysa 2:3 Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w
22:25, 25:19, 25:22, 18:25, 12:15
Stal: Komenda (2), Bartman (9), Lema艅ski (16), Filip (30), 艁apszy艅ski (12), M'Baye (5), Ruciak (libero), Dembiec (libero) and Bu膰ko, Szczurek
Resovia: Drzyzga (2), Szersze艅 (10), Hain (8), Butryn (25), Cebulj (13), Jendryk, Potera (libero) and Domaga艂a (1), Woicki, Taht (7), Maria艅ski (libero), Krulicki (1), Tammemaa (6), Buszek (1)
MVP: Karol Butryn

Last match, between Cuprum and 艢lepsk. It was first post-Covid game for guests from Suwa艂ki. It went well for them too, as Cuprum continued to look poorly and way worse than they did during first and second game they've played. 艢lepsk didn't play their best, but it was more than enough. Deserved MVP for Kevin Klinkenberg (14 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 60% kills), who successfully replaced Tomas Rousseaux. Bo艂膮d藕 and Wali艅ski did okay, Takvam made up for poor spiking (33% kills) with great blocking (4 kill blocks) and Tuaniga was as good as he usually is. On Cuprum's side, there is not a lot of good to talk about. Jimenez (11 points, 1 block, 48% kills) was solid, just like Tavares and Smoli艅ski (10 points, 1 block, 69% kills), but Penchev (5 points, 1 block, 22% kills, -6% efficiency) continues to look like a shadow of his former self, Oliveira (1 point, 17% kills, -17% efficiency) is still horrendous and even usually good Ferens (7 points, 2 blocks, 31% kills) joined the "dark side". There are some problems within this team, it often looks like players ignore their coach during time-outs and there seems to be close to zero motivation or will to fight during games. We will where it goes from here.
Cuprum Lubin 0:3 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki
19:25, 22:25, 20:25
Cuprum: Tavares (1), Penchev (5), Smoli艅ski (10), Jimenez (11), Ferens (7), Gunia (2), Szymura (libero) and Maruszczyk, Lorenc (1), Oliveira (1), Magnuszewski (1), Mako艣 (libero), Jakubiszak (4)
艢lepsk: Tuaniga (3), Wali艅ski (10), Sapi艅ski (6), Bo艂膮d藕 (12), Klinkenberg (14), Takvam (7), Filipowicz (libero), Czunkiewicz (libero) and Warda, Rudzewicz, Sacharewicz
MVP: Kevin Klinkenberg

League table:

  1. Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 6G, 6W - 0L, 18p
  2. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 5G, 4W - 1L, 13p
  3. Jastrz臋bski W臋giel 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  4. Trefl Gda艅sk 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  5. Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w 4G, 3W - 1L, 6p
  6. 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki 3G, 2W - 1L, 6p
  7. PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w 4G, 2W - 2L, 6p
  8. GKS Katowice 4G, 2W - 2L, 6p
  9. Verva Warszawa 2G, 2W - 0L, 5p
  10. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 5G, 2W - 3L, 5p
  11. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 5G, 1W - 4L, 4p
  12. Stal Nysa 5G, 0W - 5L, 3p
  13. MKS B臋dzin 4G, 0W - 4L, 1p
  14. Cuprum Lubin 5G, 0W - 5L, 1p

Next games:
Trefl Gda艅sk vs PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w
Indykpol AZS Olsztyn vs Verva Warszawa

Those are 2 mid-week games left after Covid hit again. I will probably post recap of those 2 matches with games from following weekend (plan: 2 on saturday, 2 on sunday and 1 on monday)
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2020.10.14 00:09 JoseMikey Koronaw膮tek 14.10-20.10.2020 - z Waszymi linkami i ankiet膮 na temat podej艣cia do pandemii.

Witajcie! Na pocz膮tek jak mo偶ecie to ankieta: KLIK b臋dziemy bardzo wdzi臋czni za jej zrobienie, szczeg贸艂owy opis na ko艅cu posta.
EDIT: nowy koronaw膮tek pojawi si臋 w CZWARTEK, 22.10.2020. Skoro Ministerstwo Zdrowia zdecydowa艂o si臋 偶e nowe obostrzenia i nowe listy powiat贸w s膮 w czwartki, to 艣rodowy termin straci艂 sens, wi臋c b臋dzie Czwartek-艢roda, a nie 艢roda-Wtorek, dlatego ten w膮tek b臋dzie dzie艅 d艂u偶ej.

Kolejny tydzie艅 bez dobrych wiadomo艣ci. Wzrosty w skali 7 dniowej bywaj膮 ponad 100 procent, np wtorek do wtorku, sz贸sty pa藕dziernika do wczoraj, z 2236 przypadk贸w do 5068, przy praktycznie niezmienionej liczbie test贸w, wi臋c zn贸w koronawirus wsz臋dzie w mediach. Ca艂a Polska jest w 偶贸艂tej strefie, maski s膮 obowi膮zkowe tak偶e na zewn膮trz, ale dyskusja o szko艂ach wci膮偶 trwa. Zaka偶enia szkolne w du偶ej ilo艣ci, a jak narazie rz膮d problemu nie widzi. Mo偶e zobaczy w czwartek. Osobi艣cie znam pierwsz膮 osob臋 z covidem, oczywi艣cie z naszej czerwonej strefy, z Ma艂opolski, z Krakowa. Droga zaka偶enia? Od sekretarki, kt贸ra mia艂a od dzieciaka, kt贸ry mia艂 ze szko艂y. Ale wiecie jak to si臋 liczy? Nie jako ze szko艂y, to tylko ten dzieciak. Ona to ju偶 "ognisko domowe", a on pracowe. A wi臋c historia jak膮 czytali艣my w mediach i na social media setki razy. St膮d nie偶yciowe dane MEN.

Przypadki w pa藕dzierniku: 01.10 - 1967, 02.10 - 2292, 03.10 - 2367, 04.10 - 1934, 05.10 - 2006, 06.10 - 2236, 07.10 - 3003, 08.10 - 4280, 09.10 - 4739, 10.10 - 5300, 11.10 - 4177, 12.10 - 4394, 13.10 - 5068, 14.10 - 6526, 15.10 - 8099, 16.10 - 7705, 17.10 - 9622, 18.10 - 8536, 19.10 - 7482, 20.10 - 9291

Podprzedni w膮tek, ju偶 w czasie rekord贸w, wi臋c du偶o komentarzy: Klik

NOWE OBOSTRZENIA - obostrzenia lubi膮 si臋 zmienia膰 wraz z list膮 powiat贸w w CZWARTKI, wi臋c 艣led藕cie to miejsce, bo zmiany i nowe linki b臋d膮 dodawane jak si臋 zaczn膮 pojawia膰.

Powiaty 偶贸艂te: zakaz ta艅c贸w w barach i restauracjach, kontrole mase i lokali nakaz masek w miejsach publicznych (nie dotyczy LAS脫W i PARK脫W), wesela do 75 os贸b, by艂o Restrykcje (osoba na 4m2) w restauracjach, oraz na 10m2 w parkach rozrywki czy si艂owniach, 25% os贸b w kinach i teatrach oraz na wydarzeniach sportowych.

Powiaty czerwone: to co wy偶ej + bary i restauracje do 22:00, p贸藕niej tylko na wynos, dostawa lub drive thru. Zamkni臋te parki rozrywki, wydarzenia sportowe bez publiczno艣ci, wesela do 50 os贸b. Mo偶liwe dalsze zmiany.

Lista powiat贸w: https://twitter.com/mz_gov_pl/status/1314185539688574976?s=21

W Europie wci膮偶 wsz臋dzie du偶e i rekordowe liczby. Bardzo du偶e ograniczenia zosta艂y wprowadzone w ca艂o艣ci lub cz臋艣ci UK, Hiszpanii, Francji i Czech. Austria i Holandia rozwa偶aj膮 nowe obostrzenia. Najpierw W臋gry, potem Ukraina, a teraz Gruzja, pokazuj膮 偶e zamkni臋cie granic to kiepska metoda, bo maj膮 radykalne wzrosty, wi臋c narazie nowe obostrzenia tego typu planuje ma艂o kraj贸w, raczej tylko kwarantanny i testy.

Do Polskiego zakazu lot贸w zosta艂y dodane TUNEZJA (nie dotyczy czarter贸w), BO艢NIA I HERZEGOWINA i GRUZJA.

Podr贸偶e zagraniczne bez wa偶nego powodu (turystyka itp) jest coraz mniej na my艣li ludzi, ale tu zapewne te偶 b臋d膮 du偶e zmiany w czasie istnienia tego w膮tka. Wiele polskich region贸w ma ju偶 liczby 艣wiadcz膮ce o konieczno艣ci test贸w w Niemczech, ale ostatnie zmiany, w tym wrzucenie w czerwon膮 stref臋 ca艂ej Holandii (poza Zelandi膮) i kolejnych region贸w s膮siad贸w z po艂udnia, by艂y prawie tydzie艅 temu, wi臋c zaraz nowa lista. B臋d臋 aktualizowa艂 na podstawie link贸w na re-open EU, ale oni nie zawsze ogarniaj膮, wi臋c jak zauwa偶ycie nieaktualn膮 informacj臋, to podsy艂ajcie linki.

Kraje z zakazem wjazdu dla obcokrajwoc贸w (ca艂kiem, lub w celach turystycznych): W臋gry, Ukraina, Rosja, Bia艂oru艣, Gruzja, Finlandia, Izrael, Stany Zjednoczone (USA), Kanada, Japonia, Tajlandia, Chiny, Austrlia, Nowa Zelandia, Dania

Konieczny test na koronawirusa: Cypr, Egipt, Grecja, Tunezja, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie, Madera, Sycylia, NIEMCY

Krawantanna: Litwa, 艁otwa, Estonia, Norwegia, S艂owenia, Wielka Brytania (UK), Irlandia oraz Belgia (zalecana), Holandia (zalecana) i Niemcy (dla cz臋艣ci region贸w Polski, patrz komentarz, ale OBOWI膭ZKOWA).

Brak kwarantanny: Portugalia, Hiszpania, Francja, Szwajcaria, W艂ochy, Austria, Chorwacja, Czechy, Belgia, Holandia, Luksemburg, NIEMCY, S艂owacja, Turcja, Meksyk, Rumunia, Bu艂garia.

Dlaczego na g贸rze NIEMCY s膮 wsz臋dzie? Bo po raz pierwszy cz臋艣膰 polski jest w Niemczech stref膮 ryzyka. Czyli jak wje偶d偶asz to powiniene艣 si臋 zwr贸ci膰 do w艂adz sanitarnych landu do kt贸rego przyjecha艂e艣 i podda膰 kwarantannie lub zrobi膰 test (albo i to i to, zale偶y od landu), w niekt贸rych rejonach mog膮 te偶 by膰 problemy z wjazdem turystycznym, np: Bawaria ma ograniczenia na turystyk臋, z wszystkich rejon贸w zagro偶enia, tak偶e tych... wewn膮trz Niemiec, jak Berlin.

Co do restrykcji za granic膮, to te pokazuj膮 w sumie 偶e nie ma sensu granic zamyka膰. I tak tury艣ci nie b臋d膮 je藕dzi膰, a je艣li to na jakie艣 odludzia, bo jak ma turysta czerpa膰 rado艣膰 z wycieczki, jak zamkni臋te s膮 bary, restauracje czy teatry? 呕e coraz wi臋cej kraj贸w ma takie restrykcje, to dla hardcore'owych turyst贸w kt贸rzy ci膮gle jeszcze je偶dz膮, poni偶ej lista kraj贸w gdzie nie macie po co jecha膰, cho膰 teoretycznie mo偶na bez przeszk贸w, chyba 偶e to turystyka stricte sportowa (jaki艣 hiking, chodzenie po g贸rach itp, z prowiantem): Francja (znaczna cz臋艣膰), Hiszpania (spora cz臋艣膰), Holandia (ca艂a), Belgia (ca艂a), Niemcy (narazie pojedy艅cze rejony).


Koronawirus w Polsce: KLIK

Koronawirus w Ma艂opolsce (liczby m贸wi膮 same za siebie czemu tam jest ekstremalnie): KLIK

Koronawirus w Europie: KLIK

Koronawirus na 艣wiecie: KLIK

Analiza Polskiej Akademii Nauk, z podzi臋kowaniem dla u/Bifobe: KLIK

Uznane badanie o maskach i przebiegu choroby, z podzi臋kowaniem dla u/pothkan: KLIK (po angielsku)

Dok艂adne wykresy, tworzone przez hobbyste, z pdzi臋kowaniem dla u/Piz-dur: Polska: KLIK, 艢wiat: KLIK

Kolejna, nowsza publikacja Polskie Akademii Nauk od u/Bifobe: KLIK

Szacunki WHO o rzeczywistej skali epidemii: KLIK

Sonada偶, co przeci臋tny Polak my艣li o koronawirusie, z podz臋kowaniem dla u/pothkan: KLIK

I tak przechodzimy do najwa偶niejszej nowo艣ci tego koronaw膮tka, w kwietniu by艂a ankieta, na temat tego co erPolacy my艣l膮 o koronawirusie. Dzi艣 przekazujemy Wam kolejn膮, opracowan膮 przez u/pothkan, autora pierwszej i osob臋 z du偶膮 wiedz膮 na temat Covid19. Ankieta zajmie Wam 15 minut. Jest do艣膰 szczeg贸艂owa, ale chodzi o to 偶eby zobaczy膰 dok艂adnie podej艣cie user贸w do koronawirusa, masek i innych restrykcje. Please odpowiadajcie zgodnie z prawd膮 i please po艣wi臋膰cie te 15 minut, bo wiadomo 偶e na pewno zrobi膮 nasi dy偶urni Konfiarze, kt贸rzy pandemi臋 neguj膮, ale generalnie chcieliby艣my 偶eby zrobi艂o jak najwi臋cej sta艂ych czytelnik贸w suba, a nie tylko skrajna grupka. ANKIETA - KLIK

No i nie pozostaje mi nic innego jak zaprosi膰 Was do dyskusji na temat naszej nieszcz臋snej nowej pandemicznej rzeczywisto艣ci. Je艣li znajdziecie ciekawe linki, do materia艂贸w naukowych, lub ewentualnie uznanych mainstreamowych medi贸w, to b臋d膮 one cz臋艣ci膮 kolejnego w膮tka. Widz臋 偶e du偶o hobbyst贸w co dziennie aktualizuje dany, robi wykresy, r贸偶ne por贸wnania, jak robicie, albo znacie jaki艣 uznanych to te偶 bardzo ciekawe linki. I jeszcze raz dzi臋kuj臋 wszystkim userom kt贸rzy podsy艂aj膮 linki i pomys艂y do tego w膮tka.

A i ciekaw jestem Waszych przewidywa艅 co b臋dzie w czwartek. Ostatnio zastanawiali艣my si臋 czy wpisz膮 Warszaw臋 do strefy 呕脫艁TEJ. No i w sumie wpisali, ale ca艂膮 Polsk臋. Teraz Warszawa ma liczby na stref臋 czerwon膮, niezale偶nie jak liczy膰 i nawet jakby jutro by艂o zero (jeden z kilku artyku艂贸w z matematyk膮 na ten temat: KLIK, wi臋c jak s膮dziecie, co b臋dzie w czwartek? Warszawa w czerwonej? Pozostanie 偶贸艂t膮? Czy ca艂a Polska w czerwonej jako niespodzianka, jak by艂o z 偶贸艂t膮?
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2020.10.12 12:35 bonsaisensei07 Fanshop English

Hi there! I鈥檝e been searching adidas legia warszawa for a while. I found the fanstore on the Legia website but I can鈥檛 read polish. Is there a way to get the site in English or any other alternative?
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2020.10.08 15:35 Adanooos Plusliga matchday 5 recap

Only 3 games were played last weekend. 4 teams had some players tested positive for Covid, so their games got postponed.

First game was weird. Trefl played Zaksa in their training venue, instead of main arena. It might have helped them a bit, but it didn't really matter, as Zaksa did typical Zaksa thing (at least in Plusliga) and dominated the game. Trefl showed some character though and they were pretty close to winning 1st and 3rd set. Deserved MVP for Kaczmarek (17 points, 2 blocks, 60% kills, 52% efficiency), another great performance by Kochanowski (12 points, 5 blocks, 70% kills) and as good as usual duo Toniutti-Zatorski led Zaksa to victory, as 艢liwka and Semeniuk played below their standard levels. Trefl can be happy about their middles performances (16 points combined) and solid sub in by Mika (5 points, 56% kills, 50% passing). It means that Zaksa became the only unbeaten team in the league.
Trefl Gda艅sk 0:3 Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le
21:25, 20:25, 23:25
Trefl: Janusz, Reichert (4), Crer (9), Wlaz艂y (11), Lipi艅ski (10), Mordyl (7), Olenderek (libero) and Janikowski, Sasak (3), Mika (5), Majcherski (libero), Kozub (1)
Zaksa: Toniutti (3), 艢liwka (8), Kochanowski (12), Kaczmarek (17), Semeniuk (12), Rejno (8), Zatorski (libero) and Staszewski (1), Kluth
MVP: 艁ukasz Kaczmarek

Next was match between Czarni Radom and Resovia Rzesz贸w. Resovia started very well once again, winning 1st and 2nd set. Then sudden drop in performance hit them again, 2 good subs (Firszt and Ostrowski for Sander and Dryja) on the other side of the net and super effective Konarski meant that this game didn't end in 3 sets. It didn't end in 4 either. Tie-break was super close, both sides had matchballs and opportunities to win, but in the end Resovia was more clutch and won 3:2. MVP award went to Karol Butryn (27 points, 1 block, 60% kills, 49% efficiency), but it could have easily went to Rafa艂 Buszek (15 points, 1 block, 4 aces, 83% kills and efficiency), who used his chance (because Taht was awful and Szersze艅 was injured) to its fullest. Cebulj (16 points, 1 block, 2 aces, 50% kills) did his job, but Resovia fans probably expect a bit more of him, as a supposed star of this team. Bart艂omiej Krulicki (13 points, 1 block, 75% kills) was surprisngly good as well. The best player on Czarni's side was definitely Konarski (29 points, 3 aces, 57% kills, 39% efficiency), even though he got blocked, when he had a chance to give his team a victory. Lucas Loh (17 points, 65% kills, 57% efficiency) looks amazingly good for someone who was recently injured once again.
Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 2:3 Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w
23:25, 17:25, 25:23, 25:20, 17:19
Czarni: K臋dzierski (5), Loh (17), Dryja (5), Konarski (29), Sander (2), Yosifov (6), Mas艂owski (libero) and G膮sior (2), Zrajkowski, Pasi艅ski, Ostrowski (5), Firszt (7)
Resovia: Drzyzga (3), Cebulj (16), Tammemaa (3), Butryn (27), Taht (2), Krulicki (13), Potera (libero) and Maria艅ski, Buszek (15), Woicki, Domaga艂a, Hain (1), Jendryk (6)
MVP: Karol Butryn

Last scheduled game, Skra vs Stal was pretty boring and went as expected. Skra won easily and convincingly 3:0. Fully deserved MVP award for Filipiak (16 points, 1 block, 3 aces, 67% kills, 56% efficiency), but Ebadipour (14 points, 2 aces, 67% kills, 61% efficiency) was quality too. K艂os (8 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 67% kills) and Bieniek (8 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 60% kills) did their jobs as well. Only Milan Katic (6 points, 1 block, 2 aces, 38% kills) didn't shine against Stal, but that was not a problem in this game. Guests could rely on Micha艂 Filip (11 points, 1 block, 63% kills, 38% efficiency), as usual, 艁ukasz 艁apszy艅ski (9 points, 56% kills and efficiency), who is solid this season and Bart艂omiej Lema艅ski (9 points, 82% kills), who played his first good match for Stal. It might be a good sign, as they will need him pretty soon for matches against direct opponents in bottom half of league table.
PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w 3:0 Stal Nysa
25:22, 25:15, 25:20
Skra: 艁omacz (2), Ebadipour (14), K艂os (8), Filipiak (16), Katic (6), Bieniek (8), Piechocki (libero) and Mitic, Sawicki, Adamczyk
Stal: Komenda (1), Bartman (3), Lema艅ski (9), Filip (11), 艁apszy艅ski (9), M'Baye (7), Ruciak (libero) and Bu膰ko (2), Szczurek, Dembiec (libero)
MVP: Bartosz Filipiak

League table:

  1. Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 5G, 5W - 0L, 15p
  2. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 4G, 3W - 1L, 10p
  3. Jastrz臋bski W臋giel 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  4. Trefl Gda艅sk 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  5. PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w 4G, 2W - 2L, 6p
  6. GKS Katowice 4G, 2W - 2L, 6p
  7. Verva Warszawa 2G, 2W - 0L, 5p
  8. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 4G, 2W - 2L, 5p
  9. Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w 3G, 2W - 1L, 4p
  10. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 4G, 1W - 3L, 4p
  11. 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki 2G, 1W - 1L, 3p
  12. Stal Nysa 4G, 0W - 4L, 2p
  13. Cuprum Lubin 4G, 0W - 4L, 1p
  14. MKS B臋dzin 4G, 0W - 4L, 1p

Next games:
[10.10, 14:45] Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie vs Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom
[10.10, 17:30] Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le vs Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
[10.10, 20:30] Stal Nysa vs Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w
[11.10, 14:45] PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w vs Jastrz臋bski W臋giel
[11.10, 17:30] Cuprum Lubin vs 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki
As you can see next week looks pretty solid. First 3 games have clear favourites and I don't expect to see exciting games on saturday. However, sunday is different story. Skra vs Jastrz臋bski will be a very interesting match, another big test for both teams. Also, another defeat would be painful and worrying for Skra. Cuprum vs 艢lepsk is also interesting, as Cuprum is still waiting for 1st win and 艢lepsk will play first game after break caused by Covid within their club.
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2020.10.05 00:39 quatrotires What To Watch This Week (5-11 October)

These posts are as much for me as they are for you. So please feel free to reply with your suggestions for what to watch, and make a case for any game to be considered 'must watch', in which case I will bold it. The time zone used to sort games was LIS (Lisbon) time zone, so no, the game is not on a wrong date.
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
2:30 / 21:30 Real Salt Lake vs Los Angeles FC Major League Soccer
19:45 / 14:45 Vizela vs GD Chaves Ledman Liga Pro
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:45 / 14:45 Heart of Midlothian vs Inverness Caledonian Thistle Scottish League Cup
21:00 / 16:00 Chapecoense vs Botafogo SP Brasileir茫o 2
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
1:30 / 20:30 Nashville vs Minnesota United Major League Soccer
23:00 / 18:00 Corinthians vs Santos Brasileir茫o
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
1:00 / 20:00 New York City FC vs DC United Major League Soccer
19:45 / 14:45 Iceland vs Romania Euro 2021 Qualification
19:45 / 14:45 Norway vs Serbia Euro 2021 Qualification
23:45 / 18:45 Uruguay vs Chile World Cup Qualification
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
1:10 / 20:10 Argentina vs Ecuador World Cup Qualification
13:00 / 8:00 Japan vs Cameroon Friendly
19:15 / 14:15 Legia Warszawa vs KS Cracovia Supercup
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
19:45 / 14:45 Spain vs Switzerland Nations League (League A) Group D
19:45 / 14:45 Ukraine vs Germany Nations League (League A) Group D
23:00 / 18:00 Atlanta United FC vs New York Red Bulls Major League Soccer
Time (LIS / LIS -5) Match Competition Round
14:00 / 9:00 Ireland vs Wales Nations League (League B) Group D
17:00 / 12:00 Croatia vs Sweden Nations League (League A) Group C
17:00 / 12:00 England vs Belgium Nations League (League A) Group B
19:45 / 14:45 France vs Portugal Nations League (League A) Group C
19:45 / 14:45 Iceland vs Denmark Nations League (League A) Group B
19:45 / 14:45 Poland vs Italy Nations League (League A) Group A
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2020.10.04 15:18 Adanooos Plusliga matchday 4 recap

Covid attacked again. This time GKS Katowice and MKS B臋dzin have at least one positive test result within their team. Players and staff members are currently tested.

First game of this gameweek had to give someone first victory of the season, as both AZS Olsztyn and Cuprum Lubin had 3 losses before this match. Last year AZS ended their losing spree in Lubin and it looks like it's a lucky city for them, because Indykpol won again. It was fully deserved victory for guests. They were better team and controlled the game. The biggest change between AZS in previous matches and AZS in this match was Wojciech 呕ali艅ski (17 points, 2 blocks, 2 aces, 50% kills), who was underperforming recently, but played way better against Cuprum. This additional offensive power was what his team needed. MVP went to Damian Schulz (18 points, 1 block, 59% kills, 50% efficiency), who was his team's leader. Cuprum didn't impress, as both Maruszczyk (5 points, 36% kills) and Jimenez (10 points, 34% kills, 21% efficiency) didn't play too well and good showings by Smoli艅ski (9 points, 3 blocks, 1 ace, 63% kills) and Ferens (6 points, 60% kills) didn't help too much. Fans from Olsztyn definitely breathed a massive sigh of relief after this victory.
Cuprum Lubin 0:3 Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
22:25, 20:25, 21:25
Cuprum: Tavares (1), Ferens (6), Smoli艅ski (9), Jimenez (10), Maruszczyk (5), Gunia (7), Szymura (libero) and Jakubiszak, Magnuszewski, (1), Penchev (3)
AZS: St臋pie艅, Schott (10), Concepcion (5), Schulz (18), 呕ali艅ski (17), Teryomenko (7), Gruszczy艅ski (libero) and Woch, Kapica, Droszy艅ski, Andringa, Por臋ba (1), Ciunajtis (libero)
MVP: Damian Schulz

Warta Zawiercie vs GKS Katowice looked like a meeting between two teams in good form. However, Warta was favourite to win and they didn't disappoint. It wasn't a complete stomp, but hosts were clearly a better team. Another MVP for Maximilliano Cavanna, another good performance by Malinowski (18 points, 3 aces, 63% kills, 46% efficiency) and Orczyk (17 points, 1 block, 70% kills, 56% efficiency). This duo seems to be in form of their lives. Looks like Flavio (8 points, 3 blocks, 63% kills) is also slowly adapting to Plusliga after horrendous start. Kwasowski (11 points, 55% kills), Jarosz (10 points, 1 ace, 47% kills) and Zniszczo艂 (10 points, 4 blocks, 60% kills) played a solid match, but it wasn't enough to really challange Warta Zawiercie.
Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 3:0 GKS Katowice
25:21, 25:16, 25:23
Warta: Cavanna (1), Orczyk (17), Flavio (8), Malinowski (18), Muagututia (11), Czarnowski (6), 呕urek (libero) and Niemiec, Bociek
GKS: Nowosielski (1), Kwasowski (11), Zniszczo艂 (10), Jarosz (10), Buchowski (6), Nowakowski (6), Watten (libero) and Szyma艅ski (4), Stolc (1), Kohut
MVP: Maximilliano Cavanna

Then came the biggest game, Zaksa vs JW. Both teams with 3 victories after 3 games, both with some impressive performances already and both at the top of the table. It was supposed to be the best match of this week and it delivered. It was a solid match, at solid level with a lot of emotions, not often strictly positive. First set was under Zaksa's control, as they won 25:20. Second looked to go the same way, but when it was 24:21 Jurij Gladyr went to serve and turned the set around. Not first time he did that in this venue, as he used to be Zaksa player. However, it was all Jastrz臋bski W臋giel managed to get from this game. Zaksa did what they usually do in this kind of situation. They calmed down and continued to play their style, fully focused on winning and that's what happened. Remaining sets had some controversy, mostly due to referees, but they didn't influence the score too much. Deserved MVP for Kamil Semeniuk (22 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 57% kills), who played a great match and led his team to victory. Another good choice would be Kuba Kochanowski (15 points, 6 blocks, 82% kills). Even though Kaczmarek (11 points, 1 ace, 38% kills) and 艢liwka (16 points, 4 blocks, 2 aces, 38% kills) played their worst games of this season, Zaksa still won and that's really impressive. Top performers on Jastrz臋bski's side are not surprising. Jurij Gladyr (13 points, 1 block, 3 aces, 82% kills) and Tomasz Fornal (14 points, 1 block, 57% kills) played very well. Mohamed Al Hachdadi (9 points, 25% kills, 0% efficiency) failed this test completely. Lukas Kampa didn't impress again, but Eemi Tervaportti showed that he is ready to play whenever it's necessary. Another good match between top teams in Plusliga.
Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 3:1 Jastrz臋bski W臋giel
25:20, 27:29, 25:23, 25:20
Zaksa: Toniutti (1), 艢liwka (16), Kochanowski (15), Kaczmarek (11), Semeniuk (22), Smith (8), Zatorski (libero) and Staszewski, Kluth
JW: Kampa (1), Louati (15), Gladyr (13), Al Hachdadi (9), Fornal (14), Wi艣niewski (6), Popiwczak (libero) and Biniek, Tervaportti (2), Szymura (4), Szalacha
MVP: Kamil Semeniuk

Trefl Gda艅sk came to B臋dzin to continue their series of good results. Meanwhile MKS was hoping to cause an upset and get their first win. They came closer than expected, as this match ended after 5 sets, but in the end Trefl won. The biggest problem guests had was 2nd OH role, as both Reichert and Mika were underwhelming. Luckily, Crer (14 points, 4 blocks, 1 ace, 64% kills), Wlaz艂y (21 points, 2 blocks, 1 ace, 58% kills) and Lipi艅ski (28 points, 2 blocks, 69% kills, 64% efficiency) made up for them. MKS relied on their Polish wingers. Both Soba艅ski (17 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 71% kills) and Faryna (25 points, 1 block, 1 ace, 55% kills) played a good match and it gave their club first point.
MKS B臋dzin 2:3 Trefl Gda艅sk
25:23, 21:25, 20:25, 25:22, 11:15
MKS: Thiago (1), Soba艅ski (17), Kalembka (7), Faryna (25), Ademar (11), Schmidt (9), Gregorowicz (libero) and Teklak, Godlewski (1), Makowski (4), Bobrowski
Trefl: Janusz (4), Reichert, Crer (14), Wlaz艂y (21), Lipi艅ski (27), Mordyl (7), Olenderek (libero) and Kozub, Sasak (1), Mika (6), Majcherski (libero)
MVP: Bart艂omiej Lipi艅ski

Last game, between Stal Nysa and Czarni Radom had no clear favourite, but Czarni had Lucas Loh back, so they were a bit more likely to win, at least accoring to betting sites. In the end Czarni Radom won, but it was a very close game. It's important to notice how Nysa wasted their opportunities to win in 2nd and 5th sets. They could have won 3:0 or 3:2, but instead of taking their chances, they made mistakes and lost. MVP went to Brenden Sander (16 points, 2 blocks, 3 aces, 55% kills, 50% efficiency) and it wasn't a bad choice, even though I would choose Viktor Yosifov (16 points, 3 blocks, 3 aces, 83% kills). Lucas Loh (14 points, 1 block, 50% kills) had a solid debut for his new club and 2nd season in Poland. The best player from home team was definitely Micha艂 Filip (28 points, 2 blocks, 58% kills, 40% efficiency). Komenda had a bit of a weird distribution, as effective Bartman (13 points, 1 block, 57% kills) received only 21 sets, while struggling (at least in offense) 艁apszy艅ski (14 points, 2 aces, 38% kills) received 32 sets. Bart艂omiej Lema艅ski (9 points, 1 ace, 73% kills) looked a bit better, as if he is getting back to his normal form.
Stal Nysa 2:3 Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom
25:21, 25:27, 25:22, 12:25, 19:21
Stal: Komenda (2), Bartman (13), M'Baye (5), Filip (28), 艁apszy艅ski (14), Lema艅ski (9), Ruciak (libero), Dembiec (libero) and Szczurek, Bu膰ko (1), Ben Tara (1)
Czarni: K臋dzierski (2), Loh (14), Dryja (9), Konarski (18), Sander (16), Yosifov (16), Mas艂owski (libero) and Firszt (4), Ostrowski, Pasi艅ski, G膮sior (4), Zrajowski
MVP: Brenden Sander

League table:

  1. Zaksa K臋dzierzyn-Ko藕le 4G, 4W - 0L, 12p
  2. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 4G, 3W - 1L
  3. Jastrz臋bski W臋giel 4G, 3W - 1L, 8p
  4. Trefl Gda艅sk 3G, 3W - 0L, 8p
  5. GKS Katowice 4G, 2W - 2L, 6p
  6. Verva Warszawa 2G, 2W - 0L, 5p
  7. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 3G, 2W - 1L, 4p
  8. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 4G, 1W - 3L, 4p
  9. 艢lepsk Malow Suwa艂ki 2G, 1W - 1L, 3p
  10. PGE Skra Be艂chat贸w 3G, 1W - 2L, 3p
  11. Asseco Resovia Rzesz贸w 2G, 1W - 1L
  12. Stal Nysa 3G, 0W - 3L, 2p
  13. Cuprum Lubin 4G, 0W - 4L, 1p
  14. MKS B臋dzin 4G, 0W - 4L, 1p
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2020.10.02 20:04 BartAllen2 Poczta Polska didn't deliver my package, need some help (I'm not Polish)

Ordered an item on eBay, and the seller is Polish: I ordered the item on September 3, it's now October 2 and I still haven't received my package. It's shipping to the United Kingdom. I've received tracking information from two websites (including Pockzta), of which states:
Royal Mail: This item is now leaving the originating country. More information will be available when it arrives in the UK. (September 6)
Pockzta: Sep 06 2020 03:24 am You sent from Polish WHO Warszawa (currently 26 days in transit) - the shipping icon haven't even reached half of the journey according to Pockzta's tracking.
I'm curious whether the item has been lost?
All comments are very welcomed.
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2020.10.01 21:56 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Legia Warszawa 0-3 Qaraba臒 [UEFA Europa League]

FT: Legia Warszawa 0-3 Qaraba臒

Legia Warszawa Score Qaraba臒
0-[1] Patrick Andrade 50'
0-[2] A. Zoubir 62'
0-[3] F. Ozobi膰 70'
Date: 01/10/2020 鈥 20:00 CEST, 14:00 EDT, 19:00 BST, 23:30 IST
Competition: UEFA Europa League
Venue: Stadion Miejski Legii Warszawa im. Marsza艂ka J贸zefa Pi艂sudskiego (Warszawa)
Referee: T. Stieler


Legia Warszawa Notes Qaraba臒 Notes
Manager: C. Michniewicz Manager: Q. Qurbanov
1 A. Boruc 1 艦. M蓹h蓹mm蓹d蓹liyev
55 A. J臋drzejczyk 5 M. Medvedev
5 I. Lewczuk YC 51' 2 Q. Qarayev
25 F. Mladenovi膰 55 B. H眉seynov
2 J. Juranovi膰 30 A. H眉seynov
7 D. Antoli膰 SUB 63' 81 K. Medina
67 B. Kapustka SUB 66' 8 U. Mati膰
99 B. Slisz YC 45'+1' 19 F. Ozobi膰 A 62'; G 70'; SUB 75'
9 T. Pekhart 10 A. Zoubir G 62'; YC 63'; SUB 63'
21 Rafael Lopes SUB 56' 6 Patrick Andrade G 50'; A 70'
11 J. Valencia 7 O. Kwabena A 50'; SUB 84'


Legia Warszawa: P. Wszo艂ek (SUB 56'), Luquinhas (SUB 63'), M. Karbownik (SUB 66'), R. Cierzniak, V. Gvilia, M. Wieteska, M. Roso艂ek
Qaraba臒: M. Emreli (SUB 63'), Jaime Romero (SUB 75'), E. C蓹f蓹rquliyev (SUB 84'), R. M蓹mm蓹dov, 陌. 陌brahimli, E. Balayev, T. Bayramov


45'+1': Yellow card shown to B. Slisz ( Legia Warszawa).
50': Goal! Patrick Andrade scores [O. Kwabena assist] 鈥 Legia Warszawa 0-[1] Qaraba臒 .
51': Yellow card shown to I. Lewczuk ( Legia Warszawa).
56': Substitution for Legia Warszawa: P. Wszo艂ek in, Rafael Lopes out.
62': Goal! A. Zoubir scores [F. Ozobi膰 assist] 鈥 Legia Warszawa 0-[2] Qaraba臒 .
63': Yellow card shown to A. Zoubir ( Qaraba臒).
63': Substitution for Legia Warszawa: Luquinhas in, D. Antoli膰 out.
63': Substitution for Qaraba臒: M. Emreli in, A. Zoubir out.
66': Substitution for Legia Warszawa: M. Karbownik in, B. Kapustka out.
70': Goal! F. Ozobi膰 scores [Patrick Andrade assist] 鈥 Legia Warszawa 0-[3] Qaraba臒 .
75': Substitution for Qaraba臒: Jaime Romero in, F. Ozobi膰 out.
84': Substitution for Qaraba臒: E. C蓹f蓹rquliyev in, O. Kwabena out.

Match Statistics

Legia Warszawa Stat Qaraba臒
3 Corners 3
5 Fouls 6
3 Offsides 5
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2020.10.01 21:52 nuaran Today we were successful on a different field as well

Legia Warszawa 0-3 Qaraba臒 FK
Ararat Yerevan 1-2 Crvena Zvezda
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2020.10.01 19:50 FHLBot Legia Warszawa vs Qaraba臒 - Europa League, 01-Oct-2020

Match: Legia Warszawa vs Qaraba臒
Competition: Europa League
Date: 01-Oct-2020
Time: 18:00 GMT (convert to local time)
Venue: Stadion Miejski Legii Warszawa im. Marsza艂ka J贸zefa Pi艂sudskiego
Referee: T. Stieler
Do not post any spoilers, follow the rules, and make sure to upvote the contributors if you liked their content.
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